Thursday, July 17, 2008

Haven't been updating.....
Waiting for Yan to send me Kailin's bdae pictures...
Those that I took are already on my facebook album so just click to view.

Pretty lazy right now.
Gonna take a nap before I prepare to head to practice at hark.
Changed group again.
I wonder how long can I stay in this place.
They took my YRYB and Boo, all of them away from me.
Now I'm alone, I'm trying to strive.

I wrote another long long entry about what happened after meeting that blondie today.
Its @ livejournal.
I'm sorry, its only viewable by friends who added me in LJ.
If you really wanna read it, tell me, I'll determine if you're worthed it.

I don't know, am I the third party,
or is she the third party?

I want the truth.
One day...?

Should I be guilty?
Never knew I'll get into this kinda shit.
I thought I'll never you know, get into a love triangle.
Its shitty.

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