Friday, December 30, 2005

These days Im getting emotionally shakened. Somethings happened between me and a ex-friend. I fell out with her and Im relieved I did it. Seriously. I might sound mean, but it's time I burst a vein. I don't know, but Im really tolerating her till the limit. Those who I had talk to should know what happened.

Why do i say Im emotionally shakened? Because Jaslyn's "You still have me" made me cry. Such simple words. Yet it touched me deep inside. Ah Ze said the same thing, only a little later. Haha... He said this person isn't worthed my love at all. But I know I had once shared my love for her, those love are not meant for me to get them back. I'll leave it to the past, and let it go with year 2005, which will never come again.

Christmas is gone, a new year is coming. So soon. In the near future, I can see myself going much further than I am now. =) Im so planless haha.

Here are some pics on christmas...

My beloved workmates =) Jane, Lu Ing, Sabrina

My dear daughter and I~

Lao gong, with double-forced-eyelids. lol

American Cheesecake, Half kg only at 18bucks~ Only at Cottage Pies haha

As time goes by, life will go on also. I can manage. I will. ^_____^ Thanks to those who showed concern for me. I love Angel and Jaslyn loads =)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's now 7.23am. I was suposed to wake up 630am, cuz work is at 830am. But i only managed to wake up at 7am. Lolz... Today is going to be frantical. Work work work! Jia you! *Although im very very tired now.......*

Yesterday was working also, see, im so occupied with work. =.= Whatever. I was so busy, although I dunnoe why. I just knew we have a order of 210pies, which would be delivered to WS. WS steal our sales~ Lol. I don't know how much the sales on that day. I went off at 3pm. But it's already 7hrs since I started work. Haha. I think we might hit 1000bucks today again.

I went to met yanyan. She couldn't find her keys! So she was late. ~ We went for some shopping for christmas presents. Which reminds me, I really didn't know what to buy for them. And him =.= All must be belated. Lolz. No la. I not so bad. I try at least. Im broke. Yan is so... forgetful. She forgets everything! Like things have never happened to her before =.= She is darn dorts lo, she placed a vcd at my face so near like 2 cm away. ALmost hitmy face that dodo! >_< *what kinda word is dodo... how come i use a bird to decribe yan?! O_O*

Today is Christmas Eve. So people, happy count down! It's going to be christmas so soon!

Lol... And I realised yesterday today is our third month already. all the 24th =.= So erh, happy anni! Yan when's our anni? LOL!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ara~ Im back to update. Im not like Liyan, who updates only once a month! Yokata, ne?

Work is frantical today. I don't even know what am I busying about today. All I remember is that I was walking up and down to and fro non stop. Tiring, but sales is a whopping 1300bucks. Recording breaking! WHEE.

At night ah ze called. He isn't working today, so he gave me an early call. He's naggy. Zheng Ling, he's NAGGY. You papa is naggier than your mama! Anyway, I recieved Yuan Qi's single album that day. Jian Hong sent it to me finally. But I haven't listen to it. So Ahze was asking If I listened. I told him I have not, cuz there's work so I didn't manage to make out some time to listen. That darn guy told Jian Hong and after 1min Jian Hong called me! I was like, goooosh. Dorts him all the way! Promsied jian hong I will listen. So i did la. So cute. Lolz.

Yesterday I went to Kbox alone again. I just like going alone. Though it's more fun with friends, but singing alone allows me to listen to my own voice so that I can spot mistakes and improve on it. The lunch was terrible. Since it's microwaved rice, they should had bring it to my room sooner! Somemore I came early and ordered early =.= The rice is already hardened and it tastes so argh. But I guess i can forgive them, because one of the outlet supervisor pratically knelt down when it's time for bill. Not exactly kneel, he knelt on one leg. Lolz. I was stunned, so yeah I forgive him. Darn those people who's singing so loud next door. I can hear them so clearly and their singing isn't really that good you know.

I just saw a mosquito fly by. I better finish up now. Tomorrow's Xuan's bdae chalet. In advance, Happie Bdae My girl, I lvoe you muacks!

Monday, December 19, 2005


Work again, sorry that I always say the same thing but yeah... Good news is that ZL's dad or mum is going to fetch us to that riverview *or was it riverside?* place on Christmas Day. Yay, no need to get lost *im an idiot in directions an i think everyone knows that. Yaaks*

Didn't go to Hark Music today, Evonne called to tell me Wilson's wife is in the hospital, was so shocked, so our supposingly *sighs* last lessons was postponed. When, I don't know. Wednesday I heard. I don't want to change to Saturday. ... It feels really depressing to leave such a great class. I love the class with Patrick and Denson discussing about murdering and where to hide the body, Andrew who follows my stupid actions like lifting my arms and putting them down again and again, and Ricky who entertains me with his high range.

Im going to miss everyone who keeps disturbing me as Im the only girl and youngest in the class.


*perks up* OKAY! Something to note is that I went to apply for ITE Beauty Therapy[spelling wrong lol] course. I was telling Yan about it and we go about the same sentence at the same times, milliseconds apart "Give you/me free facial" Hahaha... Same surname think alike. Whee, we muz be couples in out past life lolz. But yeah, I know it's quite shocking to know I applied for an ITE course. Last year I was so unhappy about having to go to an ITE. I even cried under all those pressure. But I guess, after all these days, I mature in a way or two. I feel older now.

My inner age is 26, so what a quiz says. 9 years. Im even older than Ah Ze. My brother got 15 yrs old! HOW CAN THAT BE!? He's two years older! Adelene got 21! >_< Im so _very_ old!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Erm, just looked through my dog, bingo's birth info and such, found out he was born on the same day as darling Xie Zhi O_O

So funnie.

Was feeling tired today. Have been working nonstop, since wed, and I still have to work tomorrow. My black face is showing and I get irritated so easily. Argh. Eunice still haven't return my Love at agaen sea, been like, 9 months already. =.=

Jane told me it was 9pm, so we cleaned the place and did closing, but u know what? We thought it was 930pm, in the end it was only 830pm! I did not look at the time at all. Uncle Kenneth was so shocked to recieve my message about the sales, and he called CenturySq, telling us it was 830 ONLY. Dooooooots. So we opened the door again~ And put some cakes in, and waitied. LOL. It was darn stupid la. Qiqi came afterwards to lend money from me, she wanna buy bikini wooo~

Went home to realise my mum didn't record the 56 and 7f part of that charity show for me. Not her fault, she forgotten it by mistake. It's okay i guess, not fated *shrugs*

My brother says he would be going to kenny rogers on christmas eve, anyone interested? lol.

Btw, Yan if u are reading this, Christmas ah, I got ask ching and kai. See what they say first, we can go out first then come to my house for dinner. As in, realli good dinner, i HOPE. Money probs erh~

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Okay I've changed a total new layout, but wad's wrong?
The words are coming out and Im still trying to figure out
how am I suppsoed to well, make it squashier, lol. Taking my own sweet time.

I went to work in the morning to realised Orchid the new staff
cut the sausage rolls like the banana rolls, as in have three cuts on it.
Was so shocked. Almost didn't know what to do.
To think she told me she knew how to do it. Jane was irritated ~

Sighs, have to worry about my vocal lessons. Last lesson is on 19th,
And what, Wilson is not teaching anymore.
Patrick, Denson and Ricky are not continuing.
Our class is splitting once again.


Friday, December 16, 2005






10 facts about me:

1. I like sitting in a nice cafe and talk instead of searching for fun.
2. My eyes do show what I feel, even if they are small, my dears.
3. If I cry, really cried, Im not just crying for one thing. It's more of emotions override.
4. Im not as cheerful as I might seem to be.
5. I don't have a best friend, ask yourself, how well do you know me?
6. I may be attached, lovey dovey couples is still something impossible for me.
7. I get easily jealous of what I don't have and others do.
8. Im a girl who is darn bitchy. If you don't think I am, thank you, but do not provoke please.
9. I am VERY sick of deciding and going along with other people. Im sick of it. Very.
10. Im a sadistic piece of crap.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Long time no update ppl, but no doubt. no one misses me right? =) Im so tired now. Came back from work today feeling restless, and what, i have to work tomolo too, not to mention the other days. Juz cuz shellen is not working for a week. I dunnoe why, but Im not very pleased with that. Not pleased with the fact that I have to go to work on a monday and then after work go to classes. it's tiring and I was looking forward to a good night's sleep. All crushed.

Last friday was Liying's bdae bbq. Not as good as I expected it to be. Yan was flew kites by dozens of ppl, including the bdae boy also, chen yi xiao. I feel extremely sad for yan. She put in so much effort for the bbq and u guys dun inform her about not coming earlier. Now wad the heck, she has to pay u know. She estimated the money she has to use and collect from us, and you ppl juz decide not to go last min, and wad, make her pay? I dislike ppl like tt. That's why i hate organizing bbqs, efforts are not reconised and taken lightly. Yan, money probs, call me.

Monday - Work then go vocal lessons
Tuesday - No plans
Wednesday - Work
Thursday - Work
Friday - Work
Saturday - Cosplay event
Sunday - Work

Right that's my schd. How nice. All work. I dun wanna explain any further. Argh. Dun expect me to answer u guys on msn. Im juz online for the sake of downloading so I can enjoy some entertainment after a long day's work. Call me instead.

I guess im not so happy these days. Kept telling myself to stay happy. The only one who looked through was him. Im just glad I have him by my side. I dun wanna worry if we are lasting or not. it's too much for me to interpret, and I dun want to.

Can someone please come and understand me? I don't want to be the one who goes around trying to understand you, always. You may think you're my good friend, close friend, but I can ensure you, what you knew about me is juz the surface.

Im not complicated, it's just that not everyone sees Im simple.