Saturday, May 17, 2008

Updates before I really turn out like Yan - Abandon blogs everywhere.

I seriously don't know how I'm feeling these days.
I'm happy enough with friends and all.
They always make my day, no matter how hard I had it.
But there's so many people around me hooking up *coughxinyuncough* I feel so so so~

Left out?

I don't know.
Its like, 可有可无。
So its actually fine.

Now all I hope for is everyone around to be happy.
Stop PMS-ing, MAMA! Don't pass your clouds to me leh!
Cheer up, my bimbo!
And people!

I'm blabbering.

I encountered a girl today... who I think.. Might need some...
I was in Bugis, queuing up with my brother to collect something.
She was in the line, in front of me.

And... I can't help but to notice.
Her hair was in a mess and there's odour.
And dandruff.
I think she didn't wash it eh.... recently?

I'm a very very vain eprson, so I was terrified when I saw that.
I know I'm mean but..............

Kino was having 20% today!
So bro and I choinged the store.
We spent over 120bucks there.
Thank goodness for discounts!

Walked around in Town.
And I bought NOTHING.
Just... nothing?
No shopping mood?
But I do have the mood.
Just nothing for me to spend on.

Having practice tomorrow.
I guess we're gonna use the performing studio.
Hopefully it will turn out fine.
My ulcer is not helping my voice.

I'm meeting maryanne!

Just happened to see the skies before I headed home.
I thought it was beautiful =)

Camwhoring @ work.
CAUSE! I was BORED with archiving.
I have like, 53boxes of documents there already, waiting to be sent to Crown.

It was raining very hard that day in Tanjong Pagar.
The whole sky turned grey!
I was like thinking, wa, world's end.

Went to Curry Favor again with jie, kai and tong!
That's my chicken and fish fried bento.

dates for the night - not men lol.

I realised I have like 3 of the same scene in my phone.
One is in my memory card.
2 is left in my phone memory.
Think i switched on the triple shot.
So it looked different slightly from the one in tong's blog.

I think my social circle has become so much smaller.
so small, I hardly see any males around me.
Maybe I should turn les or something.

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