Thursday, May 08, 2008

Okay, I'm back from lunch.
And happens that my fingers are a thousand times slower than Xinyun's.

Die die also must blog NOW.

Like I mentioned on my previous entry,
I had lunch with Xinyun.
To be honest I could hardly recall how we met online.
It was Nuffnang actually.

I joined nuffnang and she was one of the few to welcome me to the community.
I remember that, cause you see, she's amongst the first few linked under 'Nuffnangers'.
Beeguet got the first place apparently. LOL.

Then I started reading her blog, tagging her.
Time just flies eh.
Until NOW, then we met each other in person.
She's the second nuffnanger I've met in real after Daisy.

had a great time dear,
it wasn't that awkward ah~
But so funny, out conversation can go that far, till ya know, sexuality.

and stop saying you're AUNTIE!
Beeguet stop calling her auntie!
You know what is auntie?

THIS is auntie!
Auntie not okay.



now, when am I going to meet the rest of you?

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