Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emo stuff aside ---

Exams are over, although I don't think i did... you know, well.
But whatever.
Whatever~ (imitates vaalvaal)

Had chicken rice - bertbert's idea - for lunch.
Not too bad, just why so fattening?

Cabbed to Bugis and we went arcading yet again.
Stress relief lies with playing violent games & retail therapy.
My excuse for shopping?

My birthday month leh.


My dear mp3 is so zai, it lasted the whole journey from Bugis to Tamp with one batt!
And with that one batt, it only died when I reached under my block.
*smooches on my mp3*

Pictures from Monday's E-Hub & Ikea trip!

Since the guys & nana were playing pool, a very bored Vaal2 & Jes slacked at the photo sticker taking booth.
And camwhored.
This is what we call NORMAL.

Then slightly abnormal.

Then totally insane.

Slamming bishi bashi buttons is essential for stressed ladies.

And Kathykate isn't my top temptress for nothing =P

To my babes in school:
Sorry that you ladies have to endure through my drama-mama situations.
Jeslene loves ya all, that's why I decided to keep things to myself sometimes.

Pornstars hen mang de ;)


I'll be having a small little break till next monday, when school starts again.
Haven't been listing out my schedule, but like hardly anyone cares.

Heading to Jurong East for my LPC tomorrow.
Friday night having dinner with my daughters.
Saturday evening would be Ching's housewarming.
Sunday, its BLANK! Anyone? Hahaha.

Paul told me to list a wishlist for my birthday month.
Might as well, since I'm bored.

1) Dresses, though I have millions of them, but its never enough.
2) Accessories, bangles bangles bangles! Vintage Necklaces <3
3) Oversized Tees, those that are long enough to look like a dress.
4) Waistbelts, I'm in love with them since I have tons of tube dresses to pair them with.
5) Kitten heels, those perfect for strolling and shopping, mine broke. so... Size 37-38 please =P
6) Chris, naked and tied with a ribbon. Okay, I'm kidding.

Realise all are clothes and stuff?
Cause they are more usable than plushies.

Coughing like no one's biz.
I better sleep.
And yes I skipped clubbing tonight,
Sorry hui =(

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