Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm back to update. Lol.

I'm on my long holiday before CNY right now!
So basically I'm either doing work home,
or handling The Jaspe!
Or modeling clothes waiting to be sold! (I realised they sell better than on hangers fmfats)

And oh, playing 'We Bowl' and 'Trade Nation' on Ipod lol.

These days I've been feeling happy =D
Other than the occasional pekcek ness.
And I supposed I'll be happy right till after CNY? Lol.

First and foremost, I'm counting down 3 DAYS MORE to the return of my bestie, Yan!

And on the day she's back, we'll be having a gathering in the morning,
and shopping in the afternoon.
This girl knows no tiredness.
I thought she wanted to unpack or rest, but she readily accepted the proposal to go, well, shopping.

Here's some pictures to spice up the entry!

BF went fishing with his friends last Saturday
and reeled in this giant Golden Promfet.
It weigh 5kg, and is well, sleeping in my freezer now.

To me, Promfets are supposed to look like this:

Sits nicely in a plate, steamed, and feeds like only 2 people.

And not like this:

Ah now you can see how big it is.
The only way we could look to eat it, is to slice up the fish meat and throw the bones,
and eat the meat for CNY steamboat yums.

You can see BF was very happy.
And in comparison to other normal sized groupers, its like, I don't know, huge.

Was out for dinner gathering with Hiyu Jie, my brother and co.
It was kinda like a gathering, cause Hiyu Jie's leaving for Brisbane for her masters in 1 week.
And Rue's gonna leave SG soon.

Had dinner at V8 @ Bugis Junction.
Decent food, cheap.

Best of all is the company yo.

We went to take Purikura after hahaha!
I only managed to convince JengLoon, my brother & Wilson to join in the group photo.

We girls had so much fun, we took another all by ourselves.

And as you can see, we ran out of poses.

The guys went to have dessert so we met them downstairs, and shared the Mango Pamelo Sago.

Its the shop beside MOS burger @ Bugis Junction.
Forgot what's the name, but it serves Hong Kong desserts, not too bad so go take a look if you want =D

Of all randoms:

I fell in love with over knees socks.
Thing is, I can't wear them anywhere else.
Except like, Genting T^T

And yes its my poncho again, it happened to be the easiest thing to put on and pair with the socks. LOL.

Bosses printed out some of my designs to be sent out as postcards to clients =D
The outcome was good, and I'm very thrilled haha!

Yes I know they are just simple pictures with quotes, but you won't believe how much time I put into these postcards.

Guess I'll end here <3

I now feel like the sago again. zzz.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Feeling glad today so I'm updating haha!
Nowadays this blog is updated at the rate of my emotions.

I might update when I'm extremely sad.
Or hyper,
or happy.

I totally have none of those "today I did this and that" entries anymore!

Though updates are sacred, but I know I probably wouldn't stop blogging.
Reading old entries is like turning back my life line,
its more than just fun to read those archives.

I get to remember how dumb I was, how in love I was, and how foolish I was.
I get to recall how I made those friends who lasted with me till the end.
& now I get to recall how I spent these years with Sky the bf.

(And I have fights evidences written down on my blog for future needs/threatening muhahha)

And I always have this little thought in my mind,
that I want to blog down my entire life right here,
and when I'm old and wrinkly, I'll read through all the posts again.

Okay, enough of my ramblings,
here are some random things happening in my life nao!

Say hi to the new members of my children!
I have 2 more babies in my care from today onwards, yet to be named.
I want to name them Pudding & Jelly, after Taeyeon's WGM nicknames hahaha!

My 3 other adults are doing fine, despite being old.
They are already coming 2 years old and I'm pretty worried honestly.

Was out with BF to beach road this afternoon!

He's holding this Coca cola can from a Korean supermart we passed by.
Its cuuuuuuuute so I told him to take a picture with it,
and he obliged.


Wore my poncho out and boy was I'm glad cause night time when I have to head back home was COLD MAX!

And its not warm on hot weathers either, sweet.

Oh, 2 men stared at me when we were crossing the road,
they didn't just give a blank stare, they looked like they were about to eat me O.o

BF glared back.
Maybe they thought I'm a chicken?
That area has plenty, but ey I've never seen them wearing ponchos leh!

Smile until cannot see my eyes already lah huh?

Been with this guy for nearly 2 years, and despite all the massive wars we're still together.
God knows why, really.
We are TOTAL opposites.

But I enjoy spending time with his family,
chatting with his mum and sharing thoughts on news and etc.

We were sitting together today and I teased BF that to marry me,
he has to prepare the traditional 4 types of gold (aka 4 dian jin: necklace, bangles, earrings, ring)
BF told me to wait long long,
and his mum said "Dong ah, you better go prepare the 4."


And these 2 pictures is to empathize my love for ponchos, which are supposed to be out of season NAO.


I'm done updating.
At least its not a filler entry eh.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Its been quite sometime again, since I've last updated.
And this time I have no other excuses than: LAZINESS.

Right now I'm in the office, killing myself with designing stuff. lol.

And actually I do have some things to update about.
I probably would update soon =)

I think only carrie reads my blog *waves hi to carrie*

Oh there's a blogshop warehouse sale from 13th Jan to 1st feb i think, at Ubi.
If you're interested ask me okay, cause I'll have to search he add again haha.

Why is everyone getting married?

I'm sorta Jealouuuuuuuuus.
When bf told me his sister would be getting married on March,
he asked me when's our turn?

I told him, you havent proposed, when when?
And he said: HELLO this kinda thing cannot let you know.
It should be a surprise.


I better get back to work.

PS: If you haven't realised, this is a filler entry.