Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some quick updates...
I'm going to be really busy next week.
Tuesday would be Kathykatiekate's birthday, not to mention the terrible Econs test.
We're going to Jurong Birdpark after!
Will surely be drained.

Wednesday is assignment deadline!
I better get it typed up real soon.

Thursday, most probably going down to Dbl O to celebrate Hui's advance birthday.
See how.
I might just go there and show my face nia hahahah!

actually main events are just these, but somehow it seemed really really busy.

I have no idea why this month's menses want my life man.
Kathy & Vaal said my face and lips were pale today.

Dragged myself home and slept.
Woke up with a headache.
Like gosh I haven't been drinking at all loh!
Whats with that hangover headache!

Some random pictures:

My darlings, taken on Oct 2nd, Last week!
Love this picture.
Pornstar pic lah.

At bugis, in the background you see gilbert and joshua digging in.

I'm tired.
I better sleep soon.

And oh.
I couldn't resist online shopping.
someone please fund me hahaha!

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