Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sidetrack update before the next Taiwan entry =D
Just cause my blog is probably gonna rot or something,
and this is a major event to me that I wanna note down.

Xue wei's had her wedding ceremony on the 27th of June!
She was one of my keyboardist/vocalist in my super old old old band a few years ago,
along with Tat Sin & Alan.

And we called ourselves Yi Ren Yi Ban lol.
I don't remember how this name came about but after a few performances we had some problems with the management and left.

I miss those days man.

But anyway,
I met up with Carissa,
and us being the gluttons lol, fell for the Takoyakis at Vivo.

So we sat and had a chat =D
Then took our own sweet time.

Camwhored in the toilet LOL.
And waited for Tat Sin to finish his work shift,
and finally headed towards Orchard Hotel.

I'm pretty lost in Orchard.
Ages since I've been there lalalala.
& I'm supposed to be Singaporean leh.

Met up with Alan,
and we realised there were 2 weddings going on at the same floor.
So being very confused, one of the service staff asked whose wedding we were attending.

And all of us cannot pronounce Xue Wei's other spelling LOL.
But luckily I happened to remember if not we might just end up in another ballroom with the wrong bride.

We were seated on table 13,
along with a few nice ladies, probably from Xuewei's Jap School?
I dunch know, but I know one of the ladies is the Jap teacher of hers and she was really sweet <3

& so we started camwhoring.
But we disliked the flash,
it blacked out every background details behind.

And so my phone cam came to use.

But its photo fail lah.
I need a good low light exposure cam.

Like TX5.


I told my peeps I wanted to bring this home,
and Carissa jitao gave me a =.= look.

"Its gonna take up the whole of your living room."

Wedding pictures <3

And a video before the wedding started =D

As the couple march in (wedding marches what, but I guess they didn't march lol they walked in)

I suddenly got the goosebumps.
Then I looked at Carissa,
she got the same expression as I did.

I'm envioooooooooous!
Got feel to get married lol.

& the prince leading his princess down the steps.

& then the food came LOL.
Which was pretty alright, though we killed another shark for the sharkfin =(

I got goosebumps again when Misia's Everything was played, and there the couple entranced again, with the second outfit & for the champagne ceremony:

BF would be proud of me if I'm in that dress.
Cause its BLUE.

He loves blue.
I love pink.

So can he wear a pink tux?

Last fail camwhore before we head back for the last few dishes.
And yes I love my long long long long maxi dress.

Congrats wei!
I miss our Wu Yue Tian lol.

And the YRYB reunited.
We talked about wanting to jam, but lets all wait till XueWei's honeymoon is over lol.

& I shall end this entry with Alan playing the Grand Piano.

It was really nice seeing all my singing buddies again,
I probably laughed my intestines out or something.

Now Carissa calls me Broccoli mei LOL.
And the poor rose Alan plucked from the reception table for me withered.
And my bf promised to marry me.

Life's good,

I made it sound like he's in jail or something LOL.

& no I haven't fix the tagboard.
Anything to say, facebook me loh LOL.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Tagboard locked due to some minor problems that I haven't sort out.

The html on my blog is haywireness right now! So since the whole layout is okay, only Cbox is not, I'll just do something about it.

Would get it up by the next post or something, I guess =)

Update: Seriously don't understand people who KNEW they were once a jerk, and still think they are innocent and happily try to talk to me & wanting something out of me again.

Get a life, dude.

Congrats to Xuewei who got married a few hours ago =D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Phew I spent nearly 40 minutes to upload all the photos for this entry.
Of course in the middle I trailed off to watch SNSD stuff lol.

But yes anyway!

Taiwan Day 2!

Day 1 is a pretty short entry compared to this,
cause on Day 1 we arrived late and only managed to visit a part of ShiLin Night Market.
So be prepared for this long long entry!

Our very messy room, dad in the background.

Bro sleeps on Sofa bed,
Mum&Dad on the QUeen Sized,
and I have the single bed to myself.

Did I mentioned the beds & comforters are superb?
I'm someone who doesn't sleep well in places I ain't familiar with.
But I slept through the nights =D

Daily breakfast buffet is provided!
But ah, not much differences each day so you gotta bear with it.
Save some breakfast money for further shopping!

And I realised I wore florals almost everyday.
Summer ma.

After breakfast, we set out to get some stuff Kai Qi wanted:

Tai Yang Biscuit, which I got a box for $18 for BF's family.
Damn ex but I hope its worth it.

& we made our way to the Train Station, which the receptionist at our hotel said was "10 mins away"
We ended up having to walk 20mins there.

But no complaints,
cause once we were familiar with the roads, everything was fine.

In Taiwan, there have this space for Motorcyclists on their roads.
They have priority to move first when the traffic lights turn green.

Which I thought was good,
I hate it when bikes 'swim' in between cars when they stop at a traffic light.
Dangerous like siao.

I have this guy who ever made a U-turn by riding onto a pedestrian walk way and towards the other side of the road.
You know those paths made for pedestrians to cross those broad roads underneath road bridges?
All the while I was BEHIND and TERRIFIED.

Cabs waiting for businesses, all yellow and easy to identify.
And that's the train station behind =D

This is their one way ticket, or token in this situation lol.
You scan it like an ez-link card to get in, and insert it into the token hole to get out of the station.

At the MinQuan West Road station =D

Stations are alike to Singapore,
but getting in and out of the trains is not hard at all.
How do I say, like sequenced?
People here respects each other more, so we didn't have to squeeze in and out.

And the priority seats there are always reserved for people in need.
If you're a normal human without special needs, and sits on the seats, you get stares.

Seating arrangements slightly different lols.
I was sitting on a seat that faced the front instead of the sides.

View from the train...

And after a long bus ride from Dan Shui interchange...

We reached the Fisherman's Dock 渔人码头

Basically its a dock.
Well, yes lol.
With plenty of cafes & shops around, but like how Fisherman's Village in Pasir Ris used to be,
it'll be more crowded near the evenings.
So when we were there, nothing much around.

The ever famous Lovers' Bridge.

& yes, beautiful, the view is.

Lao Niang is happy.

Crabs sun bathing,
I took a picture of them cause at that time, BF called to tell me my crabs ran away from their tank and one of them (sadly named Jes) couldn't be found.

But the next day Jes was found by his mum.

I swear that hand wasn't mine.
Probably dad's.

I told Mum that the mountain looks like a preggy woman lying down.
But hahaahaha, I realised after there IS a mountain in Jiu Fen, which we went after, called the Pregnant Beauty.

And this mountain is called the Guan Yin Mountain.
I can has no knowledge.

Family picture =D

After another looooooooooong busride back, we took a train to where they called the Taiwan Harajuku:

Xi Men Ding.
Where all the food, clothes & what's not are.

And as described, very crowded indeed.
It started to drizzle a little though.

We were walking along the streets when this loudspeaker was going about taiwanese food underground blah blah, and it was on loop.
So we went to check it out.

It was like a food court lol.
And Japanese food conquered the region haha.
But we settled for this Taiwanese Ribs Rice, and man it was good!

Rice with Braised Pork, and side Tofu, Vegs.

And the woohoo pork ribssssssssssss.

And dad's Fried Chicken drumstick rice.

And it cost only 5bucks?

Oh, something interesting, they hired young girls to clear dishes,
and they were dressed in maid uniforms.
So cute.

Sorry ah, no pictures.
Very sneaky leh.


And along the streets.
Spot my dad in stripes lol.


We went to some random arcade there and I saw millions of UFO plushie machines.
So I played.

40cents once anyway.

And according to this guy,
its up to luck to decide whether you can catch the toy before the amount set on the machine.
Meaning, if you spent some money but couldn't catch it, 160NT later, its a confirmed catch.
I think the kiap kiap thing would tighten hard so the toy would be caught.

Cheat one.

But we managed to catch 2 anyway.
And Yan, the Domo is for you.

I didn't get any clothes at Xi Men Ding.
Cause in my brain, I wanted ShiLin prices.

But I did go to Daiso and got mascaras & eyeshadows.

And oh their Watsons is really FtheirL man.

It has like 5 floors, no escalators.
And you'll have to climb and climb till you find what you need.
And I did climbed all the way up for pads.

Its not like they have more stuff you know!
Its more like they separated a normal sized Watsons in SG into 5 floors.
That's it.

But yes anyway.
We headed back to the hotel for a rest after, before going to ShiLin again.
Since we didn't have time to finish everything the day before.


Mum wanted to try this Small Biscuit in Big Biscuit thing.
Its just something that you choose the flavor (either sweet, like sesame or salty like curry etc.)
They hammer the brown biscuits into small tiny crisps, and roll them up in this PoPiah skin thing.

Btw, buy the sweet ones.
Salty ones sucked.
Tasteless one.
The original is even worse.

Prawning anyone?

Smelly Tofu!
You know, I've never really found the Smelly Tofu, smelly.
Until this day I tasted it, and suddenly the smell is so distinctive around the market.

And I didn't really like the taste of it either.

Oyster Egg.
Erhhh, normal lah.
I prefer it the SG way, without the sauce.
The sauce is sweet.

Guess what?

Mango Ice!
This is superrrrrrrrr nice!
The ice was like drenched with condense milk,
the mangoes were sooooooooo sweet!
And the ice is so tiny and thin, it looked like hair.


I have this video where this lady was chopping her fishcakes so fast, I fear for her fingers.
All due to the crowd.

I'll upload it soon.

And this UFO machine with the sweets I bought at a mart for my friends.

So many pictures and I'm only at what, DAY 2?

I still have 3 days to do loh.
But I'm happy cause Sunday is Xue Wei's wedding.
So Un-FML.

BF is going for Reservist, two weeks.
So FML again.

He cut his hair short.
But he looks adorable leh.

And he wore the shirt I bought for him at Taiwan.
Thank goodness both shirts fit him.
I have no talents when it comes to judging sizes for guys.
I should just name his size UK 16 or something.

Okay, its 4.40pm now.

Look at what time I posted this entry, that's the time I started the entry.

Wlao ehs.