Sunday, March 01, 2009

Before I forget to blog.
I better lah.

Let's just say after lessons ended for me,
I felt like a listless worm crawling around!
So I've been planning activities like, you know, swimming.
Haven't been swimming since exams. Argh.

But anyway, somehow I kept heading over to E-Hub.
For Klunch, for dinner, for bowling.
I have that urge to go somewhere offshore.
Even Malaysia will do.
Oh well~

Must be Yan's lack of presence!
I feel like traveling over to Brisbane to join her!

You know I head to Bugis so much, the ladies tending the shops in Bugis Street recognizes me?
I went with different groups of friends on different days haha.
With Maya, Fiza, Maryanne.
Then with Leaking, Kailin.
Then with Adrian and Adelene.
Steady right!

Randomly, at Hei Sushi.

My dears and their pasar malam drinks haha.

Food food food food!

Leaking's leg, and my Dorayaki.


I felt so tired today.
Just, very moody.

And I even fell asleep sitting up.
You know, leaning against my pillow, and I just fell asleep like that.

How can I feel so tired despite so much sleep?

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