Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jeslene is officially 21!

Thanks for all the midnight messages, morning wishes and facebook floooooooooooood!

Tons of love to Baby who send his wishes on 12am itself, though he was nodding off to lala land counting down with me!

And to all who wished me: Jeslene loooooooooooves you!

Menses cramps on my birthday, so cute hor?

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm turning 21 in another 12hours time!
Had my celebrations with Dad yesterday at our place.
A small one, and really apologies to people who aren't invited due to issues!

Its gonna be a long long entry so I shall let pictures do the talking!

Confetti! (Or not? HAHA)

Baby told a lie about having to pass his friend something in the morning,
but he went to get a rose for me haha!

Tong and Leaking's love for me - Choc and Peanut Butter 'Cake'.
Why 'Cake'?
Cause no cake inside leh!

And their love jellies for Jelly Lee!

Of food, steamboat and friends, too many pictures!

Hearts Carrie!

Mum's anyhow take.

Dad and I share a cake =)

Family photo =D

Siglap friends =)

ITE alumni!

Hark singers!

Yours truly & Ang Ku Kuey haha!

My baby!

An announcement!: Tong is a good sweeper.

Couples - Syvian & SoonWai

Raymund & Leaking XD

And the King of my heart, BF!

Love BF so much, he placed so much effort in making this party a perfect one!
He killed crabs, snipped off prawn heads, sliced fishes, chopped chicken and made every little food item of the steamboat perfect.


And of course my little helpers who came to the supermarket with me:
Kailin, Tong, Raymund & Leaking!
Raymund even bought me lollipops! HAHA!
Tons of love for all who came!

Jeslene is really happy still!

Those who didn't come today, let's celebrate soon! =D

I just went to the doctor for my swelling feet.
And while I was there with Mum,
there was some commotion going on in the clinic.

A furious mother screaming vulgarities cause she had to wait 2 more numbers till her feverish son.
She even scolded the clinic assistant to "F*ck your mother's backside!"

Civillized, I see!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sometimes I really can't be bothered with people who think super highly of themselves.
Perhaps you can call it high self esteem,
or even confidence.

But its just a thin line of difference.

What makes you think that you're single,
then everyone would be rushing for you?
you're not super hot.
nor super rich.

Look @ yourself in the mirror yo.

Met a couple of guys that are like this.
They make my life miserable then expect me to come running back.
And now,
when BF is the one answering my calls, my messages.

Confident much?

On a lighter note,
I sprained my ankle yesterday on the way to the station at Queenstown.
BF and I tripped over each other's feet and now my feet is swollen.

I'm sorta used to it.



I tell you, BAI KAH also die die will go.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm gonna be 21 soooooooooon.
I only have 5 days more to tell people I'm 20!
And 5 days more to nag at BF that I'm younger than him cause his birthday was in march.

So here comes a BIRTHDAY WISHLIST!

1) Jeggings, the Leggings and Jeans combination. In washed/blue.
I just need more Jeans.
And Jeggings are perfect!
Don't ahve to try it on cause its free sized as well XD
I saw them selling in certain shops in Far East Plaza, including Best of Blogshops under Tracyinny.


2) Dresses, all kinds! You people know my style. HAHA.
BF always say I'm the unspoken glamour.
But I just looooooooove clothes though my mum complains about the mountain of clothes in my room.

Thank you, Kathy and Vaal for the really sweet dress!
But you 2 underestimated my bust size, the v cut turned very very V hahaha.

3) Makeup, Majolica Mascaras! BB Creams! HAHA! These are 2 makeup items that I need now. Shrugs.

4) A DSLITE. Yeah, been wanting it since don't know when. But its not important haha!

5) Long necklaces, unique rings and accessories! Actually I'm that easy. I love anything to do with fashion and makeup! Typical lady here!

6) Money, yes, angbao me! I'm gonna spend ALOT on the 21st party. So its gonna kill me. I don't mind donations XD

7) Boyfriend blazers!

8) I want my friends and family to stay happy, really. I'm dedicating my 21st birthday wish to this.

I want BF to be successful and happy in everything he does, be it Basketballing, Work, Fishing or even us. <3

I want my Family to stay this way. Peaceful, happy. I'm really happy with how my family is now. Especially when they accepted BF as one of our family, I was really touched and all insecurity about this issue evaporated.

My dad even said: "Next year new year we shall go have a feast as usual, just that there will be one more person." =D

I want my friends to know how important they are in my heart, in their friends' heart as well. There's always a way out, so be strong and walk on okay!

I can't think of anything else.

I miss my Baby!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning PEEPORRRE!

I slept a little too early last night, so I woke early!

Just wanna blog about events yesterday, before I forgot all minor details.



It was TONGYANTING's bird-day yesterday!
I managed to gather Leaking, Raymond, Maryanne, KaiLin and myself + BF to have dinner.

Cause Baby had work till 8pm, so we told them to leave for the food first.
We rushed like mad humans and Baby said this is the first time I raced.

In coordination of F1 Racing mah.
Okay, not funny, think BF will say I'm stupid.

We managed to reach by 8.45pm (I remembered the time cause I kept looking at my watch XD)
And my darlings decided to change a location!
Said: "Too little variety."

While waiting for them to settle the bill for Dim Sum,
BF and I went outside to see the Fountain of Fortune.
The laser thing was making some shapes like DNA structure,
I wanted to laugh when BF said its romantic, as in the atmosphere.
But I didn't lah.

So, after my innocent suggestion of Kenny Rogers (I added: or some other western food...)
They really settled at Kenny Rogers.

And they immediately served the Corn Muffins, before I could say NOOO!
Die die must eat there alrd.

Dinner was good, with random sides and tons of chicken.
BF and I made a scene by scolding and fighting with each other (yet again)
Kai Lin thought it was very funny though.
We fought and fought so much Raymond thought we were really fighting for real.
But after each round of fighting I'll ask:

"AIYA! You love me not!"

He'll grin then say "Yes."

Then end.
Mad silly.

Tong was super violent with the chicken!
Don't mess with her.

Baby and I got her a Black Dri-fit Tee with 'AHTONG!' printed on it.
Oh well, Baby's work.
She loves it. HENG AH!

Strolled towards Cityhall station, with tons of laughter.
Its super amusing to see Baby and Tong squabble.

The Orang Utan & Penguin!
They should be nice to each other since they both are from the Zoo.
But then again, its super entertaining.

Told baby to leave for home, since I'll be fine with my darlings all heading towards Pasir Ris.

Was soooooooooooo shagged Baby and I headed to bed by 12.30am.
Which explains why I'm awake now.
No, 8am to be exact.
Think I'll head back to nua on the bed for a while!


(BTW tong, hope you enjoyed the small gathering! =D)

(PS: BF! I love spending nights with you, don't know why but I just love it! Nights are more romantic I guess~)

Monday, September 21, 2009


歌手:李玟 专辑:爱琴海




































One can suspect the possibility of another by his side instead of her in a relationship,
One can suspect the reason of coldness due to another in a marriage,

where is 'Forever'?

All I know is that I never, ever want this to happen.

But its uncontrollable, fate.

So hold on to it, when you can.
Cause you will never know.

(My baby didn't bully me, he's innocent =) its juz a random thought.)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeslene had a great weekend!

Spent my Saturday with BF, Leaking, Mum and Xiao Yi at Plaza Singapura.

I was at BF's place in the morning, and I had to drag him outta bed at 2pm to get him ready to head out.
We kicked, wrestled and fist fought.
Heng I messaged Leaking earlier to take her time.

Had lunch with my Mum & Aunt & Cousin.
Had tons of great laughter at Daiso after.
My little cousin kept asking why Baby hits me so much.
I told her, well, I hit him too.

And I told her stupid stuff like:

"Meimei, when you grow up and a guy gives you plastic flower, take it and throw at him okay! RIGHT BABY?"

Baby just nodded and continued his shopping.

Parted ways with my mum & aunt, and we went to Bugis for party stuff.
But oh well, too expensive.

Mum made banners for me =D

Had dinner at Tampines, and home we went to slack the rest of the night away.

Sunday, which is like, today, haha.
As usual, I went to BF's workplace and waited for him to knock off.

My family wanted to have Zi Ca at Tampines st 81, which was advertised on the tv show.

Yes we went.

But it was SO SO CROWDED our food only came 1HOUR LATER.

Not for hungry, angry people.

But overall food was okay.
Perhaps a 7/10?
Just that they were so busy, there were tons of glitches.
Time factor, food serving was really slow and they charged us for wet towels when they didn't even gave us any.

But oh well, food there are unique.

Before I headed out.
I have to wear loose clothes cause I'm bloating up.

Waiting for food.
Baby and his bluetooth headset.
Which I always get confused about, when he uses it.
He looked like a lunatic talking out of a sudden sometimes.

Random picture.

Briased egg-tofu.

Fried Kai Lan Veggie.
It tasted like salted seaweed.

Sweet&Sour Pork.


Cereal pork ribs.

My fav dish out of everything.
Its very very nice =DD

This is a very important oyster.
My dad took the last one and gave it to BF.
Then he said:

"I work very hard I take the last one, but I give it to you so you must take care of my daughter okay."


My dad is cute.

But one hour for food is...


Currently on the phone with baby and I've yet to shower.


Selamat Hari Raya to all my Malay friends!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Anyone interested to know how's my hamsters?

They still sleep in queer postions:

Sit and sleep.

And sleep on another's tummy.

And they tend to sleep on their back, tummy and short limbs facing skywards.

Oh well, they're getting fat.

I had a great night with BF.
We had dinner at EastLink food court and got praised by the cleaners there that we're "courteous and friendly."

Cause we said thank you to them when they cleared our dishes.
But that's basic courtesy what.

BF and I kept fighting on the train,
I think everyone on the train thought we were crazy.
Cause he kept slapping me and I kept biting him.

Braided my hair up in the kitchen while talking to mummy just now.

Random, random.

I'm getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

Heading for lunch with leaking tomorrow.
Sat would be with BF and my besties =)
Family dinner on Sunday, BF included.

Can't waaaaaaaaaait!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday flowers!
Awww so pretty!

Oh, just a random exclamation. Cause its pretty!
And good for birthday surprises!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I is happily eating Vanilla ice cream right now.
On my desk, there's a chocolate with alcohol.

Junk food is the love XD


I only had brunch.
And nothing else in between 12pm - 7pm.


there's nothing to blog about today.
Other than having a neckache that seriously needs a massage (anyone?)
And doing my birthday plans, and tong's birthday plans.

Honestly speaking, I didn't have the drive to celebrate anymore, cause its like...
Organising myself...
And all.

I'm grateful for all help offered though =)

Surely that 'fi leng' will come soon.

I miss my bf like a mad woman.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Had a great night with BF yesterday.
I know there are things he is willing to give up for our sake.
But baby, take it slowly.

Let the free roaming orang utan be mine for always =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gosh I woke at 8.30am when I slept at nearly 2am!
& I couldn't get back to sleep!

So yes, random post about my hair:

Yes very messy and very wavy cause I took the picture right this morning.
Which by the way, I haven't brushed my hair.
My hair don't tangle much, even after a night's sleep haha.
That's the good thing about the hay on my head.

Pretty nice isn't it?
Not bright till someone will stare of course.

awaiting 11am so I can wake-up call baby!

Dearest Sky Ong Dong Ling,

Today we celebrate our 4th month together.

4 months may seem short to long lived relationships,
but each relationship starts with their very own 4months,
before they finally reach forever.

I ever told my friends.
"I won't say love forever. Only friends are worthed."

But I dare, and I will tell everyone now.
You're the one I will never let go.
I found someone who is worthed forever.


Thank you for talking to me after that terrible quarrel we had.
Thank you for assuring me, no matter how bad a quarrel turn out to be, you'll never leave me stranded alone.

I'm grateful for you.

I really treasure what we are now.
Being able to quarrel, but talk it out after,
tempers simmer down after a train trip,
and the willingness to kiss each other sorry.

And I am really grateful for you never will say "let's break up" even after a really huge fight.

"Together" didn't came easy for us, you said.

And I love you for this, this, that.

I'm glad I'm Jeslene,
cause I'm the one you love.

Now we have the same phone, same ring, same watch and even same hair colour XD

With all my heart,
Lee Rui Wen, Jeslene

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jeslene is back to being a brunette~!

BF went to Watson and to my demand, bought Liese's foaming hair dye.
Since Baby wants it redder, we settled with the colour named:

Cassie Berry.

Sounds so edible.

So baby and I went happily back to my place (we got it from Jurong Point, silly right, buy there, dye here.)
and after dinner (which consists of Bak Kut beehoon, otah and Guo Tie)
I did the dye for him.

It was indeed foaming.
Didn't take pictures of the foaming, hands were occupied.
But it wasn't as foaming as it was advertised to be.
Maybe we didn't do it the right way?

BF helped with my longlonglonglong hair.
And yes, we shared a bottle.
It was more than enough, considering how thick and long my hair is.
It reaches my waist ya know?

It smelt like most hair dye,
but not that strong, pretty nice smell actually.

And it was quite easy to work with.

Left it for 30mins and washed it off, shampooed and conditioned.

The colour came out prettily.
Not as red, but bright enough to be seen under normal light.
Should be brighter in the sunlight I suppose.

BF looked good in that colour,
as for me,
well, at least my hair doesn't look dead flat anymore.


They enclosed a cute packaged leave in lotion.

Oh love it.

Would definitely recommend it.
My hair's not rough or dry after usage, maybe its my conditioner,
but smooth and silky.


Next colour I will try shall be Milktea Brown.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Broke down, but now I'm fine.

I want to blog this down,
to remind
and to remember.

What I said and thought through today,
comes truly from my heart.

I believe that you're the one.
I don't want to give this up.
I want to give my all, my best to maintain what I have now.

Life have came to a point,
where I cherish everyone in my life.
I don't want to lose anyone.
Not you, not you and certainly not him.

No one can predict,
what will happen today.

If tomorrow never comes,
I want to you to know.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

And I always will.

I don't know much.
I'm pretty silly sometimes.
But I know I love you.

And that's all I know.

PS: TY babes, for being there with me today through it all.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Would you get angry if your spouse/bf/gf/partner checks your phone messages or call logs?

BF and I thought that its fine.
Sure it sounds like invading of privacy. (Esp when you're planning a surprise for him/her)
But if you did nothing wrong, there's nothing to hide.
So it's fine.

BF and I look at each other's phone screens all the time.
When typing a message, or making a call etc.
Maybe its because we both don't keep secrets.

But there are people who doesn't like their privacy intruded.
Think that its rude to read through your stuff and all...
Even if its your own lover.

What about you?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New blog banner!

Big ass face of me cause ITS MY BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH!


1 hour plus on this all right.

Just something really simple.

I might improvise it when I'm bored again. HAHA!

BF is fast asleep now.
And groggily he told me he wants to marry me.
I told him, when you're more awake then say lah.


Going swimming this Sat with baby and leaking =D
And my swelling went down!


Should sleep like, nooooooow.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Supposedly to be out with Vaal dear,
But my lip swelled along with that dreadful pimple above it.
So I'm temporary disfigured. Haha!

Pampering myself with long showers, masks, home cooked food.
Home alone is good sometimes =)

Pictures from weekends till now:

Baby went fishing Friday night till Sat morning.
12 hours.


Fat fat fat fat fishhhhhhh!

Was at bf's place yesterday, to check if he's okay.

Tabaoed YaKun bread set to his place.

And I didn't know they can pack eggs this way.
Initially I thought they would just pack the half boiled eggs shelled.
I told the auntie, wa like that also can! So cute!

And she said, ya everything also can pack, cute right.

But I'm darn clumsy.
I tripped over a chair at BF's place,
and I fell backwards, eggs in hand.
I didn't fall to the floor cause I regained my balance after a very dramatic hands-swung-behind sequence.

Spilled some eggs,
and I told BF's mum and grandmother than I'm super proud that I didn't fall after that dramatic action.

BF's hamsters kept giving birth.
Anyone wants?

I mean, look!

Snowy's fat and lengthy now.
Still adorable!

She loves to be stroked on her ears.

I applaud my Pixon's camera.
I took this picture of a SHRIMP in bf's planted tank, using Macro mode.
And look.

Its clear like crazy.
I mean, the shirmp is as big as the word "shirmp"!
Yes, the size of the word typed!

And blackie xiao hei is not that blackie anymore.
I touched him, and he's erh, rough.
But sooooooo cute.

The owner of above pets reminded me its 20 days more to my 21st.
I'm left with 20days to pretend I'm still young.