Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

*cough cough cough* I actually wanted to update yesterday, but my internet died on me, YET AGAIn. So yeah, u get wad i mean.

Yesterday.... Hmm consultant miss lee and miss teo gave me some good advices, i listened, glad I have such friends, =) I'm very happy now. Very very very. =D

Went to vocal lessons at night, those ppl are in a craze, I was called a ghost =.=, not my fault la. Okay, so we went into class, and to realise im going to sing AGAIN, whhhhhhhhhhhhhy~ Man, wilson got me and ricky to sing falsettos, i mean, REALLY high that kinda... Managed, but so forced hahaha, i nid to pratice >_<

I ask them to choose one song, Either Ioio or Luo Da Hor, s.h.e de. But i say: It's act cute de hor.
They replied: Ey, u cute enough le, no nid act cute le la! hahahahah thank you thank you =P

Wilson decided to get Luo Da Hor, and er, my dear guys in the class became my harmony angels, hahahahha. They keot going: rainy days plz go away, harmonised somemore, so li hai *clap clap clap* Enjoyed that song, im so surprised it was in my voice range, and i wasn't a lil bit nervous, i guess that helps. They didn't find much faults with my song, glad to hear so, but they kept going: Jeslene, u need to MOOOOOVE more! O_O like wad? 70s dance? They're so impressed with my rap O_o. I kept laughing halfway through.

Okie, so erh, they forced me to sing another song, so they ended up with superstar, and they're like, erh, falsettos, I think those four cannot mix together, will go insane, to think denson is so calm, good good, but why are they always discussing about murder? <_<>

"Wah Jes, you rocker right?!"

"Do i look like one? NOOOO~!"

To think they like to bully gurls, sadly im the only gurl in the class *sighs and walk away*

Watched FF7 the movie, just now. It was wonderful!

I'm feeling extremely happy. =)

Thanks to Yan, Yen, Ze. Yes, ze =)


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well, jusjus bugged me to lupdate, so now im updating. I realised jus have no xuan to bug, so she came to bug me <.<

Afternoon was nothing, seriously nothing. Busy and quiet all at the same time, plus i wasn't feeling very well, stomach felt a lil funnie, but i din go to the toilet le, u ppl know wad i mean, i hope ^^

Oh, other than Ke-Jie gave me a call, telling me his schd too full, plus dorian's manager very strict, the chance of getting the thing yenyen wants is kinda difficult. I might as well talk to him in person then, but he seemed busy yeah. Aiya, dun care la, wait for him to call then tell him, makes my life so much easier.

At night, the ppl who dearest charlane DREADED to see came once more. Lolz... But she totally perked up when she saw her darling small eyes, i din manage to see his face. Only his backview. *shrugs* Quite small in size, short la i mean, charlane carn wear high heels then~ lolz...

Yan and leaking came to visit, waited for me to get off work, so cute eh, Charlane made them a ice chocolate soda, so basically, it's juz Soda, Hot choc and ice. We do not sell this in Cottage Pies, DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT come to cottage pies and ask for this weird soda, unless u see charlane there, all right?

Yan, leaking and i were discussing about words, as in when they come out of the mouth in huge huge solid form, it's kinda scary. I mean if a aeroplane happen to pass by with a VOOM, u dun wanna see a huge 'VOOM' word falling pass your window eh? Saw nine cats in total today, like i always do, so cute, Yan kept annoucing meow meow meows to the cats, and the kittens din even bothered about her, lolz...

Grr, i juz killed a bee-like insect, the thing is i DUNNOE where it died, i carn find it. I dun wanna step on it the next morning when i wake up, so er xin lo. Okay, so he really called and I laughed at him, cuz i was reading this interview on him, and his answers are so chim and so.... lame. *shrugs* he decided to ignore my laughter and go on with his guitar playing, no work today for him, how nice. Unlike me, 24/7 de. >_<

Okie la, i know this is a very very restless update, but im very restless indeed. Namie Amuro's new album's new, very hip hop, i like jap hip hop so much better ^^

Friday, September 16, 2005

Yupz. it's a new layout, or rather just a new color thingie... New header banner... Heeeh, if anyone realise, the Bai Se Hua Yang that Yang is wrong, i saved and closed the file before i could realise it, but who cares? That yang is still yang! ^^ look at the background~ PETALS!

I went out with Yan, Leaking, ZhengLing, Ching and Vinvin today, celebrate my bdae, supposingly yen they all suppsoed to come, but i dun wanna talk about it, cuz i was rather irritated la. And it's not my bdae today either k. Juz someting advance.

We started at Genki sushi, taking more than 20 mins to decide on wad to eat on... ^^ Yupz, and so we decided, i ordered Ebu Fry Don, nice nice~ After that we went to kbox, nothing much, just that they're like, kinda paying money go in hear me sing nia, dorts. Yan almost fell asleep, as usual. =.=

Yan brought me a hamster, female one, so cute. She's now slping in a small tank at the living room, i dun want her to catch a cold, cuz my room is in air-con now ^^ Haven't gave her a name, but I will think of it, i mean im not good at it and u gurls know i write fanfictions with my own name, Jeslene, cuz im too lazi to think up of anything.

Leaking brought me a pretty precious moments box, with CHOCS inside! SOOOO much! Kitkats and Crunch! I lvoe chocs ^^ How wheeeeeeeeeeee~

Ching gave me a perlini silver necklace, pretty! ^^ love it, four leaf clover! She bu de wear it heh heh heh!

Okie, dun crap le... Ade, alan and adrian coming back on Monday. Will be going to their house then. Which means another work project grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Something funnie to mention is tt ma and yan spent 3 hours playing 2 matches of pool. Noobs we are. =)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Heh Heh Heh Heh Hehhhhhh.... Today is so darn fruitful, i decided to write a blog entry [Ah Ze make sure u carn read english wor, hahahahhahahaha~]

Today I was OFF! No work! And God bless, Hiyu jie no work also so we went.................


I shall upload the pics tomolo, i dun have the cable with me now!

We decided on going to underwater world.......... BUT the dolphine lagoon is not open until the end of september. *sniff* no dolphins. Auntie Mei [ladyboss] asked me to kiss the dolphins for her, but then I told her, No dolphins, so why not i kiss the Piranhas for you? She replied: No thanks You'll get hurt, I would have to answer to your parents. ^^
O-kay, so there ARE piranhas, scary... There was this feeding session for Piranhas too, but u know wad, they aren't hungry *grrrrr* And i know only now, Crocs kills the piranhas O_o, skin too thick to bite through i guess?

Sotongs! Okay, we call them nicely, Squids. They're like floating around with no target... So good... And the writings on the board says we can wave to the sotongs, and they might reply back with their arms with some kinda weird language, like aliens talking to humans, but the key word is MIGHT. Me and Hiyu jie waved and waved......

Waved..... *hello bro~*
Waved...... *Excuse me siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr~~~~*

No respond ~.~

Right, there's this pretty awesome corner, with this particular creature named Sea Angel. They're actually shell-less snails living in bei ban qiu that evolved wings like flippers. It's beautiful~ Picture tomolo, all right?
Speaking of floating I guess Jellyfishes are one too. So.. .. ... Scary. LOL! You'll get to know why tomolo. The tunnel is coooooool~ Loads of delicious FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD inside.... U see, goupers... HUGE goupers..... yummy, but well... the board says "Uncomfirmed notices of humans being attacked."

Does tt means our 3 months of dinner was denied? O_o

There's this cute Dugong there, named Gracie! SOOOOOOOO cute! Heex~

We went to Pawalan beach after that. It was supposingly good, until a few immature guys disturbed our photoshoot, with words like: So ugly still wanna take photo.
Hiyu jie rocks man, she went: Nowadaes guys in Singapore are SOOOOOOOOO imaature like KIDS. Before you say ppl, take a look at yourself la!

We're tired out, and on the way home.... When we decided to drop by Century Sqaure to see MEN SHOOED OUT of the SHOPPING MALL.

It's the Ladies' Night! We went in much to our delight... And u know wad?


Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman was there, and shooing the guys out, they really cracked me up. The next event installed in the mall was...

Topless Hunks Revue.

We stayed to watch, with a few kids sitting there innocently wondering wad the heck is topless. I tell u, i praise Century Square for such an idea man.

I mean, HUNKS with SIX PACS, TOPLESS, and then DANCING, looking at u IN THE EYE.

*fans myself* I stayed on to the end of the dance. My goooooosh... Lolz~! I dun think i can describe, i might just kill innocent Angel with my much too mature describtions. *cough cough* I left after that, 9.45pm they have a Pole Dancing competition, of course, the pole dancers are HUNKS.

Sorry Ze, it's not my fault for loving hunks, i mean, who wouldn't? HAHAHAHAHAH~

*cough cough cough*

Don't tell him I said tt, he can't read english. ^^V

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I know i haven't been updating, and I know Justina is going to kill me somehow... But well, i juz managed to recover my password and now im back for a while..... ^^

I dunnoe wad to update leh... Juz tt i juz got my pay today, and decided to go for a lil shopping... Acty asking amie, but she has this meeting... so i acty dragged my mom along lolz... And ended up my mom forgot to bring my ATM card, so it's like well, use my mom's money first... Tomolo work again... Seeing charlane finally~ Belated bdae prezzie for her, i had in mind la... But in CASE she comes to my blog and sees this, i shall not reveal anything~ Lolz...

I wanna cut my HAIRRRR~ But alot of my friends are in protest of that, I mean, what's wrong with cutting my hair? O_o

Someone's driving me crazie on the fone right now... shall not talk much, typing with one hand isn't a good idea... I know this entry is pure crap, but at least i updated something all right =)

Luv ya all!