Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Long time no update lol.
I seriously don't have the drive to update these days, kill me.
But when I have events, I'll definitely update - thats why I'm here nao!

All about Christmas 2010 =D

Made these lil ribbon hair ties for my girls as presents.
Yup hand sewn, just hope they like them <3

Woke early in the morning to bake this rainbow cake with leaking.
Its pretty yeah?

But first of all, tong ran away from it (plastercine lookie alike, so she says)

Secondly, everyone said it looks artificial.

I swear it tastes good.

Having steamboat dinner <3 <
Picture taking time!

I don't care what anyone says: NO ONE LOOKS FAT HERE.

I insist.

Shaking picture taken by Tong.
I was telling mum we have no creative poses.

We were playing with random poses when tong told me to do a dulan pose.
And I did.

But she didn't.


Look damn shagged here.
But well, my hair colour's nice.

I did not - i repeat- I DID NOT put the whipped cream.
Leaking and Cheryl went mad with it.
They emptied a whole bottle of cream over it.

Can't believe it man.

Kueh lapis LOL.

Oh btw that was christmas eve.

On christmas day, BF and I spent quite sometime outside looking for shrimps and etc.
I was terribly sick with flu so BF have to keep 3 eyes on me.
Yeah, like literally.

We got home after and cuddled the rest of the day away.

And oh staring at his shrimps make me sleepy.
I fell asleep once look at them.

My UFO catches at his place.
He was on the phone and I just arranged them on him.
He was trying hard not to laugh lol.

Cuddled the night away and on cab I go hooooooome.

This year's Christmas was simple and sweet.
Though the crowd was lesser than last Christmas, when Bestie was home and 4 other people could make it, but it was wonderful.

I'm thankful!
For everybody, and every little thing in my life.

The year is coming to an end, and this year, to me is a below average year.

First and foremost, I was jobless till Feb.

I knew my family and bf were disappointed with me and all.
But then I went on to find a job, in a sector I'm not familiar with.

I'm a PA for 2 bosses who I have came to love =)
They are terrific and inspirational figures, and I really wanna learn from how they communicate.

I lose a few friends each year,
but I gain new friends too.
No differences for this year.
I truly know who are those who are willing to run across the seas to be by me.

And yes I'm very very glad for them.

Family wise, it felt like I've gained a family member - my bf.
He's no longer just my lover, he's my family & my best friend.
2010 was terrible for us. We had our first ever major break-up-possible fight.

We were at each other's necks, honestly.

But without those fights, there wouldn't be us right now.

Don't be sad because they're over, but be happy because they happened.

And right now, I know my 2011 is going to be fabulous.

I want to be stronger, I don't want to be the naggy & ever-so-suspicious lady.
I want to be more sociable than I already am. Its better more friends than enemies.
I want to be more understanding and more patient. To not only BF, but everyone.

Camwhore pictures for the last of 2010!

May I be stronger, better and prettier in 2011 LOL.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sometimes I think I'm really intelligent,

Sometimes I think actually I'm clever, just silly.

Now I think I'm just well, silly + clumsy.

On my way to work this morning, I tripped over an uneven pathway (lifted by tree roots)
I fell sideways and landed on the left side of my body.

Now I have scrapped left knee, a blue black on my butt,
and very very weirdly, my right ankle swelled up again.

Its an old injury but well, I guess it wants to take part in the fall even though I fell on my left.

Jes, you are SO SO clumsy.