Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its gonna be a brand new year in 11 hours time!
Every end of the year, I'll sit down and type what's the best and worst things that happened to me.

So I shall, this year.
(Which btw, I've been blogging in blogspot since like whao... 4 years ago?)

Let's start with all the miserable stuff:

The start of 2009 is nothing but crap.
I couldn't control myself, my thinking at all.
I could say, I don't wanna, but in the end I still did it.

In 2009, I sent my best friend away to fulfill her dreams.
I then realised its pretty upsetting to not have her around when I'm in the pits.

In 2009,
I didn't even thought of devoting myself to one.
Men were trash, period.

In 2009,
Friends come and go and this time, 2 of them drifted from me.
One said I made excuses to not go out with her when I accidentally posted pictures of my other outings and wrote "Today I went out with..." instead of "Yesterday" It was a typo on my side but she jumped conclusions so yeah.

The other,
is just pure sighs.

Aye, actually not much things leh!

Here comes my happiness!

I have more close friends now, including the usual bunch (kai, soonwai, ching, yan, tong, leaking), my babes who I don't meet up much (vaal & Kate can kill me.) My singing buddies (Sukit & carissa) as well as people who I don't meet much, but you guys still stalk my blog and fb without fail.


My Best friend is back from Aussie for holidays and gosh it felt terrific.
I finally have a shopping queen back with me!

On feb 14,
Someone decided he wanted to give chase for my heart, and he said that through the phone while prawninnnnnnng. At that time, I haven't even seen him in real.

On Apr 11,

we finally met up but well, someone was super duper late!
And he pissed me off somehow. haha.

Then on may 10, I got a ring on my finger.

May 14 it turned official.

Nobody else, but my Sky Ong.

And due to him, I gain tons of experience on fishes haha, basketball, fishing...
And I've been to all places in Singapore! (well, sort of)

Ad most importantly, I've never felt so secured, and so at peace with someone.

Indeed we do argue and sometimes the both of us break down.
Its more than just emotional torture.
We never fail to torture and push each others limits.

But somehow,
magically, things work out very much easily.
I see no one else, and he sees only me.

Cheesy, but true.

I'm so thankful for the people around me,
supports, and loves.

Those who made me miserable,
thank you too, for you made my loved ones even more precious.

I appreciate it =D

Its gonna be 2010 soon,
Happy new year people!

Let bygones be bygones!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If anyone reads my twitter updates,
I'm feeling really down right now.

I've always been told that I have an infectious character.
Sometimes, when someone is unhappy, I'll cheer him/her up without fail.

That was what some of my closest friends said.

But right now,
the reason why I'm feeling so upset is that I'm unable to cheer, the utmost importance of my life , up.

Ironically in contrast to what my friends said.

Never did I felt like such a failure in my life.

This is the first time I felt so much like crying cause I couldn't cheer someone up.
Not just anyone.

My own bf.

I have a flatten ego now.
And totally withering mood.

If this helps...

Please cheer up.
What goes around comes around.
I may not be able to make you smile,
but I hope at least time can.

Yours truly,
Your flattened gf.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to update!
People's been telling me to update and saying I'm really sloooooooooow in updating these days!

Not that I don't wanna,
just really tooooooo tired each day to do so!

Gonna split into 2 entries!

Updating about Christmas Day (& some of last Sunday) first!
I can't update about Christmas Eve cause no one sent me pictures as of yet XD

So yup, while you guys are indulging in Christmas foodies...

The Phua Chu Kang replicas were at the beach once again for fishing and catches!

I used to be so fair!
I'm a dark shade of brown.

Like toast!

Wifey and I just sat there patiently under the sun...
And do nothing...
Eat chips...

Buy KFC for the guys...

Romantic Christmas hor?

I can has long lashes thanks to Miss Tong's gift.
Long natural lashes due to the mascara she got for me from Thailand haha!

In anyway,
the guys brought back Mussels!

My mum cooked them and its deliciooooooooooous.
Sweet and totally no fishy-ishy taste!

I spotted this scene and quickly called Wifey over,
and the both of us just stood there and took pictures of it.
There's actually a small rainbow on the cloud but I didn't manage to capture it =(

oue 'Tent' is er... let's just say it has good air ventilation.

The guys tied the covers to trees and poles so that we girls don't get burnt!

Hero, hero!

And thus, we were able to lie on the mat and well, sleep. Lol.

To prevent Jeslene from being bored, BF tied a hook and weight,
then put the bait over the hook and told me to go fishing.

I has talents.

He said he found an extraordinary girlfriend who knows how to fish by watching him.
And muahahahaha, he said that cause after the bait got eaten up by the fish, I hooked the bait on again.

The baits = Sea Earthworms.

YES! I dug through the wet sand in the container and pulled out earthworms and pierced its body through it!

the earthworms bite.
They have mouths =(

I got so angry that they bit me, I placed them on the floor, hooked them and laughed evilly.

I think I'm scary.

BF took my hook and got a fish sooner than I did.

Blue Blue sky!

After that day, all of us got toasted.
I was brown.
Raymond was black.
Baby was lobster red.
Leaking was... not that black. SO GOOD!

Uh well...

Got to end off the entry now,
cause I'm having a tummy ache AGAIN!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm currently using Baby's mobile broadband and netbook to blog!
I'm at Pasir Ris park right now, the guys are fishing and we girls, are just doing nothing.

That picture above is a realtime pic lol!

I had a blast of time yesterday with my love ones at my place!
So today, we decided to opt for something more unique lol.

I'm getting sleepier by the second actually.

Will blog more when I get pictures from my phone and from soon wai and ching!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm gonna have a super long weekend with BF!

(sits down on the floor and starts wrapping presents with brown paper.)

(Wraps 60layers of brown paper over bf's present)

Monday, December 21, 2009


I just woke up.

I'm so so tired still so I shall stay home today.
Actually no lah.
Cause I calculated my Christmas spending will rise up to more than 100bucks.
I'm broke, really and totally.

I think I should rob the bank =D

Nah, I won't appear in the headlines tomorrow.

Was out yesterday with Leaking & Raymond.
Met them up at Plaza Sing for Daiso.

After lunch, baby suddenly told us to just go shopping first cause Raymond need to get something.

But you know lah.
When he lies I sure can see something.
So I told him, OK WE ACT WE DON'T KNOW K!

I'm nice like that =D

So leaking and I went to walk around and managed to get a shirt each from cotton on.
Then the guys called to tell us to strolllllllllllll to Daiso.
Where we found them inside and tadaaaaaa.

BF passed me 2 wrapped presents and honestly the first thing I thought was:

'WLAO, the gift wraps super expensive!'

I'm so not romantic.

Since baby refused to tell me what's inside, and he forbid me to open them before Christmas...
I told him to bring it home so I won't have the urge.

On the way to meet the guys up.
All the christmasy red in the background!

We headed to The Cathy's Ben & jerry's cause I had vouchers to spare!
So I treated everyone to ice-cream and brownies =D

Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Macadamia.

BF looks super egg-cited.

A photo first before anything!

Kept complaining to BF we don't take as much pictures anymore.
So here's one.

I love you Baby!
Thanks for the presents (Which i still won't trade what I'll give to you for what's inside.)

We took a cab to Vivocity, cause the guys need to get more stuff over the Daiso there.
I thought girls love daiso, but guys do too.

Saw all the christmas light-ups driving pass us.
Like Chinggay!
Just that its very Christmasy.

Vivocity has a beautiful tree!

Couldn't resist posting multiple pics of it!

So yesssssss we went to daiso and afte which had dinner at Harbourfront centre.
And shagged we were, home we went.

On the train, there were two foreign workers sitting opposite me.
One of them was pointing the camera phone at me, and the other looked on.
You know when you usually sms and watch videos, you have the phone resting on your palms?
His phone was upright.

It sorta freaked me out, so we changed places soon after.
Maybe I'm too paranoid, but better safe than anything else.

Baby kept trying to bribe me to tell what I'm giving him for christmas.
But I didn't accept that bribe!

"If you tell me what you'll give me, I'll tell you what I gave!"

"No, won't tell. I already decided to see what you gave that day only already. Shhh stop trying to trade secrets!"

Silly yes?

Gonna have a small gathering with my Brother's friends on Christmas Eve,
and pasir ris park on Christmas day.
Cute hor.

I'm done with the entry and I'm hungry.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Back to update =)

*nods righteously*

Went for rehearsals for the Hometeam guide job.
Was with Bestie, my brother and his friends.
We kept saying its scam cause when we arrived at the said place, its empty hahahaha.
But no lah, its not lah.

We had to dance this dancealong mass dance.
It's a little funny, but somehow seeing everyone's doing the same thing, its quite fun.
Yan kept stepping on me.


Will be guiding a batch of sec school kids next year!
I love events!

At the venue.

Lunch at Clementi before the session!
Super yums cheap Jap food!
Yan and I spent 5bucks each for all above =D

I spent my day today with my wife, Leaking.
She's so used to me calling her Lao Po.

We went for short shopping at Bugis for christmas presents!
Gosh, I'm sooooooooo broke!

(Stares at bf for help)

Met bf up at his workplace, then we headed to his house for dinner.
cuddled my evening away lol.

he fell asleep soon after and i camwhored all the way.

lazy pig!


Cheek twitch agaaaaaaaaaain.
Whatever it is,
I'll keep my heart strong.

Its a promise to myself, and him.

I will not be shaken when the earth cracks beneath me.
I will not panic when the skies falls upon me.

Lee Rui Wen, Jeslene.

From today,
swear to keep and remember this heartache.
For there will never be a second time I'll be shaken.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I twitter flooded.

Read from bottom up.

Well, so I decided to blog about this.

Right so the whole story is like this:

BF and I were on the way home when I asked him,
Did you ever suspected that I flirt around behind your back, or two-timed?

He gave me a firm NO.
I was like, Wa, you trust me this much?
He then said the amount of people he seen is more than the amount of salt I ate.
he said I'm definitely not that kind of girl to do such things.

He added that we inform each other as and when we're heading out,
and we keep each other updated about our whereabouts and kept the calls coming.
What is there to distrust?

There are tons of things I appreciate about this relationship,
and this is one of the many.

There are friends I've known for more than 3-5 years,
and still, they doubt me first before confronting me.
They jump into assumptions, then only admit when I sniffed something wrong and asked them.

I guess it all boils down to purely trust.

There are things I definitely won't do.
If you know me just that little bit, its enough to judge that I won't do such things.

for example, When I'm attached, I love wholeheartedly. I don't flirt or try to get other guys.
& I'll never ever steal my girls' bf, or touch their ex-bf.

Aiya, come on.
All my friends know I'm madly in love with Sky,
and I kept talking about him to everyone!

And he's friends with my close buddies as well.
No chance to cheat HAHAHA.
Not like I will want to!

If only those passerbys in my life think like him,
and give me some trust.

What's fated to be, will be!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm having cramps right now!
I think i yelled and fumed too much yesterday and my body reacted by telling me its stress.
So my period came 3 days early T^T
Thankfully I didn't have any cold stuff today!

Shall get my butt down to update some expired photos!

Spent my last Friday at Orchard with Bestie =D
We roamed most of the shopping places there and well, I kept whining about having not enough clothes.

I think BF will kill me when he sees this.
(Not enough clothes?! YOUR WARDROBE IS BURSTING!)

We happily took pictures with the reindeer,
and we stopped ourselves from looking underneath her skirt.

Took this at Tampines One, while waiting for Kai Ling & Leaking.
We still look like a couple don't we? HAHA.

Had Carl's Junior for Dinner!
This is like my first time at Tamp1's carl's junior.
Superb not?

The oh so delish Chili Beef Fries!

And Yan complained that there's no Carl's Junior in Aussie!
So she's totally delighted to see her bacon swiss crispy chicken.

The four of us sat at a very... obvious sofa area.
It felt like we're at a studio interviewing each other. LOL.

Baby kenna recall.
Tons of communication breakdown for the movie date.
I got thrown so many blames and I just burst.
I think I scared Jane & Sabrina.
They kept trying to cool me down lols.

Went for some Xmas shopping with Yan at Bugis today.
With Yan around, there's always chance to shop thoroughly. LOL.
We spent like what, 2hours there?

Got myself a velvet bow-back dress.
Yan really wanted the navy one but it was too short.
She's just too tall laaaaaaaah.
She trie don my black one and she looked hoooooot.

But well, too short she said.

I'm sooooooooo gonna get all the huge fluffy hair accessories like sooooooooooon!

Looking fat, I'm bloated now with cramps!

Waiting for bf now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just felt like writing another entry before I sleep.

It felt like I've been doing so much, yet missing out so much.

After my bestie came back from Aussie on Monday,
we spent tons of time together.
I really missed her company and is glad of her return.

I had the best Friday I have in ages,
with the bestest of my friends gossiping and doing silly stuffs.

I've met Alda, the online friend I've had for 5years since 16.
She lives in Sydney so this is the first time we've met and well,
we had a hella good time shopping and singing.

Tong is at BK and I'm waiting for my penguin to come home.

BF and I didn't even quarreled this month,
we apologised to each other and gave hugs before we could blow the matter up.
And its 7th in 20mins time.
Boy, time flies.
& we're still very much in love.

Then, I'm missing all the people I've not seen for months.

Kathy & Vaal, who I ALWAYS don't have time for (mad guilty, and I need your addresses to send xmas stuff!)
Paul, who got himself a gf and is madly in love. (Haven't seen him for 5 months now. Serious!)
Gab bff, who is ALWAYS SUPER BUSY! (since sept? HAHA)
Carissa & Sukit, who always have a way to make serious things look like wtf.
Fiza, maya, maryanne, carrie, peiyun! They're so busy I don't get to see them at alllllllll.

But generally,
my life is good.
Just need a job to make my parents happy.

Satisfied, but my life can be better.
I'll fight for it. =)

Every 13th of the month, I'll sit down in front of the computer, with my blogger dashboard opened and ready to write an entry for 14th.

And I realised, its becoming an evaluation of myself,
how I treat him,
was I too naggy?
was I too stubborn?

I'll definitely find a certain something to dislike about myself each month.

And this month,
Its my bloody temper.

Honestly speaking, its among one of those really stressful months.
My mum's been nagging at me, all sorts.
I found it harder and harder to control my temper.

I'm naturally peaceful, and I hardly blow up.
But when I really do, I can get so sharp with words, you'll feel like killing me right there and then.
I'll twist every thing you say, and I'll retort to every sentence you say.

I guess that's what all my loved ones,
especially BF, have been enduring.

I just blew up this afternoon.
I didn't feel good about it.
I had an argument with my mum this morning.
Then afternoon came all the shits.

I've been giving all sorts of attitude to people who didn't deserve it.

So now, I'm really really sorry to those I blasted.

I knew you're tired yet I gave you the attitude.
I'll put my temper back in control, I swear.

Its gonna be the 7th month together tomorrow.
We won't get to see each other tomorrow,
and today ended on a bad note,
but I'll still want to tell you,


There's no one else who matters more than the number 1 in my heart.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Evidence that we still act like kids sometimes:

I typed: I lurbs you! (Purposely inserted that twit language lol)

Click to enlarge.

Oh well.
Who says you must be mature at all times?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Be back soon to update!

Tons of stuff and really too shagged to think!

Monday, December 07, 2009

If you guys follow my twitter updates, you should realise I kept whining about being tired since yesterday night.

Reason being:

I woke up at 830am to prepare food.
I was in the sun from 12pm onwards.
Then I wasn't home till 11pm.


Cause we went to Pasir Ris Park for a picnic!
Yesss picnic.
Get in touch with nature, really lah!

Leaking and BF came to my place to help me and we took a cab down to Downtown East to meet up with Raymond and Tong.

Walked to the mangrove area of Pasir Park and we settled down.
On newspapers, cause tong couldn't find her picnic mat.

I need daiso.

Anyway, yeah.
We got so happy with the water, BF walked into the water first and kept passing me creatures.



BF then spotted a JELLYFISH!
Its huuuuuuge.

Then Tong got thrown into the water by Raymond.

He said: You asking for it cause u're wearing white!
Where got ppl wear white to the beach esp when you know you're playing water?!

I did ask tong to bring extra set of clothes.
But I don't know why she came with a small pouch and she, herself and tong.
See lah!
Its to prevent such things from happening!

She took an unwilling photo with me.

They started throw mud at each other afterwards.
I was so traumatized I didn't take any photos in case I got attacked.

We sat down and ate the fried rice, popcorn chicken, sotong balls and suddenly the dark clouds gathered.
The wind was really big and we saw a couple's tent got blown over.

See how the trees arched?

But we enjoyed the wind, and it didn't rain in the end.
We walked back into the waters and Baby found a fish.

Well, half a fish.

The poor thing was bitten off by another creature.
But it was still breathing and alive.

Baby went to catch more fishes:

And here they are!

He's the hero yo.

Tong left cause she had work 4pm-ish.
And around that time, the tide went down and out comes the land.

The girls went to have a bath and I was feeling super refreshed.

Hello sunshine!

The guys were still unwashed and rolling around in mud.
Okay, I'm kidding.
But they went under the canal to fish!

I have a camwhore here.


The guys happily fishing...
And they met a thai guy, who brought them into the canal!

I heard it takes 1 hour to go through the canal.
And inside the canal, you can see nothing at all.
Pitch darkness!

We ladies stayed in the light, of course.

And what did we do?

Camwhore loh.

Catch leaking's expression.

I has ultra long hair.

Can be tied up in a chopstick.


The sky was darkening and only around 7pm did the guys come out of the canal.


Huge crabs!

Three of them, but more than enough!
Pitch darkness!
And Baby said Raymond's leg sank into the mud till knee level and he panicked.
Cause Raymond pulled on his shorts and it almost fell off.

The proud guys.

The four of us finally made our way to Leaking's house.

BF tied the claws of the crabs up singlehandedly!

*Bows in respect*

The largest crab is so so so agressive!
But BF just held it with one hand and tied it up.

And what did we do to the crab?


What do you think?


At he end of the day, we were sooooo shagged.
I'm still quite tired right now.

BF is at the Bball court, so I'm waiting for him to come home.

Yan my Bestie is BACK HOME!