Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm thinking of:

Food number 1, Traditional Toast, french toast, eggs and tea breakfast.
I'm just HUNGRY.

Food number 2: Mutton cooked by Maryanne's Mummy.
Oh goodness. I MISSED IT!
I felt the drool coming...

Thinking of how tired I looked recently.
Loads of people commenting that I slimmed recently.
Have to be the stress, I tell you.
From what?

Singing lah, school lah.
And personal matters.

And of course, tomorrow's concert.
I hope I will do well.
Lyrics, please stay in my mind.


Really tired out today.
I had rehearsals yesterday night and it was delayed.

So instead of 9pm, we only started at coming 10pm.
Was pretty restless by then, but those people never fails to cheer me up.
Didn't get much criticisms from Amos.
Which is good.

He said something that I felt was really a boost of confidence.

"You guys are going to stand on this platform tomorrow. As small as this stage might be, you are having a chance that all the others sitting down there tomorrow don't. You are standing here because we know you have the potential, the voice and all that the others watching you tomorrow might not have. Let that be a drive for you."

Oh, so true.
I hope that will serve as a boost of confidence to me as well.


Anyway, I reached home only at 1230am.
Slept at 2am, and woke at 530am.

Now you can imagine how tired I was.
I rather not sleep actually, at least I won't feel that lethargic.

Vanity rocks.
Even if you are ugly. =D


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I just felt like updating, though I know hardly anyone is reading.

I just bought myself something online again.
Wait, before you guys throw bananas at me or something...

I bought myself a guitar pick.
YES, just a guitar pick.

I haven't touched my guitar for quite sometime now.
Perhaps ever since that particular time...
And oh, I have to really go get a whole set of everything for it.

I just have that sudden urge to sing to the sound of guitar.
I guess it has something to do with recent events.

My hubby dearling guitar, Jelly shall revive you now...
...As soon as I save up for your necessities. =D

My stuck-in-the-snowstorm items are here.
Other than slight furring, everything seems fine.

Thank goodness.
Waited for like coming 2 months for it, stupid snowstorm!
But so glad the spree organiser is a responsible one. =D


There's alot of new sprees in my livejournal page now.

Cannot lah.

I went to Cottage Pies for lunch today.
I love my aunties there =D

Home after proceeding with tong and my to-do list.

I'm pretty tired now.
Actually I'm tired since, say, 7pm?


Let me be, i guess. =)

Monday, February 25, 2008

There alot of things I wished I can speak it out.
Not anything of the bad side, just things that I've been thinking of.

Somehow, I can never find that perfect moment to tell it to any one.
Perhaps, I shouldn't even think of speaking those things out.

I usually declare myself a rather transparent person.
I tell most of the people around me how I feel about issues and stuff.
But somehow, sometimes I just keep to myself.

Quoted from Adelene: "I don't think I know what you are thinking about, sometimes."
A sentence like that coming out from a friend I've knew since 16years ago.
Maybe I hide.
Maybe I hide and show it on my face that I am hiding something just to grab some attention.

"Hey, look at me. Sense anything?"

Maybe I'm just looking for a someone who can see right through me.
But if my friend of 16years couldn't, who could?


I'm just rambling.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Haven't been entertaining anyone with pictures, thus this post.
I'm feel a lil giddy still, ever since Yuan Xiao.
That was like from last Thursday till now?
Tried not to have any painkillers, but ended up relying on it again.
Can't afford to have a headache for school tomorrow.

Yesterday, headed out with Yan, Leaking and Tong.
Shopping cures, you know.
I bought the thick belt I set eyes on since the last time we visited Far East.
And also white shorts for $12.90.
And an eyelash curler that can be used to threaten people.
Uh, just coz it flips out like a knife.

Spent quite some money, but contented.

Met up with the AS people at 7plus.
We were having dinner together cuz my Tim is going back to KL.
For like, really long. =(
Dinner venue was @ Simei Eastpoint, a place named Eighteen Chiefs.

Hiyu Jie decided on it as they had quite some good reviews online about their food.
So we tried.

Overall, they have quite impressive service.
And I'm talking about a cafe which is not charging any service charge.
They operate like what Cartel used to.
Write orders on a paper and then pay up, then just wait for your food.

The student meal is rather cheap, say, $5?
Drinks, Meal and Ice cream.

I had their Salmon Baked Rice with creamy white sauce.
They have a variety of sauces and ingredients that you can mix and match.
And all rather affordable.

And they serve really weird drinks.
Like oreo with root beer and ... I forgot, its called Black Beauty and I'm... well.
The taste is exquisite.
Actually its just cause I don't know to describe that taste.

After dinner, we headed back to my house for some drinks.
Red wine.
I had none, with my headache, the wine will only kill.
I finished up my novel and headed to sleep.
I heard the others stayed up till 4am in the morning playing truth or dare.


We sent Tim off for his flight.
I'm gonna miss him man.
He's one of my favourite males around.

We had breakfast, toasts and eggs, at the airport.
They told me I overdressed.
But I was wearing a dress with a belt coz I can't be bothered to match any tops and bottoms.
Fine, I just like to look good and feel good, yeah?

Gave Tim a huge hug and said the good-byes.
I wouldn't be seeing him until the end of the year, and its still unconfirmed.

Missing him already. =(
Drop by more to my blog, Tim!


Pictures, very much overdued.

My lazy keyboardist.
Sofas in the performing studio is perfect for sleeping, i tell you.

Fishes in the school's pond.

All are babies. And that's not all i the pond. Millions of babies. Goodness.

Lets all not look down on reproduction.

I came home to see this sight of serenity. They just look very happy, eh?

Craziness in school, nevertheless.

The mango smoothie Tong and I shared in breko's. Can only say it sucked.

Yan's mocha wadever was good tho.

And this, is that Black beauty drink. Root beer and oreo and whatevers.

Sinful indudge, but I cannot resist baked rice.

And Salmon.

And cheese.


Neither can I resist kittens. =\


Caught up with Paul. I haven't seen him for quite some days. To be honest I sorta missed him.

Maybe I just need someone to ask about me time to time, to make me feel cared for.

But who doesnt?


My laptop crashed cuz of some unknown reasons, said my brother.

Project have to be redone. Bless me.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hi there people!

yeah I know, I haven't been updating.
Been really tired out.
Espcially since that last entry.
Everything seemed to go wrong from there and I'm trying hard to resurface.
Hopefully I'm doing well now!

Headed to Bugis after school with tong.
Apparently, shopping made us happier.
We both bought somethings.

I just got back from practice.
We ended early because we were all hungry.

I arrived the earliest, when I thought I was going to be late.
Played around with the keyboard with Yvonne until Xue Wei came.
Then Alan.
My poor alan, he looked damn tired.
He said he woke at 5am and worked for 13hours today.
I'm like, wa.
And he requested for the Jeslene's famous massage.
I gave it to him free of charge lah, not like Tong pay me higher than free of charge for massaging.

Tatsin was late for 1 full hour.
He messaged us and said he had an arguement with his assistant manager.
And he threw the phone and the laptop.

I'm like. HUH.
Tat sin = violence?!
Apparently the assistant manager went to far.
Even the most patient tat sin went crazy.
Life, man, life.

We headed for Rocher Beancurd, Sin's treat.
I really don't know how to appreciate tau huey.
It all tastes the same to me leh.
I very sua ku.
They have seats on the second floor sia!
I didn't know!

Sin and I walked all the way to Bugis station cuz he said its easier for me.
Haha, thanks ah.
Then he told me all about the company fights.
Its like...




I cannot accept.
Actually he talked about alot of other things but this ah this...

30mins... =.=
And all around there's no other food stalls.
ONLY canteen food.
He told me the veg sinks at the bottom and floating above the veg in the tray is oil.


I'm tired.
But I wanna read my novel.

And thanks to all who cared for me =D
I love ya all!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hate to start an entry this way.

Had a fight with my brother yet again.
Just because I opened his drawer and didn't close it.
He yelled at me, and being me, I retorted.

And he threatened to fist me down.
I'm serious, if not for my dad, he would have threw a fist at me.

Actually I told myself not to cry.
Cause its pointless.
Tears are useless.
But when my dad came over and held my hand, he patted my head and told me its okay.
I just couldn't stop crying.

I know I am in wrong.
Maybe I shouldn't have retorted.
But if I didn't, somehow I will seem to be defenseless.
I don't want to be defenseless.

Just 2 days ago, I'm sure some of my girls know.
I had a fight with him and at that point of time, I didn't even fight back.
I only cried.

I almost wanted to stay silent, just like that day.
But when my dad say, its okay, don't cry.
I lost my own battle.

I sobbed so hard.
I told my dad,
"He say he tolerated me for so long, then what about me?"

I know deep inside, he knew what I meant.
He told me, its okay, its okay.

Let tears flow.
Let them.

At least for tonight.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good-bye, Lydia Sum

Just this afternoon, when I was waiting for a bus, I was enjoying the simple thigns in life.

The wind, the leaves and my mp4.

Then I heard the radio DJ said:

"Lydia Sum passed away this morning."

The story in chinese, here:

Then it registered.
I was like, HUH.
Then huh...
then .....huh...

Then I started messaging my girls.
And my mum.

I don't know why but I felt a sense of loss.
Maybe its cause I grew up watching Lydia Sum.
That signature laughter o her always make me wanna smile with her.

It always take a loss to learn how to treasure.
Why can't we change that?


I treasure the people I had pizza hut with today.
And the people who was with me on Dec 20th 07.
And the people who are at home every night with me.

I know I don't want to lose them.

Good bye Lydia sum.
I'm missing you already.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

早在告别她 的那天


也許那一次見面 是生命給你机会




Durex & Me...?

PS: I am feeling mean.

*stares at own nuffnang ad*
This is like the first nuffnang ad since 2 months ago can.
This is what I got..


I bet ALOT of people will write an entry on this ad and ping it on
Someone tell Edison Chen about this ad, I heard he does not use condoms.

Someone tell me, how does nuffnang select blogs for the advertisements?
Is it by content?
If that's the case, die, cause that means I'm slightly sexual.
BUT! Both GLS (our blogshop) and Yvonne got the ad...

So erh.
I supposed its by age yeah?
Something like 18 - 30 or something.

But the ad is rather eye catching eh?
Good one.
I think its pretty cute.
And the contents of the ad!
Can you resist not clicking into it?
"Job Satisfaction Guaranteed"

Woo hoo.

Anyone filling up the application form?
They are going to select people randomly and they will receieve the vibrators and feedback form.
Maybe I should try and apply.
Cause its not 100percent I will get that thing.

I have no man to put it on!
(My friends, don't imagine, stop imagining.)
I think I should stop talking about this.
I am aware I have underage kids reading this (my cousins etc)
But tell me, are there anymore underage kids around me who doesn't know a little about sex?
All around me, these kids are...
I think they are more openminded than I am.



Anyway, to more normal topics,
here are some pics I took during new year.
Still have quite a few but I'm rather lazy eh.

My cousin and I on the second day of Chinese New Year.
Oh, I didn't mention but I went karaoke singing with my Big Aunt, my cousin and my Uncle.
At Kster.
Never been there until that day.

I don't like their song selection system.
What's with the mouse?
I think they should change it to all remote controls friendly.
So that I don't have to stretch my hand, crack my neck staring up at the small little screen.

Charges are fine though.
Rather cheap for CNY.
And there's no humans.
They just have to tolerate my singing then. =D



I think we are having one for men soon too.


Prices are slashed to the lowest I can give already.
Cause I know people wanna save then buy more clothes, lah.
Like me loh, like me the cheapo auntie Jelly.

Prices range from 12bucks to 16bucks!
Friends of mine get small discounts
although I wish I can give big big discounts but hor, the price is so low I slash le I can't even pay the reg postage fees of the supplier.

Sprees are so MA FAN!
But ...
Cheap mah.


Entry is long enough.
And after this entry, can I not update for like, 2 days?


Heading off to the shower now!
And off to Hark for rehearsals !
Concert's coming.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

You made me think of you
on a very special day
that we never spent together ever before

When its all over
you made me think of you
and again

I'm thinking of you
but not as much
losing it
saying goodbye
a memory
and something to cherish

I heard you
Do you hear me?


Just got home from practice
feeling fine
just a little messed up

My dears cheered me
With singing
I can hear their voices in my mind now
Echoing melodiously


Cooking today was horrifying


Vday spent with Tong and Kailin.
Sakae (Ms Chen is not the only one having sakae that day blah)
And Kung Fu Dunk.

Cried till my make up got messed up.

Took pictures to celebrate the day.
Now I have pictures from last year and this year's vday


I'm in love with my friends =)
So, do I need a man?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's tomorrow and Jeslene Lee shall spend the day with:

I'm bloody single and damn happy about it.
Uh, maybe 70% happy.
BUT still happy alrights!

There are a lot of overdue pictures that I have not uploaded.
Just plain lazy.
But I shall update all in one go soon.
Soon, lah.


School today is CRAP.
Its pretty funny how school manage to drain us more than anything else with just a few hours.
How come we can not lose calories by studying?


My yearly tradition for Valentine's:

Choc Chip cookies!
Had some feedbacks from my family and Tong.
They think its good =)

I've baked only for those I will see tomorrow and on Friday.
Therefore... Sorry to all my other friends =\

I think my house is a treasure cove.
My dad managed to dig the heartshape tray out of nowhere.
I thought I don't have one and almost bought one loh.
HENG ah.

I made both round and heartshape cookies =D
My little toaster can do wonders lol.
She sat RIGHT in front of the bowl of dough.
And she helped with the baking.
She has a cert to prove her phobia of dough loh!
Good girl! =D

(I keep hearing "Xiao Tong! Xiao Tong!" from the drama my parents are watching now)


Vday plans:

Movie with the ladies!
Dinner with the Family!

Good enough lah!
People with a date, have fun tomorrow!

Monday, February 11, 2008

All hail the cheapo-only-have-2bucks queen.

I'm on my lappie now
, so I have no other pictures except this, which i stole from Tong's blog.

Its been quite a few days since I updated,
weirdly my unique visitors view is increasing nevertheless.
Uh, people who reads my blog, raise ur hands pu-lease?


Chinese New Year holidays are over.
Ah Meng said bye bye to us *I swear I teared up when I heard the news*

I don't think I had the rest I planned to, though,
Visiting wore me out and somehow, I didn't manage to sleep well these days.
But pretty fruitful, I must say (in terms of chi-king and relations)

Saturday was gathering with Anne and Tong.
We had lunch at Pizza Hut Tampines.
Uh, if I must write a review, I have to say its sorta sucky.
Not saying the serivce is bad or what,
Just that there were too many service breakdown and recoveries.

The four of us, including my cousin Cheryl, ordered the prosperity pizza set.
So there were soups, drinks and pan pizza, and the prosperity pizza.
We finished the pan pizza soon and waited for the Prosperity one to be served.
30mins later, nothing.

We asked about the pizza and the waitress ensured us it would on its way out soon.
Another 20mins later, nothing.
The same waitress looked shocked when she realised there was no pizza.
She ensured us once again the pizza will be served soon and offered us complimentary drumlets.

Then, another 20mins,
another waitress came over and told us the chefs baked the wrong order.
Instead of the regular pizza, they baked the large one.
She asked if they can serve it, but still charge us as per normal, we agreed.

Couldn't finish the pizza in the end.
Oh, tong named the photo at the top
"Mother of the day"

Ah. Man.
Im not yet 20.


Sunday was visiting to Yan's house.
Seeing her mummy always make me happy~
Watched a movie on Yan's lappie,
Titled: Sydney White
Have anyone watch it? Its sorta bimbo but its pretty cute.

Auntie and Uncle drove us to Plaza Sing and then we walked to Taka's Kinokuniya.
eh, we were practically floating aimlessly.
Restless, I guess.
We went into this toy shop and I was enchanted by the manual music box.
It had tunes that I really like~
'La vi en Rose' and 'Romeo and Juliet"
"I wanna hold your hand"
Tempted, but decided it won't hurt to come back later.
Further shopping in Taka and we had dinner at Ajisen.

Back to Yan's house and I went off soon.
I was pretty happy that day.
My mood led me to compliment the uncle's taxi smelling nice out of nowhere.
Uncle was flattered, of course. LOL.

Have brought all materials for Vday.
I'm pretty excited.
Jeslene is unwanted.

its cause I wanna see how well the baking will turn out. =)


I'm going swimming after school tomorrow at Bishan Complex!

And Im ending my entry here.
I accidentally dropped my house just now and it closed the whole browser.
Thank goodness for auto save.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Updates before I forget~
More like pictures, acty.

Brother and I =)
Steamboat at Ah Mah's!

And my beloved cousin, Ting!

Happy CNY people!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008



Im on my laptop now so~ no pictures~ No bluetooth here u see
Waiting for my game to be installed. Lalala...

I slept a grand total of 14 hours today, from last night, till 11am. Then from 1pm, I continued till 5pm (right after my lunch of pizzas, oops)
So I guess today i can stay up.

I still feel like sleeping though.
No wonder they say, the more you sleep the more lethargic you get.

I had my reunion dinner with my father's side relatives yesterday.
Steam boat~
To be hoenst, I still don't think i can actually get along with some of the aunties there.
Really, although they are my relatives, I like my mother's side of aunties and uncles better.

Not to mention I feel more comfortable with my cousins over there.
I think, the only close cousin I have at my father's side is XuanTing.
Pretty upsetting.

Ah well.

And I had my renunion dinner with my family today.
Lots of laughter as usual, that's exactly why I love my family. =)

I will be staying up till 1am, most prob.
Have to head to my great grand mother's house tomorrow, before going to my ah mah's house.
And u know what, I still don't know what to wear for tomorrow hor.


Okay, pretty crap entry.
I'll update tomorrow or the day after.
Busy busy!


Dont think too much, my dear.
I don't want to believe in fate sometimes, but it just happened.
Just... don't think too much.
I know telling you this won't help at all.

I know.

But please at least try?

I'll cry with you, if you ever need me.
I promise.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bimbostical entry below.

Well, I'm in holiday mood already.
I'm not heading for school tomorrow, as its a half-day.

Its a rather short day for me today, which is good.
I love short days, short and sweet.

After lunching in school with anne, tong and carrie (budget lah)
Tong and I took a cab down to Ang Mo Kio to collect the shoes I bought from a Xiang Xiang Spree.

I've fallen in love with Xiang Xiang ever since Hui showed me the pretty pink slippers they have there.
Never got a chance to buy any from them cause I have not developed the spree/online shopping addiction.


Anyway, the quality of the shoes are GREAT~
Can I show off?
Pretty please?

I modeled the heels for my dad and he said they look great on my feet.
Both are of very reasonable prices.
Say, with handling fees... 15bucks a pair?

I love Japanese Measurements, they suit my feet more than the usual 37/38 sizes in SG.
And I enjoyed the spree, thanks faith!
Great spree organizer =)

Tong said she will join future sprees from Xiang Xiang.
I'm prepared to, too, to buy boots from Xiang Xiang, they cost 24bucks there and they aer gorgeous.


Since we are (or rather, I AM) in the topic about sprees,
one of the sprees I joined had its pacels stuck in China's snowstorm.
And the shipping company refused to send it to the organizer.
Now she updated us saying she will receive the parcels after all, and send out items that are not damaged.
For items that are, the supplier is willing to exchange for us.

Must be hard on the organizer as will as the suppliers.
There's a reason why I like LJ sprees more, they tend to be more organized and trustable.
Not saying blogger sprees are not, but its just something about the LJ system.
Maybe its the feedback system. Hmm.


I saw a fat fat kitty while waiting for my spree organizer to open the door for me.
Pretty kitty!
And love humans.
They told me its cause everyone is friendly to her.
Tong was terrified, me? Im in love. LOL.

Saw alot of clothes in AMK hub.
But not now.

Hungry. =(

Btw, made up with paul already.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Erh, yeah people,
Can Jeslene be of any service to you?

I saw my nuffnang referrals and I'm utterly shocked by the keywords used in google.

Jeslene Verity

Is there a need for such.... a search?

Urm, for 6 hits?


Alot of people were searching for me these days.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Had a great day today!
Everything went well and I'm really happy now!

My day started with meeting up with a buyer and a mad rush to Douby for practice.
My mad rush saved me from being late.
I was really early as a matter of fact.
When I reached Hark Music, the doors were still closed.
So I waited.

David opened the doors for me soon after =P

Decided to sing Yi Ren Yi Ban for the concert after all.
Wanted to ask Wei Qi from Carissa's group to help with the guitar playing.
But Alan thought of David and ta-da, he's playing for us.

I went all silent when he came in with the guitar.
I was just SHY okay.
My team mates thought other wise.
They teased me to nothingness.

Speaking of them, they are really...
BU KE QI with me now.
This is what we call familiarity.

The four of us shared two umbrellas to get to the station.
Tat sin with Wei and I with alan.
Non-stop teasing on the way.

Alan headed to Harbourfront with me =)
Met up with Ching, Kai and Roman and we headed for dinner @...

The Mussel Guys @ Vivocity!
Initially wanted Hog's Breath.
But budget lah, so~

The birthday girl (belated lah.)

The view from our seats =) Gloomy skies again.

The atmosphere and all is rather good.
The staff are nice too.
Prices are reasonable.

I had the Pan Fried Dory with Fragrant Rice and it cost $13.90++, with soup of the day and coffee/tea.

The Mushroom Soup they served was rather good.
It melts in your mouth, the cream.
I don't really like cream soups, but this scored.
Perhaps its just cuz its salty enough. =P

Both Roman and Ching had Aglio and...
Eh... I just think the potions are too small.
$9.90, and you can add toppings (prawns etc) with extra charge, of course.
Taste... To me its rather good.
Roman said New York New York had better though.

That's my dish and KaiLin's Pan Grilled Chicken with sausages.
Her is good, the chicken was placed on top of mashed potatos and the sausages are tasty.
Hers cost $15.90++, was a set.

As for mine, the dory is overcooked in my opinion.
The rice is nice though.
Not too bad, overall.

Random picture of Ching Ling.
She's the birthday girl after all, pictures of her cannot be less. =D

Kai and Ro.
Thanks Roman, for ordering ice cream and footing the bill!
Appreciated, really, you just gave me more money to shop =P

Yours truly, with ching's extra fingers.

She's my sweetheart!
Oh, the eldest of my daughters.

What's with that look?

Headed home soon after by train with Kai.
I think I have never-ending topics to chat about with her.
Talk about friendship, we've been friends for 8 whole years.

Can I matchmake her with Alan?
As in my pianist Alan?


I got myself bangles from Forever 21.
Happy enough.
Another long day tomorrow and soon, Chinese New Year =)

Shoes collection on Tuesday!
Can't wait to see the shoes.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Today we had celebrations for Maryanne's birthday at~

Manhattan Fish Market @ The Central!
It was rather empty when we got there, but before we left, hoards of people came in.

A lot of people give me the impression that MFM is good.
Really good, so I heard. (timmy, you told me!)
But to my opinion...
Its just fish.
Maybe its cause I've only tasted the Fish n' Chips.
Couldn't afford more you see. =(

I had the set lunch which costs $9.90 with Soup and Drink.
Pretty good price, worthy enough.
I was expecting some special sauce they made themselves, but there wasn't any of such lah.
At least have some salsa sauce leh, something exotic!

But everything else was fine.
I didn't finish my dish, was too full.
The potions are big enough to feed two ladies.

5 girls, and camera phones.
What else can you expect from us?

(I haven't been camwhoring since I rebonded my hair.)

Birthday Girl, Feeza and Tong =)

I look retarded yeah.

Make full use of mirrors!

A very blessed carrie and a nut-cased bibibibibi.

Like I said, camwhore.

n the toilet, with Feeza.
What do you mean by you don't understand why girls love toilets?

Yun was unable to join us for the celebrations, sooooooooo!
We decided to dedicate somethings to her!!


"Yun, see! ROY!"

Uh, other roys not included.

Yun! SPECKY! And friends! (Kam!)

Please don't throw things at me =)

(Jes opens umbrollie to shield from bananas flying her way by Yun)

A very gloomy afternoon at Clark Quay, yet we are super high.
Tired, but high!

The lovey dovey duo.
OIE, don't show too much affection in front of a single jeslene!

I like this photo, the lighting is pretty!

We headed to Chinatown after that.
Feeza stepped on my shoe and it fell off in the middle of the road.
I screamed, lah.

So girly.


Ya, that's all.

Alot more other photos, but lazy to edit all. HAHAHA.
Laziness kills. =)