Monday, July 30, 2007


Am so tired.
Monday blues.
Actually I was fine in the morning, then when I reached school, I turned all _______.

So let's not talk about today.
Cuz nothing much happened and I see no point talking about every detail.

So, Saturday Leaking and I went Kbox to sing out hearts out.
We were like mad people dancing to slow songs.
Hello, normal humans can hardly dance to My Heart Will Go On.
I think the way we danced was the true reason why Jack chose to die in the movie.
Rose didn't die but she shivered like timber.


Tong came to meet us after the singing session.
I dragged her down to Cine Basement to see this guy who got me coughredfacedcough.
He's the designer of the vintage dresses there.
Tong was excited at first, but she got sick of him.
But... ot me.
Sorry ah, vixen mode.
The dresses are really very pretty though.

We walked around after meeting Yan and headed to Daiso.
Then home it was.

Sunday, we headed to IKEA for Tong and Leaking's interview, as well as Yan's revamp room operation.
Ate like a pig.
Then leaking and tong went to find the interview office...
And I went with Yan, Yan's parents and Leaking's BF to search for the wardrobe she wants.
Found it, but alot of things out of stock and will only be available during Aug.
Leaking's BF and I went to play with the Kids' tower thingie...
And we enjoyed it.
Deprived childhood.

Yan's dad was missing when he's supposed to be waiting in the car.
So Yan's mum guessed that he must be sitting somewhere, nodding off to sleep.
So they went to search and INDEED.
He was nodding off upstairs, sitting on the benches.
Darn funny.

Headed to Giant with Leaking & BF, and tong.
Tong accidentally kicked off a part of a small pink child bike when she sat on it.
The salesman was GLARING at her when she panicked and couldn't fix it back.
We RAN to Long Fa (Leaking's BF) for help and he quickly went to fix it.
But something is wrong and they couldn't fix it.
The salesman continue to GLARE.
Turn out the part doesn't belongs to the bike at all. =.=

We went all siao at the toys section.
Long fa kept squeezing all the toys to me.
Then take photos.

Home after that!
Realised Long Fa and Ze is 70percent alike.
Same birthday. Lol.

Conversations, stupid:

Ze: All the guys you like are of the same type.
Me: Pretty boys loh. So you're saying you are a pretty boy since I quite like you?
Ze: O? I didn't know I'm your type.

Me: *10mins later* but some guys like sa jiao girls.
Ze: I don't really like sa jiao girls much. And you don't sa jiao much.
Me: O? I didn't know I'm your type! (Jes sniggers)
Ze: wth.

Me: Yan your arm hair very long lo. All standing up.
Yan: Yours is all sleeping.
Yan: Mine got life one. See they all standing up. *strokes her arm hair* Guai... Have you all eaten?

Me and tong: O.o

Yan: I think I need to perm my arm hair. Then dye them purple.

Ms Lee: Rui Wen, check your address, IC and the modules and make sure they are correct. Then Sign. If its wrong not my problem hor.
Me: *points to Thinking and Problem solving Skills* THIS IS WRONG WHAT!
Ms Lee: Where?!
Me: NEH! It should be called Finding Trouble!
Ms Lee: AIYO! You finding trouble for me ah!

*I went to sit down.*
Ms Lee: Rui Wen, its finding faults, not finding trouble lah.
Me: Its finding faults meh?! Not lah, its finding trouble for myself.

Along entry liaos.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hi guys.I partly asleep, partly awake.
I reckon the asleep part is more than then awake part.
So pardon me if I don't sound very much logical.

We finally finished the Office Administration project!
The video I did isn't fab, but well, it's good enough to me.
Esp when I'm only a 2nd-timer with Windows movie maker.
Saving the movie gave me big big trouble cuz of my RAM.
I had to move all the files *including the 200mb pictures* to my mom's comp.
Just so that I can use her WMM to save.
I did that early in the morning, say, 4am? Hahaha.
That explains why I'm half awake now.

We had the ISP-ISF event today.
All went quite well, actually.
It was actually quite fun and all.
Our management team are a great bunch of peeps =)
Tong, Peiyun and I were totally crazy people today.
They were playing with the whistles and for some reason,
tong couldn't blow any sound out.
But I could, using her whistle. LOL.

I took a nice pic of Ida, Stanley and Qader! =D

But its with Tong.
Sorry tong, for violated your phone today =(
Loads of pics are with tong, including us taking a pic with Elogia. XD
But here's what I have!

Ohoh, the kittens are cute. MUAHAHA.

My brother is off for NS today.
So he will be away for 2 weeks.
I tell you, relatives and all called to ask okay!
Machiam go somewhere for war like that.
He called just now and said all is fine.
Mum took pics of the camp and it looked like chalet to me.
Got sea somemore.

Speaking of my parents.
I truly doubt they are 45years old.
You know what?
Just now I was in the living room reading newspaper.
Then all of a sudden my mum scream:

Then my dad came running out of the room and he ran around the glass coffee table in the living room. Laughing and hiding from my mum as she came out of the room growling.
I swear my face was O.o

All right, guess I'll end here.
Kbox tomorrow!
Window shopping *growls*


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ahoy people!
Its been around... 3 days since I last updated.
Veen really busy with ADM project you see.
But wellos, decided to update today before I start on the project again (dued tomorrow!)

I finally watched Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix.
Firstly, let me say, I am not a HP fan, nor am I a regular reader of the books.
Not that I don't like them, I just need some time to well, read them.
And I'm one lazy bum, not to mention poor. So yeahs, no HP for me.

I supposed the movie is quite all right.
To be honest, I felt that for someone who didn't read the books, the movie managed to get me interested.
I pestered carrie for some details. And I don't mind spoilers lol.
Oh, I'm in love with Fred and George.

Yan, Leaking, Kailin and I went back to Tampines for dinner with Soon wai, who we haven't seen for quite some time.
All seems well, and all went well.
We had pizzas and the cheese fondue rocked my arse off (dont worry, I attached my arse back.)
Chatted for quite sometime and off we went for home.
Let's head out some day again ladies =)

School is rather fine today, other than some predictable noise.
Tong and I wrestled during marketing break over a small pixel of sticker.
She stuck it onto my arm when I was resting on Carrie's shoulders.
I just had to get back at her.
And to think I enjoyed the fight. I think I'm sick.
My arm is red with her fingerprints and she insisted I broke her bones.

Ah well, I'm a criminal with a black mark for breaking bones.

Trip home was shaky and tiring.
Wanted to sleep, but Carrie kept nodding onto me.
Being sensitive, I was wide awake.

Pictures (most overdued.)

July 20th 2007 - Hark Music Student Singing Competition - Quater Finals (1st round)

You can see fat porky Jeslene, and the other contestants that day. Some went to toilet and wasn't in the picture (aaron, daisy, etc.)

What else do you expect? I'm porky Jeslene!

Oh, I forgot to mention my room's light bulb just died on me on Tuesday night. I was like, doing project when it just went piak~ My brother got me his lamp and attached it to my manga shelf. Mom forgot to buy the bulb on Wed so I lived with it for one more day. I'm in the light now. XD

And, look at that darn inconsiderate action - bicycle attached to the stairs railings. I tell you, if I fall again while going down the stairs. ITS THAT PERSON FREAKING FAULT. (But lets not curse myself.)

Am done. Off to shower and project here I come! Kisses everyone!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Before you all say " Jeslene the vixen should be called Jeslene the pig!" Because I'm not updating.

Think again.

You sure you want to offend Ms Jeslene the Mafia?

Kidding lahs! These days I have been killing myself with those projects. SO details, do head over to Hui's blog and Tong's blog. =) I have a video to make. XD

Actually, I have to admit my mood hasn't been really good for the past week. But when I laugh, I am really laughing from my heart. I'm sorry if I scared my dears yesterday on the bus when I just cried like that. There's alot of things lately, and these things are so little, so small and so detailed they just came out as tears and not explainations.

I know what's wrong with me, and I'm trying hard to be fine again. In the meantime, I might seem a little somewhere else other than earth. Pardon me all rights?


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thanks for everyone's concern and support for my singing competition @ Hark!
The result of the Quater-finals were: I am in for Semi-finals.

The semis would be unplugged accompaniment.
Therefore, I trust it would be another interesting session.
Aug 10 is the date.

I'm sorry to sound so pc when I am supposed to be glad that I went through another round.
But I am very very pissed off by my parents.
When can I grow up then?

Pictures, left unedited because I am throwing a moodswing. Sorry, readers.

Backstage madness and I think the pictures will be out soon on Hark's blog.
Well, I will grab them as soon as they are uploaded!

I shall head for a shower then off to sleep.
After all, I'm having an empty stomach and lacking of sleep.

Take care!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome to the crappy entry of Verity - Jes.
Okay let me summerize the happenings of today.

I buck up hao hao with Hui to give tong a surprise.

I told Tong that I have something to tell her before we go school, so wait for me at the school gate.
But actually I just wanna bring hui over to scare tong.
In the end tong thought I'm emo or what and Hui crapped to her say maybe I'm pregs/getting married/is a lesbian/proposing to tong.

Today's lessons only start at 1.15pm, cause we are done with the TKS presentation and Mrs Lee's lessons are canceled.
Hui followed us to school, scaring quite a few classmates as well as Ms Lee.
She look super happy to see Hui hahahaha!
Asked Ms Lee if hui can come into the class, Ms Lee say she will distract us. XD
Ended up there's no keyboarding also, so 2 hours of marketing and off we went to J8 to meet hui again.
I think today is food fest for me. Machiam no school.

Had dinner with my family at this place in the CC behind my estate.
Hong kong place... WITH NO HAK GAOS.
All of us ordered steak - medium.
But it came as cooked. Very dissatisfied.
Its not nice either.

Service sucked.
The waitress is very impatient. We were asking her about changing of drinks in the set meal and she answered harshly.
When we wanted to order after the enquiries she just walked away.

Atmosphere sucked.
TV and Radio blasting at the same time.

Other food?
Didn't bother to try.
But there's hor fun, maybe we can go for those.


The last picture ah, that bottle of sauce.
Anyone knows what's that?
I took a sniff and my blocked nose immediately healed.
No cause its nice, cuz it smells like what my mom said - ointment!

Super lazy now! So that's all!

Tomorrow is soooo dratful.

Ah well.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dear Hiyu Jie...
I am sad to tell you...
I'm only half done editing. LOL.
Poor Jeslene has a headache now, and me know you are sick too.
Let us ku ming jie mei die together.

I headed to Downtown East for Cosfest 2007 on July 15 2007!
The event was quite successful to begin with.
I was there to be Hiyu jie's Makeup artist/assistant/photographer. Muahaha.
Leaking and her bf came and joined us!

When I was in the chalet, I was enjoying some eye candies.
Not men lah.
But Skye and Jie they all. SUPER CHIO! SUPER KAKOI!

I think i will grab some photos of Skye and others when they post it up in forums and so.

Super hot weather yesterday, I almost died can.
But for some reasons I was super hyper.
Dug up some dirt bout my bro to someone =x

I saw chicken little. =X
I saw Chibi Gundam. =X
I saw a group of kids cos-ing Rosen Maiden! T^T
I saw a .... well, interesting Athrun.


I dunnoe what to update already.
I think I will upload more photos when I'm ready.
Maa ne!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to Kai Lin who celebrates her birthday on July 15!
We had an early celebration for her today!

Managed to get my whole gang of secondary school babes out!
And my darling hui, tong and Leaking!
So it's a huge amount of ppl, well 7!

Kai Lin arrived late, so we decided to meet her at pasir ris instead.
The rest of us were walking around in town.
I finally bought the I Love Dancing shirt from Esprit with 70percent off.
That's only 12bucks, and the usual price was $39.90!
Jeffery works in Esprit~ =)

Waited for Kailin at the station...
I told Yan to hide, cause she didn't know Yan is already back in SG.
I didn't want to tell her lah, cuz I wanna make it a surprise.
So Yan and ching went to hide, in a very dumb way.

I acted like nothing's wrong when Kailin came, and told her Ching Ling when to take something and told us to go ahead first.
It was then I led her to the exit of the station because she got a surprise happy birthday from Yan and Ching.
Didn't expect her to cry lah.
She said she was very shocked and touched.

We headed to Downtown and saw someone cosplaying Chicken Little.
Had dinner at the zi ca place~
Had loads of bo liao jokes.
Ching and Yan decided to make FULL USE of the used wet tissues when I said the wet tissue looked like boiled wantons.
They went further by placing garnishing from our leftovers.
Insisting they are ex-art students, and being one myself, i was still terrified by them.
Sick leis.
But 4 mo 4 yang lahs.

Had cake~
Mango cake~
Took photos~
Went to Whitesands~
Comics Connection cute guy not there.
To think I brought a whole gang of girls to see him.

On the train, I saw a mother with two of her children.
They were very very irritating, they practically laughed at everyone who came on board.
People wear rocker a bit they also laugh.


Hui just kanna some trouble.
Lost mail and failing msn.
Coolies, babe!

Cosfest tomorrow~
I will be there at 11am =)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Being tagged by Hiyu Jie (hey, being tagged is an honour! =P) I shall finish it with style (my arse.)

01.) List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
02.) Tag seven people to do the same.
03.) Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you ta
g whoever wants to do it.

1) I have a very bad habit - Biting my nails unconsciously when I'm nervous, scared, or even bored. This explains my short nails that never grows.

2) I may act manly, talk manly, but I'm a little woman when it comes to love.

3) I think plushies are useless gifts, you can't eat them, wear them, but I still get obsessed with them. Sinful.

4) I'm someone who embraces the fan more than the aircon.

5) I started with blue as my favourite colour, then royal purple, to now, Black, white and cherry hot pink. I suspect turquoise and royal blue are invading.

6) I am a beef eater. No matter how much fats it's going to give me, I LOVE BEEF! MOO!

7) I suspect I'm a horny, slutty vixen. But well, I found no evidence, so I'm still the innocent virgin angel. =D *don't slap me leis.*

I tag:




I adore Chanel's eyeshadow collections. So pretty!
Ah well, can never afford it anyway.

Decided to update today anyway. since I'm tagged.
I guess there will be loads of photos for the next two days.

Tomorrow: Kai Lin's Birthday
Sunday: Cosfest @ Downtown East

I'll be there at Downtown East to help with Jie's makeup, as usual.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

I know I haven't been updating as regularly...
But since no one actually cares if I update or not...
I shall delete this blog.

Kiddin lah.
You think I care anyone reads it? (Tho i always wonder how come my counter jumps like 23views per day)

Aiya, don't get irritated with me, sayang lah okay =))
*Tong please dun lick the floor. I'm just sayanging, not force kissing anyone.*

Any of my good friends who doesn't know Jeslene Lee is a flower person...

I thought it's an open secret *fine it's not even a secret* that I love things with flowers~
And today, Tong and I spotted rings that are like, cute!!

From the youngest to the eldest *I dun wanna say oldest. sick leh.*
Strawberry = Tong
Bear = Hui
Flower = Jeslene

And it's all ppppppppinkkkkkkk~
*Jeslene starts dancing the chicken dance*

Paiseh, chicken dance is cuz my dad bought home the fake birds that chirps.

And to think I just bought flowery earrings last week.

It's friday tomorrow!
I doubt I will be updating tomorrow...
So i guess the next update will be on Kailin's bdae!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grabbed shamlessly from shamless lao po who got it from Shuyi hahah! <3

Hugging is healthy.

"It helps the body's immune system, it keeps you healthier, it cure depression, it reduces stress, it induces sleep, its invigorating, its rejuvenating, it has no unpleasant side effects, and hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug.

Hugging is all natural.

It is organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients and 100 percent wholesome.

Hugging is practically perfect.

There are no movable parts, no batteries to wear out, no periodic check-ups, low energy consumption, high energy yield, inflation proof, nonfattening, no monthly payments, no insurance requirements, theft-proof, nontaxable, nonpolluting and, of course, fully returnable."

So please don't lick the floor, fuck the tree trunk hole, jump into a sea of worms when I give you a hug okay.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Seeking solace in bo liao ness.

The True You
You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed.
With respect to money, you spend whatever you have.
You think good luck doesn't exist - reality is built on practicalities.
The hidden side of your personality tends to be satisfied to care for things with a minimal amount of effort.
You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked.
When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you base your search on information from your friends.

You Are Destined to Struggle With Your Weight
Like most people, you find it a little difficult to stay at at weight you're comfortable with.If you change a few habits and make food less important, you may find the struggle hardly exists anymore.

What Your Latte Says About You
You don't treat yourself very often. You find that indulging doesn't jibe with your very disciplined life.
You can be quite silly at times, but you know when to buckle down and be serious.
Intense and energetic, you aren't completely happy unless you are bouncing off the walls.
You're addicted to caffeine. There's no denying it.
You are a child at heart, and you don't ever miss the opportunity to do something playful.
You are sophisticated and daring, but you are never snobby.

Its not hard to smile, especially when there's always someone, somewhere and something around you.


I changed the blog song to Koda Kumi's Run For Your Life.
I sorta got addicted to it. Its quite cute and cheeky.

Well, first day of school, I can only say I'm all right with what's around me today.
Mrs Lee wouldn't be around as she has a course ongoing for today and tomorrow.
Our timetable is pushed forward and we got off school at 1240pm instead of the 4pm today.

Being hungry, we headed to Kobayashi for lunch, chatted around.
I saw a pink Tigger at More Than Words.
Its so so pretty, so so sweet that I want to have it. =(
Headed to Wisma (Sheesh, F21 has loads of I-want-it), and then to Borders book shop.
Carrie walks so fast that if tong and I just switch our attention to something else, she disappears.

On the way out of the bookshop, I saw a guy who looks distinguishably like Utt.
Well, I didn't notice him at first, it was when Carrie was talking about angmohs (I replied her behind her is a black moh, me lah.) then I saw him.
It didn't register at first, then when he brushed past me -Ka-ching!-
He's 90percent Utt-ish, just shorter.

I can't believed my heart jumped a beat because of a stranger who's Utt-alike.

Carrie really walks too fast lah.
When we are in the supermarket, she just blink-blink disappear when I slowed down to wait for Tong.
I then told them, with Carrie we can play hide and seek in the supermarket.
Stand on the spot and count to 10, Carrie sure disappear.

Tong went to take train while carrie and I walked all the way to Bugis to take the bus.
I chatted non-stop to keep her entertained.
And we had some chats that revolved around interests, people, and music.
Haha, I always enjoy talking to Carrie.
At least she replies, unlike someone who always "Orh. orh. Orh." me.
*winks to carrie*

Ohoh, I saw Amie on the way to the bus stop =D
Super happy to see her.
I just hope I didn't stink her with my sweaty uniform.

I think I'm overly energetic.
After all I slept for only 4hours last night. (I couldn't sleep till 3am)
Am supposed to feel sleepy, but I feel... All right.
I think I'm turning into an overnight monster.


Sunday, July 08, 2007


I really didn't want to start an entry this way, with a huge sigh.
But... The thought of school starting tomorrw hurts my mind.
The extra thought of OA CA on wednesday is even more... yadda yadda yadda!

Grumpy Jeslene is here to update.

This whole day I've been doing pratically nothing.
I stuck my butt on my computer chair, staring at the monitor.
I wasn't even chatting.
I was reading 绝代双骄 novel online, and after 2 days of reading and sleeping early in the morning (Say 3am?) I finally finished the 126chapters novel.
I actually plan to start on Chu Liu Xiang, but haiya... Maybe later.

I was so bored today, cuz I have nowhere to head out.
Though Paul suggested to bring me to his workplace, but I don't wanna disturb,
What for?
But thanks lah, baby.

Right right.
Let's talk about yesterday:

We celebrated Kor and Hiyu Jie's birthday all together in Yuki no Yaki @ Marina Square!
Yuki no Yaki is that steamboat thingie next to Kbox, if anyone can recall.
Since we went on weekends, its of course slightly more expensive.
We spent around 24bucks each.
But my kor told me that weekdays they have student rates, so it's around say, 15?
All right lah, the food choice.
Alot of different meat. BEEF.

Stupid terrence, tho his birthday is yesterday itself, he said he was too lazy to head out.

Hiyu Jie and I were stuffed, so the both of us went walk-a-walk around to slightly digest.
I bought her a beancurd from Action City, which she named "chocolate", cuz its brown.
She hung it on her PSP =)
Ohoh, I saw Hunny's bunny, live size at Sunshine Plaza! (You know, Hui's moopie? Just that its life size.)
It's 59bucks!


Kor's 21st birthday celebrations at home with....

The lengendary 1kg 15bucks only yet super nice DURIAN CAKE!
Tong, we still have some at home, if you want, please come. =)) I'm serious la, not tempting you!

Yuki no Yaki:

Baaah thats all for today!

Counting down to Yan's return in SG after 3months plus! And daph is finally in SG from Canada too! =DD Bu I wonder when can I see her. Amie, how long is daph staying?

Tatas, babes!


Friday, July 06, 2007

Today is a special occasion! Cuz it's carrie's 22nd aka forever 18 bdae!
To celebrate this occasion, let not care about how long this entry is going to be!

I shall put this in simple words:
The five of us went to Victor's Kitchen for lunch!
Then we went crazy...

And we headed to Equinox AsiaBar for a drink with carrie's friends!

I'm freaking sure pictures tells more than words does.
Let's start!

In Victor's Kitchen:

Tong looks like she's being molested by carrie. See that excited face of hers. *shakes head*

Introducing... VICTOR, the boss of Victor's Kitchen in Bugis Sunshine Plaza! The best dim sum I've ever tasted! And with their super nice boss, I'm sure they will make it big. =)

This is my fav picture of the whole lot! ^^

Equinox Asiabar:

This place is so beautiful at night, you cannot believe the night view belongs to Singapore.

We arrived there around 6pm... When the sun is still hugeee.

But when it turns night, the atmosphere just blows me away.

After a few drinks, Jeslene turns extremely red. As usual.

Fooling around in the toilet!

I have no idea why I look so sao.

The prices there are actually quite reasonable. 11bucks for a martini, 16bucks to 24bucks for a pizza and so on.

Rose champane, and the more normal one. Lol. the rose one costs 98bucks+++ per bottle and the normal one, 75bucks+++.

The birthday ceremony:

Make a wish, then STAB the cake. O_O.

Carrie got a lil drunk, look at her, she couldn't bear to leave the bottle alone!

I couldn't get a cab, so we have to take the train back home.

I reached home quite late, but wellos, mum didn't scold me. HENG AH.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the day, cuz I did. =DD Esp. carrie! =)