Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pretty happy today~
I accompanied Leaking to MDIS to pay her school fees.

And yes Belle, I'm starting next monday, but its at Douby campus, I wonder if I'll get to see you~

But before we headed to our destination, I dragged Leaking down to Shenton Way to meet Kai Lin for lunch.
I was craving way too much for the chicken rice in IP.

Actually I wasn't planning to meet up with that ex.
But while waiting for KaiLin outside the chicken rice store,
I saw that ever so familiar lorry.
And when I glanced in from the store...
Its him.

So I messaged him say I saaaaaaaaaaw you~
He asked if I've went off, I said no, I'm like, at the chicken rice store opposite you.
I immediately saw him glancing around trying to spot me, funny.
So in the end I have to abandon Leaking for a while to meet him.

Finally remembered to tell him someone wanted to be my Sugar Daddy.
Scared the hell outta him.
He got a little angry at me cause he said I was stupid not to call the police or at least threaten to call, or take down the cab number.
But I was pretty frightened, and all I wanted at that time was to GET OUT.
He asked if I said or did anything to make that uncle horny.
I replied, all I said was, Uncle, Tampines St XX.

He sighed and called me stupid again.
I said ya I know I'm stupid lah.

We parted ways soon after and while waiting for Leaking to take her passport photos,
he called, pretty shockingly cause he's just like, 5 metres away from me.

He: "Ey, give me that taxi driver's number."
Me: "Huh, but he haven't call, he say next week then call cause I anyhow say I busy this week."
He: "I thought you say he called yesterday?"
Me: "No lah! He said all those things when I was in his cab. What for you want his number?"


Eh, whao?
This person machiam want to fight already, still say TALK?
He always say he wants to talk to a certain person when he's jealous or protective or possessive.
I told him he's very scary, he say that uncle scarier right.
Yes sir.
Exclaimed to him that he's so nice and that I love him haha.
He laughed.

Ohoh, we purposely walked past the lorry while making our way to amara.
Leaking finally got to see him up close.
He gave me a really sweet smile.
So sweet, leaking couldn't believe I'm not his gf.
Leaking said she was electrified!
You want, I give you lor hahaha.

We ended up having sushi in Sakae. HAHA.
Chatted the whole late afternoon away.
Took a train home while talking about perverts ahahahaha.
Slacked at my place till 10pm, then she went off haha.

We were playing with my webcam, so here's the outcome:

Leaking said this is the Joel Wang expression, Yan you judge. LOL.

I'm under arrest T^T

Ey, got hands!

Hands turned violent O_O


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I let 4000bucks fly from my hands...

to MDIS.

Belle, I'm officially your junior!
Though not same course lah.

The feeling is sorta sucky, to be back as a student.
My most enjoyed freedom aka do-nothing days shall be gone with the wind really soon.
I don't really like to be treated as a kid.
But I don't like to seem like I'm 25 years old either.
I contradict myself.

So right, I managed to drag the bestie out from her nest to accompany me today.
She went to Storm to trim her hair.
I sat by her side for nearly 2 hours.
They were so slow in getting her hair done, I fell half asleep after flipping through 2 fashion mags.
But the outcome seemed okay... Just couldn't get used to Yan's hair being so neat.

Swept Bugis Street.
That explains my empty wallet as well.

Pictures, overdued and current =)

The Aglio Olio place, that's Nora, and in the mirror you can spot Lee Choo & Kai Lin.

After Yan's hair cut.
Obviously, this is the washroom.

We had our lunch at Cafe Cartel.
Just thought that I haven't been posting pictures of food.

I was trying to camwhore when Yan, being the very very loving hubby she was, passed me a piece of bread.
So dear bread, you get to be camwhored too.

I really think washroom mirrors... very overused. Hoho.

Taken on Sunday.
I love this top.
A bit revealing but its pretty =)

Webcam, Teh Susu and Chao Ta.
Happily ever after.

Like that lor?

Monday, July 28, 2008


Ben Xiao Jie, Ms Jeslene Lee just came back from Hark's Open Mic night and is on after-performance highness.
Qi Dai Ai is stuck in my head,
and I think most probably, my performing team's heads.

Today's performance ended quite well,
though its only two songs, but after the first try at performing together, its evident that we have some chemistry already.
No awkward moments between Su De & my duet =)))

I headed to Shenton Way (Again) to meet my friends at Capitaland Residential for lunch.
Apparently Nora, my supervisor decided to join us so as to have a farewell for Yan Lin.
So its like, yaaaaaay, we have Yan Lin, Kai Lin, Lee Chung who came and join us also, and me!
We had pasta and such at this place which specializes in Aglio Olio.
Okay lah, prices are quite normal. They serve nice soups.
Photos maybe tomorrow, didn't take any, just one. HAHA.

After which I had to leave early cause blondie was rushing me.
So yup, went to meet him.
Don't know what's wrong with him today,
so huggy.

So I'm gonna go shower, then sleep that hunger away.

Goooooooooood Nighhhhhht!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's wrong with all the weird things around me!?

First I have weird guys adding me in MSN (Don't even know where they got my add from)
Then I have lesbians asking me for some cyber sex. (I am STRAIGHT, don't care what ML say, orgy =.=)
THEN! Someone in Friendster just left a comment on my profile saying it was love at first sight and he LOVES ME! He wants me to be his GF! WOW!




I was on the cab home from Valence's place and that uncle striked up a conversation with me
Say his wife died long ago..
he got no children..
Say his name is Steven =.=
Then say I look like his wife...
Say I look like I got high sex drive...

Then he practically forced me to give him my number, which he called to try and see its the real number or not.
I have no choice but give the real number of mine, even though I tried to say no and no =.=
Then he say he got alot of money and can supply me with anything =.=
He even showed me stacks and stacks of 50bucks bills.


What's with all the weird things happening in my life RIGHT NOW?

I tell you.
Everyone here.


Friday, July 25, 2008

I thought I'll live on forever until the day I am fated to die...

But hor, I almost died today.

I never really cared when the news reported that this this that that person almost died because of fish bone etc...
I think this is KARMA.


That bone/herb/dunno what get itself PIERCED into the top of my mouth, you know, the tender flesh above the inner part of your tongue?
It hurt like hell all of a sudden while I was having dinner with Leaking @ Billy Bombers.
I sashayed to the toilet (Yes I refused to RUSH, so unglam haha) and tried digging it out, thinking its just a small little....

To my horror, I realised it was at least 1cm and its stubbornly pierced into my darling mouth.
That scene must be darn retarded, in that cubicle.
I was messaging both Leaking & Blondie and at the SAME TIME, trying to dig that stupid thing out.
I think I gave that woman and that ex of mine a huge scare.

Ey, digging ain't fun.
Its like, force vomitting you know.
I almost vomitted, for like at least 10 times? Cause I had to dig that deep to feel that kns bone/herb/whatever.
In the end I was sooooooooooooo f*cked up, I wrapped a piece of toilet paper around my finger and stuck it into my mouth, gave it a violent swap across, and I really wanted to scream all vulgarties from A to Z cause that vomitting feeling and all kills.

Then I swallowed saliva...

But always got that feeling that its still there, but I dug quite deep to check, don't think its there.
But now I'm having a sore throat, cause of the digging.
Reminds me of that time I have to force myself to vomit out the wanton mee when I was in ITE.

Moral of the story: Treasure life. T^T

Bones aside, though I was pretty irritated by blondie (as usual)
I was being the vixen I am, I kept exchanging glances with that cutie.
I've noticed him quite some time ago.
But hahahahaha.
I'm being slutty.
But.... Single ma.
Nothing much to update on actually...
Been pretty moody, as can be judged from my previous entry.
Quite some problems loitering around, and I haven't got over any.

Really don't want to be trapped in this house anymore.
I'm not a little kid.
Just because I was talking on the phone for an important matter at 1.30am, she can scream at me.
And when I talked back as a matter of factly, she said I was shouting.
Can't be more sarcastic.
She just came into my room and scolded me cause I'm still blogging and not sleeping.
Hello, its not even 2am.
Doesn't mean that you sleep at 9pm, I should follow suit.

I'm pretty troubled with that ex-bf also.
He's giving me alot of insecurities.
I rest my case.

I know alot of people been trying to cheer me up.
I'm actually ok, but not that much.
I still can joke around, talk about.
Pretty much the same old Jeslene.

Other than having the headache again, I'm quite okay.
Haven't been taking pictures:

Of Yan playing with Ang Ku Kuey...

And camwhoring while being extremely lazy.
I fell asleep after that. Hahaha.

I think I'm pretty much sex addicted.
Not too good.

Oh, some lesbian added me in msn and asked for web cam fun.
And just recently some guy asked me if I'm up for a fling.

Am I popular, or what?

Ps. Yan, stop stressing yourself! Let the blood flow please!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I feel like ending this.
Its driving me crazy.
But I can't cry, cause I knew it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yaaaaaaay the performance is finally overrrrrrrrr.
Glad to say it went okay, but still like I said, very unprepared.
My voice locked itself up upon losing its battle with the cold.
Shitty enough, but it wasn't all that bad.

Next performance coming up might be at AMK Hub.

I met up with xuaaaaaaaaaaaaaan,
But very sorry to her that I have to rush off so soon.
So, promised to meet her on Wed again to catch up on SHOPPING.

I know, I'm like patronising Curry Favor soooooo much these days.

Death by Chocoloate heals menses cramps, ya know.

Wei Qi, Eugene & Gabriel.

Lastly, I got myself a new dress, and I'm in love with it, thus this picture.
I actually look curvy for once.
The power of V Necks, oooommmmmmphhh.

Ey, I got wear nude bra hor. HAHAHA.

I'm soooooooo hungry now.

I better go to bed soon, to sleep off the hunger =(

Saturday, July 19, 2008

--------Start of Whining----------

I'm sooooooo tired!
I don't wanna perform on Monday!
Its such an unprepared performance!
I don't waaaaaaaaaant!

-------End of Whining-----------

That's it.
No lah, not the end of the entry.

I was out for a freaking 10 hours - Shopping, with Yan yesterday.
Crazy shoppers we were.
How can we walk for 10 hours?
From Orchard to Suntec to Bugis.
That's what best friends are for, I guess?

I slacked the wholeeeeeee of my Saturday away.
Had a good sleep, then I packed my clothes up cause my mum got furniture for hanging clothes.
So now my pile of clothes are all hung up neatly.
How come I have so many pieces of clothings?

Leaking came to my house to slack a while, and afterwhich we roamed Tampines.
Headed back to my house for more slacking before meeting Tong back at TM.
Oh man, I miss this lady so so much!

Pictures, before my blog look dead.

Fat, I know.

In the lift with leaking =D

Try you... where?!
Seriously this looke VERY wrong.

Pictures Yan sent me, from Kailin's Birthday Celebrations, @ Clinic!

awwww, two couples! LOL.

Got beer?

Group photo!

We ladies believe in Hands On education, Kai lin, you gotta believe us!

You betray my feelings, Yan, I KEW YOU!

But I love Kai Lin too much to kill her.

Yan is very happy to have one around each arm.

I was expecting a message from you know who today actually (not vodemot or how u spell it lah)
But I realised its a SAT!
So its impossible hahaha.

Cheers, hun!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Haven't been updating.....
Waiting for Yan to send me Kailin's bdae pictures...
Those that I took are already on my facebook album so just click to view.

Pretty lazy right now.
Gonna take a nap before I prepare to head to practice at hark.
Changed group again.
I wonder how long can I stay in this place.
They took my YRYB and Boo, all of them away from me.
Now I'm alone, I'm trying to strive.

I wrote another long long entry about what happened after meeting that blondie today.
Its @ livejournal.
I'm sorry, its only viewable by friends who added me in LJ.
If you really wanna read it, tell me, I'll determine if you're worthed it.

I don't know, am I the third party,
or is she the third party?

I want the truth.
One day...?

Should I be guilty?
Never knew I'll get into this kinda shit.
I thought I'll never you know, get into a love triangle.
Its shitty.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Can't believe I fell sick right after I announced to Yan and Leaking on Sat: "I feel like I'm gonna fall sick already!"

Even went to NTUC to buy vitamin C to increase the capbility of my immune system.
And now I'm down with a terrible sorethroat as well as a slight flu.
I still super not zi dong lah.
Eat this and that =P

No wonder I'm getting fat.
I'm determined to cut down from wednesday onwards.
Tomorrow... cannot lah.
Kailin's bdae, having a feast =D

It never crossed my mind he would contact me within this two weeks.
Pretty heart racing moment for me this morning.
Although I do understand the purpose of meeting him is to vent his urges.

Oh well.

How willing am I, I wonder.
Pretty much.


I am wheezing, ya know.
Like an old lady.
not woman okay.
Lady sounds so much better =D

Loves, huns.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am dropping dead - TIRED!
I went K Box with Leaking in the morning, all the way till 3pm.
Then went swimming after Yan joined us.
Slacked in Downtown for another hour of so after and headed to whitesands.

I feel like a wandering spirit right now.
I wonder how I can manage to sing with this sore throat of mine.
I guess I sing to impress?


Pubbing next tuesday, anyone?
Its Kailin's Birthday!

Tell me all rights?
Ya all have my number =P

Just 2 pictures today:

Check out my tummy, omg, am I preggy?
I was telling yan and leaking just now,
am I pregs?
Look at my tummy!
What if I get pregs?!

I think if I'm pregs my tummy will become hot air balloon.

Then did this for the fun of it.
I think I'm getting fatter.
All the food.
I better go on a diet or something.
Drink only water and eat only replacement meals =D

I am sooooooooo fat!

Friday, July 11, 2008


MUAHS! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I went to pay respects to my popo today.
Took a walk around Chinatown before heading home.
I'm darn tired, but I didn't take a nap before the night movie.

I watched Red Cliff!
Its quite good, I've always like the Three Kingdoms, as well as strategy movies.
I love Muo Gong because of the war strategies they came up with too, though it quite a long, boring movie.

I posted Takeshi Kaneshiro's character cause he is SO DARN CUTE inside!
The most humorous, yet most intelligent =D
Just too bad the movie had a Part 2.
And that meant I have to wait again.

But overall this was quite good a movie.
Give it 4/5 =D

Anyway, since I'm so tired, I'll leave ya all with some pictures then I'll head off to shower then sleep.

Orchids blooming at the temple where my popo is resting at.

From yesterday's Hei Sushi!
Gosh, Yan's face!
And Joel, you're like staring at the sushi belt.

You think Yan look pro?
Well, think again HOHOHO.

And a terrible looking me.
I trimmed my hair =D

I'll be heading out tomorrow again.
K box & swimming!

Loves dearies!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jeslene, BAD!
You've been spending WAAAAAAY too much MONEY!

Nu-Bra, Top, Loose Powder, Mascara, giant Scrunchies, Ring.
All tooooooooooooday!

Played Bowling @ E-Hub with Yan, Joel & Leaking.
Nearly 3 years without touching the bowling ball...
But~ wasn't good at it at all.
Got someone worse than me la,
At least my bowling ball move towards the bowling lane,
Joel's flew backwards to us.
Laughed till my eyeliner smudged.

Leaking's treat =P
She said she's in love with me, and I'm her cup of cocktail.
Not tea leh, cocktail!
Cause I make her feel drunk. Hoho.

I finally headed to MDIS for enrollment.
Yes I guess I'm starting school soon, IF ~ I pass that test thing.
ZAZA! That test easy not?!

Had crazy discussions with Yan/Joel, Leaking/Raymund.
Weirdly, with them, I feel extremely single yet not left out.

I don't want to get attached now.
Not when... my heart belongs to someone else.
I'm just mad. Crazy.
He hurt me so badly, yet now I felt none of those hurt.
I just miss him.
But haiya, I just saw him yesterday.

It was never my want to hurt anyone.
I rejected all those who were trying to get my heart.
I'm sorry, I really am.
I'm sure no one would want a gf whose heart flies to her ex every single time.

Until I meet someone who can touch my heart again...
I'm staying single.
I might fling.
I might.
Until I meet someone who can make me stay loyal.

And things are not helping when the last last ex came into the picture.
Of 3 ex-s I have in my life,
2 are still pondering around.
I might as well be killed.
Must you drive me crazy also?!



Will be visiting my popo tomorrow.
Every time I walk pass the wet market at bugis,
I still get upset.

Movie at night I guess, with the same gang as today, hell boy =)

Gdnites darlings.
I get totally clueless when it comes to love.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Therefore I shall leave out writing of long descriptions!

Here's how I spent both Sat and Sun =D

National Day Parade Preview!

Really hot weather!
Brother participating in NDP, that's why we've got tickets.
Grabbed Leaking & Kai, along with my niang =D

My hair colour rocks hahaha!
I like it to be juz natural brown =D

Camwhoring before the start of the parade!

The Sun started to set as the parade started.
Did the routine of cheers, waves and screams.
I screamed alot.

Dug deep into the goodie bag and other than being terrified by NEWater bottles,
there were loads of props, including this fan thingie.

Jacintha, the SG Idol judge.
I wonder if she's gonna wear that in NDP itself.

The main highlight of NDP '08 have to be the air show put up by the Black Knights.
They are sooooooo cool!
I screamed and cheered so much, Leaking almost went deaf.

I mean, LOOK!
They even formed a heartshape!

Great view from my seat, facing Fullerton and the Merlion.
Can you spot Capita Tower =.=

Nightfall, the weather got so good.

The Singapore Flyer, in the night.

And of course,
the long awaited Finale:


The journey to the train station kills though.
Human Jam.
But countdown was worse.

And on Sunday, today...
COSFEST! (2nd day)

My bro in brown and I.


My dearies =D
Taken by my brother, in the event hall.

Camwhoring around...

With Hiyu Jie as Cagalli & her oh so drool worthy Athrun =D
Machiam their bridesmaid, the three of us.
Been arranging her gown and all throughout hahaha!

Too bad I missed the Sailor Senshi yesterday~

My cosplay event tradition with jie - The Candid!
Though I look weird, the eyes esp.
But I love the smiles!

And the rest, are pictures I took using my trusty, just out of repairs, 3.2mp lao gao phone cam.

And oh,
My lao gao photoshop skills too =P
Jie, I did try to make you look as slim as pretty as possible! =DD


Now that I'm done...

Shall be dim sum buffet.