Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm having cramps right now!
I think i yelled and fumed too much yesterday and my body reacted by telling me its stress.
So my period came 3 days early T^T
Thankfully I didn't have any cold stuff today!

Shall get my butt down to update some expired photos!

Spent my last Friday at Orchard with Bestie =D
We roamed most of the shopping places there and well, I kept whining about having not enough clothes.

I think BF will kill me when he sees this.
(Not enough clothes?! YOUR WARDROBE IS BURSTING!)

We happily took pictures with the reindeer,
and we stopped ourselves from looking underneath her skirt.

Took this at Tampines One, while waiting for Kai Ling & Leaking.
We still look like a couple don't we? HAHA.

Had Carl's Junior for Dinner!
This is like my first time at Tamp1's carl's junior.
Superb not?

The oh so delish Chili Beef Fries!

And Yan complained that there's no Carl's Junior in Aussie!
So she's totally delighted to see her bacon swiss crispy chicken.

The four of us sat at a very... obvious sofa area.
It felt like we're at a studio interviewing each other. LOL.

Baby kenna recall.
Tons of communication breakdown for the movie date.
I got thrown so many blames and I just burst.
I think I scared Jane & Sabrina.
They kept trying to cool me down lols.

Went for some Xmas shopping with Yan at Bugis today.
With Yan around, there's always chance to shop thoroughly. LOL.
We spent like what, 2hours there?

Got myself a velvet bow-back dress.
Yan really wanted the navy one but it was too short.
She's just too tall laaaaaaaah.
She trie don my black one and she looked hoooooot.

But well, too short she said.

I'm sooooooooo gonna get all the huge fluffy hair accessories like sooooooooooon!

Looking fat, I'm bloated now with cramps!

Waiting for bf now.

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