Friday, July 25, 2008

I thought I'll live on forever until the day I am fated to die...

But hor, I almost died today.

I never really cared when the news reported that this this that that person almost died because of fish bone etc...
I think this is KARMA.


That bone/herb/dunno what get itself PIERCED into the top of my mouth, you know, the tender flesh above the inner part of your tongue?
It hurt like hell all of a sudden while I was having dinner with Leaking @ Billy Bombers.
I sashayed to the toilet (Yes I refused to RUSH, so unglam haha) and tried digging it out, thinking its just a small little....

To my horror, I realised it was at least 1cm and its stubbornly pierced into my darling mouth.
That scene must be darn retarded, in that cubicle.
I was messaging both Leaking & Blondie and at the SAME TIME, trying to dig that stupid thing out.
I think I gave that woman and that ex of mine a huge scare.

Ey, digging ain't fun.
Its like, force vomitting you know.
I almost vomitted, for like at least 10 times? Cause I had to dig that deep to feel that kns bone/herb/whatever.
In the end I was sooooooooooooo f*cked up, I wrapped a piece of toilet paper around my finger and stuck it into my mouth, gave it a violent swap across, and I really wanted to scream all vulgarties from A to Z cause that vomitting feeling and all kills.

Then I swallowed saliva...

But always got that feeling that its still there, but I dug quite deep to check, don't think its there.
But now I'm having a sore throat, cause of the digging.
Reminds me of that time I have to force myself to vomit out the wanton mee when I was in ITE.

Moral of the story: Treasure life. T^T

Bones aside, though I was pretty irritated by blondie (as usual)
I was being the vixen I am, I kept exchanging glances with that cutie.
I've noticed him quite some time ago.
But hahahahaha.
I'm being slutty.
But.... Single ma.

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