Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catching up.

Can you believe its August already? Times flies so quickly I can't even catch its tail!

Its now 4 months to the rumoured 'world's end'. Have you thought of what to do before that? Haha, actually I wonder how many people actually believes AND will spend all their savings before the end.

Life has been merciful on me.

Other than occasional hiccups, and BF's grandfather hospitalized, I'm pretty good.

I wish I have more strength in handling things though.

I'm losing patience with some people. Well, if you expect us to help you, at least be gracious? Sure, we volunteered to, because I cannot stand the fact that men cannot really handle the administrative issues.

So I took over.
And then... Well, let's just say you didn't give us a peace of mind huh.
And ended up pushing the blame to us when changes affected us.

Just... stop lining your wet blankets out for all to see.
Okay, correction.

See, okay.
Just stop involving us.
There are so many things we know and heard. We just didn't make it a shout out to ruin it further.

I will thank you for that.

I am a protective person by nature, to all my friends and loved ones.

Le sigh.

Anyway! Brighter side of life: its our 41st today!
Made me realise wow, its almost 3 and a half years.
May it go on, and on and on.