Thursday, October 23, 2008

Making it a short one today,
I wasn't planning to update actually, but since I'm dilly dallying around blogs, might as well.

Its raining outside again and thank goodness,
it rained only after my weekly swim.
Speaking of swimming, another satisfying session.
Relaxing and floating around felt real good.
And quoting Kai's words:

"Rule number 1 of swimming, when the lifeguard stares at you, don't stare back."

Ya for some reasons the lifeguards kept staring at us haha.
We didn't do anything crazy, I swear.
...Maybe we did but wellllll~

Oh, did I mentioned that Blondie, after 2 months of being blackie, dyed his hair blonde again.
He still ask me nice or not.
I had to say it looks fine.
But... I like his black hair better.
I got the urge to dye my hair too.
But no, not his colour, hahah!

All right now.
I'm pretty shagged.
So I'm off!

Loves <3

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