Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I think I broke my knee yesterday T^T

Okay lah, not so kua zhang, but it had that twitch between the joints at my knee.
It was so bad I almost couldn't walk.
But well, I can drag. So i dragged my feet all over when I walked.
So ugly.

Already had the twitch when i woke up yesterday morning.
but thinking it was a normal twitch *well, it happens quite often in my life*
I didn't care much.
No problems walking either.
Until after my lunch hour, the problem got worse.
Standing up and straightening my knee hurts so much, I kept losing my balance.

Did everything I thought would help but argh.
Limped all the way to International Plaza to hand Hiyu jie my timesheets.
And took a cab hooooooooooome.

Darn, expensive.
Thanks jie and Kailin for sending me right up till my doorsteps.


Slightly better.
Mum and Dad practically slapped all possible medicated oil, paste whatever into my knee.
Even have panadols to keep pain away.

I wish I can not strain and put stress on my foot.
But impossible.
I still have loads of things to Archive.
archive = coolie work.
= carrying alot of tings.


Half way through now.
I'm not slacking k!

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