Monday, March 30, 2009

I wrote a shit loads of things but after a night's shower,
I decided my mood too good for complaining.


Its juz some small tiny issues that I don't care now.
Come and go la, they say.
Only those who are true will stay.
Good riddance, to me, to them!

Just gotta stay cheerful and happy still.
Cause not everyone is worthed everything.
And you're not worthy of everyone.
Be happy with what you have, that's the most important.

Love Yan, Kai, Paul, Gab, Leaking, Tranny Kat, Crazy Vaal, my ite ladies.

Somehow when I try to list them all out, its way too long for me to.

I'm shit lucky with all of you loving me always!
And and and and!

Thanks for all the concern for my sickness!
With all the msn blinking and my phone ringing with sms and calls to get me medicine is well appreciated.


And I slept a hella load today. =)


PS: Ah kat, stop being so boliao during work! gossip with me on msn like no one's biz!

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