Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A complaint letter


Well, just a something to fill up this space, and also to let you guys know what happened to me for the last few days.

I've been bloated and vomitting.

No thanks to food poisoning.

I had this XO Carrot Cake with Tong @ Far East Plaza Basement, C Nai HK Cafe.
The one which took over Gelare, and beside Ramenten & Shintokyo.

Let my email explain lah.

Hi Benny, thank you for your prompt reply.

I patronized the Far East Plaza outlet at around 4~5pm yesterday, March 29th 2011.

I ordered a plate of your XO carrot cake, as recommended by your staff over there.

It was rather disappointing, because the carrot cake cubes were hard. I've been to your east coast outlets before so I knew the taste wasn't the same. The one I had yesterday had a hard crust, making it hard to chew. The taste was bland, I could only taste the chilli flakes. My friend and I left the plate of carrot cake alone after a few pieces consumed.

What really irked me wasn't the taste, but the aftermath that came after.

Around 8pm, our tummies simultaneously started to hurt, and soon after, we vomitted for quite a few times. This repeated quite some times until the next morning.

We can ensure we didn't eat anything else before the meal at your outlet, except breakfast in the morning which should be well digested by 5pm.

Would you please look into this? Not only the taste of the carrot cake is tarnishing your reputation (The ones at east coast was fabulous!), it caused us the mild food poisoning.

Would appreciate if you could give me an explanation on this issue!

And now I'm waiting for a reply.
I stopped vomitting on the day itself, but ended up with a bloated tummy for like two days until now.

But my dear tong, who have gastric probs, threw up for like what, 2 days?!
Never going back to that place again.
I'm pretty glad we didn't finish that plate of food. KILLS.

Waiting for their reply nao!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Gathering with the ITE ladies last Sunday!
I realised it's actually quite some time since we last met together (nudges carrie)

The last time we met...

...We had Dimsum at our fav Victor's and saw Harry potter's cardboard owl.

(I know, it looks damn real)

This time, we were out to celebrate Maryanne's birthday!

Stole BF's Sony TX5 for pictures

One thing I like about flash is the sharpness of the picture and of course, my contacts shows LOL.

Ya lah ya lah.
I am a vainpot lah.

We had dinner at this Japanese Italian place: Saizeriya
Read other reviews here:

Okay, from what I heard from Carrie, they refused to take a reservation.
Maybe cause its a Sunday, or maybe they don't take reservations at all.

But when we arrived, I noticed they had a waiting list book, which Carrie wrote her contacts down.

We sat down on the chairs provided outside the restaurant, expecting to be served according to the waiting list book.
But surprisingly, we were served right after the people sitting at the front went in.

I mean, sure its fab we got seats quickly, but what's with the waiting list then?


Carrie was familiar with the ordering and all, so we quickly decided on what to eat and ordered their Drinks Bar set, which is additional $2.80 for free flow drinks.

That I appreciate, it'll work perfectly for BF who is a water bucket.

(and carrie too)

Focaccia, an Italian bread, with garlic spread.
There's original too, but Carrie said it "tastes like shit without the garlic spread!"
Which i replied "it cost 50cents more for spreading gu you (butter) over it! PROFITS!"

But nevertheless, love the texture of this bread.

I cannot remember what's the name of this Pasta. I think it starts with a P lol.
But anyway, Maryanne & Tong commented that it tasted like Aglio Olio.

Priced at $3.80!

Carrie's Seafood Risotto, which I tried and felt it was so-so.
Snatched her sotongs muahahha.

Side dish: Cheese Baked Scallops, cause I have no guts to try Escargots (I like to move snails away from the roads and paths and onto the grass in case they got stepped on)

For people who likes Escargots, I heard its quite okay for the price. $6+?

Tong & my choice of main dish: Hamburger Steak with Mushroom Sauce.

I downed my entire cup of water.
And I got sick of it after eating half of it. I think Tofu Hamburger tastes better.
But still, $6.80nett is okay I guess.

Birthday girl <3

We ordered an Oreo Cheesecake for her, and erh we didn't have candles, that explains why there's a straw.

And no knife to cut cake either, so erm, make do with spoon lol.

Cheesecake soso. I wished for a biscuit bottom but noooooooooo.

Group photo!

We paid a total of $48, which boils down to $12 per person for 4 mains, 3 sides and a soup.
Budget worthy lol, that is, if you're not too picky about your food!

Timer shot!
I act tall, see my tiptoe.

We were lined up according to eye sizes: Small, Medium, Big.


I can hear tong calling me lame.

Random picture I took:

My bf can has nice sideview.
I want his defined jaw.


On my way to work today, I saw a squashed cat by the roads.
A car probably ran past it, and I thought it was a tattered bag or something.
I took a closer look and I think I died right there.

Heart attack.
Especially it was like 40mins after I played with some of my neighbourhood cats.

RIP kitty =(((

I'm done blogging!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Self-Loving Entry

A self loving entry (aka a filler entry)

Just incase I forgot how I looked like hahaha!
Or YOU forgot how I looked like!

CNY at Bestie's place, 1 day before she flew to Aussie again.
You can see my resemblances to the Fortune Cat here.

Candid picture, cause we insisted Eileen must have her legs in the same direction as ours.

My hair is gorgeous. =D
And oh, I PS-ed this pic cause it had my chin-implant-pimple stealing the limelight.


Some webcam madness when Leaking came over...

The 'Dream House' I drew using PS lol.
I told BF we should live in it, and he laughed.

Ey, got dandelions leh.

Random camwhoring pic.


Can't wait for 25th to come!