Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trimmed my stupid long draggy hair.
Now its shorter, neater and gosh, no longer draggy.
That's why I never liked to keep my hair too long.
It starts to look limp, even if I take great care of it.

costed me $25, but oh so well worthed.
It looks like its 21 years old now. HAHA.

Okay, nothing much, but I'm going for an interview on Friday.
Its quite a good job with a good location.
Bless me please!

Tomorrow's APRIL'S FOOL!


I shall make sure my phone and msn is offline.

How come so many people saw me in Zouk and Phuture that night
But you guys didn't come and tell me!!!!!


I think I have at least 5 people telling me, ey I saw you!

Me: then why didn't you approach me!

Ans1: Don't know was it you or not.
Me: Call me what! Don't have my number ah!

Ans2: Don't dare.
Me: I got fangs huh!

What is there not to dare!

Okay. Crap entry.

I'm just tired.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I wrote a shit loads of things but after a night's shower,
I decided my mood too good for complaining.


Its juz some small tiny issues that I don't care now.
Come and go la, they say.
Only those who are true will stay.
Good riddance, to me, to them!

Just gotta stay cheerful and happy still.
Cause not everyone is worthed everything.
And you're not worthy of everyone.
Be happy with what you have, that's the most important.

Love Yan, Kai, Paul, Gab, Leaking, Tranny Kat, Crazy Vaal, my ite ladies.

Somehow when I try to list them all out, its way too long for me to.

I'm shit lucky with all of you loving me always!
And and and and!

Thanks for all the concern for my sickness!
With all the msn blinking and my phone ringing with sms and calls to get me medicine is well appreciated.


And I slept a hella load today. =)


PS: Ah kat, stop being so boliao during work! gossip with me on msn like no one's biz!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Virus incoming!


Hate being sick.
I've been sneezing, and now coughing and sniffing.
Must be too much in and out from hot weather to cold aircon.

Disgusting parts:

I blew out everything from my nose and its all GREEN.
Big Chunky Green.


Yeah, I'm out to disgust you guys.
But its true I'm sick, so show me a little concern will ya?

Phuture, with my babes,

And some random pictures of big ass fugly me.


Oh well.
I don't know what else to blog about.
Recently its been nothing but shit for me.

Tons of shit.
They say shit brings money, hopefully its true.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My heart is back home.

No longer partly with you.

Its whole again.

Without you.

Thank goodness.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jeslene is old.

Can still dance like a crazy hot mama but....

My back aches now!


Too old for clubbing?
I mean, my back.
And I didn't change to flats, till the club closes!

I saw Vivian.
Oh man, he's cute. HAHA!

Yes its coming 7am and I haven't slept yet.

Confirmed coma!

Packed schedule for the rest of the week~

I'll be sleeping the day off.
Dinner anyone? =))

Friday would be Vivo. (yes za, thank you for the pain for my cam)
Sat would be escape theme park (random, I know)
Sun would be swimming!

Next week?
Only booked on Tuesday.
So, take your pick hahahaha!

I'm super sober.
Cause I drank only plain water and green tea!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Went science center yesterday.

But I'm pretty lazy to update about it!

Should have went to collect my digital cam yesterday. Ohhh welll!

Oh, did I tell you guys what happened?

I was using my cam to take a few pictures using my full length mirror at 2am that night.
It was hell working fine.
Then i left it on my table and went to bed.
My doors are closed, and im damn sure no one touched that cam.

I woke and wanted to see hows the pictures.

Its like... someone used a stone to smash it.
its like, not juz a slit.
Its like ripple crack!
Like someone who smashed your car windows with a pebble!

I was like.



I better not see my memory card.
I'm a little...

I'm being very cowardly.

I had popeye for dinner!
I mean, the fried chicken.
not that character.

Oh loved the mashed potatoes!


Okay, what a random entry.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I should feel blessed,
cause I do have a handful of people who are interested in me.
But somehow...
Some memories rushed back into my mind.

It knocked on my heart, asking to be let in.

I said, no, who's that?
Strangely, i let it in, without asking further.

So there it is now.
Sitting in the center of my heart.

Its been months.
Why are you still here?

Or was it cause, you never left?

I want to see it fade.

Into nothingness.

And when that time comes,
I'll make sure that place is replaced.
And you, be safely back in my memories.

Because you're just a jerk.


I'm going to Science centre this saturday.
Any one wanna join?

Don't worry lah.
I'm totally okay.
Just happened to stumble upon some, you know, typical emo-ness?

It'll be gone pretty soon,
after a night shower and some good, well deserved sleep.
Cause I cleared 3/4 of my desk.

I miss my bestie so much!
Yan ah yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Ps: to zhengling, my dear, have a safe trip!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Self entertainment:


I juz sent my cam for repairs.
And now im super broke like no one's biz.




Monday, March 16, 2009

When I don't update, i get people running after me with century eggs.
And then my readership will fall.

I'm just lazy.
And recently, my skin's been rashing and it itches!
Nowhere else, but my cheek!
it got better, but the skin there feel like... you know, thinner?
Felt like anything can infect me!

(Jes falls into dumps of darkness)

(Rises from the dead)

I don't really know what I'm busy with but I just get BUSY.

But maybe these pictures could explain:

I was at Clementi with KaiLin, Leaking, Bro, Seng Eng, Terrence to SIM Openhouse.
Then, being totally hungry due to no breakfast,
we lined up willingly, and painstakingly for 20mins to get into Sakae.

Because they're celebrating their opening, and all coloured plates are just $1.
So we munched all we could, and shared the amount.

And the bill totaled up to $78bucks.
But no fear, divided by 6, its cheaper than having the buffet yo.

I mmsed the pictures to Brensen and he was like: wtf.

The service staff decided to just ask us how many plate there were.
And it was 64.

And some pictures for Yan,
who I know misses her mum.

Its mummy's birthday on the 13th of March.
So I, being the temporary daughter, went for dinner with mummy
and then sang a birthday song for her.

Mummy misses you, yan!
See how she posed for the pictures when I told her I'll show you!

As for now.
I'm searching for temp admin jobs.

Sent a few resumes out.
Shall wait for replies, if any!

I should thank my work experience in capitaland.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I miss my old phone!
My vintage phone is dying already!
Someone please, give ma a Pixon!

But anyway,
Tons to update about but most pictures aren't with me.

Was out with my babes on Tuesday.
Miss them like no one's biz!
Still as chio la, them.
We create scandals! HAHA!

I practically rotted on Wed with Leaking.
We just... rotted.

Thurs was spent at Vivo, with leaking waking me up at 9am.
Took our own sweet time to prepare and headed for lunch at a kopitiam near my place.
Chicken Rice!

Cabbed to vivo and daiso-ed.
Oh so happy.

To keep my make up,
and my 20 bottles of nail polishes.

Also got myself a hang-up with pockets to put my accessories.
All hail Daiso!

Oh I heard X-Dame by Tackey & Tsubasa.
So high.

Pictures can still be taken using my dear old phone.

shopping with guys sucks.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can i swear that I will never, ever cry for you again?

Monday, March 09, 2009

This is how you have fun with your best friend on MSN Messenger when she's not going to be around Singapore for some time.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

An amazing video. Watch it.

A man recreates a world for the one he loves:

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Quick update before I drift to lala land.
I slept at 4am last night and I woke at 9am.
So I'm pretty sleepy now.

Met Gab bff up for dinner just now.
We went to Jap Village but they changed to Buffet restaurant already wtf.
So we went back to Hei Sushi.

Ate a whole load of stuff, shared.
And then he sent me home lo.
Sandals broke, wtf2.

Don't ask me why I look so weird.
I always look weird under flash.
But complexion looked great haha.

Stupid bff is so skinny now.
Too stressed lah!

Whole floor of fallen flowers.
Bff asked me to pose and I was like, huh what.

Tampines One is almost done!
This pic is to tell Yan: Neh neh ni boo boo!

to dear vaal and kate.
I'm making full use of my $10 PJ.

I miss my babes tons.
I miss my Bestie.
I miss Paul and my triple As.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I could almost hear...
The tingling melody.

I could almost see...
The elegance of the ballroom dancing.

Once upon a december.


Inspirations, they always come at the most unexpected time.
This song that I have not sang for ages just popped out from nowhere.
Somehow its been buried deep inside.

The moment I remembered it,
I started singing.
Again and again.

The scene of the musical box kept swimming in my brains.

So here it is,
a graphic I made.

Once upon a lazy, rainy afternoon.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What Jeslene does when:

She has no plans to head out.
She is bored.
She is having a good hair day and wants to camwhore.
She doesn't want to camwhore alone.

Grab Ang Ku Kueh.

And play with your webcam, risking your messy room to be seen.

Do stupid stuff.

And realise how stupid you can get.

Then conclude the entry.

I'm just bored.

But oh well,
I did head out, to the supermarket.
Then I was at Mac's buying food.
These two teenage girls were so impolite to the staff!

The auntie was like informing them that student meal and the lunch value meal is the same price.
Cause the lunch value meal fries are actually bigger than the student meal ones.
They ji tao reply: "How I know same or not! You also never tell us!"

Auntie: "Now I'm telling you lah."
Them: "Ya la ya lah!"

Mind you, in a very rude manner.

They looked 15/16.

Oh well.
I'm getting old, maybe.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Raining cats and dogs these days!
But I saw a rainbow on the way back home.

That somehow explains how I felt today.

You want me but you cannot take me.
All the things you did, and you said today.
I heard them, and I felt them.
I'm sure you did too.
I'm sure you know this can't go on any further.

But I trust there's always sunshine over the rain.
I really hope all will turn out okay once again.

Was out to Orchard with leaking =)
Seriously BORED!

And oh, I got myself a customized necklace =D

I shall try to stop being emo elmo.
not good for health lah!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Before I forget to blog.
I better lah.

Let's just say after lessons ended for me,
I felt like a listless worm crawling around!
So I've been planning activities like, you know, swimming.
Haven't been swimming since exams. Argh.

But anyway, somehow I kept heading over to E-Hub.
For Klunch, for dinner, for bowling.
I have that urge to go somewhere offshore.
Even Malaysia will do.
Oh well~

Must be Yan's lack of presence!
I feel like traveling over to Brisbane to join her!

You know I head to Bugis so much, the ladies tending the shops in Bugis Street recognizes me?
I went with different groups of friends on different days haha.
With Maya, Fiza, Maryanne.
Then with Leaking, Kailin.
Then with Adrian and Adelene.
Steady right!

Randomly, at Hei Sushi.

My dears and their pasar malam drinks haha.

Food food food food!

Leaking's leg, and my Dorayaki.


I felt so tired today.
Just, very moody.

And I even fell asleep sitting up.
You know, leaning against my pillow, and I just fell asleep like that.

How can I feel so tired despite so much sleep?

Jeslene the singing queen, INCOMING!

*Grins like an idiot*

(Oh wait, she IS an idiot.)