Sunday, December 31, 2006

Soon it'll be year 2007!

Time really flies, and well, so fast 'til I couldn't get a catch of it.
This year has it's ups and downs, like the past years.
Somehow, everyone grows as time goes by.
I guess, so did I.
Lesser mood swings, by next year I hope. =)

On this last day of year 2006, I conclude the greatest people that came into my life:

I'm freaking glad I got to know my ladies this year!
I was depressed, about having to go ITE last year when I got my results.
But you girls changed everything for me.
I'm so glad all of you are in my life now!
That includes: Huii, Tong, Carrie, Maryanne, Peiyun, Josephine, Peishi, Yuting!
Lol, all chinese girls in ISP! *excluding anne, tt is. XD*

That's why they say Friends light up your life.
I see no reason to protest to that!!

There are quite a few things that happened, and thus gathering us together, and closer.

To all of my friends:
You people are cherished!!!! =))

Big things that happened...

  • Getting into ITE.
  • Getting to know my girls in ISP.
  • Teabags incident. XD
  • Leaving CP after 1&half years
  • Performance for 13th World Foo Clan Convention with Amie =) - The biggest crowd that I've ever performed for. (1000people? LOL)
  • Semi major conflicts between them and me. =| *sighs*

Erh. I'm done. I cannot get all the sentimental-ments out at all. But you all know that I'm trying to be lah, can lah?!


Happy New Year ♥♥♥♥

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ended up thatI didn't do anything much, except for chiong-ing Final Fantasy X-2 *which I have to start playing all over again cuz I accidentally saved a new game over my lvl 55 Yuna T^T*
And recording new songs. (prepare yourself, Carrie!)

Random pictures I took today:

Oneh Onehs that my mom made. It's delicious~ wonderful~ (Mum: of course la, it's made by me leh.)

Mum at work... =)

My camera-shy darling Bingo XD

He die-die dun want look at me.... Maybe he IS camera shy.

"Yes, you got anything to do with us?!"

"La la la! I'm traped in a basket full of presents and wine!"

I have to admit, someone as bored as I am wouldn't even be doing this - take pictures of all pets you have in the house.

Right, so I doubt I will be updating tomorrow. Hope everyone have fun tomorrow!

Here an early:


*Jes runs from ahtong*
Morning update:

Saddam Hussein, executed.

I didn't know it was this soon.

All right, all right, mid-day crappiness!
I just woke up not long ago only, like, 1130am?
and this update is just to tell you people about this piece of news.
Actually I have this feeling that the court just want to finish off this issue before the end of 2006.
No offence or anything.

I think I'm going out with my brother and friends to eat steam boat at zheng fa tomorrow.
To think i have no plans this year, unlike the last two years.
I was in Chalet for 2004.
I watched Narnia with Yan and gang on 2005.


Carrie carrie when are you free?
We should be out soon, for a shopping spree!

Take care, shall update if I see anything interesting! Oh meanwhile, here's a old graphic I've done for a fanfiction. Gee, the wonders of my photoshop skills, where have they gone now?!

Friday, December 29, 2006


Just home frmo shopping with tong! I spent like 40bucks, but well, all cheap cheap things. The most expensive I think is only 13bucks baa!

I'm glad internet is back on, although still slow. Sighs. At least blogger is working for me now!
I was in family chalet post-christmas, and well, it was kinda entertaining. Some drama here and there....

So here are pictures and captions. Lazy pig!

Day 1

My family arrived first, at downtown east. My Big Aunt and Small Aunt were late. We couldn't check in, just because the registered name was my big aunt's name.
When they finally arrived, the sky started to cry. Yes, RAIN!

We scurried quickly into the chalets after checking in. I got bored quickly, as there wasn't much entertainment. But well.... I guess I can look forward to the bbq at night!

When I just got to the chalet... And yes, long time no see me wear sleeveless.
My very clever kor. He brought his playstation2 along and installed it in the chalet.

Vainpot got really cold after a while. I look pretty warm here eh?

At night, the rain wouldn't stop. So my dad, and my uncle decided to bbq the old fashion way:

By putting aluminnium trays to act as pits. and well, I'm pretty glad that no security guards came and say we should book a pit and blah blah. I guess the rain was so heavy, they didn't even want to patrol.

Joel and Yan came after 9pm. My family were already done eating, so it's just them. Nice them bought pringles and marshmellows and drinks for us. Why spend so much money, aiyo!!

Joel, oh what a dreamy look!

We went to the arcade for some basketball shooting. Hahaha... Ended up Yan and Joel lost to my cousin and I. But erh, for daytona I lost quite miserably by getting the last. And my cousin got first. We were shooed back by my brother and seng eng, cuz it's Clarissa's birthday and she's going to cut the cake!

Clarissa, the one in pink, sorry ah, she wasn't facing me and Yan was disturbing me from behind. So the rest of the photos are much blurred.

Oh the cake is NICE! From four leaves. Choc and got crack crack thingies inside. Cheryl *my cousin who went arcade with us* said it was some almond thingie. Me have no idea.

This two can always make me laugh and laugh. Yan insists I'm nicer to hug than joel. So yeah, she was suffocating me when I took this photo. Was laughing real hard.

We decided to head out to the arcade again, as we have 40bucks in the card itself. Don't b shocked la. Hahaha...

Nice effect eh!

Don't have a cow at home? You can always count on Ben and Jerry's!
Be sure to try this after 11pm, we are not responsible for any weird actions tho!
(Yan climbs onto the moo moo)


Blurry photos coming up! This is the Para para machine. And yes, we got tired of shooting hoops and decided parapara might be a better choice. We forced my brother, seng eng to play and lastly...


I swear he has 3 left arms. He looked as if he have fits, and well....... We cheered him on nevertheless.

Day 2

Boredom, hahahaha. It was a relatively sunny day. But I stayed in the chalet for the whole day cuz I was tired, plus my flu killed me. So the rest of my relatives went to wild wild wet, and my family, slack.

Oh why isn't the rain stopping, says mum.

At night, Seng eng, ter and Yee nan came again. Haha... We had leftovers, so we bbq-ed again. And went basketball shooting again hahaha...

Yan say this looks like kisses chocs, but I think it looks like onions.

And oh how glad I am to see this on tv. PETER HO! >///<

Day 3

Preparing to check out.....

Boredom while waiting, mum looks very pek cek-ed.

That's my big aunt, my mum and me. We three so look quite alike eh. LOL. I have no idea why i look so white tho. We took group photos too, but it's all with Uncle Johnny.

We tried waiting for a taxi, but none came. We walk walk walked insearch for the darn taxi, but well.... In the end, a bus stopped in front of us and offered to give us a ride home. O_O

How nice!!!!

I reached home safely. Haha... Free too! That uncle is really nice laaaa!

There are a group of bengs and lians staying beside my aunt's unit and they're darn noisy. They scream all possible vulgarities at like 3am? And they spit and spit, until the whole floor is their saliva. But retribution hits them, when it rained on their bbq, and they only have time to clear their uncooked meat, leaving the plates and all outside in the rain. Muahahaha!

And oh, someone played explosive things, until the tiles just bam! broke. Burst. Whatever!

Okay, this is quite a long entry! So I guess I will end here! Pretty tired already. Hahaha! =) Take care ppl!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Now that the Taiwan earthquake has affected the nation so greatly that updating is almost impossible. If the next update about my chalet is not up in two days, I suggest you ladies and gents just make your way to my Live Journal:

And man, I don't even think that msn is working, even if I'm online now.

At least for Live Journal, you can leave ur comments, because I know cbox is not working. If it is a must to wait til 3weeks for the internet speed to return, I shall just say SORRY to Mr Foong. Research is not possible this way!!

Hope everyone is doing well! My flu has gotten better after swallowing pills and pills of medicine, thank goodness!

Take care!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

We had a little party at my place yesterday since afternoon. The weather wasn't on our side, neither was my flu. So i emergency called Kailin for help. She agreed and we went to pick up the turkey at ntuc and of course, return Uncle Joseph, the NTUC linkcard uncle, his 10bucks, which I borrowed for the deposit. (Oh, my pride.... Recovered?)

The supermarket was crowded with people doing all the last min shopping for christmas. We squeezed our way to the turkey area and I saw Auntie Ah Chris's husband. Weird. Lolz... After a while, I picked up our turkey (dead one of course wahas) and off we go, back to my place.

The rain wasn't that heavy, but with cans of drinks and a heavy turkey on her hands, Jeslene and Kailin is not able to make it far. Oh gee, now my left arm hurts because of the turkey. Sniff. Shortly after we return, Yan and Joel came without even ringing the doorbell. My mum then informed me we forgot to lock the door. ~.~

So we had a small chat, fooled around, ate beehoon first as Ah tong wouldn't be coming til around 6pm. So we decided to chiong playstation2, BishiBashi. It was fun la. Haha! It's kind of impossible to be bored with these people around. =)

I suggested we *cough* prepare the turkey. And after interesting sequences like:

-Joel splattering pieces of turkey meat around the kitchen, Yan and I cleaning up after him while Kailin laughed.
- Yan sucessfully slicing the breast meat of the turkey but get stuck in the middle.
- Wishing we can stuff our heads into the Turkey's arsehole just like Mr. Bean's.

...We ended up calling for my Mum's help.

Just nice after we heated up everything, Ah tong arrived, with a huge smile on her face and laughing at practically NOTHING, as usual. We sat down and ate, crapping around. Then we brought the log cake out and the five of us gobbled it all down. LOL. Gluttons, we are.

Yan and joel went to their friend's party after that, leaving the three of us. We watched Youtube, sashay around, eat the turkey again, and watched JJ. HAHA. Last to leave was Tong, around 11? Dad came home after that, with loads of presents. I wanted to wait for 12am, but my parents say they're tired. So I tore all the wrappers at 11.45pm. But I still went to my parents' bedroom and say Merry Christmas when the clock striked 12am, but they're half asleep. Waha.


Joel, making good use of my 4dollars belt. Oh pretty!

Turkey, although sounds like Takki, may not be as tasty as Takki, but erh, it's still delicious.

The logcake! Anyone knows why we must eat logcake during seasons festivals? I have no idea.

I know Tong loves the eeyore I gave her as christmas present.

You know, when people get hysterical, they tend to turn to twits.

Don't you just love tong's expression?

I told them to be more 'creative' about poses and this is what i got.

and the hill of presents around my little tiny small christmas tree.

I'm staying home for today. Rejected Zi hahaha. I wish my flu will get better soon. It's torturing.

I would be off for Family Chalet tomorrow! So I wouldn't be home until... say, two days later? So no updates, till then!
Speaking of chalets, tong said her mom have got free 2days 1night chalet stay at Aranda. Let's hope we can get carrie with us =)

Merry Chirstmas and Have a great year ahead!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


I hate to talk about this again but my flu, instead of recovering, had turn worse. I woke up this morning, feeling unfulfilled. Reason being, instead of sleeping like a pig (which was one of my main objectives in this holiday) I woke up downright early, 8am. It might sound normal, but to Jeslene, it's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

It didn't help that I couldn't sleep last night. A terrible noseblockage and watery tsunami happening in my nose. (Sorry to sound gross) And I think PMS finally got to me. I apologize for victims this early morning. I think I'm totally senseless. I didn't even think.

Sorry Hiyu jie.

Now, that I woke up 3 hours ago, I realised that my voice is almost over and out. Oh please do not be like Zidane and say I sound sexy with this voice. I want to sing!!! And currently, when I start coughing, I will cough for a few more miserable squeaks and end up in tears from the coughing.

I hope Kailin got my message and will be able to help me with the last min shopping today. I doubt I would as man as the manly cashew nut I usually am. Have Yan and Joel to thank for, the Log cake. =)

So much for Christmas.

Let's just hope later = better. =)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Like.... Okay... I'm done with a new layout.
Just a very very simple one... Credits as shown!
The header picture is one I did 2 years ago.
So it's just plain patching and a little blending I did.
Ahh. All my photoshop skills go down the drain.

Restarted the visitors' counter.
For fun. XD

Tomorrow, brother's friends are coming.
But Maryanne and Huihui isn't. *SNIFF*



Uh... Okay. I'm pretty sick now. Kept coughing and coughing.
I think the mosquitoes hate me.
I'm having a slight fever, so the mozzies decided to bite me on my face, cause that's the warmest part of my body, i guessed.
Oh bother.

Have loads of preparations to do.
Wrapping presents and settling debts.
AYE, my fellow ISP dears!



PCRW ah!
(Pek Cek Rui Wen)
Happy Birthday to Joelle aka Xuan aka Weishan! =))

Its been so long! haha! All the best to you, lady! =)

After the joyful notification of Joelle's birthday, I would like to complaint about a certain guy who just do not know what is taking the hint.

Huihui knows who, i guess?
No need guess la, still got who?!

Okay. Fine.

Erh... If i have anything later I'll blog again. LOL. =)

Friday, December 22, 2006

*sniff sniff sniff*

I think I'm down with a flu.
Maybe it's hua fen zheng, I don't know.
All I know is that I'm sneezing my nose off.

I've already bought Christmas presents for Tong, Hui and Carrie.
Maryanne's, still thinking.
I'm seriously in debt to my mum.
As in money debt okay...
I have to borrow ALOT of money from her cause of christmas.

Money money! I want money!

I wish I still have my monthly 800bucks. *sniff*
Adrian said he can help, but he's not even in SG now!
*Starts cursing the Pang Family who are all currently in PARIS*
Okay la. Shouldn't curse them. They're nice god-family of mine.

Zidane, I wonder if you'll see this, but mind telling me if you're coming or not for Christmas Eve?

My mind is in a mess now. Sniff.
I hate being sick. I think it's cuz I'm having my DMS, that's why my body resistance isn't as good.

Mum's calling.
Out for family dinner =)

Take care ladies and gents!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

After days of not upadting *not like it's alot* Here's some pictures to share, cuz I'm pretty lazy to type. ^^;

Any dearies here heard of Terra @ Bugis? I went there with AS guild ppl and hmm, it's not too bad!

Vainpot lalala!

Since there's 10 people, our table happens to be reaaaaaaly long.

This is what most of us ordered, Rib-eye steak. A set with soup, drinks and dessert cost $16.80, not too bad, but I preferred Jack's Place. Out bill totalled up to $184.40. XD

The Diamond Christmas Tree.

Make a wish for an item under 500bucks, and my darn brother wrote $490 Kinokuniya voucher. Typical.

My typical brother, and the other hand belongs to Vincent, whose eyes are glued to his PSP.

Desperate to hang the wish tag on the tip of the tree, my brother decided to ask Jeng Loon to climb onto his back. Mind you, it's already 10plus lol. But I'm glad JL dismissed the idea.

All the wishtags! Woo... Got some ppl nv read instructions, put things like laptop that cost a few Ks.

Out of random, the wedding again. LOL.

And the lights in orchard hotel~!

I'm having that darn cramps now.
So sorry, Zi, must reject u. HAHA!.
I've got a weird dream!! LOL.
Okay not fit to be described here. But welloz...
I'm off to eat breakfast! It's 30mins to 12noon and I'm still dillydallying.