Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Copied from my Dayre, thought it will be good for me to keep this in my blog as well.

Siglap secondary is going to be merged with Coral secondary. That's the hot topic on my Facebook feed now.

I heave a huge sigh every time I see something related to the merger.

You see, I'm an alumni of Siglap secondary. It wasn't the best school of course. In fact it was transformed from a Malay school to a mixed race school. Hence its one of those rare campus where in a class of 30, I'm one of the 10 Chinese within.
When I was in secondary school, it was those days where Nokia 3310 was monopolizing the mobile market. And unfortunately that also meant a lot of memories were not photographed. No such thing as phone camera.

Many of the activities were well forgotten. After all the human brain can only remember memories for so long. Things such as maths lessons I'm sorry Mr Kek, I can't remember a tiny thing. (But I still love you Cher)
But things outside of lessons (I'm sorry teachers I love you I do but I can't... Remember a thing) were well treasured memories now.


Someone smashed the toilet mirror and blood trickled from the foyer to the general office. We were like "oh blood. Someone's mad." And walked on. #swag

In the concert band, which i was placed in after a music and pitch test taken on the first day of school (yes, they wanted to pick musically inclined kids out) you have to provide air tickets to proof you really couldn't make it for band practice during holidays.

I joined the GuZheng ensemble for the rest of my years and as the Chairman, I had to clear rotten watermelon which melted to a puddle and termites which grow in the GuZheng strings compartment. Please don't ask how. I just did.

It's just really sad now to see this news. Memories do stay, but... Campus gone.

Same for the ITE I attended since they merged all campuses into one at AMK. Sigh.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brush Straightener & Etude House Play101 (reviews)

Hello :)

Back for a few quick product reviews!
Many people might find this familiar. Last year I found out about this Hair Brush Straightener. It apparently heats up like a hair iron and you can brush your curls out with it.

Sounds like a gimmick hor?

Let me tell you this:

I bought this straightener initially cause my hair was very long and and with 2 years of no rebonding, the natural curves came back happily. It didn't look bad la but still.

Why I use past tense... Is cause... I just chopped my hair short. Sky had to go for a haircut to prepare for his reservist and I just went "okay I'll go too." And with that, I've 6 inches of hair said good bye to me.

Here I am with shoulder length hair.

And they are curling in all directions cause I have not rebonded lol
So this came just in time. It's $10 on shopee when I got it and I went to taobao to read the reviews. It was pretty okay too.

When I tried it happily yesterday I was like πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

It really works!
I just got home from Zumba and hair was curling everywhere else. But the brush basically ironed out the frizz and this is like the end product.

It doesn't look as straight here but look:
Good enough lo!

Took me 5 mins only. If it's usual days it would have taken me 20 mins to use straightening iron.

The cons tho, is that like all straightening products, if you don't put styling products, they will curl back somehow.

And because the buttons to adjust the temperature (180 - 200 degrees) are at the side of the handle, I kept pressing them when I'm using the brush.

I also idiotically burnt my finger due to mishandling. Good job jes.

Otherwise. It's just a cool tool! πŸ‘Œ
Next up, Etude House Play101 series.

This product was the entire hype in Korea and everywhere else now. Because Pony, the famous make up guru from Korea featured them.

I... Like to live with the hype. I'm a beauty junkie, especially for cheap and good ones. After I try I'll go and pester my friends to get them too lol.

So I ordered these from Qoo10. They are a lot cheaper than in stores in Singapore. Last I checked, it was $24 for one. I got mine for $18 and $14.
The contour duo consists of a shading and a highlighting side. Texture is gel shadow like, glides onto skin without using much of pressure. The amount of product isn't a lot though. You might want to get the individual ones if you are a frequent user of contouring.

I do think this is worth the hype though, cause contouring sticks are selling at much higher prices outside, especially the uk/us brands.
Next up, Play101 Multicolour in Coral Peach.

I recently dropped my blusher on the floor on the train (IKR, clumsy much) and it smashed. So I thought this might be a good addition to my makeup stash.

Choose this Shade as it reminds me of the candy doll blusher I used to have. Texture is like the contouring duo, smooth and glides smoothly. Colour outcome is a sweet pink on your cheeks. Blends easily into your makeup base too.

I mentioned about the Individual sticks for contouring, and it is the same size as the blusher.

The packaging states that you can use it as a eyeshadow, on your lips, or just a blusher. I tried t on my lip, it felt powdery but the Colour is like nude pink, not too bad lol.

Overall, good buys, that doesn't cost much! Loads of Etude House are OOS for the contouring sticks though, so buying online from a reputable seller may be a better option. I asked the sales ladies in stores and they have no idea when the restocking will occur.

However heads up, it's best used with a contouring brush especially for the contouring range. You can blend with fingers but wth a brush, it's a whole lot quicker and simpler.

Looking at a new stick of lip balm is so therapeutic lol.