Sunday, September 18, 2011

iPhone apps!

Ever I've gotten an iPhone 4, cam whoring went up a whole new level lol.

I basically use diff apps to enhance and play puri deco my photos.

Front cam rocks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eyelash extensions are fab!

It's September this month!

And that meant my birthday is around the corner and due to circumstances I decided against the usual chalet which I used to book for my birthday celebrations.

So with the money I've saved, I decided dolling myself up would be best.

And the thought of eyelash extensions came into my mind.

Yes I'm wearing glasses most of the time - except when I'm swimming or sleeping that is.

I read this article online saying extensions will make ur eyes pop beneath those hateful eye minimizing glasses lol. So yea vain as I am I went to try it.

I became acquaintances with the owner of Milly's through her EXU clothes buffet and twitter. (she's really nice & pretty <3) So when it comes to doing extensions, my brain immediately thought of her, and her chain of beauty palour ( hair extensions, nails and lashes woohoo)

So when sweetest Milly made an appointment for me, I was set to go lalalala!

The process was ok, if only I could stop myself from squinting lol. I couldn't help it, it was my instinct to do so!

45 mins later, I opened my eyes to see a set of fluttery lashes, and I loooooove it.

It felt a bit weird for the first 2 days. I found washing face a hassle lol but after I got used to it, going around makeupless is effortless.

Once my dad even asked me where I'm going when I was sitting in front of the kitchen table and eating my dinner - in my japalang pj before sleep lol.

It's been nearly 2 weeks now, and it's still pretty. I guess I'm addicted uh oh.

And does it really make my eyes pop beneath my glasses? It dooooooes. So no worries should you be like me, a glasses person!

Milly's has two branches, one at far east plaza, the other at bugis street. I did mine at BS!

My friends are pondering to do the extensions now lol. Cause mine are so pretty! When I shop around in BS, my shop sales girls friends will be like I wanna do!

Now I regret not buying the 2nd time for a cheaper price zzz!

Before I sign off, just wanna make a disclaimer:

Milly's doesn't sponsor me in anyway. I paid for the service and I'm impressed with the outcomes-thus the sincere review. And also, not because I knew Milly herself. Sharing is caring after all, right? :)

Wished I could try hair extensions but lol, it's probably impossible!