Monday, March 16, 2009

When I don't update, i get people running after me with century eggs.
And then my readership will fall.

I'm just lazy.
And recently, my skin's been rashing and it itches!
Nowhere else, but my cheek!
it got better, but the skin there feel like... you know, thinner?
Felt like anything can infect me!

(Jes falls into dumps of darkness)

(Rises from the dead)

I don't really know what I'm busy with but I just get BUSY.

But maybe these pictures could explain:

I was at Clementi with KaiLin, Leaking, Bro, Seng Eng, Terrence to SIM Openhouse.
Then, being totally hungry due to no breakfast,
we lined up willingly, and painstakingly for 20mins to get into Sakae.

Because they're celebrating their opening, and all coloured plates are just $1.
So we munched all we could, and shared the amount.

And the bill totaled up to $78bucks.
But no fear, divided by 6, its cheaper than having the buffet yo.

I mmsed the pictures to Brensen and he was like: wtf.

The service staff decided to just ask us how many plate there were.
And it was 64.

And some pictures for Yan,
who I know misses her mum.

Its mummy's birthday on the 13th of March.
So I, being the temporary daughter, went for dinner with mummy
and then sang a birthday song for her.

Mummy misses you, yan!
See how she posed for the pictures when I told her I'll show you!

As for now.
I'm searching for temp admin jobs.

Sent a few resumes out.
Shall wait for replies, if any!

I should thank my work experience in capitaland.

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