Friday, March 30, 2007

I cannot believe how much hair I actually do have.
Maybe it's the nutrients from my hair. It have to be.
Look at all those hair scattered around on the floor.
My hair --> But I only trimmed!
Erh. Perhaps I'm erh, hairy.

Sent Yan off today, to penang.
Sorta sad... But I didn't cry, such a relief.
Cuz it's only 3month plus, plus I have hui and liying making me laugh.
I dragged Liying to go to town with us!
We ended up chatting about ghosts for an hour or so.

Had loads of fun with the girls.
We were almost gaga.
Out of nowhere, leaking says I'm sao.
Sao... is foxy?
She say I turn my charm on and off, on and off.
And at that moment, I felt like a teppenyaki stove.

Hui looks freaking nice with her new hair!
Suits her! Very sweet!

Oh. Oh! I gave my seat to a lady with her little girl in the train.
I stood up so abruptly, I think I gave leaking a shock.
The little girl is so pretty! Very sweet and cute!
But leaking says she looks like me.
How come everyone looks like me?

I know this entry is basically crap.
But well, nothing's wrong with updating about daily lives.
I refreshed some very precious memories last night as I was reading my archives.
Those days in Hark. With the guys and the only girl, which is me.
I missed them.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

I wish I can fall asleep right now.
It's coming 2am, and I'm still awake.
I am tired, yes.
However, since I''m awake, I might as well update something.

Went out for dinner with Yan, Kai, Joel and Roman.
Ching had attachment, so she couldn't make it.
I was informed that Yan's departure day was brought forward to Friday.
So I guess, I would send her off first, before going to meet Hui.

I'm feeling sorta upset.
Don't know, it feels weird to know that she wouldn't be around for 4months.
I know it would be harder for Joel.
But well, he's going to vietnam too.
So yeah, everyone's going overseas except me.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself today.
Simple dinner, and happy gathering.
It brings a smile to my face everytime I reflect the days I spent with them.
Yan was being gaga all along, and I got immune to her a few times after she went gaga.
The caffine.......?

Dinner then ---> Macafe.
And home it was.
Nevertheless, I'm feeling happy.


Something out of topic.
I was showering in the morning when I saw an army of ants invading the shower room.
Being me, I stunned for quite a while and recapped the Spider incident. (U can scroll down to see la, or ctrl F, then type spider. if you really wanna see how dumb I was)

The lane of ants stretched from the window, all the way toward the wall near my toiletbowl.
And once again, I was left to handle the situation nude.
I sprayed water at them, and washed them away.
And in the meantime, I forgot about the toilet paper rolls and wet them as well.
Even after i finished my shower, I can feel the itchy itchy crawly sensation on my face and neck.


Why are insects invading my house these days?
Ants, Spiders, unknown roach like yellow and brown striped bug, and moths!

Wah, sick!


Anyway, hope you people are having fun!
Chalets, and Clubbing.


Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm a happy girl!

My best friends never fail to enchant me with a great day out.
Even if it was only for 3 hours.

I slacked the whole afternoon away today.
I couldn't find anything to do.
So I composed, and drew.

In the evening time, I met Yan, Liying and Kailin for dinner.
We headed to east point, as yan wants to get her hair cut.
At this place call pro-trim.
Not too bad, their skills.
But it's a good 41bucks. Woo.
And there's one guy who has a pretty backview.
Sorta like ze tho, sick. LOL.

While waiting for Yan, the three of us roamed eastpoint.
I saw a pair of slippers.
Glam. Red and glossy.
But it's 30bucks. The lady said she can sell me cheaper.
But erh.
I didn't dare to spend.

Headed to Pet Safari.
Gushed over a standard poodle.
So BIG and FLUFFY. Like an enlarged soft toy!
And loads of sweet little puppies.
All not mine. =\

After Yan's haircut, we headed back to Tampines Mall.
Chose pizza hut.
Stuffed ourselves, and did some catching up.
Fattening pizzas, Hawaiian, and double cheese.
And the pizza hut platter.
But it's like, 14bucks per person, so it's kinda all right.

We left the place around 10pm. I suggested a drink.
But all of us were too stuffed. So yeah.
We took a walk to the train station and lingered around there.
Took a few pictures and home it is.

Yan will be heading to Penang soon.
This saturday.

But I enjoyed myself today.
I am totally happy and glad that we met up.
Although they kept teasing me about him.
But I love them to bits and pieces.
My best friends, indeed.


Yan looks disturbingly like her mom. Woo.

Hamsters all stacked up in the wheel. How cute.

Observe yan's expression. No, we didn't torture her, we did give her her share of pizzas.

Yan: I will try my best to take a slim picture of u!
Jes: Sick ah!

See? Sicko! LOL.

Leaking, Me and Yan. =)

Friends are forever, at least I hope to have these friends forever by my side. No doubts!

Four days after Carrie and Tong's departure.
I wonder how did their toilet biz went.
Toilets with no doors.
And no vulgarities.
And no speaking to opposite sex.

One long update, and it made up for the lack of updates.
I hope everyone's doing okay.

Those who are in moodswings, UP UP UP!

Have a date with leaking on wed.
Midday shopping!


Saturday, March 24, 2007

[These are personal thoughts directed to someone else. So don't be sensitive.]

I know you people have huge egos.
I know you guys have your pride.
So do us ladies.

I don't understand why, you can give so many excuses just to tell another you are right.
Is it that important?
That you must be right?

Stop telling the whole world, a woman hurt you.
Stop resorting to stupid tactics to gain pity.
You tell people, hey I don't need your pity!
But come on, face it.
You want to make the whole world see, you're the most pitiful one.
You want to let the whole world see what you saw:
It's all the other party's fault.

Is this what you call, MEN?


As I said, these are personal thoughts.
So, people, do not be sensitive and slip right into the words and say i shouldn't type anything so hurtful etc.


The sickening renovation drilling woke me up.
I slept late last night.
I wanted to wake up late.
But that darn drilling.
Why on a Sat?

Not too good.
A bad starting of a day.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Yes I know I haven't been updating.
Because, basically, I have nothing to update about.
So when I start updating, it will mean that I want to vent.

Today, I have nothing to vent.
I'm just tired, as in physically.
Emotionally, I'm coping just fine. Which is great.

Anyways, I had a great time around my As and Z.
They're great company, yes.
Soon Alan is going to taiwan again.
Ah well.
Everyone's going overseas.

I wonder how is Tong and Carrie doing in Hunan.
I wondered how did Tong's English teaching go.
I hope she wouldn't be as nervous!
And erh, I don't wanna imagine, them....
well... doing biz in toilets without doors.

Yan's leaving for Penang until around July next Sat.
So I'm going to meet her on Monday for some time together.
I hope Kailin and Ching Ling can make it.
Don't like this feeling of everyone leaving.
Hiyu jie is going to US and Taiwan for a month too.

But whatever it is,
All my blessings go to them!

I slacked the whole day off today.
Half coughing.

Nothing to do.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Personally, I see no wrong with thinking.
One can think too much,
Think too little.
Think nothing.
Think deep,
think shallow.

No sense, I'm making none.


I'm just rambling.

Seriously, since when I'm making sense?

Why is it so hard, so my throat to recover?

I'm dreading.

So frustrated.


Have a great trip, Carrie and Tong!
2 weeks!
To my Sweetheart BJ1:

Cheers, baby!
You're more than what you think you worthed.
At the very least,
You're part of my world.


Monday, March 19, 2007

I am going to format my comp in the evening,
When my brother comes home.
Slow until I'm speechless.


I'm just back from the doc's.
He said my throat is really red from the both sides.
But my lungs are clear. Phew.
And he said I'm still having a fever, 37.6c.
I was like huuuuuuuh. Got meh.
He gave me a very stern look and said:
"Must drink loads of water!"

I gulped.

While waiting for my turn to see the doc,
This three guys in office wear *Middle aged la, not like chern liang XD*
come out from the doc's office and were waiting for their med.
Then one said what, I'm going to bring this for my mom also.

The other guy just said:
"Ting mama de hua! Like what Jay Chou said!"
I stunned.


Was in the shower just now,
and I came face to face with a baby spider.
It was on my heater box.
I stared.
It stared.
I so wanted to get rid of it, but I couldn't bear to.
I love spiders.
There are not pests to me, they're PETS.
I think only vanessa remembers that I kept spiders as pets before.
I even went to the park to catch flies with golden butts to feed the spiders.

I watched as it moved it's way downwards....
And became in the mid air, with its web from its butt.

I sprayed water at it.

I wanted to spare it.
I would have spared it if I was armored.

I was nude!


Just taken antibiotics.
And cough med.
And panadol.

I feel like a medicine pail.

Sunday, March 18, 2007



So, I decided not to go for the class bbq,
even though I was looking forward to it.
I can only blame it on my sore throat.
It still hurts badly when I woke up.
When I swallow something, it would burn.
And now I'm coughing.

Sorry to Maya and Feezah.
Sorry to Carrie and Maryanne.
Promised them to go, but didn't.

Adelene scared me with some effects that might affect my throat.
I was that frightened, I decided to visit my doc tomorrow.
I'm pretty much a coward when things concerned about my precious voice.
Gosh. I live by singing, okay.

I haven't been singing for three or four days already.
Ever since the sore throat visited me.
I was afraid it would affect recovery of my illness.

And being this way, I couldn't vent by singing.
I couldn't distract myself.
This is exactly why I was frustrated.
If I offended anyone these days, pardon me.

I'm feeling happier today.
Everyone's chasing me to have a date with my doctor.
What have I done today...
Seeing that my skin is in very good condition
thanks to the water I've drank to cure my sore throat.
I pampered myself, using masks and DIY facial.

My brother brought doughnuts home from my favourite doughnut house.
The one located at bugis.
Sore throat?
Eat first, talk later!

I cannot resist calories.
I cannot, i cannot.
The doughnuts are blissssssssss.

Now I wonder, how do the strawberries shortcake doughnuts taste like.

Many said that there's something deeper than what I seemed like on the surface.
Some said, I think deep.
Some said, I think too much.
Some said, it's my nature.
Some said, it's because of him.

I say:
It's jeslene.

Take care.

PS: Ladies, get up from your moodswings! UP UP UP! OUT OUT OUT!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

阴天 在不开灯的房间


I am currently irritated by the things stuck in my throat.
But let's just say I can still sing.
But my pronunciations sucked.

I'm addicted to Karen mok's Yin Tian.
The lyrics are too true.

Wonder how is everyone doing?
Tong and Carrie would be off for Hunan real soon.
Five days?

Class bbq tomorrow.
I wished I was in the condition to go.

I had shivers running down my spine last night.
though it wasn't that cold.
I had to hide under a jacket, then hide under my blanket.
And now, I'm still not okay.
But I have a cup of Honey-lemon by my side.
It might not be as good as having someone by my side.
But it's good enough.

Nothing much to update you guys these days.
Maybe if I go to the class bbq, I will have something to say.
But I'm sick now.

If you guys are thinking, I'm not moody.
Just a little lonely.
A little tired.
A little unhappy.

Friday, March 16, 2007



I just woke up.
I was feeling really unwell around 11am.
Felt like vomiting, but even if I tried digging my throat
I just coughed.
And nothing came out.
I wish I was just bloated.
But that feeling in my stomach made me feel like throwing up.

So I abandoned Huihui on msn, and went to sleep.
That made me realise, I woke up at 8.30am in the morning.
I haven't been sleeping well these two days.

I'm all alone at home since morning.
My mum have just returned home.
Loads of unwanted emotions were flowing.
I don't know if allowing them to do so, was right, or not.

I just miss people very, very much.
I miss their voices, their actions.
I wished I have a teleporter.
Like the one in the Sims,
Click, choose the friend you want,
And boo, he or she will be at your house.

But of course,
using the Sims teleporter would mean that person will come with a foul mood, and an empty stomach.

I have no idea what I'm squabbling about.
Speaking of which:
I do not think squabbles between Ze, and I are entertaining.
Nor cute.
Nor funny.


Take good care of yourselves, babes and hunks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am darn high today.

Tong, Hui and I tried going to Pasir Ris Farmway Dog's Den today.
Failed miserably.
Walked and Walked....
Under the hot hot sun.
But we never reached. And it's my fault.
I am so sorry to my sweetcakes babes.
We took a cab there in the end!
And gooosh! I saw a darn cute 7weeks old Maltese terrier!
You know, bingo's breed!
I fainted on the spot lo!

I want a golden retriever. XD
Saw one there and its soooo cute.
And the kitten too! XD

We walked back to the main road to take a cab.
A bangala on a sandtank truck beeped at us and stared.
Have no idea what he's up to.
It started drizzling when we were walking along the roads.
And when we finally got into a cab with a nice driver it started raining darn hard.
We're blessed.
My babes ate at S-11 and we headed to my house.

Tong thinks that three people = a market.
Jes plus tong = Personal
Jes plus tong plus hui = Alot of ppl.
Make no sense.

Slacked at my place... And we were reading cleo.
50 most eligible bachelors this year...
And now Hui and I were darn high over them.


Eu Chern Liang!
GOSH. How can anyone resist him? Look at that smile!
I swear I have a thing for men in office wear.
Especially such cute species of men.
I get nosebleeds when I imagine too much *COUGH*

And hui's Royston.
She's going gaga over him.

Aw man.
Cute men.
But all not mine.
But i swear not to be like tong.
Having someone's pic in her phone and looking at it 24/7.
Oh-so-slutty-stalker. HAHAHAHA
Tong is going to kill me.

I am going to send Chern Liang's pic to Ze!
See what he says! ^^
And Zidane,
Please don't be jealous.
you're my dearest bachelor too!
Im so HIGH.

Monday, March 12, 2007

BZC Paper today!
I can only say it's average lah. It's not difficult nor easy.
But wellos, most probably going to be a B for me, since my presentation grade is a high B.

But I so suay can.
I was writing halfway........ through the papers......
I kanna my Miss Ang-Best-Friend.
I died-ded.

Now I'm having the ultimate war with my cramps.
Ate painkillers and am hoping the pain will go.
Shall be off to sleep soon, to distract myself.

Oh, finally we did our presentation today.
Ain was in the room too, cuz she's doing BZC presentation to Mr Foong.
It went okay, i guess.

Cannot stand it already.
I must go and hit the sack.
Roll on my bed.

My dad invited my Da Gu Zhang (aunt's husband) and two of his friends to our house to play mahjoongggggggggggghhhhhhh~.

Got smoke smell in my house.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

I was bored just now, so I did this. Photoshop!
Actually I was just doing some clouds with the brushes.
Then I just went: Aiya, migth as will make it a finished piece.
30mins! and this is all I need for a fantasy graphic.
Have to admit I used a stock image, which is the wings.
Perhaps I should learn how to draw wings using adobe photoshop.

Changed my blog song to a duet by Adrian and me.
I like the result. That guy has such a good voice.
Have to fluant it, if not I dui bu qi wo zi ji!
I sound so doft next to his voice.
He said it's just cuz Zuo Wen Xuan's voice is soft.
I'm just imitating....?

My mood today is kinda good.
Eating grapes amd doing nothing now.

Hey, I did some studying too!
But I can only get everything in my head when it's last minute work.
Well well well.

Someone's view about life, I think it's freaking true!

The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A death! What's that, a bonus?!? I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first, get it out of the way. The you go live in an old age home. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, then, when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You drink alcohol, you party, and you get ready for High School. You go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little boy(girl)
I wish everyone will stop faking a smile.
I wish everyone will be the way they are.
I wish they will be happy.
I will I can be happy too.

Is it that hard?
I didn't wish for world peace.
World peace is so much harder.
So is the above very hard to attain?
I'm not telling everyone to attain immortality.

Perhaps I should just label those wishes 'Wishful'.

Such a long time since I've cried for like, an hour or so?
Even when I was chatting to Jacky & Alda, Maru and all.
I just couldn't stop.
I didn't even cried so much when I was watching Goong.

Gotta thank Tong, my daughter, Zidane, Jacky and Alda.
They cheered me.
And tong is so sweet.
SO so sweet.
That I have to take a screen shot:

My personal mesage was: I'm crying like nobody's business.
She made hers: Jeslene, make your crying my business!

I double cried for that.
Thanks, really. *hugs*

My daughter is like, talking to me? Lolz.
She distracted me lah.
And she shares my feelings.
I felt better talking to her.

Jacky was like trying to make me cheer up. Hahaa!
To think I just knew him formally last night.
Thank you, my fellow librian!
Talking to alda always makes me laugh. Hee.

And Zidane!
Love ya. =)

To Hui:
I just need you to realise there are alot of friends around you.
Hurting yourself is not going to help anything.
You'll just make us very upset, like what happened to me last night.
Nothing matters more than having you back with us.
Hanging out with you these days is like hang out with a souless you.
I could have slapped you awake, if that would work.
But I know it wouldn't.
Try, just try to cheer up all right?
I know you can do it.
You know you can!

All's not lost yet, i hope.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Round and Round

No, I don't understand your cynical ways
All the things that you say
Will just come back to you
You spit on life
As if though you couldn't care
You keep spitting on life
But don't you know
That will just bring you down

And I don't understand the faces you fake
All the things that you hate
Will just come back to you
You could probably say
It would happen anyway
You could probably say it
Cause it don't bother you

It's a crime
Think about it
And stop acting like a fool
Yes, it's time
Can't ignore it
Think about the things you do

Round and round
And up and down again
Through and through
Round and round
And one is two
Enough is enough
You know bad karma will just come back to you

When will you understand the people you hurt?
Don't you know that those words
Will just come back to you
You would probably say
That they're hurting anyway
You could probably say it
Why don't it bother you

It's a crime
Living your life
Without ever looking down
At the ground, at the flowers
Yeah, that you keep stepping on
And maybe you should notice
That they've done nothing to you
Or you might find out someday
When things turn upside down
And those flowers step on you

Round and round
And up and down again
Through and through
Round and round
And one is two
Enough is enough

Enough is enough
Why won't you understand?
That I've had enough
And I've taken all I can
And why do you do
All of the things that you do?
Yes, I want you
I want you to understand

That enough is enough
You know bad karma will just come back to you
Had a weird dream last night.

I dreamt that I was in Tampines Central, and the handphone shop transformed into a betting station for 4D and Toto.
Ah ze was there.
So I asked him, You wanna bet for 4D?
He said, yeah, okay.
Then I said I left my money at home.
He took out 10bucks for me.
I told him I'll return the money when we go home.
So I went to write the 4D number. And I shaded the numbers in a very untidy way.
Maryanne appeared from no where and ticked the number for me.
Tong appeared and told Maryanne it's the wrong way.
And the counter auntie said it's wrong too.
At the corner of my eyes, I saw a woman, peeking at Ze and I.

Woke up.

Couldn't get the dream out of my mind. So I decided to make an analaysis.


To dream of playing the lottery, suggests that you are relying too much on fate instead of taking responsibility for your own actions/decisions. You need to reconsider some issue/situation before committing to it.
If you dream of the lottery in a general way it is a warning that you are being careless in some undertaking which could cause you to suffer disappointment.

To see your boyfriend in your dream, represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him

To see or win money in your dream, symbolizes that success and prosperity is within your reach. Money may represent confidence, self-worth, success, or values. You have much belief in yourself.Alternatively, dreaming about money, refers to your attitudes about love and matters of the heart.

To see your friends in your dream, signifies aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to integrate these rejected part of yourself. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself. Additionally, this symbol foretells of happy tidings from them and the arrival of good news.


If anyone wanna buy 4D, the numbers I'm betting in my dream was

Did you know that if you don't have good health and nutritions, you tend to forget what you dream about?


On the way home in the bus, was horrible.
The bus was so stuffy and unbearable.
Plus I've got carsickness.
Never did bus 15 felt like bliss this much.

Along the roads towards my house, I took a few photos here and there.
Just thought that I would want to remember these things.
One fine day, they might be gone.

Take care =)

Thursday, March 08, 2007


n. [Usenet] 1. A remark which reveals important plot elements from books or movies, thus denying the reader (of the article) the proper suspense when reading the book or watching the movie.

Children, please go back to your arcade games, playstations and PSP.
*shakes head*


I didn't know why I was so tired today.
Maybe I did too much -coughbjcough- last morning *nudges yanting*
I sensed the sleepiness growing in my head.
But I just couldn't sleep in peace, or rather, in class.
Perhaps I'm too attentive? *Hides from flying bananas thrown at me*

Peiyun's dad drove us home.
Tong and I delivered food into our stomachs, yet again.
This is not good, ya know.

I think I'm going bald.
I'm getting moodswings here and there.
Possibly going to vlame it on PMS.
But that doesn't really matters lah.

Changed my blog song player... To Esnips.
I think I'm very much in love with Esnips.

Ah well.
Exams are around the corner.
Actually, we're almost face to face with examinations.
So, good luck dearies. =)

Am really missing some thorough relaxation.
Wild Wild Wet, Zoo, Botanic Gardens, anyone?
What's wrong with that?

Obviously I'm typing just craps.
I just wanted to update for nothing.

Am missing my triple As and a Z.
Aye, I haven't seen them since.. 2 weeks ago?

Take care, people!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I would have cried if not for some self control.
Sickening project.
Sickening presentation.

My mood was slightly better during EVM.
When I heard our project might get as a high B or A.
Projects make me laugh and cry.
Oh darn it.

After school was CS and TM raiding!
Caught a sight of my future son-in-law.
Make this clear: I wasn't acting, I was really, really looking at the guess watches.
So yanting, please, don't slap me on my back anymore.
It hurts!
I am thoroughly abused. =\

Took some pictures,
Haven't scanned them tho.
Hate that machine.

He called,
talked to him.
No feeling.
Don't know what to say.

I know my update today is almost all simple sentences without a proper structure.
I don't expect anyone to understand my stand.
But you know what?
I feel lousy as a friend.

Take care.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hi people!
My mood's a tad bit better today.
After all the things running around in my head
Nothing's very much the same anymore.

But whatever it is, I hope tomorrow would be a better day.

I didn't go out today.
Carrie came for an hour and off she went.
She bought me dark chocs.
My house is flooding with chocs!
Which is good.

Feel like doing something.
Like composing.
But my 'Hubby''s chords are cough, broken.
Should hassel ze for him to spare me a wife of his.

Am looking forward to Mika's new album, YES.
I've heard 素直なまま
and it sounds great. Click on the link to view the PV!
She looks pretty here too.

Crap entry!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

What makes someone independant?
The determination?
Or the situation?

I wonder.

Went to yan's house in the after to bai nian.
Kailin already reached before I arrived.
And we chatted and ate cough, gua zi.
Yan said that the siglap cest la vie concert wasn't good this year.
I guess nothing is the same anymore.
Yan added that they left when the concert was half way through.

That bad?

I bought new shoes, a ring and a hair clip today.
Shoes for school.

Yan and tong headed to my house to bai nian.
My grandmother was there too, so extra hong baos.
We did very dumb things like playing with my plushies.
The pictures are with Tong.
And I laughed like a maniac.

Yan fell asleep while watching TV,
Tong and I were cam whoring.
To the extent of imitating CCL's expressions.
And it ended up quite...
weird? Disgusting?
Thank goodness for tong's 3.2mega pixel phone cam.
I'm quite in love with her phone, cuz it's quite easy to use.


Look at all the new year goodies behind us.

All rights.
I have nothing else to say!
Take care!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Yes, I haven't been updating.
Yes today I didn't appear in school.

There actually isn't anything for me to update on.
Maybe tomorrow, since I'm going for a small CNY visit at Yan's.
Perhaps I will feel happier lah.

Currently my heart is at the bottom of my soles.
I blamed it on PMS and moodswings.

March = Month of Exams and Holidays.
But holidays isn't going to be fun without Tong and Carrie,
They will be at Hunan. =(

School's being nothing.
I rotted bit by bit in school.
Oh weeeeeeellllll...

I kinda laughed at the Chipmunk version of wo zhi xiang yao
Sang by Zai, gracy, smrr and me.
Gee, I sound so terrible being a chipmunk.

Listen here!

Click lo-hi to hear the normal version.
Click Hi-fi to listen to the chipmunk ver!

Ciaos ppl!