Saturday, September 13, 2008

So tired... =(
Decided to finish this entry before I rape my bed.
I juz finished a call with my dearie and its like, 12mn already.
I woke up pretty early this morning.

Why wake at 7am on a sat?
Cause Capitaland Residential is having a bowling tournament~
Kai Lin was teamed up with Aron, Ryan & Leong Seng, all project managers haha.
And to prevent awkwardness, Nora our supervisor suggested to ask me along.
So i agreed.

Marina Square's Super Bowl was raided by CRS staff!
They had breakfast buffet spread too, oh the eclair was heavenly. =P

Leong Seng, the super bowler with alot of strikes.
Man, these project managers can really bowl~
& Ryan, being the new project manager around, was quite a stranger to me cause I left soon after he came.
Surprisingly, he was very practical and nice to talk to.
Aron & Leong Seng were very supportive too, as Kai Lin was a beginner in Bowling.

Kai's bowling is very...
Slow & unpredictable HAHAHA.

Our team got 2nd runner up!
And they were given 50bucks vouchers each as a prize.
What vouchers?
Aiya, Capitaland Resi, of course give Capitaland Vouchers loh~


We then headed back to Billy Bombers @ Century Sq for lunch, since Kai had those vouchers.
And this is the much recommended All Stars Burger.
I had the one with Beef patty medium done, and it was good.
Potion big enough for two.
I was darn full.

since we have got nothing much to do around in Tamp, we headed back to my place for some slacking and some singing.

By now I'm already drained.
Exams are nearing and I'm not ready for it yet.
I need to study real hard.

For now,
let me have some good sleep.
I promise to study tomorrow =P

Nights, dears!

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