Sunday, June 13, 2010

Counting down 3 days more to my holidays!
I'll be bringing my netbook along, so I guess I'll be blogging after all!

(Like anyone cares)

The weekly update of my weekends lalala!

Friday night, Leaking was supposed to meet me at the mall & the plan was to get ingredients for curry.
Sadly, she tio OT till 9pm =.=

I went to get meesua from Xiao Ba Wang!

She was staying overnight,
and being us, we watched korean videos, we chatted with lights off and told each other to go to sleep but ended up continuing the conversation.


Next morning, we met BF at Clementi to get a tank for Leaking's Lobster.

& It was fishing after!

Sun was a-shining!
I was burning fml!

But okay la,
thanks to my flowery umbrella.
Leaking and I were entertaining each other with silly stuff.

If anyone remembers,
for the past 2 times we went fishing, I told bf I wanted a Grouper fish?
Cause its considered a rarer catch in this pond.

And with "I won't marry you unless you catch a Grouper!", I'll threaten to marry some other uncles at the sides with Groupers lol.

And somehow after I said that, he'll reel in one!

I tried the second time and it works!

So BF said, you should request for an adult Grouper!

And so I did.
And nb:

Then moment I walked over and saw him fighting this fish,
I knew death is upon me LOL.

Okay lah, not that exaggerating but indeeeeeeeeed it was a Grouper,
big one at it.

My words are magic is it.

Looooook inside.
Its sorta scary.

Beside another fishie.

He was super happy la can.
Kept telling me its fated already.


We had to lug the fish home.
Its like the weight of a baby?
Good training la lol.

We went home for a shower before heading out for dinner @ MOS burger.
I love the feeling of dating heh heh heh.

Anyway, a shoutout to BF.

Next time I want this:


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