Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pretty happy today~
I accompanied Leaking to MDIS to pay her school fees.

And yes Belle, I'm starting next monday, but its at Douby campus, I wonder if I'll get to see you~

But before we headed to our destination, I dragged Leaking down to Shenton Way to meet Kai Lin for lunch.
I was craving way too much for the chicken rice in IP.

Actually I wasn't planning to meet up with that ex.
But while waiting for KaiLin outside the chicken rice store,
I saw that ever so familiar lorry.
And when I glanced in from the store...
Its him.

So I messaged him say I saaaaaaaaaaw you~
He asked if I've went off, I said no, I'm like, at the chicken rice store opposite you.
I immediately saw him glancing around trying to spot me, funny.
So in the end I have to abandon Leaking for a while to meet him.

Finally remembered to tell him someone wanted to be my Sugar Daddy.
Scared the hell outta him.
He got a little angry at me cause he said I was stupid not to call the police or at least threaten to call, or take down the cab number.
But I was pretty frightened, and all I wanted at that time was to GET OUT.
He asked if I said or did anything to make that uncle horny.
I replied, all I said was, Uncle, Tampines St XX.

He sighed and called me stupid again.
I said ya I know I'm stupid lah.

We parted ways soon after and while waiting for Leaking to take her passport photos,
he called, pretty shockingly cause he's just like, 5 metres away from me.

He: "Ey, give me that taxi driver's number."
Me: "Huh, but he haven't call, he say next week then call cause I anyhow say I busy this week."
He: "I thought you say he called yesterday?"
Me: "No lah! He said all those things when I was in his cab. What for you want his number?"


Eh, whao?
This person machiam want to fight already, still say TALK?
He always say he wants to talk to a certain person when he's jealous or protective or possessive.
I told him he's very scary, he say that uncle scarier right.
Yes sir.
Exclaimed to him that he's so nice and that I love him haha.
He laughed.

Ohoh, we purposely walked past the lorry while making our way to amara.
Leaking finally got to see him up close.
He gave me a really sweet smile.
So sweet, leaking couldn't believe I'm not his gf.
Leaking said she was electrified!
You want, I give you lor hahaha.

We ended up having sushi in Sakae. HAHA.
Chatted the whole late afternoon away.
Took a train home while talking about perverts ahahahaha.
Slacked at my place till 10pm, then she went off haha.

We were playing with my webcam, so here's the outcome:

Leaking said this is the Joel Wang expression, Yan you judge. LOL.

I'm under arrest T^T

Ey, got hands!

Hands turned violent O_O


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