Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh great, i've been a bad bad bad bad girl for not udpating, right? *everyone nods*

But hey! I'm erh... Slacking!

Okay, bfore i really start to crap, let me brief u guys on my days this week...

Monday tues and wed! Is my OFF DAYS! U carn believe how happie I was... Heh heh... But then again that means less money in my account, which is not good either... Monday i went for this makeover session thingie.. .It was... erh... experience earning. I dunnoe wad to say, but yeah. Went with Yen, and we both were late, cuz we spent tons of time searching for the place. It was kinda hidden within, so i guess...

The makeup thingie was kinda stupid, I mean, have to look up and down and it seemed as if im stuck to the chair! The photoshoot was even worse. HEY, why can chin yen have that kinda fun looking poses, and I have to do those...... eg: pull skirt down and give that kinda expression .


Okie, so after that, bad things happened. My shoe strap broke off, and I carn even wear it! I walked barefooted to bras brasah in hope of a shoe store, no avail. So we took a taxi.

Our spoken destination: Uncle, MARINA SQUARE.

Taxi Driver heard: NOVENA SQUARE.

And he was the one who comfirmed with us it's marina square.... Grr...

After that we went back to tampines *with a new pair of sandles of course* Met qun yu and went to cafe cartel to eat. wheee... Something good finally...

Tuesday! BOWLING! Lolz... Before that i went to Kbox with yen... and had lunch there, after that it was bowling with liying aka leaking aka yan's sister~

Fun yes, but i know im rusty from bowling. I mean I haven't been touching bowling for dunnoe how long. Managed to get 85points at least. And u know, when i got a strike, my expression was like: ~.~

Yan came to meet us after that, with a few attempts in bowling, we knew it, she couldn't do it. LOL! But she insists that after she bowls the ball into the 'drains', we would get high points after tt, either a spare or strike. CRAPO!

We went for dinner~ And man, that korean hotplate I ordered had too much beef! It's 6.50 yeah, but welloz... it's valued for money eys too but so much i carn finish it at all... At least the salad i did finished it =d Liyan's laksa was................ un-tempting, watery and...... well, dorts.

They sell ice cream puffs at Emi cakes! I din know it was THAT huge, cuz it's two for 1.20 i tot it was kinda small small bite size... But in the end it was tt huge! i ordered four, and u can imagine i had a dorts time finishing it. Fruitful day yea~ I din know why i took bus 3 home, it turned and turned and turned, i almost vomited. Should had waited for bus 21 =.=

Wednesday I named it: Lazi Afternoon. I was so lazing around! Talked on the fone with wanying... until nite time i went to vocal lessons. My lessons are changing to Mondays, cuz my class now have onli two ppl, which is Andrew and me... Zumin and Derrick had work so they suspended the classes, and Louis? Disappeared. I told andrew one day we'll gather everyone to cottage pies to eat. lol!

Im sick today! GRRRRRRR..... I dun like this feeling.. Okie, im hungry off for lunch... =X Bye ppl~

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The past week is frantical! Today s the last day of Tampines Mall's Cottage Pies... Sobsob... Would msis it so muchie!

Last Sunday, yeah, last sunday, liyan kanna food poisoniing... She vomited and vomited, for one full hour. So weak until I have to call her mom: Auntie jiu ming! And so it happened that Liying had the same same condition. Sadness, food poisoning from the bee hoon in the morning. =x The rest of the day, I was in full business ~.~

David kept pestering me! He kept doing all sorts of thinges to irritate me! He say i speaks perfect chinese, so i said it's totally borned to be, and he started laughing like siao. No idea why. And then when i was staring into space, he kept saying: three chicken pies please. I looked up and he'll be like, grinning with thatr i-fooled-you look. GRRR...

I went to kbox with amie tt day. So happie~ hahahaha~ her voice is still sooooooo great... BUT! She started going stomach ache soon after we came out! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH... Everyone JUST have to scare me is it? I brought her to CP, and rest... Meanwhile i ate a American cheesecake lol... We went up to Discovery studios. We practically slept there, but that... mork kept disturbing us, and gary kept coming in... *shrugs* Speaking of gary, amie, he cam down to ntuc yesterday, and I saw him so i said hi. Lol... he looked so shock!

Tomolo's Jane's bdae... Sabrina brought roses for her! We took a photo of the roses and us hahahahha.... And liyan's version of tong hua sux man. HAHHA~....

Okie... Im having a headache and I dunnoe why. =.= I better rest... See ya all honey~

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Okay, not really, but I changed the whole feel and everything. The previous one was like, depressing. Now it's a soft and sad feel! I like my header graphic. ^^;; Not obvious, but actually that graphic contains like, 7 stock images. And between them were a woman who held her head in her hands, crying.

It's 1am already, and my downlaod's like, almost done. Shall wait for my downlaod to finish so I can off my computer! ^^ Tomolo's work again. To think today's work is so bored. I was darn tired... Sighz...

Nothing much to say today.

But well, im soooo not going to wear that tube dress, at least not so soon anywae. I dun wanna be paiseh okay. I've got my face to protect!

Ok ppl, I think i better go and sleep. I mean, it is AFTER midnite, and i have WORK tomolo. Not to mention the fact that i wanna cook lunch so tt I dun hafta spend much money. =P


Friday, June 10, 2005

Okie, so i haven't been updating, so Im a bad bad bad bad Jeslene.


Lolz... I did something very very stupid today.

I brought a tube dress, pink one.

And it cost 39bucks.

Ppl who know me, plz scream.

Ruiwen/Jeslene, the gurl who dun spend money more than 20bucks on a shirt brought something that cost 39bucks from Fox. That's a darn suprising amount of money! I haven't been spending so much money ever since... Prom! Wait, my prom dress cost me only 30bucks.


I was hypotised. I must be, right? X(

So right, the tube dress. I tried it, and well, it fitted yea, but it kinda.... too bright a pink that it was a lil by it's own. I tried it with a jacket, and it looked weird. I can find a way yes, but no way am i going to wear a TUBE DRESS and bare my arms and shoulders when i have not a good figure. I can find a way. i WILL find a way. Wish me luck.

39 bucks sob sob.

Life is not sweet this month, not this week. Well. Loads of thingies happened, but it's all too long and troublesome to write it down. Work had been draining me out. I wonder why, Haven't I walked through this for like, half a year already?

The darn it case of the money prob.

Right, so what can I infer?

All i know is the Great singapore sale is here, and I promised not to buy any more clothes until next month, or perhaps the month after next. grrrrrr.

Friday, June 03, 2005


Did anyone read the news? Espcially 56 fans? The one about Xie Zhi's mum denying that Zhi is a fillial son?

I wouldn't know about this matter, but i happened to take the papers from my dad today, and I happened to saw it. It was one huge page of it.

It said thar Xie Zhi had never gave his mother any money, only few red packets during festivals and occasions. It started from that matter that Xie Zhi's mom had built some balcony thingie, that is against the building laws of taiwan. Then when some reporters went over to take a look, Xie Zhi's mom told them off, that this house of hers is brought by herself, not by xie zhi. Then also, she told them bitterly that Zhi didn't gave her any money for it.

Well, Simon aka the manager told the newspapers, Xie Zhi didnt want the fans to bother his mother, that's why he decided to keep this quiet. He also said that Zhi had deposit 5 digits sum of money to his mother's account.

One more reason might be because Zhi's mom didn't want Zhi to be sued because of that illegal building thing.

Trust me, I don't believe this. I mean, hey, it's not like we haven't seen Zhi's mother cry at Zhi's very first concert. It's not like we haven't seen Zhi celebrating her birthday, along with 56 members. What's going on? All right, let's just end this.

I don't believe the reporters.

I believe Xie Zhi.

Zhi, jiayou.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Silly Lankkkkka~

Wheeeee! Today is the end of my wonder two days offdays! >_< So saddenin, somehow it's all going great for me!

Yesterday I went out with my darling angeline! *huggies mei* She looks soooooooooooo kawaii! So sweet looking, and she's so TALL. *poor me, to think im four years older* Im kinda amazed at how mature her looks were, man, she looked more matured than I am! But nevertheless, so cute! *pinches angel* We went to bugis to take piccies, next time show u guys!

When we were at V8, my mom called, telling me she's going to buy a new Samsung E720C for me, and I was darn darn shocked. Because she told me to wait til december, when my plan expires. That m1 plan totally suxs man, charge me money for unknown things. Anywae, yeah, Im changing my fone this sunday xD

We went to kbox at sommerset then... Man, the moment we walked out of the station, this girl, looking darn fierce pounced on us!


And u know wad? She's actually selling DONATION TICKETS.

Do u have to be so fierce?! Angel pratically stuck to the spot, and I quickly dragged her away, before she really have to fork out money for fierce looking donation tickets seller. =.= I guse i am mature in that way, swatting away this kinda things like they're flies. =.=

I found myself a new talent!

Sing guys' songs using ultra low yet girlish voice of mine!

And alot of lalalalalalalalas!

^^v But yeah, kbox was darn cold. I din know Cineleisure have kbox at the 8th floor too.

Today.... Went out with Yan, Ching at first. Supposingly to watch that Madgascar movie with Brandon K. But BK got something on, wun arrive until late. So we shook off that thought that we're going to watch that movie today. We took a walk around, and we kept bumping into Wenqi and gang. Lolz... Okay, soooooo.... We went to Cafe Cartel, to eat! I ordered Dory with Sambal, and Ching asked why is the dory NOT BLUE? ewwwwwwwwww. We still ended up watching that movie. Our movie khaki was a crowd! With me, yan, liying, peishi, j.lo, keeyong, cheryl, BK, Zhaolong, alvin... I think tt's all, I dun remmeber lolz. It's a great movie, though with a short storyline... The penguins are sooooooooo cute! Not to mention that cute lil squrriel like thingie, huge eyes, looks like ching! LOL! Eh, dunnoe why, I mentioned to peishi me and zhao long is nothing alike, u know why? We're born on the exact same day, montha nd year. *lol*

Okie~~~ My vocal lessons would be on hold until two weeks later, wilson's overseas~~ Lolz..

Bye dears, tc!