Monday, March 31, 2008

Being Ms OL Jeslene isn't at all fun.

Have to blame it on myself since I was the one who decided to get a job of such nature.
As well as returning home too late last night.
With just 4 hours of sleep, I survived through the first day of work.

Kai and I had desks side by side.
I can throw her hippo at her anytime I want to.

We did filing, labeling, scanning, recording of incoming mails (yes you ISP admin students. recording of mails. 8marks question eh.)
Distributing of mails and some other minor things.
All these can be really tiring.
Just scanning will take me at least 45mins, standing, unpicking the staples and stapling back again.

Ho, dee ho.
We are already pretty super.

Don't give me that skeptical look leh.

Lunch came pretty fast, and being noobs around the area,
we decided to take a walk outside.
Bad choice.
Tanjong Pagar, lunch?
You should thank the heavens when you get a place to sit, ya know?

View from my office.
Oh, I loath it.

We settled down at this taiwanese bubble tea cafe.
Had this set, black pepper chicken rice with egg and jasmine green tea.
Not cheap, $5.50.
But really filling.
Good enough.

Soon it was back to work, work and more work.
Nora, our supervisor (yes tong, NORA) is our senior in Siglap Sec.

Boss seems a lil... scary.

We shall live on.
Hopefully we'll get a hang of everything soon.

Please miss the 24hours online Jeslene lee.
Uh huh.
I am supposed to be asleep right now.
Gotta wake for work tomorrow.
But die die I wanna blog this down before work exhaust me out tomorrow (curse my lazy bum)

So here goes!

Though Sin was eliminated already, the three of us, Carissa, sin and I, decided to support all the way.
Had dinner at Central, subway again.
I'm sorta getting sick of it, its time to change a topping =\
Slacked for quite some time over there, cause we didn't want to be at Lunar too early.

Suggested to take a walk at Clarke Quay.
I think I was crapping all the way.
Pity their ears.

Suay suay Jeslene was picked to be judge this time round.
Suay suay lo!
I was darn nervous okay.
So afraid I will say something wrong, after all I'm not exactly a professional.

Cherry did well today, I was totally mesmerized by her.
All the PK Challengers lost, good enough =]
Tat sin kept feeding me the PK registration form.
Glared at him.
Think we might as well go PK as a duet muahahaha.
Ji lang ji puaaaaaa~

I think everyone did well today, except for... Well, shh, someone la.
Sin, boo and I exchanged glances of doubt when we heard the results.

Home sweet home after the show ended.
Sin and I couldn't stop discussing about how doubtful the results were.
I can't get over it.

While I was on the train, this man sitting 2 spaces beside me was singing loudly to himself.
I don't know what he was singing.
I was listening to my mp4, and I didn't bother to check if he had earphone plugged in or not.
If he's not listening to his mp3 or something...
And he wasn't singing on pitch.
Double scary.

Reached home around 12.15am.
Better sleep soon.


From the Judges' Desk.
Whywhywhy is he not there =(

Ohoh, the smoke does look really choking.
No wonder Boo and sin were trying so hard to fan it off.

Cranberry Vodka.
Sweet like Vodka Ribena.
Lunar has no vodka ribena.

Tingting sang bei ai de nv ren.
She did great man!
For some reasons she looked like boo from the screen =\

Camwhoring in the toooooooiletttttttt.
Fatty arse Jeslene.

Darling Yvonne and Boo =D

"SEE! That's the lens!"
I didn't suggest the pose.
Sin did okay.
We looked pretty stupid. LOL.

...Please don't kill me.
I'm innocent!

Look what a littttttttttle bit of alcohol can do to me.
I'm sooo red compared to boo.
Man, the effects of alcohol on me is so obvious!
But I was sane okay.
Just a lil high.
And super red in the face and neck.

And this is before I went out.




Hopefully I'll enjoy work.
But that doesn't sound right.


Singing, anyone? this sunday or something?
I shall drag sin and boo along.
woooo hoooo...

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I spent my friday rather happily.
I shall name it the undergarment day.

Cause I bought alot of undergarments today.
And all cost less than $10.
Corsets, shapers, bras etc.

Initially wanted to get this shaper from Maidenform.
Selling at SGD28.
But luckily I decided not to get it before I go for my undergarment shopping.
Instead of $28, I got one for $9.90.


Spent my afternoon in Pasir Ris, trying to call Yan.
She, the death of me.

Waited for KaiLin, tong and leaking to arrive.
External recruitment of shopping khaki.

Bought work and halter shirts for like, $10.95 all together.
Ice Lemon Tee having the sales =P
Got three pairs of Studs and I'm totally happy already.

After satisfying myself with japanese food and chawanmushi (Whitesands food court have good jap food =D)
We headed to Bugis.
Bras and Panties made my day hahahaha.

I'm a cheapo lah.
See daisy! I got da guang gao for you!
Speaking of Daisy, Ah tong spotting her when we were on the way to the ATM machine.
Since tong met her before when she collected out spree clothes,
she rushed to me to tell me she saw Daisy.

Then I RANNNNNN over to her and screamed:
But she didn't heaaaaaar.
So i ran nearer and screamed again.
I was finally noticed. XD
Dearie our first meeting a bit funny lah, I don't know why I'm so ji dong.

Dosen very cute lah, Daisy asked him to call me Jiejie.
He open his mouth all food. XD


Walked in Bugis street.
Why am I not rich =(
Why didn't the bonsai plant at my corridor grow into a money bonsai?


Katong Laksa for dinner.
It was so good and fresh cockles and all till Kailin said she could devour another bowl.
Her tummy is scary can.

Reunited with Tiggers and Eeyores in OG.
And Sushi Playdoh.

Then we headed back by bus 23 to Tampines.
Laughed a freaking lot.
I still don't understand why must we prick our fingers to drip the blood together with your supposed God-bro/sis/daughter etc to show unity.
I was pretty fascinated when I was told.
Cause I have a freaking van-load of people calling me MUMMY/AhMa/Niang.
If I must count recent and almost confirmed ones I have like...

Xue, Peiyun, Qunyu, Chinyen, Wendy, Wenqi.
So I must prick six fingers to drip blood.


When we arrived in Tampines, I heard howling around the CPF building area.
I was pretty shocked when I spotted this lady hiding herself behind some bushes in front of the building crying so hard she was howling.
I told the rest and we stopped to look.
It was darn heartbreaking to see her cry that way, she cried so hard we could feel her pain.
Another guy standing at her side, machiam BF, but me dunnoe.
Some people stopped to ask what's wrong, i think.

I was tempted to go up too.
But I need the restroom too urgently.

Walkie around Century Square made us buy more bras.
See why I named it undergarment day?


I'm drained, but gotta wait a while more before I can sleep.
Partly cuz of pills digestion and partly cause I had 9pm satay =X


I wanna go to my bed and read my unread Cleo Mag now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Uh huh.
Supposingly I'm supposed to stay home and slack ANOTHER day away.
But I became Tong's Orientation Support Lifeline.
Thus we decided to meet after her orientation for some,
cough, shopping therapy.

Subway Tampines sorta disappointed me.
I'm not against any foreign workers but if you cannot understand or speak English well enough,
why work in an environment where English is really necessary?
If you don't understand, at least double check, ya?

Poor Tong ended up paying $6 for a 6-inch untoasted bread with tomatoes, olives, pickles, lettuce, cucumbers....
Where's the main filling you ask?
Good question, the result of such situation made the Egg Mayo disappear.
Yes, she didn't put the egg mayo cause she thought Tong wanted only veggie when she already stated she wants Egg Mayo.
Even I heard her.

Like I said, I'm not against anyone.
Just that this is rather...


Got myself a skirt and a blouse for work.
Got both for $18.
Cheapo Jeslene, the revival.


Pictures, pictures, at last.
There haven't been any these days haha.

I'm her lifeline.
Orientation sounds bad... =\

And oh, my Gotham Penthouse VIP card is here.
Pubbing anyone?

The compact I got from a beauty spree.
Its VOV, its a korean brand retailing in Guardian.
And gosh, they are SO SO ex in SG.

Got mine for $5.60.
I think I'm joining their spree for VOV blushers =D
Anyway, the contour of the Compact is pretty, love it.
There's a hidden compartment underneath the powder, and the sponge is there.


Speaking of Sprees,
Daisy ah, I'm joining your spree 4, so I'll tell you the orders again k =D

And I wonder why Pasir Ris Sec have to... waste those lights.
Ji pua ji pua one!
It's pretty scary.

Did you spot any floaty figures in that picture? O.O


I'm just crapping.

Heading out again tomorrow, and Sat will be Dinner with Tong.
Then Sunday, Lunar.
Somehow Gotham Penthouse sounded better =\
I shall go for the sake of Tingting and Alex.
Wonder if Carissa and Tat sin is going.

Anyone wanna come along?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008





I feel a little...
A LITTLE only.

I feel really empty these days,
Maybe its cause I didn't have the chance to sing.
Or perform.


Someone kidnap me to Kbox for some singing session pleaaaase?

A certain stupid someone just ruined my mood.
Why must things be so sticky when it comes to that person?
Its been really long, ya know?


I spend the whole freaking day at home doing practically nothing.
I woke up at 12pm (yes, i know I si bei 好命)
Then I just slacked...

So I decided to groom myself.
As in, have a good shower, have a good scrub (thanks to carrie's body scrub) and clear all freaky callus on my feet.

Then I strummed my guitar...
Had some small inspirations for composition.

I continued Diner Dash.




But I'm still gonna spend tomorrow this way.
I'm not going to have time to slack after I start work yeah.


Online shopping. please go away.
You are so so tempting but I'm so so poor.


Bought the wedges I wanted since 3 months ago yesterday.
So happy.




Loves, darlings =D


Lucks to Tong for orientation tomorrow.
Blur Jeslene thought today is Thurs lols.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I've got through the interview yesterday.
So now, I'm officially one of them in CapitalLand Residential.
Feel like an admin now, maybe it's in my admin blood.
2 years of admin studies kills I guess.

But anyway~
The pay was higher than I expected thanks to my Jie!
Muahs Jie!
Sakae for you from my first pay!

And I'll be working with one of my best girlie, Kai Lin.

Interview was rather okay, the atmosphere and all... Pretty cheerful.
Which is good for someone like me lol.

Didn't expect to hear from them until at least 6pm.
But apparently right after the both of us got out of the building,
Jie called to tell us both of us got in.

And some woman ask us about jobs in the toilet.
Do we really look like job seekers in the face? =\


I cannot scold tat sin in my blog liao.
He knows what's my blog liao.
Calling STALKER 2!
STALK him for his blog leh!

K lah, I shall issue an apology to him.
Sorry la sin, don't hate me lah!
I didn't expect... mah...

*puppy eyes*


My blog entry today is totally singlishfied.
Can't be bother LAH.
I just woke up like 10mins ago.
English dictionary in brain malfunctioning.

And I couldn't really think these days.
That little brain cell (Yes, one and only) must be feeling so threatened.
Please protect my only brain cell. =|
Don't make me think too much okays.

Sweethearts, please stay cheery rights?


Dear tong.
Foundation here.
Abit... plastic leh.
But powder wise good enough.
I saw the particular brand in Guardian and seems darn ex.
And they don't have this compact wor.
Sounds like faceshop, cheap over in Korea, darn ex over in SG.



PPS: Xue u called me last night? Phone was in silent mode =(


PPPS: Peiyun, chilli cup noodles do not aid in dieting.
Btw, you don't need any freaking dieting.


Did I mention my unique visitors last night was 45?
Average was 25.
What's with everyone last night?
SIN! Are those all ur fans? O.o

The end.
I guess.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Really, these days I could hardly find anything to update about.
And weird, its not like I'm not out these few days ya know.
Perhaps its just that nothing interesting happened.



Couldn't sleep well for the past few days.
I was playing Tetris in my dreams you know.
That is SOOOO logical!
Why would I play Tetris in my dreams?
I haven't been playing it since like, my gameboy colour game went kapok.

Don't know why I was trying so hard to make the bricks disappear =\


To dream that you are playing a video game, represents your ability to manipulate others into doing what you want them to do. Alternatively, it suggests that you are trying to escape and not confront the stress and problems in your real life. Consider the type of video game for additional insights.


Am I forcing everyone?
This I've gotta... admit...
I think I did.

So, if I'm trying to make bricks disappear in lines altogether.
Does that mean in my heart I really want to solve or escape problems all at once?
Tsk, tsk.


I uh...
I thought of something interesting just now but I forgot what was it.

I remembered!

Just now when I was with Tong and Kailin for tong's break
My phone rang and it was a foreign number.
I picked up to see what's up, cuz I have quite a few friends overseas and they do travel around.

A female voice asked me with a china accent, if I could speak chinese.
I was like thinking, typical, typical...
So I spoke in English.

"Hello? May I know who am I speaking to?"


I checked the number on google.
China company.
Tea leaves... ?

uh, whatever.

But anyway, been buying working clothes all over again.
I look old, man.
Monday's the official interview, and to be honest, I'm not even nervous.
Somehow it just seemed fine.
Maybe its CDP's fault.


Something else is that Top One, the ktv behind Bugis Junction...
Tat Sin said it sucked.
He told me that when he went today, the place is weird... with weird lightings...
Touch screen menu... Bad service...
But the sound system sucked, echo is way too loud and unadjustable.
The music is sometimes loud, sometimes soft.

I wanted to try Top One...
But seems like its not a good idea.

Speaking of Sin,
Lunar tomorrow. =)

I feel so RESTLESS!

I said I have nothing to update about and I wrote so much.
The power of boredom.

I could stay with my guitar at home the whole freaking day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I cannot stop laughin at this picture.
Cause it looked like its a cover of a personal cd or something.
Sorta dumb lol.
And I looked like I have no eyebrows.
But I like it nevertheless, no matter how fat I look =P
Been strumming my guitar non-stop today.
I need to practice till everything comes to me.
And there are some songs I wish I can compose.

Headed to jie's agency today.
Seems like Capital Land Residential is a very serious place.
I have this feeling I won't enjoy the job.
But well, I hope imaginations stay as imaginations.

To be brutally honest, my whole day is spoilt by a certain man.
Sorry to offend anyone related, but I'm rather pissed off by his temper.
I didn't show much of my pissy attitude, cause I was trying hard to cheer everyone up.
I might throw my trusty heels at him.

With this I end my entry.
Cause I'm still sorta pissy now.

Though I'm a total loser when it comes to trying to comfort people,
please cheer up my friends.
This world is not going to end if you're upset or what, after all.
Might as well think the glass as half full.

Oh and tong,
I had subway today ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aye nu aye haben been updating.


Okay, speak human language, you say?

yeah i haven't been updating, I know.
Been busy looking for a job and well, going out.

Where do I start...

Okay, Tuesday, I headed out with Carissa the Boo for some singing session.
Yeah, the urge to sing was too much, I just have to head there.
We walked and shopped and went to hark and...
Uh, i even considered the part-time job in Hark.
But to be honest, I don't want to be under Amos other than my performing contract.

Oh, I finally gotten my guitar strings at hark.
Now I can strum till i drop.

Had dinner with Carissa at V8 and took some pictures.
Haven't got the time to edit them.
Shall do them after tomorrow, I guess.
No promises tho!
(Not like anyone cares either)


Visited Anne today.
She had her minor operation.
Other than being sleepy and all, she's fine.
So she says lah.


I called Hiyu Jie just now to ask if I could drop by where she worked tomorrow with Kai Lin.
She works in an agency you see.
And I need a job.
And she had a job to offer.
Capital Land Admin for three months.
Hopefully I can the job!
I just drat that my Admin cert wouldn't be given to us until april.
When I needed it the most.. =(

So yeah tomorrow shall be job hunt day.


You know, I'm wondering if there's any interesting thing to update about.
But I cracked my head I could only think of:

NUH's Foodcourt food, espcially chicken rice SUCKED to the CORE.
Like, really.
The rice is...
The soup is water.
I have no good comments about it.
All ridiculously priced.

I just realised I spelt ridiculously correctly.
Sorry, I'm an idiot when it comes to spelling.


Any more admin lobangs, ppl?


I look older than last year when I wore admin clothes. =(

Monday, March 17, 2008


The Real Singer competition second round today is blasting hell good, I tell you.
But something upsetting is that aaron was eliminated =(

Yes, I went to lunar again, despite some unhappiness =\
Well, too long a story, let's just say I have some information from insiders.
Ya anyway, I met up with Carissa for some shopping.
Can I say I'm proud cause I bought NOTHING?

Had dinner at Central, at Subway (I cannot live without Tuna, either)
And we walked to Lunar.
Its actually quite near,
NOW i know how to get there from the station!

Right, so despite having some freaking cramps...
(So I was right, the depression yesterday was PMS)
I had 4 sips of vodka coke, that's not a crime, right?

Tonight's show is woo hoo, great!
Sin did well, to be honest his version of Amen by Penny dai made me close my eyes and listen.
I have to admit, I had tears in my eyes lah, just a lil.
Thought of something, its just the lyrics =\

Neway, the next big BAO DIAN!
Its Alex, aka the vocal instructor of Hark, and a member of superband first season's J3.

I couldn't bring myself to leave.
oth of them are too good to be missed.
I can only say, my goosebumps all fell.

That is HOW GOOD they were.
I have to practice hard now, if I ever want to win them.
Go go Jes!

Pictures un-uploaded.
Need to shower...


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random things and pictures.
I was just look through my bluetooth folder and I realised there's alot of pictures which I gave up no uploading cause I'M LAZY.

So since I have nothing to update until I head out with my girls to lunar tonight,
Let these pictures be shown, ba? lol!

Random Random!

Random facts about Jeslene #1: She cannot live without japanese food.

Makeup remover that I've got from Daiso.
Its good for foundation and all removing of make up on your face.
Don't use it on the eyes. =\

I have to get another remover specially for eye make up cause this doesn't work well.
It stings when you use it on the eyes. =(
But Fasio eye make up remover is goooood,
Same Ph as tears. =)

I wrote so much cause I'm bored, okay?

Jia Liang's, my cousin, dog.
In a basket...
Cause its too noisy...
Too hyper...

And CNY gambling in the background.

Full moon!
I saw it one fine night when I was unable to sleep.
It made me smile =)

The art of photography lies in Fried Rice.

I, went to curl my hair for fun yesterday.
Ya these are real curls.
And they look like shit.

So ya.

That's all folks.

*Looney tunes music*

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sometimes I wonder how much I can tolerate his nonsensical behavior.
I know no matter how much tears I shed, they are not worthed.

Hopefully one day, someone of my own will be worthed my tears.
Cause being a crybaby, its impossible for me not to cry lahs.
So, that person better worth it.


I shall be heading down to clark quay once again this Sunday.
Let's see what will happen.

As for better quality pictures of last week, here goes.
All hail professional cameras.

Aaron, and the super zai concert like screen.
Heng I rejected the offer to join this competition, my pimples will be enlarged by 100times.
That will kill, ya know.
Think my face will fill up the whole screen cuz I'm too fat.

Ah Sin and the smoke that choked him.
He is getting really sadistic these days.

And, the picture of aaron that made Xue Wei (And her boyfriend) swoon, superstar looking can!
And sheesh, even her boyfriend thought Aaron was darn stylish in this picture.
Have to agree.

Sorry ladies, he's taken, not by me lah.
But I've done things to him before HAHAHAHA.
That is so suggestive.
Kidding, okay!

(you can steal me the owner too =P he's my type XD)

Oh wait, if he's from hark, I can steal it myself.

*Jes rolls sleeves up*

And nah, Xinyun, my spree-ded guitar pick. =D

Any good place for me to buy guitar strings and all?
I miss my violin. Its gathering dust at Adelene's.

I miss playing the piano. =(




Reason for not updating = HEADACHE
And laziness.
And.... nothing much to update about.

I slept at nearly 3am in the morning and my body clock rang at 9am.
What's wrong with me maaaaaaan!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As we go on, we remember
All the times we spent together.
And as our lives change,
On whatever

We will still be friends forever.


Its pretty weird how this song fits all graduating scenarios.
All exams are over now.

All lockers were cleared.

Unwanted books are resting in peace in the rubbish bins.

Is this enough to bring emotions out?
(Stares at tong)


For those days we spent before school, during lessons, after school...
Fights and quarrellings, happiness and sorrow.
Its all memories now.

Somehow when I close my eyes, I could see myself heading towards the toilet,
jumping up and down to see if there's anything stuck in the freaking high up in the sky locker.
Storing vincent victor valentine in 541.
Food ranging from sweets and snacks to bread and even survival kits like ORANGE PEELS.

And snoring.

And stupid stuffy and giddy-ful bus 53.

And eyecandies.
And kam tao kam bin kam ma jiu.


Never regretted the time I spent in ITE.
Not once.
Life wouldn't be the same if I haven't met you guys.


Pictures taken after PR exams yesterday, while waiting for the others to finish the paper!
Who needs the nose clip they are spreeing online?
Yun uses DIY!

Retardedness XD

First day of school: LETS EAT CARTEL!
Last day of first year: Cartel leh? Dunnoe sia.
Last day of second year...

But stupid cartel with stupid problems.
They toldus they cannot accept cards cause they have a problem blah blah.
But Carrie and I insisted on telling them, but I only have credit cards.

And with one "Oh okay, we try we try..." the card went through. =.=

Ding tai feng.
YES. We had ding tai feng THEN cartel.
We almost wanted hagen daz too .


Receieved some news about last sunday's event from Sin.
I'm rather pissed lah.


Did I mention I completed Diner Dash, Feeding Frenzy 2, Zoo vet, Cinema Tycoon all within 3 days?

When 2 of the days I'm supposed to be studying.


Lots of misses, darlings =)

Monday, March 10, 2008

But impossible lah.
Taking a small break from studying.
Its raining outside and its cold.

I'm spending this emo, cold night trying to defeat Public Relations?


Anyhoo, I have half the book in my head.

Blogger is still biting my tail.
I still can't upload photos in mass.
How irritating, when I have masses of pictures to put up.
Just my luck then, since Yun's blogger is working fine.

The few pictures I managed to upload.
My pretty BOO and I, outside PS waiting for cab.
Oh man, how I wish I'm pubbing instead of buying myself, commiting suicide with books.

Taken in the huanted toilet of Lunar.
Its not that huanting looking lah, tong.
They just wanna have the old shanghai look.
At least we don't have to dig holes and shit in them okay.
My belt shone so brightly till I look as if I have a hole in my tummy.
I have to get back to studying.

I'm pretty sure there's soemthing wrong with blogger's image uploading.
Been to the problems section, loads of people are having the same problem.
Therefore, I took some time to upload the images one by one.
So here goes!
The complete entry of what should have been yesterday's!


Met up with Kai at Pasir Ris before heading to douby for dinner with Carissa.
She's having her last lesson in Hark for vocal.
Ahh, I didn't even graduate from there lol!

Dinner was at Pasta Mania.
I had potato salad. it wasn't really good lah.
but can pass.
And i think PS's pasta mania serves better than Tampines's.

Carissa called for a cab to Clark Quay and we three went siao siao while waiting.
Clark Quay is bursting with activities at night.
Though its like Sunday, and people need to work on Monday lol.

We found lunar easily.
And wooooo.
Its darn cold in there.
Sin and Aaron was outside when we reached there.
Just because its too cold.
Chatted with them and we headed in for a drink.

Lunar is not...
But its enough for a pub I guess.
Pretty nice interiors, with loads of paintings on the celing and very clubbing-like decos.
I was impressed with their stage.
And their live band.
They can play some great music!

Just that, the dry ice and smoke were soooo much,
Singers choke. LOL.
Sin told me he almost couldn't breathe onstage.

All the contestants!
There's this lady, I'm really impressed by her.
She had a really good voice and I kept having goosebumps listening to her.
But amos thought otherwise, during his judge commenting time.

That's aaron, thhe giant screen is sooooooo cool can.
Machiam concert like that!

Sin singing Fang Da Tong's Ai ai ai.
Told him he was a lil soft.
He listened and he told me when he sang Shi Tan with the liveband, he could eat the mic if he opened his mouth big enough.

This is the voting slip.
To be honest I hate this voting system thing.
Popularity and all.
It sorta make you feel bad, even when you have a good voice.

Aaron, on his second song, Luo Ye Gui Gen, with the Live Band.
Once again, THE BAND IS GOOD.

And since we can hardly see ourselves in the dark dark pub, the best place for taking pics...
Toilet lo.
Anyway, Sin got second in the overall.
But the final result would only be after... 7 weeks.
Accumulate, I think.
don't know if I'll head there next week.
See if there's any going home share cab people, i guess =P
Oh, cab fare home yesterday wasn't too much.
Sickeningly, all the cabs only appear AFTER midnight.
The long long queue moved like typhoon as soon as the time hits midnight.
Cabbing from Clark Quay to Tamp then to Pasir Ris is a $24 bucks.
Shared by Kai and I.
So its fine.
Any pubbing, dears?
There are still other pictures,
but the uploading killed.
I can't study.
Its really noisy with all the drilling and all outside.
Can't concentrate.

I think I will update in the morning.
Stupid blogger doesn't allow me to post the pictures up.

Uh well, I just got home from pubbing @ LUNAR.
To support sin and aaron =)
They did great.
The other singers are totally electrifying too!
I feel so inferior.
I think sin should kill me ratehr than asking me to PK him.
Aiyai yai!

I saw quite a few people I know.
And don't know.
Its like a private party for us harkies. LOL.

More to come, when I wakey i guess.
I need to shower.
I had 2 glasses of Vodka Coke.
The gas is making me BLOATED.
I almost wanna vomit when I was in the cab.

Till later!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Uh... I think I did alot of thigns today, just that its too much to remember.

Well well well.

I went to the Cleo Bachelors Carnival @ Zouk!
Zouk in the afternoon sounded pretty weird.
I can only say Zouk @ night and in the afternoon looked like two different places.

Before Zouk, Kai and I met up with Cally and Serena for lunch at Kobayashi, Cine.
Those two are crazy char bos.
Shakes head.

After which, we walked around Cine and found this shop which sells tops for 10bucks.
I went crazy.
I cannot resist shopping. =(
Got myself a grey halter with bubble bottom. =X

And we headed to youth park~
Cause there's FLEAAAAA MARKET~
All the blogshops brought out their stuff and its like online shopping, but you can touch and see the items.

Got myself a pair of gem earrings and a gem bracelet.
But the ladies sold it cheap you know.
Its like, $5 for each.

Walkabouts in Wisma and Tong joined us.
Off we went to take a bus to Zouk!
But ah, we got slightly lost, got off a stop earlier than we should.
So we walked....
And walked...

I tell you, the afternoon was blazing hot.

I could hardly see myself from my phone cam.
The interiors of Zouk is BLISS.

Uh, yeah, there's freaking ALOT of people in Zouk today!
Have to squeeze pass people to get to destinations.
Halfway through tong and I got separated from the rest.
Separated, IN ZOUK?
That's pretty funny. lol.
Loads of blogshops had their flea market there as well.
Didn't buy anything, but their items are pretty. =)

The girls and I didn't stay for long, we figured we couldn't see anything much, cuz its rather crowded.
So off we went, searching for a cab, gave up and took the shuttle bus from Great world city to City Hall.

Very hungry Kai and Tong brought us to Asian Kitchen @ City Link.
City Link is FLOODEEEED!
Must be that IT Show.
2 longs of Xiao Long Baos were insatiable.
I need more. =\

Headed home after some jalan jalan in citylink.
And I bought another gem bracelet. XD

Pictures, pictures!

I think I have shaky hands syndromes you know.
No matter how steady I want my arms to be, their just kept shaking and shaking, and outcomes of the photos were ...
Well, you get the gist.

But ya, anyway, that's the crowd in the Cleo Bachelor Carnival, by yours shaky truly.

My phone cam sucked when it comes to taking photos in the dark. =(
But this is the only group photo.
Have to post this up. =)

The very pretty ladies of mine =D

Camwhoring, with a willing kailin.
She's willing, erh, i guess?

On the shuttle bus to City Hall =)
I have giant teeth. =\


I don't know whats wrong with my face. I look darn weird.

I did not adjust the lighting...
This is the lights from the train station.

And gems, gems gems gems gemmmmmms!
Not go the extra mile service hor.



Yeah, finally a 'highness' entry from depression state Jeslene.
Pubbing tomorrow!