Friday, October 10, 2008

Students must adhere to the institute’s dress code at all times. Do take note that you are NOT ALLOWED :

1) Singlets, spaghetti-strap tops, shorts or tank tops
2) Revealing attire, off-shoulder or low-cut tops, or tight/tube dresses (tube dresses can be worn with a cardigan)
3) Mini skirts, short dresses (of more than 15 cm above knee)
4) Facial piercings
5) Visible Tattoos (to be covered at all times)
6) Flip flop slippers (unless justified by valid medical reasons)
7) Dyed hair except dark brown and red shades

Please note that This is a place of learning, and the mark of a student is one who stands out from the crowd through academic excellence and not through inappropriate dressing.

WTH, they're going to station staff to DENY OUR ENTRY INTO THE UNICAMPUS if the dressing is so called 'Inappropriate' ?


Terrorists more important or our dressing?
Waste manpower with this instead of increasing the campus security?
Do you know the campus have only 4 miserable security guards?!


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