Friday, May 30, 2008

Maybe I'm falling.
Actually, I don't need that maybe.

I know, I am falling.

Despite being cautious and all.
I am still falling.

Just one simple message will make me smile like an crazy human.
Never knew I can be so giggly.



I am super hungry now.
Cold, Hungry and Tired = Death.

No, no photos.

Today's my performance.
I better don't screw it up.
Xue wei's wrists are facing pain, I'm darn worried can.
Told her to give up, she die die don't want.
Her wrists ahhhhhh.

I'm hungry.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I had dinner with Xinyun Jie yesterday evening.
She brought Kailin and I to this La Mian place, which I think is worthed everything.
Just that I was so hungry I could eat another bowl.

Should bring ah tong there soon, since she used to be besotted with dumpling noodles.
Photos coming up, at night, I guess?
I'm @ Work now, editing some photos.

Will be having one last practice with Xuewei tonight.
And then tomorrow will be the big-but-not-so-big day.
Already told all my darlings not to come.
2 songs, not worthed the wasted time.

And while fiddling with the company's dig cam, I took these:

Capital Tower.

TP, from the 20th storey window.
With no photoshop, I just gonna make do with like, windows photo editor.
I am sleepy.
Still sleepy.
Money money, grow on trees....
My life is so..... uninteresting lah!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gotta say, I saw something on the papers that gloomed me a little.
But that si just how he is, I know it, don't I.
So don't gloom over it, Jeslene.

You have tomorrow to anticipate, Jes.
Maybe he'll come tomorrow to clear these boxes away =)

I've moved on, after all.


My darlings, cheer up.
I don't want 30% leh.
Though it takes time, but really, cheer up!

Hui, good luck for you interview!


Tired =(

Monday, May 26, 2008

Was hungry,
to get my mind off my tummy,
I got this from Xinyun Jie.

Your Personality Is Like Alcohol
You're the life of the party, a total flirt, and probably a pretty big jokester.
Sometimes your behavior gets you in trouble, but you still remain socially acceptable.
You're a pretty bad driver, and you're dancing could also use a little work!

At your best: You are uninhibited, funny, and relaxed.

What people like about being around you: You're friendly, welcoming, and easy to talk to.

What people dislike about being around you: You're a little sloppy and careless.

How addicted people get to you: A fair amount, though they tend to deny it.

Kailin cannot stop nodding her head in agreement.
Its darn true eh, my friends.
I know I'm sloppy, but the thing is I don't do anything to change that.

I'm not a total flirt.
I'm not...



table width=350 align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2>You Should Play the Guitar
You're very independent - both in spirit and in the way you learn.
You can teach yourself almost anything, even if it makes your fingers bleed.

You're not really the type to sit patiently through a music lesson - or do things by the book.
It's more your style to master the fundamentals and see where they take you.

Highly creative and a bit eclectic, you need a wide range of music to play.
You could emerge as a sensitive songwriter... or a manic rock star.

Your dominant personality characteristic: being rebellious

Your secondary personality characteristic: tenacity

Uh huh.
I self taught myself alot of things.
Keyboard, piano, guitar, violin, cello, on and on.
I don't like tau geis =(


I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

No, I haven't been updating...

But I am now, I am!
Like what xinyun jie says, I update like three times a week hahaha!
So am I a regular blogger, or not?

There's this headache bugging me since morning.
Even after I had doses of pain killers.
Argh, man!

I shall summarise the day as:
The crowd at Expo KILLS, I tell you.

1) There have this Adidas warehouse sale.
2) Foodfair.
3) Robinsons Sale
4) Popular Sale

Being Jeslene (And jeslene's mummy) we chionged (well, literally) to shop in Robinsons sales.
And being a porky jelly (say, I might reunite with my jelly friends, ya know, like puddings?) we went to the food fair after.
And being a kiasu singaporean cheapo, we went to popular fair as well, staying for merely 10mins. (Aiya, see see nia lah)

So, reporting to readers what I've got:

ZA Eyeliner (30percent off leh! I AM CHEAPO!)
A bag (That cost like $33 bucks, I think I was charmed)
A top from outfitters ($10)

I shall not mention the food.
My lunch was Okonomiyaki, sharkfin soup and otah.

Deqing was the cashier in the robinsons sale.
He recognised me, YET he didn't call me!
He then sms-ed me to ask if that was me.
SIR, please do notify me if you see me on the street lah hor.
I am BLIND when it comes to recognising humans, much more someone who I've never seen in real before.

You all, online friends ah, see me call me HOR!

I was so restless by the time we reached the foodfair venue,
I let the crowd lead me in their flow.
I think I kept smiling at all the vendors.
And they kept smiling back.

No, its not cause most of them are males.
Really, its not.
But gotta admit I stole a second glance at this eye catching cutie at the subscription booth.
But so did he okay, so we're on fair ends =P

Mum thinks I'm overly friendly.
Carrie thinks I'm overly polite.
BUT, smiling thank you is SO SO... me?


Right, enough about sales.

Friday at work, I wondered how I withstood all the crap.
Basically its not a good day, neither was it a way too bad one.
Maybe it was one of those below average day, eh?

Crown guys cheered me though.
Funny how outsiders who I hardly know can cheer me up so quickly~
Sherry said I am a blur queen when I was in a blur on which direction would lead me to Esther.
You know, the usual direction idiot I was (even though the level is like, just one whole big loop.)
Those guys actually said never mind, she's pretty.

See lah.

Flattery can get you ANYWHERE!
Flattery can get you nowhere? That is bullshit =P

They said when they see me they cannot help but smile.

But my beautiful stranger didn't come.
Anticipating monday, then!

Since I have no pictures to show ya all...
I decided to show off some of my loot. LOL.
No lah, not show off lah.
I've been shopping way too much lately.
Stop, jelly, stop!
But anyway, that was the bag I got at Robinsons,
and the flats I got in Tampines for like $13. =P

Okay, long entry, long enough.

Practice tomorrow canceled, cause wei had something on.

Let's just say~
I better remember the lyrics soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today is the 49th day, and the traditionally said day my grandmother leave for paradise.
Took a day off work,
Woke @ 6am.
Headed to Guang Ming Shan by cab.

I gazed at the picture of my popo.
And silently, I said:

"Popo, I'm here."
Had the urge to cry.
But didn't.
So fast eh, all of a sudden, its the 49th day.
Which means, 1 month plus has passed.

Did the ritual and all, and we brought popo to where she wanted to be.
She chose the temple herself and bought a place there to rest in peace.
Its like, 8000bucks per place.
But that place is nice, peaceful and all.
My popo have a good sense of art, I think. Lol.

Headed for lunch with my relatives at this vegetarian place.
The food is gooood.
My auntie said, my popo loved the food there too.

Was driven back to Bugis, which after, I shopped with my parents and auntie.
And being so so so tired...
I fell asleep on the train.

Before you guys think I'm emo-ing, I'm not all rights?
Im fine =)
Thanks to those who asked, Xinyun jie esp, thanks for remembering this day with me =)

Alot of them, old and new.
Outdated ones too haha.

Office boredom.

My singing tool. LOL.
I took this on Sunday, when I went for practice.

And behind me, shall be the audiences.

Dinner @ NYNY:

Bowling ally craze!
Oh btw, if you all (YES LAH YOU ALL LAH) cannot find the pic you really wanted...
Tell me, I have some more but its SO DARK, I surrendered.

They are having a scandal, I swear its true!

Joel is very very entertaining, as you can see.

Dine was BULLYING me loh.

Fatty Jelly beside 2 skinny humans. HMPH.

Dine is very happy to look taller than yan.

And Yan is unhappy about being shorter for once.

Group photo!
My darlings =)

Double group photo!
How come Joel is like, hiding?!

Guangmingshan, early in the morning.
I was a lil sad when I saw this little girl's picture sitting alongside my grandma's.

Very peaceful, fat fat pigeon.

Food, all gone.
My uncle might get angry if I take pictures of the food.
So, better just take what's gone lah.


It feels weird to be giggly all over again.
Now I know how Xinyun jie feels.
And if you guys are wondering...
He is a malay, and he doesn't work in my office.

Oh gosh.
I hope he won't see this HAHAHA.
If not it will be all too obvious.

I was just charmed lah.
My true love is still CHRIS.

*Jes grins*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think I'm besotted...
A little..

With someone...
Who's an outsider...
Who I seen only the third or fourth time.
And he made my day =)

So did Xinyun jie, lunching with her brightens me.
Love her to bits =DD

Nora, my supervisor gave me a curry puff from Old Chang Kee.
Another happy thing~
She said she was looking for me to ask me join her for lunch cause I was alone today without Kai Lin.
Man, I love her too.

Then Sherry the receptionist, say I pretty HAHAHAHA.
Ask me why no boyfriend.
I stare then I rubbed my tummy for her to see.

But everyone likes to be complimented.
So, I love sherry too =P

All the Managers today were polite.
I managed to hide from KL, who scolded Kai Lin for nothing last week.
All said thank you sooooooo nicely.

My afternoon was screwed.
But after Lunch~
All went well.

I still think I'm besotted.

he's cute.
I'm alone in my office space now.
Basically, Kailin is off for her graduation ceremony today.
So she took off.

So I'm alone.


As for me...
And... don't know. My mind seems to be wandering.
Its bad, cause if it goes on I will get emo lah.

Decided to have lunch alone today.
Maybe pack it up to office or something.
Then watch Youtube.
Having a headache, since yesterday, and yet I can think of such solutions.

But it doesn't take a genius lah.


Had a good time @ Downtown East yesterday with:
Yan, Joel, Kai, Ching, Dine, Peishi & Roman.
We had Dinner @ NewYork2 and to be honest I wasn't really impressed, lah.
I don't really like the noisy ambience.
And I was having my headache, maybe that's why.

Loads of pictures taken while doing crazy things in the Bowling Ally.
But something dumb is that we didn't play bowling.
Cause the reception told us that there are 40-50 people in queue to play.
I'm like WTF.
40-50 or 14-15?

Special thanks to Roman, the sibeirichstranger, for the treat.
Stupid Roman, the bill is like 116bucks lor.
You better watch out.


Can't help but feel... restless these days.
I do get happy and high and all.
But after which, when I'm all alone, I feel, well, all alone.
Its hard not to.
Esp when I just had a fight with Paul again.


Popo, tomorrow will be the 49th day you've left us.
It still doesn't feel real.
Whenever I'm at Bugis, every street, every shortcut, I see you.
I see myself when I'm 2 years old, following you and kor kor around.

In my dreams, you told me that you found your mother.
The mother you've been trying so hard to search for when you're still around.
Hopefully. she will bring you to where all of us really belong to.

I still miss you terribly,
and I still cry when I type all these to you.
But I, and we, will accept it, somehow.

PS. Popo, if you cannot read english ah, get someone to translate for you hor. I too lazy to type in chinese =P


Pictures, loads of them in my phone. Will try to upload and edit asap =)

Updates: Eating with Xinyun =)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Updates before I really turn out like Yan - Abandon blogs everywhere.

I seriously don't know how I'm feeling these days.
I'm happy enough with friends and all.
They always make my day, no matter how hard I had it.
But there's so many people around me hooking up *coughxinyuncough* I feel so so so~

Left out?

I don't know.
Its like, 可有可无。
So its actually fine.

Now all I hope for is everyone around to be happy.
Stop PMS-ing, MAMA! Don't pass your clouds to me leh!
Cheer up, my bimbo!
And people!

I'm blabbering.

I encountered a girl today... who I think.. Might need some...
I was in Bugis, queuing up with my brother to collect something.
She was in the line, in front of me.

And... I can't help but to notice.
Her hair was in a mess and there's odour.
And dandruff.
I think she didn't wash it eh.... recently?

I'm a very very vain eprson, so I was terrified when I saw that.
I know I'm mean but..............

Kino was having 20% today!
So bro and I choinged the store.
We spent over 120bucks there.
Thank goodness for discounts!

Walked around in Town.
And I bought NOTHING.
Just... nothing?
No shopping mood?
But I do have the mood.
Just nothing for me to spend on.

Having practice tomorrow.
I guess we're gonna use the performing studio.
Hopefully it will turn out fine.
My ulcer is not helping my voice.

I'm meeting maryanne!

Just happened to see the skies before I headed home.
I thought it was beautiful =)

Camwhoring @ work.
CAUSE! I was BORED with archiving.
I have like, 53boxes of documents there already, waiting to be sent to Crown.

It was raining very hard that day in Tanjong Pagar.
The whole sky turned grey!
I was like thinking, wa, world's end.

Went to Curry Favor again with jie, kai and tong!
That's my chicken and fish fried bento.

dates for the night - not men lol.

I realised I have like 3 of the same scene in my phone.
One is in my memory card.
2 is left in my phone memory.
Think i switched on the triple shot.
So it looked different slightly from the one in tong's blog.

I think my social circle has become so much smaller.
so small, I hardly see any males around me.
Maybe I should turn les or something.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life goes on and on and on.
No matter what we think we do it still goes on.
Its sometimes sickening.
But sometimes, its just peaceful enough for you to be glad about it.

Right now, I'm trying to see what's lacking in my life.
A man?

Or am I just missing myself?

Nothing's lacking, I reckon.
All is an illusion.
I shall tell myself.
I think I broke my knee yesterday T^T

Okay lah, not so kua zhang, but it had that twitch between the joints at my knee.
It was so bad I almost couldn't walk.
But well, I can drag. So i dragged my feet all over when I walked.
So ugly.

Already had the twitch when i woke up yesterday morning.
but thinking it was a normal twitch *well, it happens quite often in my life*
I didn't care much.
No problems walking either.
Until after my lunch hour, the problem got worse.
Standing up and straightening my knee hurts so much, I kept losing my balance.

Did everything I thought would help but argh.
Limped all the way to International Plaza to hand Hiyu jie my timesheets.
And took a cab hooooooooooome.

Darn, expensive.
Thanks jie and Kailin for sending me right up till my doorsteps.


Slightly better.
Mum and Dad practically slapped all possible medicated oil, paste whatever into my knee.
Even have panadols to keep pain away.

I wish I can not strain and put stress on my foot.
But impossible.
I still have loads of things to Archive.
archive = coolie work.
= carrying alot of tings.


Half way through now.
I'm not slacking k!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jelly had a great day today.
(Gives a brilliant grin that's supposed to blind all of you)

I was late *whoops* for practice with my wei.
=X Its my fault lah, for being so slow and all.
Surprise! I saw yana on the train!
I was staring..... then uh huh, that's... yana right?

Train ride was a breeze through cause we were chatting and updating each other.
Rushed all the way as soon as I reached Douby.
My wei decided to give me a death sentence for being late T^T.
But since she needs someone to sing after all, I was let off.

Today's session was gooood~

Saw Gabriel on the way to the train station.
Carissa called to tell me she saw us from the bus she was in.
Ignore me.

Ya, met up with my darlings - Charlane & Astrid!
Super happy to see them lah!
I feel so dots can, their english so powerful i so powderful.
I seriously need to speak more english.

We headed to this little place call:

Curry Flavor.

I like the ambiance.
Very lazy, very jazzy and very classy.
Prices are slightly steep, but worthed.
Service is good and loads of choices.

Generally, they serve Japanese Curry, and alot of other Japanese food.

Belly Jelly good.

Mushroom Fried.
Whole mushroom fried, loh.
It was quite good, but not good enough, in my opinion.

Astrid's Cheese Katsu Curry Rice.
Looks good?
Its good.

Charlane's Beef Curry Udon.
I like the Udon!
Its very... very... slippery? LOL.
Its just very nice lah.

And finally, my Stewed Beef Curry.
You know what?
Its Tenderloin beef in medium rare they are using.
The beef is darn good, in the sense that it was compatible with the curry and all.
Rice is of the Japanese sticky rice, looks little, but more than enough.

Oh, its only $16++ for my dish.
Comes with Miso Soup/Salad.

Jeslene cannot live without CHOCOLATE:

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo.
Sprinkled with white and dark chocolate bits.
And chocolate sauce.

I have nothing to comment on this.
Its sinful, but oh-so-irresistible.
If you love chocolate, this is your dessert.

Its a good place to laze about, for a lazy afternoon.
Prices are $14 and above for main courses.
They have so many things on their menu, you'll be spoilt for choices.

Atmosphere wise, its good, really.
Sorta reminds me of Cottage Pies, the lazing part.
But classier, older and more charming.
We managed to get the sofa seats, maybe that's why.

And I can't believe we, three ladies, have out bills totaling up to $91.

Me, and Astrid.

The three of us then headed to Bugis Street for some shopping.
Apparently, Charlane was like, almost the only one shopping.
She said she will never ask me out for shopping again.
I think I myself is a temptation HAHAHA.

I saw I-da (aka su of ISP, dears) in Diva.
She was like welcoooooooome~ Welcoooooooome ahhhhh~
She looked great =)

And we spotted a cuteeeeeee (But short) guy doing surveys.
Charlane was charmed into doing one =P
She dared me to get his number.
But Char dear, you are the one who's in love with him leh.


We went separate ways after that, and I headed home.


I was pretty tired today.
I still am.
I dreamt of my grandmother again.
She looks good in my dreams though.



You know what?
I should stop staying single.
I should go on some dates.

(Jes hands her readers a pack of red dates)

Dates, anyone?

Oie, don't throw bananas at me leh!

Intro me dates leh.
Not red dates hor.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

To my best friend, Yanyan!
Happy 20th Birthday!

I really hope you enjoyed the day despite having to work.
Because of that, there was no way we could celebrate thoroughly, regretfully.
All loves from Kailin and I!

Love you alot alot alot! <3

Kailin and I went to Marina Square just to have dinner with Yanyan!
Its her birthday!
*jes throws confetti*

Gave her a treat @ Paste de Waraku.
Is it Waraku? Aiya, forget lah.
Waraku, Wakaru, Soduku, Shokudu.

hopefully she enjoyed the day, though the time we spent together was very little.
Initially planned to take her into the SG Flyer.
But her work ruined it loh.

I'm pretty tired now, so...
Pictures, save me please!

Gaining some heat outside the shopping mall.
Too cold in MS.
MS's aircon machiam FOC.

It writes: Party Animals.
Jeslene reads: FARTY Animals.
So the animal's fart are strawberry & Choco flavored?



I jerked awake in fear when I heard thunder this morning.
Yes people, manly jelly IS AFRAID OF THUNDER & LIGHTNING!

I was so traumatized, I called paul for help.
That human was partying away.
So I was brushed off with a "Just sleep!"

I did as I was told, trying hard to ignore the bing bong biang outside.
And when I finally fell into a deep slumber....
the next thing I know RENOVATION WORK WOKE ME UP!
It was like 8am in the morning.


So now, after complaining,

PS: Yan me la-ver laver (love) you!

PSS: Tong! Hahahaha! I knew that was you when I saw your backview~

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Okay, I'm back from lunch.
And happens that my fingers are a thousand times slower than Xinyun's.

Die die also must blog NOW.

Like I mentioned on my previous entry,
I had lunch with Xinyun.
To be honest I could hardly recall how we met online.
It was Nuffnang actually.

I joined nuffnang and she was one of the few to welcome me to the community.
I remember that, cause you see, she's amongst the first few linked under 'Nuffnangers'.
Beeguet got the first place apparently. LOL.

Then I started reading her blog, tagging her.
Time just flies eh.
Until NOW, then we met each other in person.
She's the second nuffnanger I've met in real after Daisy.

had a great time dear,
it wasn't that awkward ah~
But so funny, out conversation can go that far, till ya know, sexuality.

and stop saying you're AUNTIE!
Beeguet stop calling her auntie!
You know what is auntie?

THIS is auntie!
Auntie not okay.



now, when am I going to meet the rest of you?










Your Seduction Style: Siren / Rake
You possess an unbridled sensuality that appeals to many.
The minute you meet anyone, you can make the crave you almost immediately.
You give others the chance to lose control with you... spiraling into carnal bliss.
A dangerous lover, you both fascinate and scare those you attract.
What Is Your Seduction Style?

Got this from Xinyun
How... LOL.
Vixen jeslene indeed.

Meeting Xinyun for lunch later!

Dinner with Xue Wei before practice.
Can't wait to sing! =)

Office is cold.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


All thanks to May Babies in CRL, we get to eat & slack for 20mins just before we knock off.
What a happy company ah...~

Some alien kidnapped M&M and changed it's shape.
(Btw, it has two peanuts in it, surprise~ =.= )

Face the computer for too long and you will be like me :
Can't help but camwhore.


Pig face.


Had a special experience today, meeting vinci.
Don't worry vin, I wasn't bored.
I was busy staring at you and the others.
Pretty fun eh,
just don't have the confidence to hold it up as good as you did.
Take some time la, i guess?

Taxi fare wasn't as much as I expected it to be.
Its just $8.
I was expecting like, you know, $15.





Mascara came.
Super cute.
Tomorrow then take pic lah.
Feels good to have something that Singapore isn't selling.

Halter came.
Perefct fit for broad shoulders like Jeslene.

Brown eyeshadow came.
Haven't tried.
Looks good though~


My urge to sing is BACK.


You see all these freaking files?

They are called some other weird names before I renamed them.
I renamed ALLLLL of them~


I'm not depressed lah!
Being depressed means I will have thoughts of jumping down a building.
But being me I will only jump down the stairs. Its Tiao Lou too anyway.
Just need sometime to return back to my original self.

Perhaps a happy weekend will help.

Decided to update @ work, cause I don't think I have the time to update when I am at home.

I realised I cannot sleep well in the air con.
All I need is a fan and my bed.
Proven, that Jeslene can sleep way better with just a fan.

Maybe my body is not made for luxury.

Xuan kept saying I spend more than her in a month.
Online, things are cheaper what...
Speaking of which, I've just receieved my mineral eyeshadow from The Angels.

I got myself metallic purple.
Turned out it was metallic purple & hot pink smashed together.
The colour combination is darn good.

Can't wait to see my dark brown one, yet to arrive.

I suppose I still have a few more things arriving today.
Like, eyeshadow...
Mascara from (its a maybelline and cannot be found in SG, heard it was good)
and a halter.

And things from last month.
clothes and hair curler.

But I didn't spend more than 100bucks for all of these you know.
To be honest its just around 60bucks.


You all, always ask where I get such cheap things.
And erh.
You have to dig lah.

I just got a bag for my mum (Second one to add on to her Mother's day prezzie)
for $12 niaaaa~

Shopping fanatic not, I have friends who are crazy over online shopping.
They spend like 300bucks A DAY on online shopping.
Crazy babes.


And long time no see my picture.

May all of you puke your breakfast/Lunch/teabreak/dinner/supper/morning snacks out.