Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think I'm besotted...
A little..

With someone...
Who's an outsider...
Who I seen only the third or fourth time.
And he made my day =)

So did Xinyun jie, lunching with her brightens me.
Love her to bits =DD

Nora, my supervisor gave me a curry puff from Old Chang Kee.
Another happy thing~
She said she was looking for me to ask me join her for lunch cause I was alone today without Kai Lin.
Man, I love her too.

Then Sherry the receptionist, say I pretty HAHAHAHA.
Ask me why no boyfriend.
I stare then I rubbed my tummy for her to see.

But everyone likes to be complimented.
So, I love sherry too =P

All the Managers today were polite.
I managed to hide from KL, who scolded Kai Lin for nothing last week.
All said thank you sooooooo nicely.

My afternoon was screwed.
But after Lunch~
All went well.

I still think I'm besotted.

he's cute.

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