Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Other things don't matter anymore.
As long as you know who left you a place in their hearts.
That's just enough isn't it?

Someone would be arriving in SG next month.
I would need all my courage and a sweet Adelene to lead me through.
And when I start thinking about this,
I could hear that guitar.

I think I sorta scared Yun & Hui today.
It wasn't intentional.
Sorry lah.

But anyway, finally met up with Yun.
Loveloves la Chen Pei!

I accompanied Hui to the doc's first.
This girl ah, fever till 38degrees still looked like nothing happened.
Will most prob be going over to her house tomorrow, since she's taking mc.
Loveloves you too Lee Hui!

Lunched at Kobayashi before K Happy at Cine.
Satisfying session.
Abit nonsensical.
But nevertheless, I love my girls.

My phone is now is batt more to being flat.
Cause Lee Hui and Chen Pei kept camwhoring?

Jes's camwhoring skills: Sing, but still pose.

Chen Pei is my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
On la, steady la! Ask Jack out and we'll sing till the wolf howls okay!

And my "darling you're sick lor please lah" lee hui.

Obscene pic of my dog shh shhing.

My eyes are really tired.
Machiam a tap since morning.
So I'm going to ZZZ now.
Swim swim tomorrow!


PS: Me miss my PS lovers in sch.
I think i've just got the perfect excuse
to let things be the way I want it to be.

Go on.


Well, too late.

But I don't blame anyone.
Nature always has its plans.

Quoted from XXXholic:



It means, whatever that happened would never be

cause in this world, there's only "destined".

Now that I know, I cannot put all my trust in you anymore.

Jeslene lee.
Jeslene lee.
You got to accept the fact...
about yourself.
You know yourself best, dear.
Whatever's that not meant to be,
would not be.
You cannot force yourself to do things that you really couldn't.

I won't place hope.
I won't let myself be so crazy, insane, naive.

I need a giant hug from my blondie.
For now, I shall just be contented with his hugs from yesterday.
At least, I know he's still here for me.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing much to update about.
I'm pretty happy right now after having a good night's sleep (and a weird dream)
and I have plans later, lalala~

I spent my public holiday with my family.
To Parkway Parade's Jack's Place~
Bugis was so so crowded, my mum and I almost drowned.

Pictures, please talk.

Two single chopsticks make a pair.
But why waste plastic by packaging them individually?

My mum heard my little whine of "I want pockey, why no pockey in shop n save?"
And she got it for me the next day.
Go on and envy me *winks to hui*

The following pictures were uploaded with wrong sequences.
But be it.

Milktea @ Parkway.
The pearls are so so mini!
But yea, it causes cancer, hor Kelvin & Kathy~ Hohohoho!

Like I said, me love my mum.
Especially when she loves to camwhore like I do.

Brother: Since you're taking a picture of my dessert, then I demand my fingers to be included as well.

Anyway, yes we're okay already.
I was like telling him:


He meekly replied: Sorry lah!

Jeslene is carnivorous you know.
Can't live without steak.

Seafood broth.
Tastes fine.

Total cost for four was 61bucks.
So its like, $15 per person with Coffee/tea, soup & bread, main course & dessert.
MOOOOOSSSS for Jack's Place.

Gotta go prepare now.
I miss my baby so much.

And I'm meeting my Peiyun tomorrow!
Thurs would be swimming again with bestie & kai baby.

How fab can my study week be?

(psst, I haven't started my studying.)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My lovers =)
Yes it was planned to wear similar stuff haha.
Just different straps, lengths and colours.

The birthday card I made for Kathy's 19th!
There were not enough gemstones, so I only outlined it.

Taken during lover kathy's day.











因为 他们总听得到















Friday, October 24, 2008

A quick look at my photobucket, and I realised there were quite some photoshop stuff I've did long long ago.
Maybe 5 years ago?
Pretty impressive, to have such skills since those times.
Yes I'm praising myself, does it matter?
I have an ego, you know.

And so the most recent graphic I've done was my blog banner.
Ah well.
I've lost all brushes and textures and it'll take alot of time for me to get them back.
Though brushes are not necessary sometimes, but helps with enhancing =(
O've just have to make do with manipulating, layers and blendings.

I love my friends no matter how bitchy they are.
Cause no one is perfect.
People are only perfect when they come together as a jigsaw puzzle (I almost typed pizza, comical sia) and make the perfect harmony.

I'm not really a bitchy person by nature.
But it struck me, being bitchy is better than being a bimbo,
cause at least bitches can hold intellectual conversations.

Maybe one day, I'll turn catty.
And I'll be totally vixenfied.
Then Serena Lee would have to watch out muahahahah.

<3s Vaal!

I double <3s Vaal!
Maybe I should stop disturbing her by saying she would be sleeping with 68 different people everynight because of her extensions.

Why no kathy?
Got, all in Vaal's thumbdrive.
Love my 三八s.

Post it wall outside cathy!
Looks pretty fun.
And gosh the stuff they wrote on the post it tags are pretty funny lor.

Maybe you're on it HAHA.
Maybe someone confessed to you on it!
Maybe someone described you as a lao tiko on it!

Don't 心虚 leh.

Pretty much how I feel now.
But someone cheered me.
And with my girls around, its never too dull.

I see alot of familiar, and very recognisable IP address around my blog ever since my links increased.
And oh, I realised I've been blogging since 2002.
I just checked my other blog.
Lao blogger.

What's with kids these days?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Making it a short one today,
I wasn't planning to update actually, but since I'm dilly dallying around blogs, might as well.

Its raining outside again and thank goodness,
it rained only after my weekly swim.
Speaking of swimming, another satisfying session.
Relaxing and floating around felt real good.
And quoting Kai's words:

"Rule number 1 of swimming, when the lifeguard stares at you, don't stare back."

Ya for some reasons the lifeguards kept staring at us haha.
We didn't do anything crazy, I swear.
...Maybe we did but wellllll~

Oh, did I mentioned that Blondie, after 2 months of being blackie, dyed his hair blonde again.
He still ask me nice or not.
I had to say it looks fine.
But... I like his black hair better.
I got the urge to dye my hair too.
But no, not his colour, hahah!

All right now.
I'm pretty shagged.
So I'm off!

Loves <3

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So happily tired!
I just love spending time with my bff!
I managed to regain my photoshop =D
Btw, sorry lovers for abandoning you ladies just now.
i just cannot stand being lethargic anymore.
Cause if I further it, I'll just turn all silent.

im feeling freaking warm now, better head for a cool shower soon!
Pictures from Hui's cam:

Don't ask what's with my pornstarish pose, its all influences =P


What a..... Picture. Hahahaha!

im going swimming tomorrow!
I was just looking at my jewelery box and I realised...
Man, I have alot of flower accessories.
Oh well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jes ah Jes!
Its time for you to get over and done with that emo bug loitering around somewhere in your body.
You've got what you wanted today and that's enough isn't it?
Stop hoping to have what you can't.

Like, I feel like a living corpse without my photoshop.
So pardon these photos, which colours look like shit.

Photos from yesterday:

The birthday girl! <3

Crazy people.

I second that...

Haha I forced hui to eat the strawberry.

Anyway, hui I hope you enjoyed the very least of everything =)
Me love you deep deep!

Meeting up with bestie tomorrow.
And Swimming on thurs.
Sat K lunching with my ps-s, yes?

I'm addicted to SHE's 612 Xing Qiu.
I don't know why, it just pulls me in, and I sink.
I was listening to FM this afternoon on my way home from shenton.
And I heard JJ sang:


I can only say, its true.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I wanted to blog only tomorrow initially.
But after reading an entry my bestie wrote, I decided to blog it out.
Its just thoughts, nothing interesting, im afraid.

I don't know what's with me, but any sane human should know,
one will tend to neglect another sometimes.
I should know.
But when my heart flips the other way, I start blaming another for this issue.

I just want them to be happy.
I can cry and wither somewhere.
If that means they would be happier.

So why am I comparing?
Why am I complaining?

Should be glad that I got a fraction of her time.
I'm not being sarcastic by the way.

Whatever it is,
just stay happy,
You know who you are.
All I ever need is when I get that fraction of time of yours,
I can see the smile in your eyes.

I swear.
Happy 20th


Serena Lee H

To my les partner =P
Been the 2nd year we knew each other (You know since may 2nd hahaha)
But 2 years = not long not short lah.

Stop clubbing like no one's biz leh!
You club u drag me also lor you! *shakes hui*
But I love you so much! HOW!?

...I better run from tong's claws.
I just declared I love you =DDD

Happy 20th! I'll see you later hahahaha!



For those who is wondering what happened to me last night...

I was backing up my stuff.
And my jie's hard disk was full.
So my brother let me use his hark disk, and he didn't state properly that I'm supposed to put all into his hard disk, including those which i backed up already.

And he formatted my comp without notifying me.
Then he deleted all my stuff in my jie's hard disk without asking me.
And he yelled at me without an apology when that's all I wanted.

Those stuff...
Are memories of 4 to 5 years.
Of people who I don't contact anymore.
Of people who I loved.
You may think its just photos and all, why so worked up?

You lost someone dear to you.
And those were the only things that can lead you on.
And give you courage as you walk on.

Would you?

My eyelids are so swollen, I have fat double eyelids.
Cool eh.

And because of all the extreme sobbings in front of my parents,
I'm granted a sch day off.

But miss my kathykatiekate & vaalvaal like hell.
My PS-s always can cheer me and make me irritated haha.
Thanks for the calls yesterday lovers! <3

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I wanted to update, really.
But now its impossible.

All my images all gone.

All because of an egoistic male who thought he could live alone and not ask anyone for opinions.

Now that all my memories were gone.
All the photos, that I took as my precious.

Of ze.
Of blondie.
Of my ITE days.
Of my sec sch day.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pangseh-s x2

Why must everyone pangseh me today?
Especially when my mood isn't the best of best.
But yeah, if I don't say it, no one will know it.

Having a bad headache now.
And I'm feeling drained - of emotions that is.

On a night like this, its either you think,
or you sleep it away.

I'll take the second option.
I brought my lappie out so now im like blogging in class ahha.
Really bored, cause both of mu ladies are not here.
Vaal is coming but she just woke up.
Kathy ah...

Cheh her hahaha.


Yoo hoo!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October the 14th

I have 5 friends celebrating their birthday today, and 2 of them have a special place in my heart.

Happy 19th to


She is my pornstar! =P
Dear kathy!
I'm sure you know I love you.
Throughout the short period of time we knew each other, I realised I cannot live without you *jes blushes*

Sing a song for you!

You are my SUNSHINE! *kissesssssssssss!*
You're stuck with me for the rest of your life,
You can run, but you can't hide, you hear me?!

I love you!


Happy 27th to

We haven't been in contact for weeks already.
I guess this guy is still as busy.
Nevertheless, I gave him a call on his day.
He used to be my poker faced bf, and he was once very much part of my life.
I'm glad what we had was good even when we ended.

我把这句话还你 好吗





And also, to Raymund, MingLong and Keng Ling!
Happy birthday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My bones are cracking!
Tired... and Mama Mia Soundtrack repeating on my media player.
Addicted. Haha.

I spent my day with my brother, hiyu jie, jengloon and for a while, Wilson, Terrence and Jing Chang.
Ya, 2 ladies all guys haha.
I was so bored when they were trying to kill the price down in Sim Lim, I talked to the dustbin which was sitting silent beside me.
And all the guys kenna my "lean here, there, everywhere." attack.
I kept leaning on them, whined and yawned hahaha.

Had Victor's for lunch!

Okay lah.
Random pictures from Friday and Sat!

I went to look for blondie on Friday.
I was staring at the greenery and I realised I quite like his void deck haha.
Its just very windy with no mosquitoes!
Green's good for eyes. Hoho.

A very cute kitty we saw along the streets of Bugis!
Just very very cute lah!
It was playing with my brother's keychain.
Its sibling was sitting somewhere near, just observing us haha.

You know why did I took a picture of this tree for of fat pigeons?

Cause I kenna their bomb.
Green shit from them!
On my NEW BAG!
Then my poor kor had to clean it for me =(

I hate you pigeons!

And so did Kor. lol.

Sunset view from my house =D


I was just telling glen how weird my msn exclaimations became.
Buahh, Guaaaah, Cheeeeh.

Maybe the weird one is me, not the words haha.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Students must adhere to the institute’s dress code at all times. Do take note that you are NOT ALLOWED :

1) Singlets, spaghetti-strap tops, shorts or tank tops
2) Revealing attire, off-shoulder or low-cut tops, or tight/tube dresses (tube dresses can be worn with a cardigan)
3) Mini skirts, short dresses (of more than 15 cm above knee)
4) Facial piercings
5) Visible Tattoos (to be covered at all times)
6) Flip flop slippers (unless justified by valid medical reasons)
7) Dyed hair except dark brown and red shades

Please note that This is a place of learning, and the mark of a student is one who stands out from the crowd through academic excellence and not through inappropriate dressing.

WTH, they're going to station staff to DENY OUR ENTRY INTO THE UNICAMPUS if the dressing is so called 'Inappropriate' ?


Terrorists more important or our dressing?
Waste manpower with this instead of increasing the campus security?
Do you know the campus have only 4 miserable security guards?!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some quick updates...
I'm going to be really busy next week.
Tuesday would be Kathykatiekate's birthday, not to mention the terrible Econs test.
We're going to Jurong Birdpark after!
Will surely be drained.

Wednesday is assignment deadline!
I better get it typed up real soon.

Thursday, most probably going down to Dbl O to celebrate Hui's advance birthday.
See how.
I might just go there and show my face nia hahahah!

actually main events are just these, but somehow it seemed really really busy.

I have no idea why this month's menses want my life man.
Kathy & Vaal said my face and lips were pale today.

Dragged myself home and slept.
Woke up with a headache.
Like gosh I haven't been drinking at all loh!
Whats with that hangover headache!

Some random pictures:

My darlings, taken on Oct 2nd, Last week!
Love this picture.
Pornstar pic lah.

At bugis, in the background you see gilbert and joshua digging in.

I'm tired.
I better sleep soon.

And oh.
I couldn't resist online shopping.
someone please fund me hahaha!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Decided to do a little update.
Better do so, if not I'll just leave this blog to wither and die.
Recently loads of things happened and I didn't have much time to receive the changes officially.
Tons of trouble for me to break out from.

Then my dear sweetheart in red came visiting today,
cramps kill so before I felt the pain, I told the girls I'm not appearing in school.
Risk econs, or my life?

I practically slumped the whole day away listening to MamaMia, soundtrack.
I can memorise the sequence of the songs already =.=
And my mom kept waltzing into my room to listen to the songs.
I had loads of queer short dreams while trying to sleep.
Makes me think even more.
What a thinker/dreamer I am. Shakes head man.

Ohoh, Tong and I visited Anne yesterday in NUH.
She was still in operation when we arrived so we went to the playground nearby the ward to you know, just camwhore only.

My humble mini adobe =P

But anyway, when we went into the isolation ward, maryanne was in pain after the operation.
She told us she's fine but the stupid pain is pulling at her muscles.
But glad to see she's doing okay.

Tong and I headed to bugis after =P

Sat was K-Lunch trip with Kailin & Yen.
I super high haha.
We went robinsons sale after wendy joined us and then sashayed around simei.

Its Pudding & AngTuKuey!

Taken that day I went to kai-ma's birthday dinner then to Paul's place.
$10 dresses do help after all =P

Camwhoring ON the escalator.
Kids, better don't learn. I've got practice =D

Tomorrow will be back to lectures...
Thurs... heh.
Friday... Hehhehheh, I'm heading to bukit batok. Can DIE.
Sat & Sun, working maybe? *throws a glance at hui*


I wanna go to the Zoo.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Promised some pictures, so here are some.
Just some only haha.

An official thanks to my dearies who came on the 27th to celebrate my daddy and my birthday.
Hope you ladies enjoyed the steamboat & teppanyaki =)

And also to my MDIS lovers for putting in the effort to make my birthday a tearful one. I love the full length mirror and I stare at it every single day.

Took this yesterday while waiting for the train to Expo.
Was with my mummy, heading to Robinsons sale =D
nothing much leh.

See, i told you girls i make full use of the mirror =P


With my stars at PS.

Loads of photos with Kathykatiekate.
I shall force her to send me since she was like so hyper today.
My batteries are low lo.

Shall be heading to Klunch this sat, and I suggested Bowling after.
I feel like bowling!

Anyway I realised I might be trying to maintain my PMS these days.
I get so easily irritated, I can just burst anywhere anytime.
Gotta have some attitude control.

Tatas =D