Saturday, September 29, 2007

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Happy 19th Birthday to Ms Jeslene Lee, Jelly, which is me, myself and yours truly!

I had quite a day today, even though I didn't plan to celebrate this day initially.
In addition to yesterday's birthday song from my finalists (which is actually very meaningful to me, cause they hold a special place in my heart.)
I had loads of sms, calls, friendster messages and on and on.
Even the unexpected wished me.

So thank you, you and you for the love! <3
Too much people to list out!
But mainly the four girls who accompanied me out today!
I love ya!

Although its just simply K-lunching, and a shopping trip in Orchard Road
It meant alot to me!
Cause to Jeslene, a simple trip like this can make me smile all day.
Thanks tong, for the camera tee, and Kai,Ching & Leaking for buying that dress for me!


My birthday, let me camwhore a bit lah.

I bought myself a wallet. =)
Hee, once in a while I should pamper myself, yeah?
Especially, I've cleared my debts *coughtongcough*

Getting hungry.
Better run!


Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm happy.

Well, although I don't plan on celebrating my birthday, I always enjoy the moments concerning my birthday. I guess its a gift from the heavens.

Before I make anymore nonsensical than that sentence, let me update on what's happening around me.

Well, on the 26th to this morning, I was in chalet. Shall combine the pictures and all together before I update on it. That will be around sunday i guess haha.

I was really tired, after I came home from the chalet. I hardly slept well cuz I wasn't used to sleeping in a location that I am not familiar with. This explains why i can sleep in class, too familiar. LOL.

Fell asleep and woke up soon after to prepare to my main event of the day:

Grand Finalists' Concert @ Hark Music.

I think my voice sucked.
But its just so great seeing all the finalists again.
Su Kit was our emcee for the day. Super funny lah, him.
He said I am like the girl from the neighbourhood, very normal but with an extraoridinary voice.
I think I killed his impression on that, sorry la sukit. LOL.

Personally, I'm very very angry at my own voice for giving up on me, espcially when I'm singing Yi Shi De Mei Hao.
Then again, its my own fault. Sighs.

My babes - Tong and leaking, they made an effort to surprise me at the end of the concert.
They buck up hao hao with aaron de loh.
I was like wondering what the hell aaron was doing walking around, then su kit invited me up the stage and the finalists sang a birthday song for me.
Very touched.
Very, really. Even if I don't sound so.
So~ 30 mins before my birthday, its 1122pm now.
Thanks to my finalists - Carissa, Aaron, Sophia, Daisy, Tat Sin and Jun Xuan.
And of course, Tong, who roped aaron in for the plan and leaking.
All loves! <3
I know I sound very restless, cuz I'm really sleepy. Shall head to the washroom and shower before I dunk into my bed.
Bye bye!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another day
Without your smile
Another day just passes by
But now I know
How much it means
For you to stay
Right here with me

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurt so bad I cant take it any longer

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing everything you do

A thousand miles between us now.


Yes, new water.

Aiya, I know lahs, I know lahs.
But today it's slightly different.
All of us changed into the NEWater tee, and were there to 'help' through a tour.
Senior guides were there to give comments before the start of the tour.
I was darn nervous.

Along with my group of shaking heads (Peiyun, tong and I lol) we were pushed out to try it out in front of the senior guides.
I was stuttering lah.

But anyways, things are quite all right.
Just that, the tour group are extremely... okay, perhaps not extreme, but well, they showed the kiasuness of their own country.
Shall not mention which country.

I feel fat now.
Ate KFC with my family just an hour ago.
Eeks. The Oil.
But I still ate. LOL.

Well, will be heading to chalet tomorrow, all the way til 28th.
27th, the second day of chalet, Tong and I have to head to NEWater visitor's centre yet again.
And on 28th itself, its the finalists' concert.

29th, birthday.
Super busy~


I tried not thinking.
I didn't cry.
I tried everything.

But why, am I still here?

25th September.

And I'm here, still.

2nd year, and I hope you're doing fine.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I slacked the whollllee afternoon away.
Then at night i headed to Hark for rehearsals!
Well, as they were having a students' concert, we couldn't go in first.
Carissa was watching her friends inside tho.
Aaron called me and asked when am I arriving.
So we all ended up niside watching them sing.
To be honest, their standards are a lil...
But I'm not too great either, so baaah.
Daisy arrived then, and we all went gaga.
She has a midterm test tomorrow so she's all fired up trying to study.
But she was so distracted by carissa and I who were singing and harmonising in chip-munk voices.
The whole lot of people standing there looked at us lah.
The four of us can only create laughter.
Man, i'm starting to miss them again.
Basically I don't know what to say about my current mood.
I can laugh because I remember them, my finalists.
But I can get really unhappy because of certain things.
Like seriously, maybe I shouldn't celebrate my birthday this year.
I think it's the unfortunate year for me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm bored.
Didn't head out today, instead I took a nap in the afternoon.
Aiya, its been a long time since I chose to have a nap.

I dreamt of Famous Amos cookies.
I almost wanted to chiong to Tampines Mall just to buy them.
But didn't in the end.
Was lazy, and I aiya. Have the urge to see HP guy.


Roamed on the net and saw some very dorts pictures.

Hello darling, please sit properly can?

I know its supposed to be kitty cute but can anyone just tell me, how to play like that!? How to HUAT AH LIKE THAT?!

Waaah. Rich ppl, rich doggies.

All humans need to shit.

When you are bored, you get facinated at everything possible.

Tatas =)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yes, my ex-hubby, my darx darx, my sweetie slawberly...

NOW~ I can drag you to pubs and clubs!
I can drag you everywhere!


Ok, all rights.
What happened today?
I'm sure carrie, who might be reading will wanna know.

Alot of plans were changed last minute.
So no Kbox, no tat sin singing for tong. =(
But I hooked up with kailin and we settled down for Cartel Breakkie.
See, I gei-gei (fake) rich.

We jalaned around CS as we waited for Tong's dad to come pick her up...
For bu hui fei lunch.
Kai and I went bugis.
We were sorta floating around.
But well, I bought the same tunip top as tong, just different colour.
My family said they love it despite the fact I spent money again lah.
How many tops do I have that they will agree its nice?

Met tong after her bu hui fei lunch.
Walked to Bugis street.
Walked to OG and gaga-ed over eeyores and tiggers...
Ate ice-cream and durians...
And off we went home in bus 23.
Its tiring but satisfying for me. =)

Talked to Kai about him, just a little bit.
Just about how she thought that hp guy looks like him.
Well, even the way they smoke is the same.
But haiya.

Okay: NEWater pics!
I have the entire script in my head.
This day we have to pick the mic and speaker up to speak.

Peiyun, Tong and I went crazy over big kois, the NEWater water features and well, poles.

All right then.
That's it for today!
I spent so much time compiling the pictures that I am like...



Monday, September 17, 2007

Its the NEWater plant that's we've gone to today for orientation.
Its part of our Public Relations attachment for the next term.
Alongside the subject would be HR, Advance Office Applications and what's-not-known.

I have no idea what's wrong with my brain.
I woke up like, 45mins before the meeting time.
Cuz I set my alarm at 8am.
My brain somehow turned the mindclock to thinking I'm supposed to wake at 8am instead of the initial 7am.

Chionged to Tanah Merah station on a cab.
Reached there just in time.

The plant is actually quite well-built.
I've only been there like 4years ago when it was just opened to carry NEWater bottles to school.
Was being made used by the school sniff.
But anyways, it was quite entertaining lahs.
Our tour job is actually not difficult.
Its just a matter of getting yourself to talk to the crowd.
I'm fine with it, actually I'm quite on with it lah.
I mean, talking to the crowd...
But handling is another thing. Baaah.

They have this very pretty water fountain platform.
The guide turned on the rainbow lights and it was so pretty.
I rushed to take photo, and am glad that the guide, Elaine waited for me cuz I was like the last to walk out haha.
Sorry lah, sua ku.

On the left was the platform before the rainbow lights are turned on.
Middle is while Elaine was explaining about the membrane technology to us.
Third, well, you get it.
Headed home after that.
Have got shameless camwhoring pics with Yanting.
I actually wanted to buy veg rice for lunch but kor messaged me that there's veg bee hoon at home.
So I walked one big round back home.
Along the corridors, there's alot of well, workers, sitting on the floor having lunch.
Loads of wires. and humans.
I don't know how I managed to skip past them and back home.
No electricity.
Heng they finished earlier than expected.
Waiting for my mum to finish work and come home so that we can start dinner.
Braised duck and salted vegie and pig's skin. MUAHAHAHA.
Stay happy everyone. =D

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sian ah.
Early in the morning kanna pang seh-ed.
No kbox.
I wanna sing also cannot.
I just take it as heaven wants me to rest my voice today ba.

I kajiao-ed ahtong (Note: Super pretty slim ah tong =D) up to pei me in the afternoon.
Cause I'm all dressed up already, just want to go out no matter what.

We headed to Tampines 201 there to walk see.
Well well well...
All rights lah. Hahaha.
Alot of students mugging in Macdee's. O lvls, o lvls.
What was I doing during O Lvls?
Ya hor....

So to be more cheapo, we walked around in search of cheap things hahaha.
Okay lah.
I saw the jellies again.
On our way to Tampines Mall, we stopped to entertain ourselves in the fitness corner.
We had quite some bo liao fun lah.
After sweating, erh, we ate ice cream.
I tried the jelly thingie carissa ate.
Well, it doesn't taste obscene lah.

Slacked for quite sometime.
Then i led tong through different estates and all the way to central area.
Walked around feeling restless.

That's it.
My day like that lohs.
Carissa scaring me with ghost encounters.

I had a weird dream last night.
I dreamt that Tong and I went for an interview in a factory-liked place.
Then we were asked to sit on a metal plate.
Then all of a sudden, tong was flattened by a fallen metal cylinder.
She turned 2D sia. Qing piao piao de.
I was thinking in the dream, maybe can use hot water to de-flat her.

Then I sms-ed ze to ask if he got cheap durian mooncakes for sale.
Wa lao.
Of all things, DURIAN mooncake.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Acty, didn't plan to head out today.
But I have to settle my lunch anyway, so I asked kor if he wanna head out for lunch together.
So yup... landed.....

Cause my Daddy gave us discount vouchers, and I don't have time at all for the whole of september...
Might sound like an excuse but haiya.
Terrence was late for one whole hour.
But sighs, I wonder how come we have that patience.

But anyway, yup, back to billy bombers.
I had Fish and Chips and Chocolate Shake.
Kor had Pork Ribs and Ter had Orange Shake.

I think my choc shake is heavenly. Woo hoo.
Super creamy like ice cream~
But Fish and Chips = Way too much.
The potions are so so so so big. Well, three pieces of the fish.
You know I was so so full, I didn't want to look at the leftovers cuz I'm afraid I will PUKE.

Koe kept trying to change flavors so that he wouldn't get sick of the food.
So he dipped on Tomato Sauce, Tar Tar Sauce, drank plain water, drank the shakes, ate the fish and his pork ribs...
Just so that his mouth is not only ful of pork ribs' taste.

Bill totalled up to 59bucks, but since we have the vouchers, its 24bucks lesser.
Full till can vomit.

Basically nothing much happened after that, cause we all headed home with a big fat tummy.
I swear I looked 4mths pregs.
I looked at my schedule once again.
I'm totally occupied for september.
Well, I have weekends, one here and one there free.
But weekdays....
uh well.
K boxing tomorrow. =)
Bye peeps.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm tired.
But I'm still kicking.
But then again, I'm still tired.

Okays, headed out with Hui and Tong to Bugis today.
Victor's as usual.


Then we went to walk walk walk~
I found slimming equipments that are cheaper than those sold online.
Its nice to shop in bugis street during a weekday.

Headed to Bugis Junction for a while.
Satisfied my cravings for Takoyaki.
Oh gosh. I want SAKAE BUFFET.

Okay, here comes the 'drama'.
I headed to Tampines, Century Square's Hans.
I am thoroughly, fully, irritated by them.

Let's see, what did they do, you ask?
They have people RENOVATING in the KITCHEN where the food are cooked and all.
When I say renovation, it means DUST, DIRT, and waa, NOISE.
I mean, hello?! You are doing F&B business you know?!

The noise level is unbearable, its like, drilling and all.
And oh, the slicing of metal plates.
You can imagine how UNHYGENIC and NOISY it was.
Not to mention, smelly.

Very, very disgusted.
I shall not dine there under any freaking circumstances.
Do they even think of the customers?
F&B counts on the customers to strive.
Doesn't mean you don't charge the service charge means you can ignore all consumers.

I think even service recovery won't help this time.

Anyway, yes enough of my compliants.
I know I am very three aunts six grandmas and three eight.
But you know what?

JELLY - JELENE Thousand sleep!
If you hate me you can scream Jeslene Wan Suay also. =D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If you've read the news, seen the news, you should have seen this:

Osama, the gai-si-de-qu-si-ba appeared again on Sept 11.
Which is really suspicious cuz he reappeared on 8th Sept.
And now, on this sensitive date, the 911.

Read the chinese news here:

Sicko osssie.

Blogger got kanna trojan sia.
So the trojan will take your account and post fake entries with links that link to more trouble.
Take note.

Third, there's some sex festival at i think russia.
To encourage birth rate.

End of exams today!
But haiya, OA still sucked.
Headed to town for wanton mee again, cuz anne wants it.

Then to billybombers, cuz carrie wants milkshake.

But haiya.
Nvm la.
Celebrations not crimes.

Please take blood pressure after eating.
My blood pressure damn high.
Maryanne say its coz I'm talking and I'm cold. =(

Bought this necklace =D Love it!

Hui juz told me I missed an episode of Hey! Gorgeous with Royston.
No hotties body. SNIFF
Latest addiction:

Ya lah, the hana kimi guy known to carrie LOL.
Tong dun like him =(

Shirotan and the kitties the hana kimi group found abandoned on the beach. =(
Poor babies.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Okay, I did study.

I really did.

But look at the picture and You will realise, my heart simply flew.

Scrolled through the msn list.

Over 300people.

But I couldn't bring myself to trouble anyone.

My friends are all mugging hard, don't wanna disturb.

Those who are not, they are all not a mood better than mine.

Some I called, not around.

I should stop depending on others to sooth my emotions.

I finally tried calling.

I gathered all my courage and pride.

But the continuous dial tone is as good as a deafening silence.

I hung up.

I hoped for the whole freaking day I'll get a call back.

Well, nothing.

I was just wishing for it.

Closed my eyes, cried.


I got over it, but not the after effects.

If no one ever pick up the phone on the other line, the aftermath won't even start.

If it doesn't start, how to end, right.



Ignorations accepted.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Let's just say today is a ... very...
Jellish day.
Ya jellish, that's it.
Cuz hui, leaking and I were floating around.
Seriously floating.
Nothing much to speak about, other than seeing hui spend a grand 70bucks altogether.
I swear my heart broke into pieces.
She spent 10times more than I did.

Upon reaching home, I chionged episode 21 of X-Family.
Can't wait for the next.

Erh, random pictures.

I cliped the back of my hair up just to see if I look okay with short hair. Turns out... weird. LOL! Aish, I'm bored can.

Orange Julius (however the spelling go me no no) drinks...

6bucks platform sandals my mum bought from the market.

Speaking of 6bucks sandals, I went to the doc's. My stupid eye lahs. Okay, so ya, ended up having an early breakfast with daddy and mummy. Mummy took me jalaning in the morning market. Loads of stuff there, shoes, hello kitty... all at very cheap prices.

My dear doctor, he used a needle and poked the nong in my eyelid. Super pain can. I told my doctor that I'm a coward. LOL.


Nothing interesting to blog about seh.

My dog cannot stop barking so that we let him out of the cage.

At least my double eyelids are back.

And erh..
I know you see nothing in my blog these days...
But haiya, seriously no mood to update.
Be it, be it.

Concert is combined, for anyone who didn't visit the hark music blog.
So its going to be 28th sept, only one session.
Great, we are going to sing toegther once again.
Too bad eugene's not going... Boxing competition.

Exams are coming, and I'm half heartedly studying.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My eye is hurting like nobody's biz right now.

Actually I just came on to blog about this, lah.

Eh hehehehe!

Congrats to Tong who got the job!

I actually took a photo to show how swollen my eye is.
But aiya.
I too ugly, save you guys from the agony.
Oie, it rhymes!

Every blink hurts.
Okay, this sentence sound so emo.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Randomness for this entry.

Here is the official information about the grandfinalist concert!

GrandFinalists Concert: 21 SEPTEMBER & 28 SEPTEMBER 2007 (FRIDAY)

Can't get enough of our Grand Finalists' performance?

Or you've missed their Final's performance held on 24 Aug?

Alright, here's a great chance for you to hear their voices once again! And this time round, they'll be bringing 2 songs each, with different genres!

With this exciting line-up, the concert will be held on 2 separate days. Check out your favourite vocalists' performance date, and mark the date down!And yes, they'll be performing together with our Hark's SUPERBAND!

Date: 21 September 2007 (FRIDAY)
Time: 8pm
Price: $5 inclusive of a drink

Tat Sin (Champion!)
Sophia (2nd Runner-Up)Junxuan (Finalist)
Amy (Finalist)

Date: 28 September 2007 (FRIDAY)
Time: 8pm
Price: $5 inclusive of a drink

Daisy (1st Runner-Up)
Carissa (Finalist)
Aaron (Finalist)
Jeslene (Finalist)
Eugene (Finalist)

Tickets Booking available after 7 September 2007.

Call us at 6333 0733/6339 0100 to book your tickets!

Information from


Sunday was a huge crap of fun - Karaoke session with the finalists = Sophia, Carissa and Daisy.
Aaron pang seh us again lah. lol.
Tho daisy had to leave earlier, the remainder of us were all on the high end.
High end = Sing high notes.
Super fun lah!

After Kbox, sophia and Carissa went to buy ice cream.
Carissa bought this Jelly Pop that she sucked and sucked.
I seriously couldn't stop laughing so it seemed so obscene.

Carissa went to Expo with me... And I found Tong, Yan and Joel there.
Watched them eat dinner after Carissa went for Hark lessons, then I went to fold clothes with Tong.
Hate that guard there.
Super kns.

Today I feel like a piece of crap.

Carissa and jelly from K lunch...

I haven't decide what song to sing for the concert yet.

Decided the slow song, but not the fast one.



Saturday, September 01, 2007


The vixen was in a low mood since... well, the end of the marketing presentation.
Yes yes yes, the marketing presentation is finally over and done...
Can only say, I stretched alot of my parts so that I talk longer.

OIE, don't know who playing loud techno music when people are having funerals downstairs!

Okay, sorry for the sidetrack.
Can't stop sleeping these days.
Sleep here and there... even on the train.
Speaking of which, I tried sleeping on the train yesterday.
When I did nod to sleep, some guy sat beside me and his HUGE ROUGH LAPTOP CASE brushed against my thighs HARD.
I jerked awake.

Then I tried sleeping again, another guy sat beside me on the other side and he opened his legs apart so wide (Jes uses arms to gesture how wide it was, say, 1 metre?) that he hit my legs and I woke up once more.

Then I went back to sleep again (See, i was that tired)...

Until a little boy ran over to me and shook me awake.
"Jie jie! JIE JIE!"
I stirred awake and looked at him, confused.
Stranger hor, that boy.
The mom apologized profusely.

I tried to sleep again but I realised I shouldn't even bother cuz its just 2 more stops to Tampines.
Oh well.
I fainted on my bed soon after anyway.
But mum screamed me awake.

Went to SIM open house today. Nothing much actually.
Potian wanton mee was the main thing yeaa?

I feel sleepy again.
I eat, sleep, shit nia.
Never study.
Si ga liao.
Oh, submission of concert songs on monday.
Double si ga liao.

*Jes floats away*