Monday, April 11, 2011

Food Post, & fluffiness!


There's this trend going in within my family now, which is online vouchers from Groupon, Insing etc.
We look at good food then decide if its worth it, get the discount voucher and off we go for dinner/lunch.
And so this time we landed in:

Paradise Inn @ Bedok Point!

Food was pretty good, ambiance and serivce is a 5star.
We're in love with that place!

We ordered all the dishes in small, but feeds a family of four okay =D

Stir Fry Deer Meat with Ginger & Onions - $14
LOVE LOVE LOVE Deer meat/beef.

I think the next time I go to Zoo, I'll feel guilty.
But for now let's forget it lol.

Mapo Tofu - $10
Spicy tofu, I like! I always think this dish is wonderful for plain rice due to the gravy yums.

Shit, I'm hungry again.

Alongside these main dishes, we also ordered Coffee Ribs & Furong Egg,
Didn't fancy the ribs, and the picture I took was blurry so skip that.

And here is their signature Kong Bak Bao!
What is called in English? For all my life I've referred this to kong bak bao to all races lol.

Its just bao kiap pork belly.
SHIOK ttm.

$2.20 per piece though!
But its nice!

In comparison to the main dishes, the desserts aren't as good =(
I had the pamelo mango sago, my mum had the ginger steam egg.
The other one I forgot, something like ginseng and frog lol.

Overall it was a good experience!
The bill came up to $74, which is $18.50 per human including gst, service charge, paper towels, peanuts etc.

We had the voucher so it was 40bucks off for us!

End of food post, right now let's enjoy some fluffiness!


Say hi to Sapphire, Qi Long's maltese!
Its a She! And she's only 1 year old plus!

She's ultra shy, so I had to level my eyes with hers, show her my palms so that she knows I meant no harm.

Then when she licked my hands I knnnewwwwwwww I'm in loveeeeeeeeee.
And she's a lap dog, she loves tummy rubs and is just....... I don't know, CUTE!


Okay, something embarrassing,
Qi Long had another poodle, and its a he.
He's an eunuch cough cough and he chased me all around, and ended up trying to hump my arm.


Bingo was an eunuch too and I've never seen him hump anything!
So I was rather shocked.
but I picked him up, glared at him and threw him aside lol.

And here's my dear black cat underneath the block.
She is alive btw.
Lazing around sleeping lol.

One of the kiddo hamsters got outta it's cage on Thursday night.
My family searched for it for like 3 days before we finally found it just now.

We set food traps, hamster traps...
And even placed her cage on the floor with her friend in it beside an empty cage with food and water.

Then we started to realise eyyyy all the food are gone from the food dish in the empty cage!
CONFIRM in the kitchen!

But I searched, nothing!

When my family came home just now, the food dish was emptied again.
I lied on my tummy and was about to shine a torch underneath our freezer....

...when the little girl stared back at me with her beady eyes.

She slimmed.

Okays, I'm done!