Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I want the Ouran Tamaki's BEAR!
I WANT!!!!


*Fangirl mode*

This is the original okays.
It cost 63bucks.
Almost the same price as the Aria plushie.



Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jeslene decided to do something very...
well, enlightening?

Water babies.
Pre-school kids are totally crazy about it, eh?
My mum, who is a teacher in a childcare, knew about it too.
And I didn't understand what was it all about.

Previously, I did an entry on "portable pets" and water babies were one of them.
I didn't have a picture then.
But NOW!
Let Jeslene present:

The Waterbabies!

It all started when Tong and I were walking pass a shop in Tampines central.
She stopped to buy a drink and she called me over when she spotted water babies.
Since a pack of water babies are quite cheap, I bought it, for fun.

And I tried it.

First, we need water, and a vase.
In my case was a flask.
Missha one somemore.
Free gift. HAHAHA.

Of course, the water babies... erh... Eggs?

Throw them in the water...

Seriously I think this picture looks gross.
I don't know, I don't really like things that are... too symmetrical
You know, like the Bee Hive?
I think its disgusting.

I was exclaiming on how disgusting it was.
I think tong was irritated with me.

Anyway, the water babies soon 'grew'.

...Into fat gel balls.
Basically, it absorbed the water and filled its tummy up.

Currently, its still not very big.
I wonder how much water can it suck in.

All right my dears, the truth about water babies:

They are just absorbent gels.
They suck in the water, that's why they grow.
They are not cells.
Not animals.
Not alive.

Its for plants, you know.
Lunar New Year plants?
Now you know why your mom never waters those cotton bud like plants.
There are these so called water babies inside to keep them alive.

Basically, it dries up if you don't "feed" them water.

Truth of water babies.
The end.

Oh, there's one more thing.
Kids say that water babies "give birth".
Which means, the gel balls will burst open to reveal another gel ball.
Haven't seen it, my water babies are erh, one day old, too young to have sex.

Ignore me.


Now that I'm done...
Anyone wants water babies?
Virgin water babies?
My friends?
Adopt them?
I have James, Eugene, Karen, Heyla.....


I'm lazy.
Yes as lazy as the picture.
Currently having AOA now. (I think I can update everyday with AOA.)
As usual, I'm full of craps.

But anyway, I'm finally looking forward to a day in my week.
This coming saturday, I shall be blasted with activities.
Uh, okay, not really. But enough for me to go bonkers.

So yeah, anyway (I think I sound like some old woman trying not to ramble.)
Saturday shall be the first meeting of Hark's Performing. the one I've mentioned about.
Honestly, I'm quite excited, its another added oppounity.
And also, I can meet new people who love music as much as I do.
As well as seeing my finalists (a few of them I remember) and fellow competition mates.
Carissa and Aaron.
Woo hoo.

After which, I will be heading back to Tampines to meet up with my ladies.
Soon wai is back from Denmark. She told me there's loads of cute guys over there.
WTH, i wanna go!
So yeah, Will be meeting them after their badminton session for lunch.
And I might be meeting tong for her break.
But she sounds unwilling leh.
She cannot feel my love, rejected me. (SIGHS)

Speaking of aaron (points to the paragraph above, neh, there!)
He called me and told me there's another upcoming competition organised by 88.3FM @ Chinatown point.
And he asked if carissa and I wanna join so that "there's someone who can acoompany me go through the lining up procedures and rehershals mah!"
I hesitated.

Firstly, I was tired out by Hark Music Student Competition already.
The whole duration of the competition, although wasn't long, was hectic enough.
Second, its costly. The registeration fee is 20bucks. Might be small money, but considering that you have to spend money on your apparels, and also time on practicing, it's enough to put me off.
Of course, I will run out of time, if I join.
But I'm tempted.

I love performing.
But perhaps, not this time.
I hope my decision is correct.


To think I can write such a long entry in school.
Call me the jiak-zhua queen.

Monday, October 29, 2007

As the picture says:
Having AOA again. And Mr. Tan is continuing his ramblings. On and on. To be honest I should listen, but I can't seem to find my heart, its running away,
I admit I was very down yesterday.
To think such a dream can affect me this much.
The image kept replaying and I couldn't wipe it outta my brains.
Perhaps I just think too much.
Leave it lah, jes.
Sweeties, my friend, Yvonne is doing a SPREE on NEWFUTURE JEANS(Skinnies).
Don't worry lah, she's not from nicespree. If she is, she should be in jail now. =D
If she cheat you all, I hamtam her, she's sitting beside me right now.

*free reg postage for purchase above 5 piece*
Order will be send every
10 orders!

$27 each for SIZE 25-27
$29 each for SIZE 28-30

Black, White, Grey, Chilli Red, Turquoise Green & Electric Blue.
All colour are avaliable unless OOS.

(money will DEFINITELY be refunded if colour or size are OOS)

For more details:



Sorrie la, Advertising for her. =D

I think my nose dropping out.
Cannot stop sniffing.
Disgusting lahs.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Just a small update to round it up for the day.

I went to Tampines Mall to accompany Tong to work.
I think I practically tried all the bags there.
Just to stay longer with her.
So romantic.

But anyway, as I set off for home, I received a sms from Hark Music.
Its about the Performing Bands thing.
So, we shall have a meeting next sat, at hark.
I guess this mean its confirmed that this performing band thing will be on the drive!

I just wonder, how they shortlisted the musicians (Guitarists & Keyboardist etc)
Because they had a bands audition quite some time ago.
Most probably their own students, bah.

Right, so, after the meeting, i guess I wouldn't have time for working anymore.
Which is pretty upsetting.
But well, NEWater plus band.

Currently, its 8.52pm.
Work hard, tong!

To start an entry this way, you require a crazy blogger.

All right, I'm currently at home now, instead of school.
Cause I'm not feeling well (with small intentions of skipping lessons =X)
But I'm really not feeling well!
Please believe me! (Jes flutters her eye lashes)

(Everyone, please take a moment to puke.)

I'm still feeling quite giddy, despite having a long night's sleep.
I dreamt of Sea Monkey.
I dreamt that I was rearing them with tap water when in actual fact they need distilled water.
I think I'm just plain crazy.

I even dreamt of sakura blossoms.


My darling doggy, pictures taken in the kitchen.
Under jaw problem, ya lah.

Speaking of Kitchen.
My mum was telling me yesterday that when she was in the market, she saw aunties (Typical Singaporean aunties) plucking out the stalks of the mushrooms and leaving only the umbrellas of the mushrooms in the supermarket.

For what?

So that when they weigh their packs of mushrooms, its lighter and they can grab MORE~ mushrooms without paying as much~

Impressive kiasuness lah.
No offense.
I'm just fascinated.

Since you've seen a picture of the dog.
Here's a picture of the owner.

Please proceed to puke.

And this is how pink my browser is.
It wasn't intentional. But when I realized it, its already this pink.

Shall be off to meet Tong later on for dinner.
Hp guy >///<

Thursday, October 25, 2007

If you guys have been following the news, espcially frequent online-shoppers, you should know there is a online shopping blogsite that is reported by buyers.

For what?

Cheating money.
These cheaters, a 29year old man and his 19year old girlfriend 'sell' New Future jeans/shorts that are cheaper than the retailers.
Basically, you order and transfer money to them, and they just disppear.
Over SGD10k was cheated.
Bloggers and buyers who got cheated also created blogs to warn other buyers of these cheaters.


They are caught.

Oh, what a blessing.
But I don't think the money can be taken back.
I saw that one of the victims spent a total of over 900bucks.

That's why online shopping, although fun and easy and cheaper, is still untrustable.
My darling Pei Yun almost ordered from them too.

Lao Tian Bor Bi.

At least the cheaters are caught now!


Currently having AOA lessons. (Advance Office Applications, my dears)
And learning about symbols in Microsoft word.

I'm a little bored.
But at least I'm not shivering with cold, thanks to Peiyun who changed place with me.
But she looks really cold now.
My poor darling.
Eeks. I'm guilty.

Shall update later on at home when I have the time.
Just well, don't kill me if I don't.

(But then again, I doubt anyone will care lahs.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Strangely, the jelly who loves herself alot feels the opposite recently.

I sorta dislike the Jeslene these days.
Maybe its juz me.
Don't know lehs.

First, I feel like a lousy friend.
Maybe its because I'm sensitive.
Too, sensitive.

I feel so lazy and all.
That sometimes doing a task is a huge chore for me.
I cannot find the drive and confidence.
Not these days anyway.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Am summarizing my music road from the past till now.
Quite fruitful, lahs.
From just a school stage frequent to a live concert artiste.
And to be 1 of the 9 who got into the finals out of over 200 potential music students.
I guess its partly luck too.

And now, another music/singing opportunity comes along without me asking.
Paul said, that chances come once you take the initiative.
In my case, was the courage to sing through the competition.

Well, no harm accepting the offer to form a band with the outstanding students in Hark Music.
Right? =)

Like the picture says, i miss working at cottage pies.
The low pay job that got me so attached to baking and coffee-making.
$4.10/hr leh.
And i stayed on for 2 years. Hm.

Tong and I were in whitesands after school, so I decided to pay my darlings a visit.
Visit became free labour.
I started serving customers and washing dishes. Hahaha.
I stayed on for 2 hours plus.
Was having fun gossiping with Jane and Sabrina.
Super entertaining lahs.

Loads of smiley angmohs.

Loads of things I missed.
Making coffee, folding boxes, greeting customers.
I think I really love this job, if not its impossible to stay on for so long with such a tough job.
Wash, clean, cook, and serve.

Considering to go back.
they told me that they need people, to help with serving customers and wash dishes and such.
Parents agreed.
Now my turn to consider.


I think I'm started to hate birds.
One of them SHITTED ON ME.
Gift from the sky.


I feel the need to sing lehs.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Overdue events and pictures:

Hiyu Jie treated me to Sakae Sushi Buffet last thursday.
First we encountered an unknown sushi that we've never seen.
We flipped the menu, there's no such thing.

But anyway, we tasted it and it is just Kani aka Crabmeat.
Strange enough, that's the only plate we saw for the whole day.

Second, I was horrified by Hiyu Jie.
She put wasabi into the Cha Soba Sauce.
I almost wanted to faint.
Jelly no no like wasabi.

A trip to Joanne's house...
Jungle, i tell you.

We went to celebrate Joanne's birthday @ Sakae/Hei sushi Whitesands.
Sakae again.
Okay, had sukiyaki.
Super nice!

Back to the Jungle part.
Why jungle?

2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 snakes and a gecko lizard.

They have a tank of crickets waiting to die.
And another lizard in the snake's tank waiting to be eaten.
I told them I wanna adopt the lizard.
But if I adopt the lizard I think no one will ever come my house again.

The cats are havoc.
They run and run, machiam climbing up and down and almost out of the windows.
Cute lah.

Btw, school sucks.
I mean it.

I'm having a headache now.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Erh, paiseh, pictureless.
Because I'm lazy to edit.

Sorry lahs.

Had sakae with Hiyu-jie today!
Thanks Hiyu-jie for the treat! =)
We kept doing stupid things.

Oh, in the middle of nowhere during the buffet,
HARK MUSIC called.
I was like, HUUUH~ Hark?
Call me for what? I mean, I thought I was all over with them.

I'm a ex-student...
Competition is long over...
Finalists' Concert is done...


I picked up my phone hesitantly.
And so~

Hark Music shortlisted me and some of my darlings to form a few performing bands for Hark performances.
Live bands, i meant. Keyboardist, Guitarist, and a Vocalist.
Does that mean I'm going to start jamming again?
=\ Hmmm.
Have got to wait till the meeting.

Stupid aaron(ye).
He wants me to learn yi yan shun jian to duet with him.
Crazy lahs.
What if I die due to the lack of oxygen!?


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I finally changed the title banner.
I spent like, 1 whole hour on it.
I couldn't stop when I started on the graphic.

It all started with this:

I'm not blowing this up, but when I stared at this stock picture (Credits to Deviantart's stockII)
in a room of silence, I stared.
And stared.

Then tears fell.
Not kidding.

There are so many stories I can tell with just this one picture.
I couldn't stop.
Inspiration flowed after a long pause, since the last title banner.

Its quite amazing actually.
This single picture can bring out my emotions even without music.
I heard a slow tune in my heart and I just went on with photoshopping.

I'm satisfied with this final work.
You guys can dislike it.
But I like it.

It tells a story.
Maybe you can understand the story?

I've actually done a banner before this one:

But to me, CMI.
I cannot accept how it turned out.
Its quite a failure.

Maybe its cause of my past as a fanfiction writer.
I cannot accept that my graphics to come out so meaningless.
I have high expectations when it comes to art and music.


Changed my blog music to Chen Wen Hua's Na Yi Nian.
Its from the OST of Wo Men Jie Hun Ba aka Marry Me.
Mike He Jun Xiang was in that drama.

I decided on this song because it suits the current layout.
Here's the lyrics of the song.
If you want that song, I have it too. =)



**那一年 我現在還記得
跑在原野上 我們的天真
那一年 我現在還想著
成年的我們 能不能回到從前

Tuesday, October 16, 2007



Headed to Chinatown (I almost typed China) for some xiao long baos and fried rice.
I think I'm getting fatter and fatter.
But the Xiao Long Baos there are super nice! =X

Ah well, the highlight of the day:

Korean Fair @ Korea Plaza

Carrie decided to take all of us *Except hui, she went home after stuffing herself with food* to this Korea Fair at the newly opened Korea Plaza.

Quite interesting, alot of people who were there were Koreans.
I love Korean language. I don't know, its just, very nice.
Okay, anyway, the event started with this:

There was a priest to host the wedding, along with a lady to translate.
The wedding was sorta complicated.
Loads of rules.
But so are the traditional chinese ones eh?

The bride couldn't stop laughing.
The priest said, if the bride laughs during her wedding, the belief is that her first child would be a girl.
Then carrie said all her children will be girls cause she couldn't stop laughing.

Carrie and Maryanne went to have a try at the tea ceremony.
Tong and I?
Fooling around lors.

Ohoh, there was this lady who writes for a korean magazine.
She was super nice to us, explaining to us the traditions and all.
During the ceremony, she patiently explained to Carrie and Maryanne on what you should do during a tea ceremony.

Ignore my fats.
Carrie and I with the teapots. HAHA.

Maryanne, Ton and I with a Korean ahjusshi.
Erh. He just sat right next to us when we were taking a photo.
But he couldn't understand english well.
But he's sorta funny lah, cause he wanted to take a photo with maryanne twice.

It started raining heavily when we were on the way back to the station.
With only two brollies, we have to split ourselves into 2 groups, go and come back.
And I sheltered an ang mo to the station.
Maryanne asked if the ang mo was a few years younger will I go gaga.
Wa, am I such a slut?


I had Kaminabe for dinner.

I was bored, so I did this:

The neoprint style okay.
Zai right!

And tong, you said you wanted a christmas hat.
Na, your hat.


I better go back to my ah pek.
He's coughing very violently.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Random update with no meaning. (Well, not much. lol)
Looked through my phone and found some historical pictures.
Okay, fine, just 2 years old.

These sweeties are Haru(White) and Baka(Black).
Baka is a gift from Yan for my birthday.
Haru, my mum couldn't resist him.

No babies. =(

Quite wasted lah.
I want to see babies like Haru. =(

All of them are in heaven now.
I miss having hamsters.
My dog has only the roaches and lizards to talk to now.

I think i look super ugly 2 years ago. Like, seriously!


I miss baking them too. Auntie Ah Chuang kept pyschoing me to go back and work. Ah, those days when kakas are my only foe and customers are super nice angmohs. LOL!

I told you this is a crap entry.

Crap, not crab hor. The episode over long ago.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jeslene just saw a real life murder!
And of all the locations....

Its in her own apartment....
Kitchen's toilet!



What, Crab lah.
The super crabs lahs.

I just wanted to sound like some cannibals.
Must be all the cannibal cases I read from wikipedia.

Anyway, midnight, one of the crabs climbed out again.
This time from the Styrofoam box we placed on top of the toilet bowl.
The Im-not-afraid-of-heights crab climbed out, fell onto the floor and stayed there.

I was trying to sleep when I heard the loud bang.
Saw the crab, and I was like, not again.
Closed the toilet door and left it there.
Next morning, instead of just one, three crabs were out from the box and at one corner of the toilet.

bravery of those crabs.

Never mind, in my stomach soon. =X

Headed out with PeiYun for K-Lunch today.
Although its only 7bucks per pax, cause of their 5th anniversary,
my darling lunch for oh-so-hungry Jelly didn't come even after several requests.

Peiyun's came first.
That was like 12pm.

1.50pm, 10mins before the end of the K-lunch hours.
The person brought in the bill.

"Erh, my rice is not here yet."

2pm, the end of the K-lunch hours.
Staff came in to tell us last song.

"Erh, but my rice STILL haven't arrive leh."

Staff: HUH.

Only then my lunch came.
I have nothing to say.
I felt like it was during the 7th lunar month.
Hungry ghost lah.
Hungry Jeslene, in this case.

PeiYun went to meet Roy.
So I went home alone.
Took a glance at HP guy, went to Tampines Mall to look at handphones.
And woo hoo. I'm home.






Saturday, October 13, 2007


One of the living crabs gave me the shock of my night!

My dog was barking and pawing at his cage, so I went to look.

There, on my kitchen floor, was a blackish, big, fat crab sitting in front of my dog's cage!

Stunned, I went to my brother and my father woke up hearing my exclaims.

The super crab climbed out from the baby bathtub (which is like 10cm deep) and out from the toilet!!



Then the crab was having a staring competition with my dog.
I should have taken a photo before I exclaimed.

Super crab.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Blackie Jelly went swimming today @ Aranda Country Club!
I know I'm black enough.
But hey, there wasn't much sun today.
But I wanna tan my back!
No wonder they say, when you need it, it doesn't come.

Its good to go swimming on a weekday, you hardly see anyone there.
I enjoyed myself with Tong and Maryanne.

Dinner was chicken rice, that I haven't ate for quite some time.
I think I'm getting crazy.
Been eating so so much.

Before I headed home, I delibrately (not so lah, I wanted to buy something as well) walked past hp guy.
He was singing to himself and playing with his lighter.
Sheesh, I tell you, my heart was like, jumping.
Partly cuz this action reminds me of a certain human.

Speaking of lighter, where's mine?
I better go search later.

I think I should stop myself from wondering how he will react when he receive the package.
No matter how he reacts, what's done, is done.
No point brooding over it.

Just saw the news.
Someone wanted to be a thriller writer and for that, he went on to eat humans.

Feeling good now~
Relaxed and calm.
Put on a mask and watched tv.
Totally relaxing haha.

Edit: Was reading on Cannibalism on Wikipedia when I saw this:

On January 13, 2007, Danish artist Marco Evaristti hosted a dinner party for his most intimate friends. The main meal was agnolotti pasta, on which was topped a meatball made with the artist's own fat, removed earlier in the year in a liposuction operation.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Okay, so Hui and I were amused by the 'Pets' we are able to 'Keep'.

So i decided to list a few of them out.

Pet tree, its just a small plant in the small container. I heard Mini Toons sell them. But the 'real and original' ones are from push carts. Hmmm.

12.90SGD leh.

Jumping Beans.
Its banned in singapore lah.
But once, they imported the beans in and I bought one at action city in Parkway Parade for 4.90SGD.

Basically, it jumps.
Its a moth worm inside.
And it will turn into moth.
My dad told me to throw the moth away cause the news said it is harmful to the agri in Singapore.

I taped and threw it away. Bye bye moth.
But it was sorta fun lah.

Like the Pet Tree, its a rose in a capsule.
I heard the colourful thingie inside is a mineral gel where the rose can get its nutrients from.
I also heard that for certain pet rose products by other companies, after 6months the rose can be taken out and planted into a pot.

I thought its supposed to be mini.

Don't eeyer me.
This is the ever so famous Sea-Monkey.
Its sold in SG at toy'r'us.
First, i think its disgusting.

Kids love them, cuz they reproduce.
They even have crowns on their heads (Its just... skin.)
I've played the game, once you have enough money to build them a house, the male and female monkeys will swim into the house and come out with kids.

How to see which is which gender?
The game.... Females wear lipsticks.

Real life?
Quoted from Wikipedia:
Sea-Monkeys can reproduce both sexually (requiring a male and a female) and asexually. When the eggs are produced, there are fewer males than females, probably because they are not essential for reproduction. Females stop reproducing with the males when the males are too few.

And erh.
They are bacteria-like shrimps.
Why do kids like them?
I saw aquariums selling them.
Its like, 2bucks for a whole bunch of them?
The stores sells like 20bucks.

And now, the kids in pre-schs are crazy over marble-like gel balls.
They call them Water Babies.
From what I researched, they are nothing, just for vase decorations.

Kids say the water babies can reproduce (more balls?)
they are alive...? (But they don't need feeding.)

I don't know lah, I'm going to Popular to see.
I saw on the forums that water babies are sold there.
I wonder what's the fuss all about.

Very amusing.
Maybe one day they will come out with portable ants and bees and worms...
Mini Jeslene-s and Serena-s.

On and on.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sentosa Pictures Post Part 2~

The three crazy people tanning under the super hot sun.

Manly Yanyan!

I heard it was like resident evil when she tried to get out.
Mummified I supposed lol!
I have the video, maybe I should upload it hahahahahaha!


The ever ready to pose Leaking!

Let us all be amused by Ivy's expression. XD

The extra kpo Jelly.


Don't ask me why this photo turned out this way. XD

My laogong and I =)

Still have loads of photos yet to be edited.

I actually planned to go to the library today.
But the sky was pouring.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Am I okay, am I not?
Am I okay, or am I just not?

Man, I don't know.

When I sang today, the emotions just, flowed.
Its not the first time I felt this overwhelming emotions in my voice.
But today, although I tried being the entertainer I usually am, my heart trembled when the lyrics touched me. Even if I knew the lyrics by heart, even if I sang this song so many times.
I was on the brim of breaking down.
I didn't, of course.

I've changed some views about some people.
To be honest, quite a few of them were bad.
There are some in the list who I don't even feel like seeing them.
I don't hate them, I don't dislike them.
I know I'm contradicting myself, but who doesn't?

Felt a heartache for my friend.
They have problems.
So do I.

I don't know what I would do if time really rewinded.
I guess, we will still end up the same.
But its for the better, I believe.
I just have to get over it.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Guess where I went today?


Super hot today.
The sun is like scorching and still we went tanning.
I didn't, I was hiding under the shade, occasionally in the waters.
I turned black nevertheless.

Anyway, everyone was late.
Okay, so instead of the 1030am, we gathered at 1130am.
Settled at Tanjong Beach, which has alot less people compared to Pawalan Beach.
Not much cuties there, only one or two. HAHAHA.

Thanks to my trusty Nikon-I-am-only-2-megapix-camera the pictures came out really well.
So I shall let pictures do the talking.
There are alot more pictures with Ivy, Geraldine, Ching and Yan.
I will complie those pictures tomorrow.
Then I'll post it up. =D

Meanwhile, make do with these:

Coconut fall from the coconut tree~
Chingling placed it there, not me, not me.
No one's dead too.
Choy la.

I think I look super fat, super auntie beside Ching and Kai.
Sick leh.
But this is before we were roasted.

Eh. My chest downwards.... Is totally whiteeee.
My back is all black.
I stayed in the shades leh!
But why did I get so blaaaaaaack?

How black?

THIS black.

Beautiful sunset on the way home, from the train station!

The whole group of us headed to Vivo City for dinner @ Carl's Junior!
Loads of people, so we went outside for seats.
And instead of ordering, we went gaga for pictures.

The group photo is with Ivy. =(
But here are photos from Ching's phone cam.

And home it was.
I am feeling darn tired.

Shall end my entry here.
Photos, please send me!