Friday, March 20, 2009

I should feel blessed,
cause I do have a handful of people who are interested in me.
But somehow...
Some memories rushed back into my mind.

It knocked on my heart, asking to be let in.

I said, no, who's that?
Strangely, i let it in, without asking further.

So there it is now.
Sitting in the center of my heart.

Its been months.
Why are you still here?

Or was it cause, you never left?

I want to see it fade.

Into nothingness.

And when that time comes,
I'll make sure that place is replaced.
And you, be safely back in my memories.

Because you're just a jerk.


I'm going to Science centre this saturday.
Any one wanna join?

Don't worry lah.
I'm totally okay.
Just happened to stumble upon some, you know, typical emo-ness?

It'll be gone pretty soon,
after a night shower and some good, well deserved sleep.
Cause I cleared 3/4 of my desk.

I miss my bestie so much!
Yan ah yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Ps: to zhengling, my dear, have a safe trip!

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