Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nothing's wrong with slacking.
Nothing's wrong with disappearing into thin air.
Nothing's wrong with not answering nudges and messages on MSN.

Because I just woke up from another nap.
I wonder why i got so tired.
Might be this and that.

Anyways, I don't think there's much to update about today.
Only a small episode about my mum and I
On the subject: Why can't I hang out late?

The topic started when my mum said my brother was home early last night from chalet.
And it was 12am, actually, when he came back.
So I said: 12am still consider early? Then I come back at 11pm ever so rarely you scold me!
She said: Different what! Who ask you to be a girl.
I said: But I'm 19 already sia!

Mummy gave me a slanted look and said:

"Wait til you get married then say lah."
I let out a scream of frustration and hit her lightly with the cushion I was holding.

"WA LAO EH! You don't allow me to get a boyfriend, how to get married! How come the answer is always like this deeeeeeeeee!"

Mom started laughing. I pouted.
Btw, she gave me that married answer when I asked why I couldn't go to JB with carrie in the future. She asked me to get married first then say. I gave her the same answer too.

Osaka food! Sent home from my uncle!

It tastes.......... like egg pastry.
Don't know how to describe... other than it's sweet.

My poor mum's been dragged to watch movies yet again today, after one yesterday.
She watched SunShine with my big aunt yesterday.
Her comments?
"Spaceship fly here fly there, then talk talk talk, then spaceship fly again, then all still die lors."
Jeslene: "Orh."

My mum is pretty entertaining eh.
She informed me that she's very joke-able, always.

Am anticipating for the upcoming family outing to Parkway Parade.
Mom promised me some shopping!
Jack's Place! SLURP.

May 2nd's coming.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Three days since my last update. This might probably be the longest time I didn't update between the entries. haha. So let me just start from the Friday.

Friday lessons are as usual, dreadful.
I cannot expect anything much, since the starting lesson is actually Office Admin.
Scoldings and scoldings. And then group work again.
Then came marketing, and nothing much, but the information Ms Lee taught were in my head.

Lastly came PIE, and it was a blast.
Our class joined up with ISF, and I realised, year one are very, very noisy.
Ironically, they are Mrs Lee's class too.

We played games to find each other, as a one to one buddy.
So ya, it's like, we grab a paper, and if the paper reads Pepsi, you must go find Cola.
And I kanna-ed Tom, so I must find Jerry.

My Jerry girl is a LOUD LOUD LOUD girl.
Really LOUD.
But very on, also.
Anyway, the both of us got a forfeit because we couldn't answer a question.
So we got to eat a waffle stick from each end.
Nothing much, since it's with a girl.
Cannot say th same for Idah and all.
They kanna-ed a guy as their buddy.

At night, hanged out with my brother and his friends while waiting for Kailin to come.
Went with them to find a present for their lady friend.
Then we just walked round and round and round Tampines Mall and Century Square.
I laughed like hell when my brother took a hoola hoop and tried swinging it.
He failed miserably for three times, and he made his last attempt look like some belly dance.

After that, he said: "Wa, here better have no camera."

Headed for Hans for dinner, after much discussion.
Dinner was an okay.

I asked them about the monk thing.
And they say, ya it's possible to return to normal lives.
But the Mercedes part, they say it's sorta dots. They think they shouldn't even be on public transports.
Then I suddenly say:

"Then what if the monk HAVE to go to the Tampines Temple, and he is located at Bugis?"
"Imagine at 4am in the morning, he say: 'Shi Fu, Di Zi setting off to Tampines. Di Zi will be back the next day at 4am!' just because he had to WALK to tampines!"

They laughed lah.

Headed for home after that, and Kai Lin went to my house.
That's around 9pm.

That's about it.

My brother, and Terrence.

Saw Kym Ng at Century Square. I have no idea why I always see her hahaha.

With Wilson...

And Kai Lin.

I slacked the whole day off today.
Initially agreed to go to Vivo City with Carrie and Maryanne.
But I'm drained.
So I declined the offers of dates.
Woke up around 9am, and went into another coma around 3pm.
I'm just out from the shower and still sleepy.

Right now, in my living room, is my brother, Kai Qi, Jeeng Loon and Joanne.
Yet I don't feel like mingling.
I'm just tired.

Take care, dears.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Updates updates! Lazy to talk!

Monday conference!

But I'm quite okay with feezah and anne.
Elim Chew was there again.
And she took out 50bucks and told us "Opportunity."

Someone asked: "How do we get that money?"
She repeated the word, opportunity.
And someone rushed down the auditorium steps and took the money.

sat there for four hours, my butt flatten.

Maryanne, where are you looking at? (and i look like CRAP.)

You cannot see meeeeeee~

They cam whore with MY phone.

Feezah and Jeslene = Vainpots? O_O

Whats his name yooooo? CHI-chi-chi~ CHITA B!

Headed to Ikea Tampines with Hui and tong today.
For food.
And of course, some search for picture boards.
Tong kept biohing for guys. ~.~
Then she made it obvious.

i wonder how many potatoes I ate today.
Anyway, that girl kept laughing non stop.
She told me that this... mocha ball thing is nice, so I went to buy it.
Then she suddenly say: Actually i say nice nice nice, I've nv tried it before lah."

I knned her.

Then when I was on board bus 81, heading home.
She gestured to me outside: "I have no change for bus!"
And my bus zoomed off.
I called her, she said he will ask hui for change.
But then she messaged me a while later, saying she has to walk home now, because hui has no change.


The hearts are like... raping each other. =.=

Now my head is short...
Now it's LONG!

Anywae, this painting is pretty!

Ya lah.

That's all lah.
what you expect?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

News of the day:

My Uncle's wife is pregnant~
The little life in her tummy is already 2 months.

Hi~ I'm Kun's son, Jing Xing! Sucha cutie =)

Which means, in near November, I would have a new baby cousin!
But what will also mean, when I'm 36years old, the little one would only be 18years old.
I wonder where will I be 18years later.
Might be married.
Might still be single and singing.
Might be in Heaven already.

Ah well, just a thought.

It'll be a long day tomorrow!
I'll be having that don't-know-what course at that leadership centre.
Will be taking approved leave from 1.15pm onwards.
Which means I would be missing Marketing.
Marketing is too important to miss. =\

On a lighter note (not like this entry isn't light enough)
Will be meeting Hui again for Ikea trip.
Food, food, food!
OLE to gluttons!

Fishy fishy fishhhhhh!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

All right.
I have nothing much to update on...
But yesterday, after school the three siao char bos went for curry rice at hougang.
I floated to heaven.
Ran to catch Bus 88 as it was about to depart... and my girls were like, rooted to the spot and yelling : "Wait wait! Don't go!"
I dotted and ran after the bus. Fortunately it stopped.
And when I went up, surprise~

A cute bus driver~ LOL.
I said thanks, and he smiled at me. For the rest of the trip, he was glum. LOL.

Slacked at tong's house...
And we took sips of CHOYA!
Oh bliss~ But I wonder why we were drinking alcohol at Tong's house.
That's like, the funniest location to have a drink.

There's this big big teddy on Tong's bed!
Furry is it's name!
Tong was so particular about how we carried it, I was freaked out and decided to let hui handle Furry in case I hurt the bear again.
But it's so nice to hug!
I love huge teddies, cause when you hug them, it felt like you have someone to comfort you.

Adelene is so entertaining.

Tong went for work, and the remainder = Hui and I went to sakana for dinner.
Last day of sakana, and the business is really good.
It's sort of ironic, as the reason of their close down is because of bad business.
Sighs, we waved a BIG goodbye as we left the premise.

We couldn't find the Vodafone!
Hui says she will chua tio at the sight of me being professional.
Aiyo, I was jsut speaking to trica nia ma.

I slept a fulfilling sleep... until Alan called me to tell me he's back home.
And I continued to sleep until 2pm this afternoon.
I'm a sicko.

Ending here today,
don't feel like typing.
Take care dears

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tong, am sorry for what happened today.
I don't know what got into me.

I'm feeling very upset now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I had great fun with my girls today!
I cannot live without them. =)
I bought the sweater! Tong was the first to wear it hahaha!
She said it was very comfy!
Me think so too!

The three of us went to eat fried fish noodles!
Like those days.

Tong and Hui ran off after cute guys, leaving me far behind, wondering what happened.
Then Tong shouted and exclaimed so loudly, the Zinc guy looked at them even as he was on the phone.

The three of us headed to Sakana at Tampines.
Uncle said: "Remember sakana."
I was sorta upset.
I mean, I was there in Sakana as a loyal customer ever since the starting of their business.
But I've got Uncle's number.
They are moving to somewhere else. And I hope I'll know soon.

Off to my house to slack again~
Tong fell asleep on my magical bed.
everyone who sleeps on my bed can just go lala land in 30mins.

Hui and I were discussing about Paul's nipple ring.
Cuz i asked, Hui ah, pierce nipple, the hole will close not?
Will it be like the ear holes?
She say don't know leh, it's like cut the nipples it won't grow back also!
I laughed.

So just now I asked him:

Jeslene: baby! I wanna ask you something, but make sure you don't slaughter me!
Paul: What? Better be not something cheesy this time.
Jeslene: You know you got your nipple pierced right?
Jeslene: You know the hole... will it close? like ear holes? Im sure you know what I meant, you have ear holes too.
Paul says: Do I _have_ to answer that?
Paul says: Actually, I don't think so.
Jeslene: huihui scolded me just now, she say, you think nipple chop off, will grow back?!
Paul says: You chop off your ear then, you think it will grow back?
Jeslene: Then why would ear hole close the hole, but not nipples?
Paul says: Baby, I'm not the know it all, perhaps you wanna ask my nipples? ;)

I scolded him sick.

We're going to this again soon, okay!
Love you all!

They cheered me up again. =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two hours of S and W today.
Well basically it's just a round of running, warming ups, and captain's ball.
Quite all right.
Ms Gladys let us off earlier by half an hour.
So we had quite a long break.

Mrs Lee's lessons after that, we surfed the net for around an hour as she talked to the rest of the class who didn't attend her lessons yesterday.
And tong hit my head with her book.;

When we put out books in the locker, we took out hui's old books and I said:

"Someone please take them out and throw away, hui say de. But I don't bear to."
Carrie said: Tong, you do it.

This is like a ceremony, to announce officially and finally, huihui is no longer our classmate in ISP, and she will not be using this locker like she always did, again.
Very upsetting okay.
We even videoed the session down.

Went to Bugis with Tong and MJ after school as tong wanted to buy a bag for her mom.
So guai. Hee!
Saw alot of nice bags! But wellos... I have no money.
I wanted to buy a sweater more, because I only have one jacket, and I need something more formal for occasions and of course, office.

Tong and MJ drank bubble tea and sickeningly, tong had her durian sago thing.
I died.
I told her to get 1 meter away from me, cuz the durian smell is sooooo strong!
And oh, while walking, with the girls behind me, an office guy carrying a plastic bag stared and smiled at me.
I was like, huh...?

I look darn weird once again, in uniform.

Aw man.

God bless all those who are involved in the school shootings.

Monday, April 16, 2007

What happened today, you ask?
Why am I so hyper and in honeymoon mood?


School started.
Look at tong's face, and you know we're darn unhappy about it, and our timetable.

Ms Lee is still our CA, lao tian bor bi!
But on our time table, there's two days where we can only go home at 4.15pm
And S and W lessons are 2 hours.

Cannot imagine playing captain's ball for 2 hours.

Ting is in our campus, she only told me yesterday and I was darn shocked.
She can get into poly, but she declined.
So now she's in our campus, accounting.
Managed to catch her for a little while during her orientation.

Was in the auditorium for briefing by Mrs Heng.
And we had 2 hours break.
Then had Mrs Lee's lesson.
Yes hui, MRS LEE.

Then no one told us we can go home already.
We sha sha sit there. And stare.
Ah well.

In the canteen...

And in the classroom. judging for this picture, you know I don't look good in short hair. But basically my hair is just pulled back by tong's shoulder. lol. And damn, I look tired~!

I had an argument with tong today.
But everythin's fine now.

On the train... home....
I saw~ someone. LOL.
I sorta recognized him and was like. OMG.

Told tong that he was on the train.
And that girl kept trying to make me talk to him.
I wanted not to even say hi okay!
But she kept calling my name DAMN LOUD.
Oh thank heavens he was engrossed with reading his newspapers.

But since I promised tong...
Before I alighted the train at tampines...
I said Hi to him and talked a little.

He's just a past la.
I just have to convince myself that.
But why am I giggling like a 15 year old school girl, with my heart pounding and literally dropping out from my mouth?!
My whole mind was on what happened on the train and I kept wanting to laugh, even as I was walking home after Sakana.

I told Tong I will have to explain to ze about being all giggly and giddy and girlish.

Speaking of Sakana Express...
Uncle told me Sakana is closing next week...
As in, closing down.
I am darn upset! I asked uncle why, and he answered that there wasn't much supporters like me.

I promised him I'll stick around this week.

Some old picture that I should have updated last week:

Hiyu Jie's mushroom soup. That she cooked for JL, my kor, me and Hun.
The white one is the soup.
The yellow one........ Erh, is the OIL we scooped up from the soup.
And behind lays the marmie like noodles tong got us from Hunan.

As I was thinking, did we have a group picture during the chalet?
And this came out.
it is SORTA... of a group pic, i guess.

You gurls!
The good thing about not sleeping, you get to see everyone sleeping.

I'm done.


I told Pei Yun:

Sashimi + someone = HIGH AH!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm Relaxing...

I'm relaxing when I can, now.

I decided to slack this day off at home.
Read magazines... Watch tv...

And I just came out from a refreshing shower.
Did all my necessary beauty procedures.
Scrabbing, conditioning, treatments.

And now I feel like a queen.

The only depressing reason why I'm doing this right now:

School's starting again, tomorrow.

Oh well.
Just let me do some cam whoring. =\

Friday, April 13, 2007

I went out with my dearies today, only to realise, it's Black Friday, the 13th.

What exactly happened?

  1. I was already late and rushing, when my slipper strap just broke, like that.
  2. On my way to the train station, leaking messaged me and said she forgot that her card has no more money inside, so Tong and I rushed to Pasir Ris station to borrow her money. Meanwhile, Hui already reached. (So sorry, my darling)
  3. When we got to outram park, we realised Hui was at another exit, and we spent quite some time searching for her.
  4. It was raining meows and woofs, and we're forced to take a cab.
  5. Driver tells us: It's not concord shopping centre anymore, it's Holiday Inn. Or something.
  6. Wanted to head to Great World City, but where ah?
  7. We missed a shuttle bus back to City hall, and waited for like 40mins for another.
Something weird:

Tong and I were waiting for the train to Pasir Ris, when this guy approached us and asked us to help him. At first I thought he wants to borrow my phone to call his girlfriend. But in the end, what he requested was for ME to CALL his girlfriend.

I saw that he was calling her house phone, guess he was afraid of his parents...
So I helped lah.

I saw a Zara top which I can afford, but ahhhhhhhhh not enough money with me cuz I borrow them all to Leaking. AISHHHHHH!

So now I'm back home, blaming all my misfortune on black friday.
Maybe I'm just purely having my bad luck lah.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

11 April 07

CHALET @ Aranda Country Club

We met up in the afternoon for lunch at 2pm. But since Ahtong was late, Hui, Leaking and I started on our lunch first, at Cavana. I didn't much much appetite though, si I just kept talking and talking and talking.

Soon after tong arrived, we headed down to NTUC Fairprice to buy some 'shiok drinks', aiya, alcohol lah. LOL.

Off to check in after that!

The lady told us our room is at level 2. We headed up and found nothing. LOL. Sick lah. Kept search for it, but we couldn't find the room. So i suggested that maybe it's in another block, so let's head down first.

And the moment we stepped out from the lift.... we found our unit.
And it's on the first level.
But on the keys, the tag wrote 2nd level.

The chalet was great.
Big and spacious, like what I remembered about Aranda.

Living/Dining room.

Bedroom on the right... Where carrie and Liting, tong's sis, slept in.

And bedroom on the left, which we all, except carrie, settled in.

I was so happy about the space, I screamed WAN SUI!~ And ya as you can see, I am very happy behind huihui on the bed. Lol.

We soon headed out to explore the country club, only to realise there's nowhere we can go because of our too casual attire. So we went to the arcade in downtown east, and play various games, which includes that basketball thing.

Man. My arms ached cuz of that.
I'm getting old.

Headed over to the bubble tea shop and enjoyed my milkshake there.
Oh bliss~

When we passed by Sakae, we couldn't resist buying some cha soba.

Kai Lin came to join us a while later in the evening and that meant our craziness was in full blast. We decided to start the fire, and Kailin and I were sent off to buy grill and some other stuff. And when we were back~ my girls said we have no lighter~ how to start fire~

So I said, ask those guys at the pits beside us LA!
Hui say, ya hor.
But we still went to buy that damned lighter.
Lol, caught up with Kai lin along the way, and we were mostly discussing about how ze was.
I wonder why our topics never left him.
My fault, my fault.

Tong's family soon arrived after we came back, and we started bbq-ing. But the moment i stepped near the bbq pit, I would start coughing. Lol... Hui was communicating with the cat all along and she finally gave up after like 10mins.

Someone borrowed our microwave and didn't return us until the next morning when she said she would only borrow it for 30mins. Sick. In the end it's hui and tong who went up and got it from her. SICK.

Carrie joined up around midnight and we started on 'shiok' drinks, which didn't live up to their names.

The only better one was this.
Oh i wish there's s0me Jin and Tonic around.

Headed to the bedroom to talk...
Carrie went to sleep first.
Then tong drifted off to sleep around 4am.
Leaking, Hui and I chatted until 5.30am, and I told them to get some sleep, esp leaking since she has an interview in the afternoon.

I stayed awake and sent Liting off to school...
I went to lift the curtains in the living room to see if daybreak was here....

When Tong's Dad's face POPPED OUT from nowhere and gave me a HUGE scare.
(to think we were talking about ghosts a few hours ago)
I quickly told him Liting went off just a while ago.
He quickly ran to find her.

I started clearing up the chalet as I saw ants in an unwanted cup.
Watched the tv, for some added entertainment.
All the way until 7.40am, I woke them up as we have to check out from 9-10am.
Off to buy breakfast in mac's, and when we were back, carrie was still sleeping despite waking her up at 8am.
Chatted and ate... and we were all drained out.

Checked out, and actually I wanted to take a cab home as my bag was really heavy... but geh, I don't even see any taxis along the way, so I ended up taking the train home.
I think my bag was so big and heavy, that's why that security guy in the train station kept staring at me. If not for my shorts, which i think were real short. LOL.

I dragged myself home in the hot hot weather, and after I changed, my father asked what time I slept last night.

"I never sleep at all lah."

Then I went to sleep.

Will be meeting the girls tomorrow, as I'm dragging all of them to outram park with me.
I couldn't eat much of my dinner today.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Went out with Hui and Tong today!
Sucha long time since I went out with them
and such a long time since I walked out into the sun.

Went to bugis~

Then we went to Paya Lebar.
I bought shorts!~
Chalet's coming!~
Although I kept complaining the shorts are too short for me.
But since Hui and Tong swore on their lives that I look good in it...

We cam whored after shopping.

And this is what crazy people do:

I let pictures explain the situation.



Loads of pictures after chalet!
I won't be around on wed, okay?

I won a ZA lipstick from Cleo.
Lao Tian Bor Bi!


*jes floats away*

I found this while surfing the net in my office.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

This is what I saw in the supermarket: Cured cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish : I'm bleeding T^T, that dumb fisherman doesn't know what is gentle fishing!
(A shining light shone on cuttlefish and it found its wound cured.)
Cuttlefish : I'm cured! From today onwards, I'm named Cured Cuttle Fish!



Saturday, April 07, 2007

Things that you need/do when you fall sick for the second time in the month.

1) Be as careful as my mum is, do not allow your sick daughter to sneeze all the way in the house. Give her a pack of 100sheets of tissue, and make her drink at least 5 bottles of water per day. Do not forget to test her temperature every 5 mins.

2) Dig out all possible reading materials, preferably female magazines so that while you're sick, you can still dream about buying a new perfume or wishing you were tata young.Not because she's your favourite singer (although I do like her) but because she's healthy and not sneezing like a 60 year old man, like u are now.

3) Ransack your manga and drama collection and make yourself happier by sobbing over the same old contents again. "Hmmm i wonder when is NANA vol. 16 coming out."


Notice: Jeslene Lee is still alive, awake, and maybe dying.

Friday, April 06, 2007

So many nights I dream of you.
Holding my pillow tight I know,
That I don't need to be alone.
When I open up my eyes,
To face reality,
Every moment without you,
It seems like eternity.


首首老歌 印在脑海里



Thursday, April 05, 2007

Welcome back, Tong and Carrie!

Missed you two like CRAZY!
I meant it!

Carrie please take care on your trip to Malacca!


I think I coughed my life out already.
This cough is almost exactly the same as the last one I had.
Not as serious, but comparable.
At least my throat isn't like a prune...

But I woke up at 2am, coughed and coughed, wondered why my brother is still plating command and conquer 3, drank some water and went back to slp.
Then, I woke up at 5am, cuz I kept dreaming I couldn't breathe. Sick.
My mum awoke to my coughs and started fussing over me.
And I slept another 3 hours more in the most queer position.


Now my neck hurts.

Anyway, people, don't brood over results!
No point brooding over it anymore.
Still got one more year, so let's just think about something else!~

All right, that's all.
Sorry to Tong, I couldn't accompany you to Bugis today, tho I missed you like crazy.
Sickening throat!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lao tian bor bi!
My results ain't that bad.
Huat ah!

B for Biz Comm, B for Entre...
But incredible...
My EVM got A.
I think I anyhow do the paper.
Cuz I didn't study at all.
Not until I reached sch, flipping quickly through in 3mins before the paper starts.
My last minute work.... Really bu shi gai de.

After school I asked Tong and Carrie and MJ for the answers and I realized I was wrong in many parts.
So God knows why I have an A.
Project? Maybe. But Mrs Lee says we only had a High B.

I know it's very dumb to be satisfied with such a result.
But well, you should be happy for improvement.
Just let me be happy today.
At least I have no C.

Meetin hui for Sakana later.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Too many photos, so I'll just get on with it:

Monday April 4

Went with Jie, My brother and Jeng Loon for dim sum buffet near Penasular.

Xiao Long Bao!

HAK GAO! <333

Jie threw a chicken wing into Jeng Loon's bowl. ^^;

After we finished eating and felt like a pig, we stopped and ordered a pudding for dessert. It's nice, all rights.

Ended up it was only 14bucks per adult. Very worthed it. The food is not bad, and the 14bucks is inclusive of gst, service charge, and free flow of chinese tea and cold water.


We headed to Funan for a walk, gushed at Command and Conquer 3's graphics.
And oh, I saw a computer game, in which you are a Zombie, and you must eat human brains, create wreck and let people become zombies as well. All this will happen in the background of a safe and calm town.


Headed to Simei for Pet safari!

Blow drying for the doggie.... Ahhh...

Lonely backview...

And she is a Shar Pei! And my brother's name is Shuan Pei! OMG! LOL.

"Oi, knn, what you laughing at?!"

Erh, nothing, nothing! (she's actually just a sweet 3mths old shar-pei. Such a baby! <3)

Then we arrived at Starbucks! (Our favourite cafe when Hiyu jie is around, because of her 20% staff discount)

Oreo Cheesecake =)

As we prepared to walk home frmo Simei to Tampines, we saw the standard poodle! SO CUTE LA.


Went to the job agency with the same people!
Ate at a random Hakka place....
Not too bad XD

Walked to China town.... And there's this hello kitty place. OMG.
Pretty bags all over!
All originals, and sickeningly, over 100bucks.
And they have Hello Kitty weighing scales.
And radios.
And expresso machines.
And dustbins.

I bought Jue Dai Shuang Jiao Qian Zhuan.
But haiya, waiting for the verifcation code from the officials now.

Zidane bought a guess bag for his sis.
He asked if I wanted anything.
I said no, even if my heart was crying YES YES YES!


That's all for today!

And oh.
Carrie and Tong's coming back!
But Carrie will fly to Malacca straight after.
SICK also!