Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hi dearies!
Sorry for not updating.
I was pretty much in a reverie ever since 27th.
Loads of things happened, and I couldn't react to it just yet.

Loads of loves to all who blasted my phone, friendster, email and facebook with birthday wishes <3

Thanks for all who came to celebrate on the 27th and on the 29th itself.

This year's birthday ended up as one I would never forget.
Although it might not be totally good, but they are all worthed my love, my attention, my tears.

I made a wish.


Perhaps it wouldn't come true.
But I would keep hoping.
I would keep smiling.
I would keep it intact in my heart.

Pictures would be up soon, I hope.
When my mood recovered, in a few days.

Till then, dears <3

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes yes I haven't been updating.
I was busy counting down towards my birthday celebrations!
Which is like, tomorrow haha!
I'm holding a steamboat teppanyaki gathering in my house for my ITE babes & Sec Sch darlings.

But no lah, my birthday is on the 29th.
Tomorrow's my dad's though haha!
Its going to be a darn busy day tomorrow!
Supermarket and stuff.

But I'm happy.
My mood's been up up and down down these days.
Gotta thank this one person who gave me all I wanted.
This person wouldn't read my blog so I'll juz leave it for me to know haha!
Stupid zam was darn late today, gave him a little attitude but haha nothing happened lol.
I just couldn't get angry with him shrugs,

Things happened within my social circle, and I really hope it would turn out all right.
Not asking for anything else you know.
Just all right will do.


But really it is something that I couldn't interfere.

Counting down: 3 days till I turn miserably happy 20th.

I watched Mama Mia! with vaal yesterday!
Oh gosh I just felt like dancing!

Anyway a summary of the movie without major spoilers:
Sophie the lead is going to get married and she wishes for her father to be leading her down the wedding carpet. She managed to get hold of her single mother's diary and realised that she has got three possible fathers, and without telling her mum, she sent invites to all three and thought she would be able to recognize her father with just one look.

But when all three really arrived, she realised she couldn't.
And her mum found out.

So exactly who is her father?

Just watch it man.
I love the movie!

I cried a little and the songs were just great~
By the way, Pierce Brosnan is so so so charming!

I'm in love with musicals and I'm so going to catch High School Musical 3.

Whoo hoo!
Vaal let's be dancing queens!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008




Please appear at my house for ur bdae present on the 27th =P
You do not need a diet!

Also cannot ask u to enjoy ur bdae cause u're working. TSK.

I love this I-am-not-a-typical-virgo-perfectionist-and-i-can-see-a-cute-guy-5metres-away-with-or-without-stud.

Happy birdie day sweetheart bj2!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friggin loads of pictures!
I just got home not too long ago, from Chingling's house warming party.
Thanks to her, i smell of smoke, and is home with a full tummy lol.

Pretty lazy to write much, I'm pretty drained.
So let pictures speak!

Like I mentioned, we went to HardRock cafe for a gathering yesterday.
Apparently, the place was so lively, QunYu's bf thought she was clubbing and couldn't believe her when she said she was in a cafe.

We spent 106bucks on 4 plates of food.
And had a mudpie (totally icecream) for free.

I being the sua ku, never been there.
Liked it =)

Randomness, but this is my new toy.
Little Acer.
But alot of people told me acer sucked.
Ah, free anyway.

But cute enough.
I travelled all the way to Jurong east for this.
Speaking of which, I topped up 10bucks just yesterday and due to traveling from Tamp to Shenton, then from Shenton to Jurong and back to Tamp, then Tamp to Orchard and back...

There's nothing left in my card =.=

On to ching's house...

On the top floor of her terrace.

Steps down...

Jeslene's shaky hand syndromes.
So sorry babies =X

And the scandal of Kai & Ching goes on...

The gang playing zhong ji mi ma.
I guess that drink for punishment was pretty nice, though its mixed to be not.

Kai, me & Yan, at Ikea.
We went there to get housewarming gifts for Ching.
Got caught to do survey for Ikea after we had our hotdog and was rewarded ANOTHER hotdog voucher valid only for that day.

So we ate 2 hotdogs. =\

Nono, Wentaro.
*jes waves*

CHing has got her own bathroom!
And her showerhead is sooooooooooooooooo cool can!
Man made rain.
So romantic.
Next time bring my bf go there and pretend we walking under the rain AHHAHA.

In ching's room.
Man, you know her room is like, perfect for camwhoring lo.

Finally, the whole gang.
Sorry peeps, the first picture taken was quite blur.

I'll upload all the photos into a facebook album.
And will tag ppl so no worries =D

Now I'm super tired.
Am going to shower and then rape my bed.

Feeling rather...
That's better than being unhappy I guess.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Its a nothing-much-to-settle Friday and my dog barked at nothing in particular.
He woke me up.
Went to the kitchen to see what he was barking at.
Apparently, nothing, but he was facing the living room.

Popo, or ah gong, did you guys came back?
Well, I never know.

My throat's getting slightly better, loads of stuff still stuck in there though.
So irritating.
And I've yet to compose that email to Amos about leaving Hark.
Or updated TatSin about joining Ark.
Wonder if I'll get to meet Sin, Wei & Alan next week.

I spent the whole day slacking at home yesterday since Yen flew me a kite...
I kept wanting to fall asleep.
I should leave the bed as it is man.

On the phone, chatting online and playing with photoshop...
And being the stupid, silly Jeslene...
I forgot to have lunch.
I didn't remember there was such a thing. Haha.
But I was hungry, and that reminded me. (coughgrowlingtummycough)

Oolong Tea, Apples and Mac's Caramel Dip.
Slightly sinful lunch.

And since I was bored I decided to camwhore too.
Without Makeup haha.
I look younger without makeup lol.

I better head for a shower.
Then shentonway for lunch.
then Jurong East to Acer.
Then back home.
Then head out to orchard for gathering.
Then wonder should I head over to Brian's bbq.

I shall see.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emo stuff aside ---

Exams are over, although I don't think i did... you know, well.
But whatever.
Whatever~ (imitates vaalvaal)

Had chicken rice - bertbert's idea - for lunch.
Not too bad, just why so fattening?

Cabbed to Bugis and we went arcading yet again.
Stress relief lies with playing violent games & retail therapy.
My excuse for shopping?

My birthday month leh.


My dear mp3 is so zai, it lasted the whole journey from Bugis to Tamp with one batt!
And with that one batt, it only died when I reached under my block.
*smooches on my mp3*

Pictures from Monday's E-Hub & Ikea trip!

Since the guys & nana were playing pool, a very bored Vaal2 & Jes slacked at the photo sticker taking booth.
And camwhored.
This is what we call NORMAL.

Then slightly abnormal.

Then totally insane.

Slamming bishi bashi buttons is essential for stressed ladies.

And Kathykate isn't my top temptress for nothing =P

To my babes in school:
Sorry that you ladies have to endure through my drama-mama situations.
Jeslene loves ya all, that's why I decided to keep things to myself sometimes.

Pornstars hen mang de ;)


I'll be having a small little break till next monday, when school starts again.
Haven't been listing out my schedule, but like hardly anyone cares.

Heading to Jurong East for my LPC tomorrow.
Friday night having dinner with my daughters.
Saturday evening would be Ching's housewarming.
Sunday, its BLANK! Anyone? Hahaha.

Paul told me to list a wishlist for my birthday month.
Might as well, since I'm bored.

1) Dresses, though I have millions of them, but its never enough.
2) Accessories, bangles bangles bangles! Vintage Necklaces <3
3) Oversized Tees, those that are long enough to look like a dress.
4) Waistbelts, I'm in love with them since I have tons of tube dresses to pair them with.
5) Kitten heels, those perfect for strolling and shopping, mine broke. so... Size 37-38 please =P
6) Chris, naked and tied with a ribbon. Okay, I'm kidding.

Realise all are clothes and stuff?
Cause they are more usable than plushies.

Coughing like no one's biz.
I better sleep.
And yes I skipped clubbing tonight,
Sorry hui =(

Tuesday, September 16, 2008




Saturday, September 13, 2008

So tired... =(
Decided to finish this entry before I rape my bed.
I juz finished a call with my dearie and its like, 12mn already.
I woke up pretty early this morning.

Why wake at 7am on a sat?
Cause Capitaland Residential is having a bowling tournament~
Kai Lin was teamed up with Aron, Ryan & Leong Seng, all project managers haha.
And to prevent awkwardness, Nora our supervisor suggested to ask me along.
So i agreed.

Marina Square's Super Bowl was raided by CRS staff!
They had breakfast buffet spread too, oh the eclair was heavenly. =P

Leong Seng, the super bowler with alot of strikes.
Man, these project managers can really bowl~
& Ryan, being the new project manager around, was quite a stranger to me cause I left soon after he came.
Surprisingly, he was very practical and nice to talk to.
Aron & Leong Seng were very supportive too, as Kai Lin was a beginner in Bowling.

Kai's bowling is very...
Slow & unpredictable HAHAHA.

Our team got 2nd runner up!
And they were given 50bucks vouchers each as a prize.
What vouchers?
Aiya, Capitaland Resi, of course give Capitaland Vouchers loh~


We then headed back to Billy Bombers @ Century Sq for lunch, since Kai had those vouchers.
And this is the much recommended All Stars Burger.
I had the one with Beef patty medium done, and it was good.
Potion big enough for two.
I was darn full.

since we have got nothing much to do around in Tamp, we headed back to my place for some slacking and some singing.

By now I'm already drained.
Exams are nearing and I'm not ready for it yet.
I need to study real hard.

For now,
let me have some good sleep.
I promise to study tomorrow =P

Nights, dears!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I had a weird dream last night and its...
Complications, I guess, I could recgonise that voice without any doubt.
What's wrong with me, I wonder?
DMS, I blame it on.

I met up with long time no see Yen & Yu.
Yen was all out to shop, and decided I would be the best shopping companion.
Of course, being so looked up upon, I cannot disappoint her, can I? =P

Raided the whole of Tampines Mall & Century Sq.
Yen really bought alot of things, from tops to shorts to shoes.
As for me, I got myself a colourful v-neck babydoll dress, and the ladies got me a triple coloured dress from Zimple.

Thanks ladies, it costed a bomb, like 50bucks a dress?
I tried stopping them but they just insisted its pretty on me and they just told the sales lady to wrap it up.
They so manly can.
Machiam my bf HAHAHA.

Had dinner @ a chinese place in Century Sq.
Not too bad, I'm just shocked at how much Yen & Yu can eat.

Camwhoring while waiting for food.

Look normal for once haha.

▲ My daughters: Yen & Yu =)
Sorry boys, Yu is taken.
Yen is not though, please register with me first okay =D

Food~ I remembered its chicken.

Appetizer: cold pork with vinegar.

And loads more other food like fried mantou, Siew Mai with fish eggs, Zha Jiang Mian, BakKut LaMian, Spicy & Sour dumplings.

They can really eat.

A very 'come on, sexy ♥' expression from Yen...

And group photo killed by Jeslene's famous shaky-hand syndrome™

Ran into Yu's friend and we chilled out together at my house.
My mum was ashamed of my messy room.


My mood's getting better, so basically its PMS that caused my emotions to roar.
But I have some problems and worries still and I'm taking them on one by one.
First of all, I have to get through my exams.
My weekend is ruined, but after which I would be flying without wings (hopefully)

Wish me luck =)

Stop searching for my friends' name just to find my blog, crazy =.=

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I finally got to watch Hana Yori Dango Final =D
Met up with Hiyu Jie @ Douby Cathy for it.
For the whole of the movie, I kept going wtf, awwwww, oohhh myyy, hahahahaha.
Don't know, I kept having that "oh that's what Tsukasa will do! ahahah!"

That's a HYD fan for you.
Did I mentioned I read the last book of HYD and totally went gaga over Rui?

But anyway, the movie was good,
pretty funny and interesting, and you can see they spent a bomb on it.
Though some characters are rather out of character (coughruicough) overall it's quite good.
But I think unless you know some basics of Hana Yori Dango, or Meteor Garden, it won't be good as a standalone.

Pros & Cons, but good enough for a die hard HYD fan like me =DD

Taken after the movie
Having cramps right now.
I die die still went for the movie, cause I wanna catch it so badly, plus I don't want to fly Hiyu jie any more aeroplanes.
I'm just glad I didn't drink alot of cold water before today, if not I would be rolling on my bed.
Now I'm hungry, I only had a hotdog and milk tea for dinner, and that was at 7pm.
Glen talked about food and he ordered Mac's.
Made me hungrier.
Psst. That black Siren dress at http://dressabelle.livejournal.com/11610.html is OH SO PRETTY.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Before I drown in anymore of my stupid emotions, let's talk about something cheery.
September 1, was teachers' day.
But since none of us could make it, we didn't head over to ITE to send our wishes.

And so we did today.

Yes, only the three of us.
Unfortunately, Peiyun had some last min work, Tong had fever and fiza had some infection.
And so the three of us, Carrie, Maryanne & yours truly, took on the duty to send our wishes to our dear teachers in ITE Bishan with the power of 6.

First, we settled at mac's to finish up whatever wrapping of presents and such.
I was shocked by the staff there as he used a gong to announce the start of the lunch time specials.

I left Carrie & anne to work on the presents while I head to the florist to get a Sunflower for our dearest Class Advisor.
Man, so darn overpriced!
They were selling the 'big' ones @ $15!!!
Those so called 'big' sunflowers are the same size as the ones Vaal bought from Plaza Sing.
And she got them for like, $5?

So yeah whatever, I got the small one for $8.

We took a bus to the campus, and realised Ms Lee waited for us since 11.30am.
She was the one who said her lunch time aws 1230 lo~ hahaha.
When we arrived, Ms Lee came rushing over and said:

"You know I very hungry loh!!"

Handed her all the presents and all, and we decided to have lunch in the canteen.

I know those are trees but...
It just looked like brocolis.

Ms Lee treated us to luncccccccch.
We chatted about what's around us...
About her white hair...
About the other girls who couldn't make it today...
About babies...
Practically everything.

That's exactly why I love Ms Lee so much.
She's just... chattable?

We decided to continue the chat at the study area near the staff room.
My cousin lah.

Got to see Mrs Lee, Mr Foong, Mr Chua and Mrs Loh too.
Seems like everyone's doing good.

Ms Lee misses ISP alot, she said that she is still trying to bond with ehr new form class, and its not as easy as how she did it with ISP.

And when I told Mrs Angie Lee that ISP might be the worst class she ever taught, she said:
"I only remember the good things about ISP =)"

How heartwarming =)

We left the school after staying around for 3hours.
It really struck me this time, I miss ITE life, and everyone have gone their own ways in life.
Can't help but sigh.

I know I am sua gu, but I haven't seen the new Bishan station yet...
Let me be la. HAHAHA.

And camwhore.

Carrie and I headed to Bugis after for some shopping.
And to Bras Basah's Art Friend.
Headed home after. I was darn tired after so much walking under the scorching sun.

Thank you to Charlane for the pretty glass teddy with my birthstone.
Zheng Ling for the lovely set of comb & mirro from Kyoto.
And Carrie for the really cute comb & tags =)

Jeslene loves ya all!

Teddy, Comb & Mirror, and Carrie's comb =)

And Carrie, thanks for the effort lah!
I love NY too =D
Bigung <3 you!





Sunday, September 07, 2008

Feel like telling everyone, "ppl please run away before I show u my PMS."
I feel so so vexed.
Stressed up by alot of stuff, and I really need to scream.
Have no idea why I feel so down.
Stupid PMS.

Got to admit my soul kept flying where else these days.
Can't help.
And out of nowhere, I just feel like wetting my pillow or something.
It seems like I cannot look forward to anything.


I hate pms
and I hope its just pms.

Friday, September 05, 2008


不得不怀疑自己,一直以来,对那一段时间的 ‘他’,我为什么总放不下?
即使走出一切,也不得忽略:“是啊,我和 ‘他’ 也许都一样。"





因为我知道,放不下 ‘我们’的



Thursday, September 04, 2008



Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why must we run from one place to another~!!?
One lesson at Unicampus and another at douby campus?

I really am running out of energy.
No wonder they say the more drained you are, the more emo you get.
I'm feeling the emo bug soon.

2 hours break spent with one less person, dear nana.
Was driven to Clementi to have Botak Jones by Gillbert.
Shared the fish & chips and Cajun Chicken with Kathy & Vaal.
Not too bad, we kept dropping food on the floor though haha.

Bert Bert.

Jones, jones...

Kathy and I, while on the car.

Driven back to PS...
And sashayed back to class at 230, when lessons start at 2pm.
My eyes threatened to close.
I was THAT tired.
I hardly fall asleep during lessons even if I was darn drained. (hor carrie)
But today......
I want to sleep.

Love the ladies nevertheless.
I know it has no link with what I just written in the above paragraph.

Think I'm getting uglier.

Cannot already. I need to sleep.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another day gone...
Its already freaking september!
I have like, so many plans for september~
Just cause my birthday would soon be around the corner.
Actually, its not a big deal, but I just like friends to gather for an occasion.

Today was pretty tiring.
I'm like half awake right now, wishing I have got more time to rest till tomorrow.
In my dreams =(
Kathy, Nana & VaalVaal KO-ed durng OB.
How did I managed to stay awake?
Seems like its always me who's awake, in ITE too.

Being the clumsy Jeslenem I broke my shoe today..
Then in the night I scratched my knee against a corner of a wooden display.
Clumsy, but calm enough to laugh at myself.
I reckon its gonna leave a scar. =\

Thanks to Hui for the dress, =D
Had a good dinner gossiping with Hui & Yan tonight, though we're all drop dead tired.
I got myself some nice underwear HAHAHA.

Paul & Carrie: I'm all right don't worry. Just feeling a litlllllllllleeeeeee bit emo lah.
Paul, thanks for the watermelon juice hahaha. You just know what I want don't you, my bestie? =)


Monday, September 01, 2008

Feeling rather down.
But acting rather high.

What's wrong with me?
I need to lean on someone.