Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happie Vdae ppl =)

Although im not really THAT happy la. Lolz... Okay la, kinda lonely, but ZHENG LING and LIYAN accompanied me, so Im rather happy. Yan and I exchanged flowers lol! Zheng Ling and I went to Sakae for buffet, SO SORRY i was darn LATE. >___________< GRRR. BAD ME.

Our sushi kept disappearing, ordered this and that, nothing ever appears on out table, mysteriously. Witha fulllllll *im stressing on that* STOMACH! We took a walk around heeren and then I went off to meet lao gong...

and she was late, as usual, and i think it's my bao ying. lol... it's been a long time since we two actually just went out and shop. Didn't really shop la, but we wanted to watch a movie or something, but there's movies to watch!! *cries* So sat down and eat ice cream, only yan that is. I can't fit anything in my stomach at all.

We bought each other roses in the end, red red roses. Nicce shopkeeper, makes the job of a florist so much more romantic. We walked to Esplanade, with a broken leg. LOL. There is a man playing piano there, so we sat there and listened, yan almost fell asleep. And soo~ We went to the riverside there, beautiful~ Ah ze called in the end, ending a sentence like, so dorts.

Thanks ZL and Yan, for AKIRAAAAAAAAAAAA and the Rossse!


Angel too, lol jie is not lonely with u la dear.

Auntie mei thinks i should sell my Vdae muffins in the shop lolz.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's such a long time since I cried like that. Just two days ago. I was cracking with emotions, with humiliation, with sorrow, with betrayal.

I cried silently. But I was shaking. And I told them, they can choose to believe what I say, or not. It doesn't matter anymore.

They can doubt me all they want.

And I can cry all I want.

Because I will be full of smiles the next morning. And yes, indeed I am. I didn't know how to face them, but I acted as if nothing happened. And seems like they did not question the source of the betrayal.

Yes, Betrayal. You may think that is too hard a word to be used.

But nothing else can ever describe this feeling. I still can't believe I said those things, that one thing that chained me for so long, that brought me tears when I think of it.

I couldn't find anyone to talk to. No one. I can't even bring myself to pick up the phone. Then he called. He told me that being able to cry when I need to, is a kind of strongness within me too.

That made me cry again. I thank God for he answered my prayers.

I'm smiling again.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Jeslene says: Happy Chinese New Year! ^^ these fews days where Cottage Pies was closed for CYN, I was out almost everyday, well, not almost, it's everyday.
This wonderful table of food is prepared by my dearest cute mummy and my smallaunt, of course, my relatives too lol. That's Cheryl and me.
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Cousin B, Clarissa... LOL, that's Cheryl's younger sis. ^^

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That's my small uncle, aiming at me. LOL.

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Poor bear's head could be rotated in 360degrees, cuz my other cusions almost destroyed it.

Zoo Trip

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I killed it! If u believed me, you must have NOT read the title. LOl.

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Went with liying this time. the last time I went was with Ching. ^^

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This cute lil thing is just so cute. ^^

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This dear lil penguin was memerized by my handphone chain. LOL. Followed me everywhere in it's tank. Cute. Cute!!!!!

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Nice walkway isn't it. ^^

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The fountain and the jeslene lol.


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The bdae gurl, asked to be looking like jay chou. LOL I think she looks like Toro. LOL! I made her do that position, but isn't she soooo cute~ We went to cafe cartel to eat. I was in a foul mood that day... Ze kept calling to ask if im okay, ended up asking JianHong to call me. Lolz lo. Ching and yan ah..................... Dunnoe wad to say. Talk crap. Tt's all i can think of to describe them. ^^ We took pics, but I haven't canned.

Finally the four of us are together again lol. Yan, Ching, Kai and me ^^ Friends eh~ Hard to come by. I bet I know that after numerous betrayals.

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And with a ghostly liyan~ Im ooooofffffff~