Friday, March 13, 2009

I miss my old phone!
My vintage phone is dying already!
Someone please, give ma a Pixon!

But anyway,
Tons to update about but most pictures aren't with me.

Was out with my babes on Tuesday.
Miss them like no one's biz!
Still as chio la, them.
We create scandals! HAHA!

I practically rotted on Wed with Leaking.
We just... rotted.

Thurs was spent at Vivo, with leaking waking me up at 9am.
Took our own sweet time to prepare and headed for lunch at a kopitiam near my place.
Chicken Rice!

Cabbed to vivo and daiso-ed.
Oh so happy.

To keep my make up,
and my 20 bottles of nail polishes.

Also got myself a hang-up with pockets to put my accessories.
All hail Daiso!

Oh I heard X-Dame by Tackey & Tsubasa.
So high.

Pictures can still be taken using my dear old phone.

shopping with guys sucks.


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