Friday, August 01, 2008

I think I'm turning insane soon.
Sometimes I just cannot stop thinking about something, or in this case, someone.
It doesn't take a genius to know who I'm thinking about.
Man, I even dreamt of him last night!
So stupid!

I think my heart fell out of my chest and made my chest size a cup smaller cause he couldn't meet me last minute today.
Don't think I'm able to meet him next week either.
Wonder why I get so so besotted with him.

The weather is so warm these days!
Okay, that was random.

By the way ladies and gents, I repeat,
I won't answer any calls if your number is not recorded in my sim card, or unknown.
For my safety, please understand la, k =(


Ohoh, I took my MDIS Entry Test yesterday.
It was rather easy, simple addition and stuff, to those algebras.
Proud to say my X = ? is still avail for knowledge retrieval.
They say I just have to get 16questions correct out of the 40.

Lets just say, I don't think my 4marks over 100 will repeat itself, lah.

After which I met up with Hiyu Jie for dinner.
Decided to search for a decent place @ The Cathy.
Settled at The Indulge, B1.
We were attracted by the dinner set, aka the RIBEYE STEAK.
We were carnivorous, ya know.
$23++ for each set.

Soup = Mild Curry Pumpkin Soup
Not a fan of this soup.
Its just... sweet.

Appetizer = Marinated Prawns with Sauce
What sauce, I'm not sure, it tastes like sour cream and wasabi.
Two pieces only, while stock last! =.=

Main Course = Ribeye Steak with Mushroom Sauce (Sides of Potato Salad & Veg)
First, the Veg is like, sour? Why ah?
Potato Salad taste like what I get in Billy Bombers.
Steak itself, quite good. I had it medium rare and it was quite up to standards. Serving's quite big. I just don't like that sauce. Its like... weird?

Dessert = Ice Cream on Pudding
Acty its not pudding lah.
I forgot the actual name for it so let's just take it as pudding.
It tastes like Caramel pudding.
Not very good, but passsable.

Overall, okay la. Maybe 3/5.
I like the service though.
But that place is too cramped for my liking.

Practice @ Hark after!
My voice sucked.
I better practice at home till I go insane.
Oh wait, i AM insane.

Random camwhores:

In Sunshine Plaza's toilet, while waiting for Hiyu Jie.
Please if you see anything unusual in the picture behind me, on my shoulders, white and floaty or whatever...

The whole point of this picture is I'm wearing a simple polo tee and that is super rare.

And I took this in the morning.
I just love the sunlight shining into my room.
Of course, that is when I'm under a shelter and not outside.
Ya know, conditions do apply.


Heading out with my ladies tomorrow.
I wish for some shopping.

Hey, anyone missing me?

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