Monday, September 08, 2008

Before I drown in anymore of my stupid emotions, let's talk about something cheery.
September 1, was teachers' day.
But since none of us could make it, we didn't head over to ITE to send our wishes.

And so we did today.

Yes, only the three of us.
Unfortunately, Peiyun had some last min work, Tong had fever and fiza had some infection.
And so the three of us, Carrie, Maryanne & yours truly, took on the duty to send our wishes to our dear teachers in ITE Bishan with the power of 6.

First, we settled at mac's to finish up whatever wrapping of presents and such.
I was shocked by the staff there as he used a gong to announce the start of the lunch time specials.

I left Carrie & anne to work on the presents while I head to the florist to get a Sunflower for our dearest Class Advisor.
Man, so darn overpriced!
They were selling the 'big' ones @ $15!!!
Those so called 'big' sunflowers are the same size as the ones Vaal bought from Plaza Sing.
And she got them for like, $5?

So yeah whatever, I got the small one for $8.

We took a bus to the campus, and realised Ms Lee waited for us since 11.30am.
She was the one who said her lunch time aws 1230 lo~ hahaha.
When we arrived, Ms Lee came rushing over and said:

"You know I very hungry loh!!"

Handed her all the presents and all, and we decided to have lunch in the canteen.

I know those are trees but...
It just looked like brocolis.

Ms Lee treated us to luncccccccch.
We chatted about what's around us...
About her white hair...
About the other girls who couldn't make it today...
About babies...
Practically everything.

That's exactly why I love Ms Lee so much.
She's just... chattable?

We decided to continue the chat at the study area near the staff room.
My cousin lah.

Got to see Mrs Lee, Mr Foong, Mr Chua and Mrs Loh too.
Seems like everyone's doing good.

Ms Lee misses ISP alot, she said that she is still trying to bond with ehr new form class, and its not as easy as how she did it with ISP.

And when I told Mrs Angie Lee that ISP might be the worst class she ever taught, she said:
"I only remember the good things about ISP =)"

How heartwarming =)

We left the school after staying around for 3hours.
It really struck me this time, I miss ITE life, and everyone have gone their own ways in life.
Can't help but sigh.

I know I am sua gu, but I haven't seen the new Bishan station yet...
Let me be la. HAHAHA.

And camwhore.

Carrie and I headed to Bugis after for some shopping.
And to Bras Basah's Art Friend.
Headed home after. I was darn tired after so much walking under the scorching sun.

Thank you to Charlane for the pretty glass teddy with my birthstone.
Zheng Ling for the lovely set of comb & mirro from Kyoto.
And Carrie for the really cute comb & tags =)

Jeslene loves ya all!

Teddy, Comb & Mirror, and Carrie's comb =)

And Carrie, thanks for the effort lah!
I love NY too =D
Bigung <3 you!





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