Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good morning~
Its nearly 11am, and I, being the pig I am, just woke up =D
I was on the phone till 3am this morning yesterday, so I'm abit blur now.
*stares at glen*

Its good to be an easily contented person.
Just friends around me and I'll be happy for the whole day.

Recently, there's alot of things that happened to friends around me.
Some couldn't give up.
Some don't know if they should pick things up from the spot.
Some needs serious hugs.
Some needs the police hahaha.

I just hope everything will go smoothly for them.

As for me...
I'm very well loved by my darlings.
For now, this is all I need.

Well, okay!
I was out with KaiLin, Leaking, Raymund & Hiyu Jie yesterday.
I accompanied Kai to HMV to get some CDs for her sister.
Then we walked to Bugis happily under the rain.
Got myself some dresses. (Though I said I will stop, geddit? lol)

Met up with Leaking, and Kai went home.
We headed to Suntec City, to see if this particular shop carries the design of wallet she wanted.
Apprently no.
And I was darn drained and hungry.
So we headed to CURRY FAVOR.

No prizes for guessing who insisted~

Sashayed to Liang Court to visit Nana & Kathy by cab.
Apparently the cab driver stuck a ghostly picture from the movie Shutter on his window on the driver seat, facing outside.
I asked why, then he say, everyone likes to look in when the cab stops somewhere, he has no time to look back so he lets his lil ghostly friend do the job.


Clarke Quay was crowded, as usual.
Loads of pretty lanterns all around!

Headed back by train soon after.
It was already 10pm by then.


I messed up the sequence of pictures, geh.
Anyway, Me & Jie at clarke quay.

While waiting for Hiyu Jie to finish her lil chit chat with that optical shop guy haha.
Love the skirt =D
Leaking say she almost couldn't regconise me cause....
I seldom wear something long -.-
Hello, I'm not that slutty laaaaa.

Before heading out~

Dragon! Me! =D
Btw, all Dragons please beware...

Happy couple.
See they moved so fast, the background so still, they so agile.

Yours truly.

Somehow I can understand how she feels.
To want to give up, yet holding on seems tempting.
Wasn't I in the same situation?

I'm hungry.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Someone should put fireworks just for me!
I passed my accounting despite messing up my trading account!
I told almost everyone who asked to put fireworks for me.
I should tell blondie tomorrow, since I whined to him that I failed my accounting test.

So happy!
I'm so easily satisfied.

I got myself a tank top & a dress, and total only cost 21bucks.
Somemore the dress is a present from raymund. Hohohoho.
So basically, my mood is really good lah.
Will get loads of hugs and cuddles tomorrow too, during lunch.
So I'm pretty contented.

Sat will be hanging out with Leaking after 5pm.
Shall run to Liang Court to find nana and kathy.
I'm going to get the small lil laptop. Let's see how much it will cost.

I dropped m phone on the floor (concret floor okay) when I was in the Unicampus.
I almost died right there and then.
My poor phone have scratches now.


I went to partyworld @ shenton way yesterday after lessons.
Hoho~ It was fun!


Vaal baby & me in Unicampus.
Sheesh, her face is soooo small!

International Plaza @ 9.30pm.
Waste electricity leh.

Vaal & I in Party world.

Tomorrow would be an early day for me.
I better remove my make up and head to sleep soon.


Sometimes things are really simple.

its just how you see it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just wanted to mark this day down.

To you:

25th Aug 2007, I said goodbye to someone who I thought would be with me for the rest of my life.
Though we were hardly in contact subsequently,
we both moved on, and we heard about each other through mutual friends.
Somehow fate brought you back into my life,
and now that you have stepped one foot into my world,
you do realised you do have a way to change me, yet again, don't you?

I remembered trying to lose sight of you, every single place I walked.
I remembered trying to stay speechless about you, every topic I raised.
I remembered when everything started to fade, I get news about you that kept me thinking.

You were unhappy when you heard I had another.
Yet I am to stay peaceful when I heard you might have another.

Guess we were never disconnected from each other.

Its been a year...
And if we never did make that decision, one month later would be our 3rd year together.
But time passes.
Life changes.
Paths crossed.

To me you are always special.
But now...
I guess the 'other' faded the 'you' in me.

All I have now is memories.
I don't want to change that.
At least for now.

Love, as always,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its been a year...

Its been a year...
On 24 Aug 2007, I, as one of the finalists in the Hark Student Singing Competition, stood on the the stage and sang Tanya's Wu Di Dong.

I've only realised this yesterday.
And fatefully, Carissa and I met up yesterday to sing,

and realised on the 23rd of 2007, Aaron, carissa and I were in Kbox singing too.

Same location as well.

Still remember one year ago...I received the email from Hark about the competition.
Asked my ladies in ITE if I should join.
All of them said yes, why not.

And i did.

And who knows how I managed to go all the way into the finals?

The nine finalists I've got to know in this competition, some became friends for life.
Music does bring people together.

Never knew time flies so fast...
That just proves that life never waits for you.
You gotta catch up with it.

Though I lost contact with some of the finalists,
I'm still very much close to some of them.

Carissa, Aaron, TatSin, Xue Wei, Daisy...
And of course all the other people I knew in this period of time.
Aftermath of the competition... brought YRYB together.

...And took it away.


But just glad that I've been through that competition...

Made great friends...
And love them still =D
I declare love to Boo, sin, weiwei, alan and my performing team peeps!



One more day...
To 1 year since our break up.
Quite.... memorable.
But grrr, I'm still angry.
Qi si wo le~

Sin stop wanting to drag me to sink in le la!

...I'm a coward when it comes to lightning and thunder.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I haven't been up to anything these days, therefore there's a lack of updates in my blog.
But who really reads my blog anyway, except myself hahaha~

Ah well!
Friday was a really draining day for all of us I guess.
Lessons were from 9am till 5pm.
Got really lethargic but I managed to stay awake.
After which I hang around Bugis with Yan & Hiyu Jie for dinner.

I love Carissa <3

She bought me this skirt that I've been eying for quite some time, for my birthday.
She's the second to get me a present for my birthday, which is like next month 29th haha!
First was Paul =)
With boo around I'm never unhappy.
But she's going to get really busy with being MISSY~ in the hospital.

I opened a swap entry and posted it on sgflea.
Swapped with a lady for her black off shoulders.
Love it =D
The postmen in my area are really efficient these days, one day was all they took to deliver.
Better to stop spending, I've got myself two dresses, a skirt and a tube this week.
Enough is enough.

This is what happens when u have a webcam.
But not bad ah? 1.3mps but it looked quite clear.
Yes yes I know I'm fat and ugly and all but u think I care? =P

Me, kai and yan.

Cannot already.
I shall go embrace my bed.
I'm so so tired!
Gotta do some revising for Final Accts, test is next tuesday~
which means I'm heading to queentown again.

Nites darls!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008






I wish I could cry.
I wish.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm pretty much wide awake.
I woke at 830am, naturally.
Such a nice cold day for sleeping and I woke up ealr despite having lessons at 2pm!
Body clock, tick tock tick tock.

Gonna talk about some bimbostic stuff:
I juz realised I've got a pair of wedges left unworn!
I totally didn't know until I was flipping through my shoes cupboard~
And I found this pair of strappy black wedges, totally brand new, with price tag somemore.

How come I get so STM till even SHOES I forget?
Oh no, I hope I'm not getting senile...

Happened to be reading some beauty articles on
and they have this how to dress slimmer article
and it is like, convincing me to buy that yellow halter sundress I saw in Bugis Street.
Cause they say Halters conceals broad shoulders, and it has a plunging neckline that suits busty ladies too.
I am so convinced.... loh...
The only thing is that its not black, but yellow is pretty~

I hear the sound of money.

I'm planning what to eat for breakkie.
Instant noodles?
So unhealthy.
But I'm still eating that.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hate to start my blog entry with an argh.
But really: ARGH.

I better stop thinking too much.
And people, especially those who know i am IGNORING YOU,
you better stop pestering.

If I haven't received that call from you,
I most probably won't be brooding over you right now.
Come back if you want,
I'm not yours anymore.
That you know.

But why do every little word you say move my heart?

Be strong, jes.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Changed my blog song to a duet I sang with another guy =P

I no like menses cramps. (On the other hand, who does?)
But that will show I'm not pregs (I don't want another daughter to add to my collection u know)
I no like menses cramps.
But that will give me a reason to teh (ya know, whine and all) to people who loves me.

My legs are weak due to stupid cramps.
I couldn't really stand firmly while I was on the train.
And now I'm still feeling the uncomfortable-ness.

But I'm rather happy today lah.
Having the TGIF aka Thank goodness its Friday symdromes.
I got lots of concern from the girls in school.
And blondie showered me with hugs and massages on my cramping back.
Poor Hiyu jie though, her voice =(
Drink more water!

When I was on my way to the toilet after meeting blondie,
I lifted my right hand and....
I was like, OMG OMG OMG OMG!
So eh, the burnt skin I had from accidentally touching the hot oven didn't heal properly.
And there were blood trapped in the thin skin.
I think I brushed against my bag and the skin tore, so the blood just gushed out.
Scared the hell outta me.
It was DRIPPING, the blood.

How clumsy can I get?

My ladies in MDIS,
Kathy, Christina, Vaal and Jeslene =D
Christina fed me again.
Vaal said though I'm not the oldest, I seem like I am the oldest.
She say I very calm.
I say, its not I very mature, its cause I'm silent and you all are HYPER!

Teatime with Hiyu Jie!

The oreocheese cake at cartel SUCKS.

I'm going to fall asleep soon man.

I hope my bestie is doing alrights.
Hugs to bestie <3

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I should stop starting an entry with: Nothing much to update about.
My life ahhhhhh.....

I mysteriously cut my finger on Tuesday.
Really very mysterious!
It was supposedly a paper cut, but I didn't rape my book violently...
So... What cut my finger, so deep somemore, I have nooo ideaaaah?

Blondie say I very clumsy.
I always shock him with injuries here and there.
I work I injure myself, I don't work and I study, I still give him injuries.
Ya, I think I'm very clumsy too.

Met up with Yan & KaiLin yesterday!
After lessons, Christina fed me with Creamy Chicken. =\
My MDIS ladies always feed me, they have sweets picnic during lectures lo.
Ya but anyway, I went off to Shenton Way to find Kai Lin, then we took a train to Pasir Ris...
We headed to Clarke Quay~

Had Yoshinoya for dinner.
Been ages since I had that beef & Salmon bowl.
*glances @ YT*

We decided to rot @ Lunar.
Yea, of all place, Lunar.
I'm sorry but the singing that night... was...
The three of us agreed.

Ladies night yesterday anyway, so okay lah.
At least we didn't pay to... listen.

Very dark inside, and we only have my phone's flash light to depend on.
So I became white, the rest, Black.

I look weird.

She's the queen!
Princess? Too CHILDISH! (Just like someone =.=)
We old hags are considered queens lah,
when we're older we'll become dowagers.
Uh oh.

Lychee martini.
Me love the fruit.

The stage.
Full house last night.

More photos are in my facebook album.

I'm going to kill off my thursday...
Have lunch with Kai & Xinyun jie & Blondie on Friday.
(Eek, the moment I typed blondie, he messaged me O.o)
Then woohoo my Sat away.
Sunday left unplanned~
Staying home most prob.

Weeks go on and on, man.
I better practice on my Final Accounts.
Test coming soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My fingers decided not to move when I have loads to say in my heart.

I feel helpless.

For once, its not about me or him.
Don't like the feeling of hearing the tears of someone I love.

It made my tap run too.

I wish someone can make this all better.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday blues.
As blue as the dress I bought from dainty ladies, hahaha!
Just got it in the mail, its pretty =)
they juz launched their new collection, visit: ~

Something is really wrong with my body clock.
I'm waking like 6.30am, despite sleeping late.

Tat Sin is trying to drag me into the sinking of his.
He sinking into sad songs of Tanya, so he kept sending those songs to make me sink also!
He bully de loh!
Now listening to Ji Nian, Hu Xi and all.
If I get emo, its his freaking fault!

Had pre-dinner with my MDIS friends @ Thai Express.
Christina insisted I must eat, so I had the tomyam.
I was bearing in mind tong's philosophy about it will help to diet.

I'm missing all my old friends, don't like the drifting apart + leading own lives part.
They bring people together, and then they become the circumstance that tears people apart.

Initally had loads to random about.
But I forgot.
Its all tat sin's fault.
Really his fault.
He sent all those songs, and I kept listening till I forgot what's in my mind.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

These days I've forgotten about something,
then I recall them again.
Maybe I am capable of doing so...
I just need to try harder.

Nothing much~
Friday was spent @ Unicampus...
Flattened my butt sitting on the train all the way to commonwealth, to meet up with Vaal, Christina & Kathy.
In the end Kathy was late, though she kept telling Christina not to so that can give a good first impression meeting both Vaal & I.
Didn't manage to catch Fiza.
Wasted, man.
I was in silence throughout the whole study skills workshop.
Saw some guy wearing a LV belt and carrying a LV bag at the same time.
Need to be so flashy? ~.~

Night was dinner with Kaiqi, Joanne, Hiyu jie, Jeng Loon & kor.
Cafe Cartel - Long q.
Starbucks after, and after much pestering by me, we went home.
I was staring at the CS first floor toilet mirror, the one I always looked at when I was working in Cottage Pies 3 years ago.
I feel skinnier, finally.

Saturday was spent with Hiyu Jie & Jeng Loon.
Went K-boxing @ E-Hub, and had a taste of their K lunch.
Not too bad, it has standard choices instead of the menu of the day, like Cine.
But the food were... let's just say not too good, not too bad.

Headed to Suntec as Hiyu Jie's meeting her Ignited sweeties.
Other than having my soul half gone like many other normal afternoons, nothing much.
There was WCG and Starhub roadshow.
City area was filled with people of every kind, waiting to watch the fireworks at night.

Traveled to Bugis for some shopping.
I saw this dress I like so much, but its a 35.90bucks and I don't have that much.
Ended up buying a black halter with checkered straps and hem,
and also a long black cardigan to replace the poor, overused with 2 holes cardi.
Bugis is like, so empty?
Bus-ed home by 23...

Being very random today,
so lets just move on to pictures.
I don't know why but I'm like, super bored here.

Taken on Friday...

Taken yesterday with Hiyu Jie. City area, like I said, was darn crowded, from Marina Square to Raffles City.

Kitty I saw under my block.
Big, fat, and furry.
Wonder whose~
Grumpy, but its pretty gentle, with an adorable "mew~".

@ WCG, everyone's like, clustered there waiting to watch a dota match between two countries.
Think its India and another..... hmmm~

@ Starbucks with my bro.
My eyes are bigger than my brother's.
So I should feel happier, yeah?
Stop saying its cause I drew eyeliner, I bet 50bucks even if I drew the same on my bro's lids, his eyes will still be smaller.

With JL, Hiyu Jie. Taken by bro.

Nothing else to say.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fourth day since I returned back to studying...
Doing well, i guess?
My mood was not in tip top condition.
But whenever my mood swings around, I will get really. extremely hyper and full of jokes around my friends.
Its something so automatic and instinctive, I wonder am I trying to cheer myself up, or just hiding away.
But nevertheless, spending time with ladies are generally better than spending time with guys, particularly guys I actually have a relationship with.

Speaking of men, Paul is back in SG after a one week stay @ Sydney.
He said he got his gf to buy me some things here and there.
Woo hoo~ My future sister-in-law hohoho.

I'm at a loss of what to do for my weekends.
For once, its blank and out of dates with anyone of any gender.
Can I head to the Ktv or something?
I need to, you know, release some stress.


I heart Vaal for this.
I was telling her out of nowhere in Biz Finance & Acct lecture that I'm crazving for brownies cause I saw them selling pretty browns in Douby Xchange.
I pointed out the shop to her in the Xchange and I went to the washroom.
When I came back, I got her sms saying she's buying brownies and one is for me.

Its nice, btw.

Had dinner with Soonwai, KaiLin & Yan @ Pizza Hut.
Decided to have the twist and blah thing.
You know, the disgusting commercial, where the kids twist and turn plasticine and stuff.
Okay lah, not too bad.
I mean the pizza, not the commercial.
$14.30 per person, with drinks and soup.

Had Hawaiian for the pan pizza and seafood supreme for the twist.

I have really cute friends.

And a very tired me, taken on tuesday.

Have to head to Queenstown tomorrow for Study Skills lecture.
Meeting vaal, kathy & christina @ commonwealth.
We shall depend on vaal for directions to Unicampus.
Oh man, the transport costs T^T

Jeslene hearts
They have the best, in my opinion, glam indulges,
with a super sweet owner who I love to bits (and she loves me too haha)
Do give them a visit, they have dresses that are of really good quality and all.

Hard to find an online shop with the same tastes as I do. =)


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sometimes, all I need is just assurance.
May it be true or not.
This can't go on, that I know.
But willingly, I waited.
Promised nothing, but I remained on the same spot.
Felt so trapped in a little rectangle.

Realization, long ago.
But seems like nothing to me.
Am I just feeling loved? Or abandoned?
Protected? Or just being used?
Jealousy from you? Or just possessive?

You have that answer.

"I don't know."

I remained trapped.
On this spot.
In this little rectangle.

Easily Satisfied?

I'm afraid so.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Headache ah....

First day of school today...
Okay lah.
Nice old lecturer teaching us Organization Behavior.
Feels like Mr Foong's style.
But more interesting...

You think Jeslene is very sociable huh?
Okay lah.
Made a friend with this cute lady by the name of vaal.
Very sweet girl, can see she's pretty hyper.
Good, can cheer restless me up.

I between the 3 Hours lesson, there was a 20min break.
We two strolled over to the cathy to grab a snack.
She said we will be loitering around town so much.

Dragged Su De for dinner since he works around Plaza Sing.
I met up with Tong for a while before just shopping around alone.
I'm beginning to like the 'alone' part.
No idea why. Better not get used to it.

Performance today was a biiiiiiggg failure~
Machiam sitcom la, my team.
Crazy humans.
Was a bright bright gooseberry on the train home with Marvin & Gf.

Seeing couples sorta kills.
But somehow or rather, he messaged to ask to see me.
Can't help but feel happy.
I just miss him, though I saw him just last wednesday.

My thursday schedule is a KILLER.
9am till 5pm = Lessons
7.30pm till 10pm = Practice.

I'm sleepy now...


Saturday, August 02, 2008

What's wrong with me~?
I have like, three pimples on my forehead!

Anyway, I was out to town with Hui, Leaking and Hiyu Jie.
Spent my early afternoon strolling from City Hall to Raffles Place.
Oh, my sandals decided to dismantle itself.
The gem fell off and I had to buy glue to glue it back.
And the glue stuck itself on me too.
So I went to buy nail polish remover to get it out.

In the end, the gem got loose and fell off, after all my freaking efforts.
Oh well.

Met up with the two other ladies at Somerset station.
Shopping in town is fun when you have your ladies with you.

Got myself a boob tube from F21,
and a pretty halter from Far East.
Got really hungry, so we went to Curry Favor for dinner, since Hui said she wanted to try it out.

Took a bus home from Suntec,
and now I'm rather drained.
These days I wake up earlier than planned,
but get tired quickly.
Been like this for perhaps a month.
Not good.

Pictures, pictures!

Clarke Quay, from Raffles Place.

Perfect sunny day!

Therefore, perfect camwhore opportunity!

Hair looks pretty short here.
Must be my layers =\

The stone seat is piping hot when unsuspecting Jeslene sat on it.
I've got a cooked butt.

The perfect place to shoot a local drama - on this bridge. Haha!

Adoring my hair color haha.

Hiyu Jie & Jelly.

Green, green river...

One Fullerton.

Hui's famous jiao bin!

Brownie for dessert!

My bones are shattering.

All boyfriends of friends, don't keep calling me to ask where's your gf leh.