Thursday, October 02, 2008

Promised some pictures, so here are some.
Just some only haha.

An official thanks to my dearies who came on the 27th to celebrate my daddy and my birthday.
Hope you ladies enjoyed the steamboat & teppanyaki =)

And also to my MDIS lovers for putting in the effort to make my birthday a tearful one. I love the full length mirror and I stare at it every single day.

Took this yesterday while waiting for the train to Expo.
Was with my mummy, heading to Robinsons sale =D
nothing much leh.

See, i told you girls i make full use of the mirror =P


With my stars at PS.

Loads of photos with Kathykatiekate.
I shall force her to send me since she was like so hyper today.
My batteries are low lo.

Shall be heading to Klunch this sat, and I suggested Bowling after.
I feel like bowling!

Anyway I realised I might be trying to maintain my PMS these days.
I get so easily irritated, I can just burst anywhere anytime.
Gotta have some attitude control.

Tatas =D

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